Saturday, September 02, 2006

True Wife Confession 63 Anomalies of Water

Confession #621

You are a convicted felon. BTW...Everyone in BOTH those groups knows you're an abuser. The only people who like you in the program are the men who are just like you...Rapists, murderers, convicted felons on their way out of or into prison, wife abusers, child molesters. These people are your friends. These are the only people on the planet you can relate to and who can relate to you. You are a cheat, a liar, and you are psychotically in denial. You don't even believe you're an alcoholic. You said yourself that you could just go to meetings and never do the steps. If you could fuck your mother, you would.

And THAT is why I'm divorcing you.

And I can't WAIT for the day I have that paper, signed by a Judge, stating that our marriage is over because you are cruel and inhuman. You are NOT human.

I hope you rot in Hell.

Confession #622

I hate you. That's the bottom line, and it took me a long time to get to it. I am 29 years old,and living with my parents again. Why? Because you chose to live a life that did not include me. I put up with you for almost 10 years, I wasted my college days on being with you,making a home with you, and making myself believe that I was so lucky to have someone like you. You did nothing. You dropped out of school 3 times, smoked pot on a hourly basis. While you were doing that I was putting anything that came from a restaurant,or grocery store into my mouth. Also I was going to school full time, racking up debt,trying to pay bills with non-existent money,and keeping up appearances. And yes I will accept responsibility for not having any sexual contact with you for 7 years. I was depressed,and lonely,and did not know what to do. I had no family anywhere around me, and I was stuck in VT. Your touch made me want to scream, and all I wanted was to be told I was pretty and smart, without having to give you some lame ass hand job. I was so happy when we decided to get married! I picked out my engagement ring,watched you hold on to it, and let me try it on whenever I wanted to, but not officially propose to me, but I did not get it, I just waited.. Hoping that your parents would buy my wedding ring a day before the wedding, that was by far one of the most humiliating experiences. Then into 7 months of marriage you meet some home wrecker, cheat on me,tell me that your worthless (looking for an out were you!) but decide to try it again if I get counseling for my depression. How dare you. I got my counseling,I started having sex with you again,I put up with you moodiness, and your drinking problem. Its a sad state of affairs when I come home from work after working with 3 years olds all day long, hoping that you drank vodka instead of Jack Daniels, because it makes you less mean. Then comes the day after the cops visited for the second time, you decided that you cant handle it anymore and you love that girl. You want a divorce. I protested and cried thinking my life was over. You shut down and did not care, because if you did care that would make you human and you would have to deal with feelings that you don't know how to deal with. I packed up,left, and am now rebuilding my life in my childhood bedroom. I wish I could send you the acceptance letter that I got from graduate school. I am not worthless,I am smart, and I will succeed. Even if it is from my childhood bedroom. And what do you have, a drinking problem,a dirty apt,a mediocre job, and your mommy enabling your behavior, and becoming the father I saw you hate. Congratulations! You're a fucker just like him.

Confession #623

Dear husband why cant you do something without me asking?

I mean if the cat poops on the floor, don't walk over, don't call me, don't yell at me that there is cat poop on the floor, just clean it. If I buy a ceiling fan and all the parts that are needed to be installed and you promise to install it this weekend, please do it, don't let everything sit there in a pile for more than a couple of weeks. Don't go apeshit if your looking for the salt or pepper in the cabinet and it does not magically appear before your eyes, move a few things and it will be right there. Do not assume your favorite pair of work pants are clean just because you left them on the floor and the laundry fairy picks them up. Don't tell me your going to eat dinner and then proceed to eat chips and dip and tell me your full after I spent all afternoon cooking a great meal for all of us. Don't pick up beer at the store and say you forgot to pick up my soft drink that was in the same aisle.

