Wednesday, May 28, 2008

True Wife Confessions 255 - the maximum number of rupees in Zelda

Confession #2541

love you. I can't wait to marry you. I love how affectionate you are, but I worry. You end each conversation with I love you and I am in love with you. I wonder what will happen when the haze of "in love" with me ends. Will you stay and fight to keep our marriage together or will you divorce like you did last time?

Confession #2542

My husband and I have been married for 8 years and have 3 beautiful children. Over the past couple years I have come to realize that I am still in love with my ex and I recently told my ex how I felt. He lives far away so its not like we are going to do anything. Husband, you have become very controlling since we have had kids. You question me with everything. If I go to the store, you say, oh guys are going to stare at you or why are you so dressed up ,when I'm on my way out the door to go to work!!!!!! You check my emails, myspace and question if I deleted my history. I am NOT cheating on you but you are driving me to!
I told you that I wanted to go visit my family but you talked me out of it, saying there was no way, that you didn't want to be home for a week with the kids being a single parent. NEWS FLASH: I stayed home for two years with them, I cooked, cleaned, ran errands while you would come home from work, sit in front of the t.v. or computer until the kids went to bed! Do you not remember this!?!
You question if I have ever cheated on you but you have no reason to doubt me. I on the other hand could have questioned you a thousand times and HAD a reason, but I didn't, and you know why BECAUSE I TRUST YOU!!!!! Now with your paranoia I am starting to think maybe you did or are cheating on me.
I have been emailing my ex from work talking with him. He thinks you are cheating on me and told me he wants me to come and visit him. I won't do this not to the kids but I often fantasize about being with him again and again.....
You kept bugging me trying to find out if I even liked giving bj's and I told you not really. I wish I hadn't told you the truth, b/c now you find away to make me feel bad everyday, and when I tell you that, you say well think about how I feel.
What should I do? I really do have feelings for my ex and always have but I love my husband. Why does he have to be this way? If he is cheating how can I catch him?

Confession #2543

Why is it that when I tell you that I want a divorce you suddenly turn into the nice guy I remember?

Why is it that when there is nothing left to say you want to talk?

Why is it that when I can’t stand the thought of touching you anymore you are affectionate?

Why is it that when there is no way to fix this you are holding on so hard?

Confession #2544

I'm waiting for a guy...he is very nice. he loves me ( i think so coz he asked me to wait for him ). then u came along. ur engaged but u still flirt with me. y ? u asked me out for date. y ? now i'm torn. i cant deny i have feelings for u. but i'm waiting for him. how can i have feelings for u ? i'm nt being truthful to him n i'm feeling very guilty but i want to go out with u. i really do.

Confession #2545

I have a lover that is 13 years younger than me, almost to the day. He can be the biggest dick in the world, and also the most charming. I thought that it was over. Today I realized, almost sadly, that it's not. There's something that I can't quite resist about him. How did this happen? We realized tonight that we've been at this for just over a year, it seems longer. I'm always surprised because he seems to think that I know him so well, and I feel that outside of sex, we're pretty much strangers - he has no real feel for how detached I am from him, even though it's completely his doing.

Ugh, pretty sure I made a deal with the devil and that he's pure poison. He's my own personal, irresistible villain.

Confession #2546

OMG So we were supposed to wash the outside windows but the kids are gone and we are alone!!! Staying in bed ALL day was amazing. 4 times we had sex. Nice, and I made sure I had me some, too wink wink. We needed this with all the shit going on around us. I still think you are a pain in the ass, and you better call your mother tomorrow, I really don't enjoy talking to her, but for today, the sex is amazing. Let's get the kids tomorrow. I miss them.
Love Me

Confession #2547

Truth is, all of the jealousy I used to have over you paying so much attention to other women, is totally gone. Now I only wish you would screw up so, I could easily divorce you. And lately, you have been so much more interested in what I am doing and it annoys me. Perhaps you should have paid attention a long time ago.

Confession #2548

On Wednesday I had sex with a man I know in a city I used to live in. I'm not especially attracted to him, but he wanted me and my husband does not.

I feel no guilt, only sadness. I would much rather have a husband who wants me.

