Monday, February 21, 2011

True Wife Confession 321 Contact

Confession #3211

I don’t tell you my strategy for winning Wii bicycling…even when we play as a team. I would rather lose as a team and still be able to beat you when we play against each other. It’s all in good fun, right?

Confession #3212

I really like when we used to sit in the tub, filled to the brim with bubbles and warm, soapy water, and draw pictures on each-others backs and try to guess what the picture is. I usually was a good guesser, but you are sometimes sneaky and you write in cursive to throw me off. This was comfort, home, and warmth to me. And then when you moved away for a full ride scholarship to medical school and we "took a break" I was insanely jealous of all the girls I envisioned in your tub with you. Anytime a girl you're facebook friends with tries to add me on facebook because I'm "suggested" to them since we're both friends I want to fucking rip their heads off. They know what they're doing. We're "still on a break" and I don't understand why you keep sending me requests to approve that we're "in a relationship". DENY TO THE MAX.

Confession #3213

i wish I could tell you that I feel miserable after having sex with you…because its always about pleasing you…yes I want to please you..because I want to be good at everything I do…but I wish someday you start thinking about my needs as well…I like to be touched, caressed and feel loved…I hate to be treated as a slave, reading your cues and giving in! in this whole year of marriage there is not a single time I have felt satisfied after making love…I just hate myself more everytime we have sex.

Confession #3214

when you go out of town for work it's hard taking care of the house and family alone, but I'm happier and love you more.

Confession #3215

When we met five years ago, I felt you were a gift to me from God. A young single mother used to doing everything on my own, you stepped right in to be a partner to me, and you fit in perfectly. Except that my friends stopped coming around much ....

And now I see why. Because if my daughter wasn't in love with her "daddy" and the daughter we have together didn't adore you so much, I'd tell you to hit the road and I'd gladly take on the challenges of life as a single mother again.

After everything you've put me through, I am no longer attracted you. I am no longer in love with you. And I have told you those things right to your face, back in November when I dumped you and you begged me to take you back.

But nothing changed. And that's why now I am only with you for your income and our children's sakes. There is another man I am madly in love with and would leave you for him in a second. Just the thought of the times I have shared with him gets me off. He is in college now, preparing for an attempt at a really great job. When he gets it and can provide for the family, I will take the girls and the dog and leave you without a second glance ... for a man who used to be your best friend a long time ago but now despises you because he knows the truth of what you are.

Confession #3216

You are not allowed to die, DO YOU HEAR ME? Yes, I am being hugely over dramatic. They haven't found anything... yet. But you were getting a vasectomy to spare me the invasive surgery and now they will be cutting you open for something "routine". ROUTINE MY FUCKING ASS. I, of course, have been an idiot and am reading up on your routine issue and procedure and quite FRANKLY I AM SCARED TO DEATH.

And I mean it no death ok?

Confession #3217

When you caught me cheating over a yr ago and you said "I want to work it out, let's seek counseling" and we "tried " to work out our awful marriage of 11 yrs......I never quit cheating......I have never loved you, I married you to get away from the parents I was never good enough for. When we got pregnant 14 months after we got married and you told me that you weren't ready for kids yet ( but you were the one that said "go off the pill and whenever we get pregnant will be great") and then it was too late so you said "maybe you should have an abortion" at that moment I knew I didn't respect you and I no longer loved you........I have cheated on you almost our whole marriage and have no intentions of stopping.....I'm comfortable with my lifestyle and I said I would stay for the kids and I will . When the twins leave for college I will be leaving as well. I am putting back "my allowance" in my own bank acct. You have no idea how much I really hate your guts. Thank god we don't have sex anymore !!!

Confession #3218

With every confession I sent in, I knew there was a chance you would see it. My current confession is that I HOPED you would see them. There seems to be no other way to get a dialog started with you.

Confession #3219

Dear long-term boyfriend,

I hate your ex-girlfriends. Every single one of them. I'm not a jealous person, but you stretched my patience beyond any limits. I thought I could be cool about them being in your circle of best friends, about you keeping in touch with them regularly.

But then I met them.

They hug you all the time. They kiss you on the cheek. They talk (to you, in front of me) about "old times", remembering the sweet moments of your relationship. And you think it's all NORMAL, that it's all within their right. I can tell that those bitches are staying close to you "just in case" you become single and they can jump you.

After really considering it, I realized that you treat me just like a friend, but with sex on the mix. You're a naturally considerate person to everyone; I'm not getting special treatment just because I'm your girlfriend. If I was, then you'd set limits, boundaries (besides the sex), to distinguish your FRIENDS from your GIRLFRIEND.

You're also the least romantic person I know. When was the last time you told me you loved me? Probably 6 months ago, and it was only an "I love you too" after I said it. I'm so in love with you, I've tried to express it with sweet gestures and small gifts, but your lack of response led me to give up. I gave up my dreams of romance to adapt to you, all the while feeling like something died inside of me.

I wish you'd get me a gift for my birthday... or for our anniversary... I don't even mention Valentine's. You choose to ignore those days completely, year after year, claiming you just couldn't think of anything. I wonder if I can stand this in the long-haul... surrounded by your clingy ex-girlfriends and your un-romantic self.

Confession #3220

Between my job, the things I have to do to keep you only moderately unhappy instead of loudly miserable, and your goddamn drinking, I count my happy creative productive times in minutes per week.

I really wish I hadn't married you.