Confession #624

I trusted you. I gave you the one thing that no one could touch. I gave you my heart. Sure I may have given it to you solely because you represented security. But even with that concession to myself, I still gave it to you 100%. I never cheated on you, yet from the start you cheated on me. Blame me for staying, blame you you piece of shit for doing what you did. Why? Why did you even bother when you knew you just wanted a break away from mommy's stronghold. Why didn't you just have the balls to break away instead of taking 10 years of my youth. At least when I knew I stayed with you for security I didn't have delusions of grandeur. Now I'm fat, while you've slimmed down (I'm only fat because I didn't want people to see me and tempt me into cheating on you prick). You've got a girlfriend you started fucking while we were married, and I'm left with baggage from a broken heart that still burns to the touch even though it was all your fault. I have health issues and bills up the ass so much so that groceries are sometimes hard for me to have money to buy, and you finally after 10 years decide to make some decent money (note that never once while we were married did you ever pick up the slack and help) and are building a $300,000 house with your new bitch?! Is this the payment for the 10 years I never cheated on you? The 10 years I gave my youth away on someone like you? The 10 years of wounded heart that I've suffered (yes, that includes my heart attack, I wonder if you caused that with your attitude). You're an asshole and you can look all cherub like and talk all mild mannered, but no matter how much you cover up with mannerisms, you still are a piece of shit.

Confession #625

my grandma called last night to invite me to a dinner in celebration of her 65th wedding anniversary to grandpa!!! Can you believe it! She was at the Dr. with grandpa yesterday and said someone asked her who HE was? She told him it was her husband and they had been married for 65 years. The woman was amazed and asked how she had managed to remain married for so long. Grandma said, "we've had our ups and downs, fighting, arguing, etc., now we just don't talk to each other."

so, there ya go.

Confession #626

Gah, you drive me INSANE!!! How can you be so goddamn negative all the time? You tell me what you want to do with your life, and I say, great! We can make that work! Let's do it! You then spend 20 minutes telling me why none of it can work out, and why you'll always be unhappy. Somehow, I find myself in an argument where I'm arguing FOR the things that make you happy, and you're arguing AGAINST them! And to top it all off, now I'm the mean one who's "criticizing" you because I'm saying you *can* do whatever you put your mind to, and that our son and I will make sacrifices so that you can go back to school or do whatever you want. You make me feel like I'm crazy! If you're so sure nothing will work out, and that you will always be an unhappy, miserable failure, then I'm sick to death of trying to convince you otherwise. Go be miserable. Just know that you'll be doing it without me or our son.

Confession #627

Not complimenting your pregnant wife is very uncool. Fake it if you must, but tell me I look nice, that you can tell I cleaned the house, since clearly you NEVER would, that you appreciate laundry being magically done. Calling me preggers is annoying as fuck. Stop it.

Confession #628

Picking work over taking your 3 year old to her first day of preschool is pretty damn selfish and I hope I am a better parent than you are because 15 minutes will not make or break your career and if it does, fuck them!!

Confession #629

Sorry baby for being the worst wife ever.Sorry for shouting at you at every opportunity,sorry for hitting and kicking you and sleeping with other men,sorry I didn't realize the smiles you gave me were love,I'm really sorry for everything I did,and you took it all and loved me,hugging me after hitting you!!
Now I'm sorry for myself,realizing I have lost the loveliest,kindest,most honest man I've ever known,my family saw it and don't speak to me,but you still call and see how I am,what an idiot I was,sorry,sorry,sorry.

Confession #630

I feel like work is way too important to you and that our family must take a backseat to it at all times. Let it go. It's just a fucking job. We are your family. Being grumpy and moody and then fake happy is not how I am going to live. I grew up in a house like that a nd I refuse to let our children grow up in a similar way. Either leave the job stuff at work or talk about it. Don't sit and brood about it all night. It is not attractive.


Anonymous said...

Man, when I first came to this site a few months ago, the confessions were funny as hell and to the point. Now, they are super long and not confessions at all, and really very sad. What happened?

Anonymous said...

I think maybe people are more comfortable sharing the painful stuff now? Today's batch was especially depressing, though. I want to hug every last one of them and offer them my spare bedroom just so they can get out.

Anonymous said...

so,so painful. I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

I think that at first, people were just sharing small stuff, and then when they realized that this is a safe place, they confessed more. I think anything anyone wants to share is a confession, it doesn't have to be a big secret, just something they need to get off tehir chests. Sometimes things just need to be said, even if it's not to the person who wronged you, or the person yopu wronged.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first poster- I hate the long, drawn-out "complaints"(I don't even read them, I skim over then go on to the next) I wish we could get back to the juicy "confessions"! It is called CONFESSION -- not bitch-a-thon. Dawn... help us out here!!!! You're the best, but this blog is turning a weird corner... imho. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh jeez, here we go again. Complainers on the loose.