Other than this anonymous confession, I will mention it to nobody.

Confession #2549

This is my second time blogging in the past few weeks. My first blog consisted of me finding more porn on our computer.

But the truth is I want out.....

I don't love you as much as I thought I did.... We just moved from Nebraska to Michigan and I'm not sure why I did

I have been the one supporting this family for the past 2 years, you promised me you would get a job if I moved to Michigan with you. I refuse to get a job because you are the man of the house .. or at least you are suppose to be.

On the real note though you are my first love it took me 22 years to fall in love with someone, I see now why it took me that long it is because I do so much better as an indepentent woman.

When I get my tax rebate check I am leaving you, I wish I could tell you that but I am scared of you and I am scared that you put your hands on me again...... people tried to tell me not to move here with you but I did it anyways.. but I see why now.

You will never change and I hate you

Confession #2550

I am so tired and often overwhelmed.

But thank you, for giving me all I could ever want.
A beautiful 5 year old, who has way more smarts and savvy then we do!
A rambunctious 2 year old with a huge heart of love and affection with just a side order of naughty.
and a
3 month old, who although he cries A LOT, I love him and try to see the BIG PICTURE!

and thank you for still making me laugh, working hard to support our new family of 5...agreeing to number 3 because you knew how much I wanted one more, finding me sexy even though I still need to lose, oh about 30 pounds from all these babies....being patient with me for not wanting to have sex b/c of pre-mentioned 3 month old and 30 pounds...and also thank you for going to pick up a bbq chicken pizza even though I am on Jenny Craig!

I love you, Babe,

Monday, May 26, 2008

True Wife Confessions 254 - The combined ages of The Rolling Stones

Confession #2431

You made love to me for the first time in months last night. I’m amazed at much more positive I feel today. Thank you and please, please, please don’t let it be the last time for months.

Confession #2432

I've wanted to say this out loud for ages. I didn't have one affair - I had two. You were jealous for all the right reasons. I don't miss you or our marriage. I never cheated before on anyone in all my life, but with you I did it twice. Bizarre to me. I'm not proud of any of it, but I also don't regret any of it either.

Confession #2433

I've been trying for the longest time to live everyday to its best. The best of you, the best of me, the best of us. Things you seem to make it difficult to do sometimes. Coming home from work and yelling at me because you can't find the remote after I've been washing your field clothes is an inappropriate way to great your wife. Eating in front of the television is inappropriate when your wife and daughter are seated at the table. When out with friends, you do not ask other women to dance in front of your coworkers, they talk to their wives who talk to your wife, its also disrespectful. If the shoe was on the other foot you wouldn't of spoken to me for a week or more. Then not telling your wife until the incident is brought up by a wife of a coworker is shady, stupid and tends to stitch seeds of distrust.
Writing emails to your wife about a woman you met over seas is stupid, why the hell am I still lecturing you. I should just leave you, poor pitiful you. You can deal with all your issues then, you can pay your bills, cause no- my name isn't on anything. After I saw how you acted while I was pregnant, I didn't know if I wanted to be trapped with you. So learn to balance your check book and you should really figure out what you are doing with your future cause I'm not taking anymore online classes for you either. I've earned 2 degrees mine and now yours.
Stop making me feel guilty for you making me feel like shit too, that is so lazy- Homer Simpson'esque. Stop trying to live like your single friends, no "cool kid" drags their wife and child around so they can drink. If drinking is so important that you have to miss out on a day of your daughters life, who you just spent THE LAST YEAR WITHOUT, then let me know cause I can be gone quicker then closing your eyes.
OH and one last thing, when you decided to tell me that you don't have time to talk to me, find a better damn excuse then "I'm watching a movie," cause guess what jackass... I give you an allowance- I have control of your money. I have a power of attorney for your house, cars and the damn air you breath. Smarten up.