Anonymous said...

Yah, I agree. Don't come here if you don't like it. And if you do come here.....DON'T COMPLAIN!

I'll never tell said...

I don't understand what it is you anons want. These women are confessing their rage and some disgust. Some are confessing their regret or their hatred for the way things have turned out. Some are even confessing fear. Some confess their deep love for their mates. Some confess how wonderful their hubbies are and what great fathers they have turned out to be. What is it specifically that you want from this forum? Are you asking Dawn to pick and choose what she posts? Are you asking her to edit peoples feelings?

Anonymous said...

#623 I think we're married to the same man. I understand your frustration!

Anonymous said...

HEY, wait a Minute. *I* am married to #623. That lying bastard; he has other wives. I am turning his name in today. See you on Oprah!

Anonymous said...

Hey-wait! I am the wife of #623!!! And #626 as well. Guy must be a polygamist or something...hmmm.

As for how 'depressing' these other confessions have is what it is. This is the reality of some of us. I'm more 'petty' in my confessions here, I suppose...but if I had that kind of crap going on, I'd still want to come here and post it. Is it depressing? Sure. But it's life for a lot of women-and if other women can come here and read and think, "Hey, I'm NOT alone", then that's cool with me. SOme of these posts make me want to cry. My man can be a prick sometimes, but deep down, I know he's a loving guy who doesn't mean to be an asshole.

As we all know, our nation's healthcare system (or lack thereof) is a disaster. Far too many people are without healthcare plans, and many more are with shitty ones. I have to assme that this site is, for some women, the ONLY form of therapy they can afford. Heck, I can't afford to see a shrink anymore-my insurance plan is shit when it comes to that...and I can't pay for it out of pocket at this point. If women need to come here and dump this stuff to get it out-let them. They're not hurting anyone.

If you don't like those long 'depressing' posts, don't read 'em. Skip them...I've done that a few times here and there when I was more in the mood for posts where women fart on men's pillows to get back at them. ;)

Dawn said...

Hi all,

I could almost chart the way the confessions come in to the moon phases. They certainly have a life of their own and come in heavy...then lighter phases.

Really, I just post what you have sent in. Sometimes there is a need for heavy, then the funny comes back.
(In the time I have tried to write this, I have had to help my husband twice with the #$##@#^^* ice cream maker)

So, as this is driven by you all, if you want more wicked and funny confessions, write them and send them in.

I can' be the only person in the world who has made up a lie about the organizer in the washing machine then hid it under the car tire to get out of a fight? Right?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Dawn. Either start your own site and make sure every submission is side splittingly funny- OR send in some amusing confessions of your own.

This isn't Must See TV, written by professional comedic writers. Or Desperate Housewives, written by professional drama writers.

If you don't like it, start your own website and THEN you'll have complete control over content and what does and doesn't please you.

Yeah, it will last about two days before you realize the work involved with running a popular internationally known blog...

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I agree with Lori here. This is about confessing, whether it be a feeling we have pent up inside of us, or an action we may not want to own up to. IMHO, it's cathartic to read and know I'm not alone, or to post and get some comments to let me i'm not alone. Either way, it's all part of this big reality show called life.

I'll never tell said...

You guys, I'm sorry, what does IMHO mean?

Anonymous said...

#627 You are beautiful and your house looks great. Men are dorks sometime. I don't think they realize how exhausting pregnancy can be. Or that you really don't feel like scrubbing the tub when you're not sure you can get back up without assistance.

Anonymous said...


IMHO = in my humble opinion
IM(ns)HO = in my not so humble opinion

Anonymous said...

I am #622, and when I wrote my confession, I felt free, then I saw the comments. When i was in my marriage I was made to feel like crap casue i was not good enough. So to free myslef i confessed,got stuff off my chest. But according to many people it was not good enough,witty enough,funny enough.You people sound just like my ex husband, and becaseu of that your no better than the subjects of our confessions.

I'll never tell said...

I'm sorry 622. There seems to be an anon following that are not very compassionate. They can't seem to see this sight for what it is. It seems they want this staged and scripted. But we all know that just is not how life is. I hope it all gets better for you. The pendulum can only swing so low before it has to go back up. I'm sure there are many who don't comment that know exactly how you feel. You are smart, you are not worthless and you will succeed. Hey and thanx here for the imho explanation.