Confession #2434

I told you I wasn't upset with the news that you have a blind date tomorrow night. To be honest, I really am not upset. Ok, I guess a little bit, but this is not a great love we have between us. I know we have a great friendship and you are only the second man to ever actually listen to what I have to say. We have been dating for 5 months and it has be tough because of our schedules and living an hour apart. I never really thought that it would go on for this long, especially because it is an issue when my kids are home. You don't want to be here if there is a chance they will see us together. I can understand that but at the same time, I am a single mom, living in a new area without many friends close by. Their father isn't that involved in their lives. What would you like me to do?

I don't know if I should be flattered or appalled with the fact that you want to know if in the future, once you are done school and established, if you are single you can contact me so we can give it a-go again.

Confession #2435

Yes. Its true. I do use the last piece of toilet paper and not replace the roll on purpose.
Its simply because I love to watch you waddle across the house to the closet with your pants around your ankles.
You look like a penguin.
I love you.

Confession #2436

You thought you were fooling me with all of the scandalous things you’ve done. Well I got news for you anything you can do please believe I can do and a whole lot better just ask your best friend. And all of the things you said you heard about me…most of them were true. Have a nice life sweetheart because I sure am.

Confession #2437

its ridiculous that you wont go down on me. your excuses are lame. you had a bad experience? hello, IM NOT HER! vagina's have "a certain taste"? you think your d**k doesn't? plus I've suggested flavored gels and things.. i could go on and on with the things i do for you or let you do to me that I'm not particularly fond of.. some things i downright hate actually! but i love you, and relationships are balanced by compromises.. but it cant be one sided like this! you can expect me to take some things off of our "sexual" table until you add to it. and if you make one more comment about how you don't like how big my boobs are, ill find someone who appreciates them! most girls pay for breasts like mine!

other than that, you're perfect.

Confession #2438

I miss you. I know you need this time and so do I to figure out if we can work out our relationship. But it hurts. And though it was my decision to break it off it takes every once of strength not to tell you I miss you. You have to take this time to know for certain what's real between you and me. And how we can make it work. I miss your voice, your smile, the way you kiss and touch me. The sound of your voice, the look in your eyes when we are together. The way you make me feel. I thought by now my feelings for you would subside but they've only grown stronger. I don't want anyone else, I can't even look at another man without thinking of you. I hope this is worth it. I hope you do come back soon. I know you care, I know it hurts you. I can see the pain in your eyes when we talk. Even though we are surrounded by other people, you just want to be with me. You want to hear about what's going in my life. A few stolen moments together but we not alone. But you never mention her anymore to me. I know you are wondering the same thing. But it's over between him and me. But I don't mention him either. It's just about us. I love you and know you love me. Just come back soon. I want to start our life together. And I want to stop the pain in my heart. I want to kiss you again.

Confession #2439

Call your mother, I don't want to. I have a mother and she is nice, your's isn't. So there.
Love Me (big smile)

Confession #2440

The other night when we were watching TV, I stepped outside for a smoke. I ran into our next door neighbor in the back yard. He's so cute and young. I've been flirting with him since last fall. Anyway, one thing led to another and I went down on him right in the back yard. Did you wonder why having a smoke took 20 minutes?

I sat on the couch next to you with his taste still in my mouth. I'll do it again if I can.

Monday, May 19, 2008

True Wife Confessions 253 Geoff Ryman

Confession #2521

Even though this is anonymous, I'm still afraid that you will see this, you are such a fantastic person, I would NEVER want to hurt you. You are truly the most virtuous man I have ever met. And you are truly a great provider, me and the kids have everything we could ever possibly want. All of my friends are jealous of how financially well off we are, and it's because you work your ass off to provide for us. Thanking you for bringing that security to our lives.

It's just that I'm bored. I want to feel butterflies in my stomach for someone again. I want a man to throw me on the bed and ravage me. I want the excitement of meeting someone new and feeling like my heart skipped a beat because he's standing too close to me. I want to feel what it's like to kiss someone for the first time again. I want to be pursued again. I want to be swept off of my feet. I want to a man to feel nervous around me. I want a man to feel beside himself with passion for me because we are about to make love for the first time. I want to feel passion for a man. I want one of those men that are in the bowflex commercials to wrap his arms around me and squeeze me a little.

The reason I didn't take that promotion was because then I wouldn't be able to talk to vendors anymore, there is one of them, we flirt, a lot. He jokingly called me his girlfriend. I can't give up seeing him at work and flirting. I wish I were his girlfriend. Another vendor said he daydreams about me before he walks in the door. I love to flirt with all the men at work, too much.

I'm a selfish bitch for getting the man I always wanted and then once I have him, I want to get back out there and met someone new.

Oh and btw, my number isn't 2, its 27. Did you really think I would be celibate all those years in between you and my ex? You know how much I like sex.

And another thing, I lied, if I ever get the chance, I would fuck David Beckham in a heartbeat. You shouldn't dislike him so much for my crush on him, he has gotten you laid more times than you know.

Confession #2522

Is it really so hard to pick up the freaking phone to call your own mother for five minutes on Mother's Day? I did the rest, picked an arrangement, wrote out the card, set up the delivery time. All she wanted in the whole world was to hear from you and your brother, and neither one of you could be arsed to pick up the phone.

I can't help that your brother is a thoughtless jerk, or the fact that your sister in law is apparently oblivious to that fact, but I told you to call her no less than three times. Short of putting the ringing phone in your hand, there was nothing more I could do. You are a grown man, and this is not rocket science.

Then I get the teary phone call from her about how did she fail as a mother because she didn't hear from either of you, and when I call you to point out that she's upset and you should address it, you have the balls to get all offended that I'm irritated with you. Get a grip sugar-- I love you, but there are times I want to string you up by your toenails.

Confession #2523

When you called me a bitch last night, I think my love for you took a huge hit. Right now I can't imagine being in love with you again.

What really scares me is, in all my other relationships, name-calling happened only once. Then I was out the door. But you and I are married. Now what?

Confession #2524

I had an awesome weekend at that cabin in the woods with you. We talked about everything under the sun, the sex was great, and it was fantastic to spend so much uninterrupted time with you. But I have to confess. It's not enough for me. I want for us to go to bed together every night, and to wake up together every morning. I wish you wanted that, too.

Confession #2525

I know you are calling a phone dating line, it is one that I caught you on last summer when I did my own detective work and set up my own mailbox, and boy you did NOT like that one bite, you said I was a slut, I was this horrible person, then you apologized, said you would stop, but the reality is you stopped for a little while then when you thought I was over it and had forgotten about it you started it again, well this time I have set up my own mailbox and I know your password to your mailbox, I have deleted messages left for you. I have blocked users so you cant tell they are online, I have even called a few of these chicks and told them. Your reputation/credibility is being ruined little by little and you don’t even know it. Maybe I should say something to you, but I am having to much fun getting my revenge on you.

Confession #2526

I think of you almost everyday . I was the other woman and you were the other man. You were married and I was committed, so I married him anyway. I said goodbye to you when it was close enough to the wedding that I might get caught. After 3 years it was over. You called me over and over, and finally when I heard she is pregnant I made the final break. You were one of my best friends. I missed you like crazy, still do, even after 14 years.

Our daughters dance at the same studio. We are at the same recitals. You work in the same field as my sister-in-law. I keep tabs on you , and you ask about me too. I dodge you left and right, because if I had to face you I just might let it slip that I miss you so much it hurts. Even worst now because you are free as a bird and I am the one that is in a loveless (on my end anyway) marriage, but I am committed so I stay....I still love you and miss you....but I stay....

Confession #2527

I have been much happier while you've been away on business. You're coming home tomorrow and it totally bums me out.

Every time you piss away money on slot machines, I buy myself stuff on the credit cards. I know this isn't helping our financial situation any, it's just easier in the short run than talking to you honestly about my feelings.

I do appreciate you making more effort to be patient with me and considerate of my feelings. Really! Now perhaps we can move on to the part where you learn to stop finding the negative in every situation, even good ones. Do you realize that most of your statements are framed as complaints?

Confession #2528

Ok.... Here are the things I wish I could tell you...

1. I ask you time and time again not to watch your porno because it make me feel not wanted and also it makes me not want to have sex with you. You stop watching it for a couple weeks but today I found more.

2. Mothers day just passed and of course I didn't get anything from you AGAIN!!! Yes you made me breakfast and then you spent the rest of the day on the computer and you wondered why I went to bed early.