Anonymous said...

am I the only one who read #640 and thought what a load of shite?!?!? I'm sorry she's going through so much pain, I truly am, HOWEVER - you're only fat so other people wouldn't see you & tempt you into cheating?!?! You admit you married him for security, and now you're pissed off that after 10 years he's left you?!?!?!?! It sounds to me that you're just pissed off that you LOWERED yourself to be with him, and he eventually went off with someone else. I have never left a comment on this site where I felt the need to judge someone, and I don't like doing it now, as I am not god, and I am not perfect. But I feel #624 has some SERIOUS self exploration to do. All just my opinion, of course.

Anonymous said...

um, so ya, if there's a #640 somewhere wondering wtf I'm talking about, as I said at the bottom, I meant 624. Preemptive apology to #640 ;)

Anonymous said...

come on 7:08, why the anger? What about her story do you see in yourself. She certainly doesn't need your judgemental wrath. I'm sure there is much, much, much, much more to her story. Chill Sista!

Anonymous said...

#622 - You seem like a truly strong, capable woman...good luck to you! I hope you will look back in a few years and see how far you've come.

May your childhood room be a point of even more strength for you!

Anonymous said...

#623 - i think that our husbands are long lost twins!!! hang in there. :)

Anonymous said...

Quote: "am I the only one who read #640 and thought what a load of shite?!?!? I'm sorry she's going through so much pain, I truly am, HOWEVER - you're only fat so other people wouldn't see you & tempt you into cheating?!?! You admit you married him for security, and now you're pissed off that after 10 years he's left you?!?!?!?! It sounds to me that you're just pissed off that you LOWERED yourself to be with him, and he eventually went off with someone else. I have never left a comment on this site where I felt the need to judge someone, and I don't like doing it now, as I am not god, and I am not perfect. But I feel #624 has some SERIOUS self exploration to do. All just my opinion, of course."

To 7:08, I am the poster of 624. Your opinion is your own, but your anger is out of place.

My point in all of this confession I made is that despite my OWN choices, I stuck it out. I chose the way I chose and didn't make him suffer for those choices. To this day in the entire 10 years I was with him, I never ONCE cheated on him yet he felt it was ok to repay my fidelity, commitment and consistency with IN-fidelity and pain.

I chose my path, but I didn't choose to not get the same commitment back from someone I said forever to.

And by the way, thanks for ANY sympathy at all. Boy I really miss the days when people could be supportive of each other. Instead anger is slung about like daggers for what reason? Did you feel better judging me? Because despite your words of "I have never left a comment on this site where I felt the need to judge someone, and I don't like doing it now..." that is precisely what you did.

I'll never tell said...

I'm behind you 624. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

#624: that was one hell of a rant - let's see: you gained weight so you couldnt be tempted into cheating on GO girl. thanks for that good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Quote: #624: that was one hell of a rant - let's see: you gained weight so you couldnt be tempted into cheating on GO girl. thanks for that good laugh.

5:11 PM

Well 5:11, lets see (I am the poster of #624) would you rather I just go ahead and cheat on him when I had committed forever to him? Would that be acceptable in your book? I wonder if it would be more acceptable for me to do that because our society as a WHOLE accepts this? I took my vows seriously. I knew we should get divorced but I was also Catholic and I took THAT seriously too. Despite the fact that he took neither of those things seriously.

Enjoy your laugh, I'm glad that you are capable of laughter, because to me you just seem insensitive to others plights.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

624, 5:11 and 7:08 are imps. I would disregard their anger as it just makes them sound really IGNORANT. I hope when you people come back here and reread your comments you are completely ashamed and disgusted with yourselves. You ARE no better than these confessions with the amount of support you gave her. I know exactly what your mindset is 624. I have been there. Not taking care of yourself and not making yourself look attractive so that you won't have to deal with the advances of other men, especially when you're having marital problems isn't all that laughable. Like I said, I have been there. Despite the fact when you feel that bad about yourself, when you have kids and a house to take care of, and when you are so majorly depressed, things like makeup and exercise and the like are low on the priority list. When there are days you can barely drag yourself out of bed, eating healthy and keeping yourself attractive are the last things on your mind. My husband never cheated, but he was addicted and abusive. When he got better, I got better and our family got better. I hope you get better too! I DO understand.