3.I kicked you out a few weeks ago and I must admit it felt nice and I swear on my kids if i find anymore porno on my computer I will kick you out again without any hesitation!!!!!!!!!!

Ohhhhh how can you propose to someone without a ring

Confession #2529

To My Daughter's Father

If I would thought things would have ended up this way between us when i first met you, i would have walk away or given you the wrong number. i've wasted 3 years of my life trying to make something work with you never realizing that you just wan't worth it. I gave you everything that you could have possibly wanted but you still couldn't act right. I allowed you to run the streets with your boys, cheat, and do whatever the hell you wanted to do and i never tripped. I even stay with you after you started hitting me and made me miscarry our 1st and 2nd child. I even stayed after you got that girl pregnant. I did what i had to do for you. I tricked just to make sure we kept money in pocket. But what hurt the most is when i told you i was pregnant wit jay and you denyed she was yours but you was quick to claim the child you had with the other girl and she was just a one night stand. You spent half my pregnancy denying her and the other half locked up. She is three months old now and i could the number of times you came to see her with my fingers. Thats messed up. But when she first had your son i had to hear about him constantly. you couldn't come see me because you got him. You can't give me any money for baby stuff because he needed money for daycare. You forgot who i was. for three years i was your lover friend the one who made sure you had what you needed the one who payed bail and made sure you had money for your lawyer. I used to be your girl but now you treat me like the other woman. Stupid me who would have thought at that age of 20 you would get traded in for a younger model.

Confession #2530

Your weight gain has turned me off but I love you with all of my heart anyway and therefore, will never tell you.

Monday, May 12, 2008

True Wife Confessions 252 Tattoo

Confession #2511

OK, let me get this did the crime... I bailed you out... You had to stand before the court...I could hear everything... You have to go to court appointed therapy... I have to talk to her, too... I didn't do anything... why me??? This is maddening to me.. When does this stop? I didn't do anything. Oh Yeah, I had to sit through dinner with your family and pretend to make nice while they plowed the kids with sugar and then tell me to control them... Is this what it means when they say for better or worse??
Love??? Me

Confession #2512

To my new husband:

You're wonderful. You've changed my life. Want to know how I knew you were the one? Because I've never once had the thought, "I'm missing out on something." Nor have I thought about anyone I've dated in my past and wanted them back in my life. With you I look forward to the future. We both look forward to being two old farts on our front porch with tons of wrinkles rocking in our rocking chairs and being happy with life. We both know there will be hard times and times when we'll want to kill or divorce the other one, but we've made a promise to stay together and work out the issues. We talk, listen, compromise, support, and love the other. Thank you for being you and loving me.

I love you with all my heart,

Your Wife

Confession #2513

I want a divorce, you always tell me I couldn't do it on my own, well, I have news for you, I KNOW I can!!! I hate coming home and all I see is your lazy ass laying on the couch, laughing at Everybody loves Raymond. We haven't even slept in the same bed for years!!! Hello, women need affection!! That's why I like him so much, actually, I love him and you have to know I do. He is all I think about 24/7, so why not just leave and let me be happy. You would be happier to and you know that. It is time to file some paperwork!!!!!

Confession #2514

Sometimes when you fall asleep in the living room I don't wake you to move to the bedroom because once in a while I enjoy having the bed all to myself and not having lull myself to sleep to the sound of your snoring. I feel a little guilty, but think that the couch and floor must be pretty comfortable if you fell asleep there in the first place... Sorry

Confession #2515

I love you, but I'm not sure how much longer I can go on living like this. It seems we fight all the time anymore. I know your stress level is through the roof, I realize your grad school program is outrageously difficult, but you knew that going into it. You used to be better than the best, you'd ask me for a list for my birthday or Christmas but you'd never use it bc you had better ideas. You bought me
things I didn't even know I wanted. Now you get the list and don't even read it, the things you buy now seem almost to be a matter of "well I have to get something today and she'll like this right?" yeah put some effort into it. Mother's Day is Sunday, I said something last night about sitting around doing nothing all day on Sunday and you asked why. That pretty much guarantees that I'm not getting anything as I haven't the past two years. Your crappy excuse about having no time is just that crappy. You had finals last year at this time yes, but you were done as of noon on Friday and I was still at work, hmmmm methinks you could have stopped on the way home from school to buy something. Right now you're off at a party to celebrate the end of your first year and you have the unmitigated gall to call and say you want to talk to me one more time because you probably won't be home before I go to bed. This from the same man who called me in a snit on Sunday because I took our son and went out with my parents so you could study for finals. You wanted me to come home so you could see me for a while. HMMM let's see you think maybe since you've been holed up studying for a week that I might want to see you tonight, especially since I have class tomorrow night and won't be home??? DUMB@$$ I work my butt off going to school so I can make more money tosupport you while you go to school and what thanks do
I get? NONE, you say you'll help around the house, routinely I hear that you got home first and I worked all day so you'll make dinner and do you, hell no. I
want to be supportive of you. You've been to other parties with your classmates, you always say that it's just for students yet every damn time you come home you have stories about how someone else's spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend was there. You say you want friends of you own like I have friends of my own. Okay I get that, I truly do, but when I plan things with my friends I always invite you. You are my best
friend, and you claim I'm yours but you don't want me involved in anything to do with your school, never mind the fact that I agreed to move away from my friends and family to a new town so you could go to school and that I'm the one working and not saying a word when you choose not to pick up hours at your old job to help pay bills. At the rate we're going don't be surprised if after you graduate and get a nice
cushy job that I take you to the proverbial cleaners after I pack up our son and move out. I can't even talk about how stressed I am about work and wanting the school year to be over without you making it all about you again. If I'm upset over something and you pressure me into talking to you about it, it always
becomes a matter of how much more stressed I'm making your life. I'm sitting here praying that it pours like mad on that stupid party so you'll have to come
home. You're over 30 yrs old, you're classmates are 21 and 22, GROW THE F UP!!! You chose to get married, you chose to have children, act like the adult you're supposed to be, instead of the child you know you're not. You choose not to come home til after I go to bed tonight, I'll stay out the entire time my class is supposed to meet whether it lasts that long or not! and if you saw one word about not being able to see me or spend time with me I might just hit you.

Confession #2516

You put your pot stash in our 4 year old daughter's back pack. You dropped her off to me and I was cleaning out her back pack and it positively reeked of pot. And you wonder why I don't want to have her for 50% of the time? You drive high for fricks sake!

Confession #2517

We're happy after a lot of bad years I'm content and glad we made it through. All we ever needed to be happy was for me to stop wanting to have sex. Menopause is your best friend

Confession #2518

I kissed my coworker thursday and friday.

Confession #2519

After our get-a-way several weeks ago - when we got home after a lovely weekend together - ravishing each other like 18 year olds....and we had to look at each other and admit that we were both so sore that we couldn't bear to have sex again for a couple of days? That was awesome. Who says that we can't have great sex in our 40's...

Confession #2520

You helped make mother's day truly special - and I thank you.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

True Wife Confession 251 Vermont club

Confession #2501

I'm confession #2467......i'm fairly new to this, but its become a place where i can vent when i feel i have no where to turn.

Your comments were all greatly appreciated, but i wanted to clear up a few things. As we all know, there are ALWAYS two sides to every story. I was angry at him that day and ommited a few things that I really should have mentioned.

I have cheated on him. With two ex boyfriends. Nothing big. Just kissed them both. I know that no matter how small, all cheating is wrong. And I know that this is why his jealousy has taken over. He's really a great person that didn't deserve that. I know i messed up but i've been trying hard to show him that it wont happen again. It happened so long ago that i feel he should see all the things i do for him now and forgive me. I know its not fair on my part to expect him to forgive me but im trying so hard.

Our only problem is his jealousy issues. He doesnt cheat. He doesnt like porn. He cooks. He cleans. He gives me back massages when i've had a long day at work. He pleases me before himself. He's pretty perfect in every other way.....if i could just get him to trust me. I know its my fault. I KNOW.....

I just really love him and I will spend the rest of my life showing him how much i really do care.

No i will not "run away" and no i will not "let him go"

I know some of the things he's done aren't right. But i know i haven't been perfect either.

We have an incredible love between us....and i will not let that go

Confession #2502

Dear lover,

I am embarrassed that I am jealous of your wife. And that is just stupid because what did I expect. I have sex with my husband, too, so all is fair in this little game we’ve got going on. Still, I wish you could hide it better. Probably that is something you need to get better at. And I need to get better at not obsessing over the whole damn thing. Infidelity is tough. Sometimes I wonder what the hell I was thinking… I am not sure I am made for this. I am committed to my life at home but I am also committed to you. Selfish little bastards, aren’t’ we? We both want our cake AND eat it too. Sigh. If I want this all like I say I do, I gotta be lighter hearted when it comes to her. I’m not sure I can. I guess we’ll wait and see… but it would be nice to know you have these feelings about him. Somehow, I don’t think that’s the case, cause you’re a man. I knew what I was getting into but I still don’t know if I am cut out for this. And no one to talk to.

- the other woman

Confession #2503

You have made me so happy in the past. I love how your face lights up when we see each other, even now. I love your smile, your not-so-funny jokes that no one else gets, the way your eyes twinkle when you are thinking something silly. I love the fact that you collect toys and actually let my kids play with them instead of freaking out and telling them they can't. I love your hand in mine, the hugs, you calling me kiddo.

I haven't seen you since January and I know that it is because of her. I hope you open your eyes soon because I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that she is up to her old tricks and is trying to accuse you of it just so you don't see right through her. You have put on quite a bit of weight, smoking a lot again, and I wish there was something I could do to help you..make you realize that you are a wonderful, special man who deserves love like we have for each other. You let her put you down, ruin your self-esteem, treat you like trash. You are better than that! You keep telling me that I deserve someone who can love me like I should be, well so do you.

I still love you even though we haven't been a couple in 9 months..and I always will.

Confession #2504

some people regret pieces of their life.. i regret the whole thing. i hate that i always see women that i know, or even that i don't know, that have what i feel you should have given me. i know that alot of what i am missing is a result of the stupid decisions that i made, but you could have done more for me a long time ago. and now, here i am 27 with 4 kids and the most fun i have is when i am by myself fantasizing of going back in time to fix my life. i hate you with a passion, you make me sick to my stomach. if i wasn't so strong i swear i would become an alcoholic like you. i resent you, but the saddest of all is that i resent my kids, i feel they hold me back. I've even fantasized about what i would do if they weren't here. not that i would ever hurt them or leave them, I'm too good of a mother and love them to much for that. but sometimes, i wish that i had had that abortion the first time around like my mother begged me to. i don't feel like i have had any fun in my life. i feel trapped in a bubble. and trapped by you. you are such a selfish ignorant person that i have carried on my back for years. and i wish that i could go back and erase you and 99 percent of my life, and just be me again. not just your wife or your kids mother. but just me

Confession #2505

This is how I feel. I am angry at you and so after putting up with your verbal abuse and sometimes cheating on me, on at least 8 occassions, I did the same. You called me names, told me that I was a pearshaped cow and even left my underwear size posted on my computer to humiliate me. So I met this guy who is only 29, and we have been having sex on a regular basis. He loves my fat bottom and flat chest and you don't. I have been very disgusted and angry with you for years and bored so bad in bed, that I actually started counting how many times that I have faked my orgasms with you. I say that in 8 years, I faked at least 500 times. But the strange thing is that now, I cum with you, and only because you are so stupid and clueless. Your ignorance turns me on. You think that I am so excited and wet for you, but I am full of my man's cum. You complained once that I seemed too loose and he is the reason. And the time you found my panties and asked why there was so many curly, kinky black hairs in the crotch, again, it was him.

So listen up you fool. When you think we are having the greatest sex the last 18 months and that I am literally dripping for you, well chump, it's the mess my boyfriend made with his twelve inch penis, and your five inches are just swimming in his cum every time, actually 85 times. How does it feel to know that you are about 7 inches from the end and that my boyfriend is black? Insane I hope.

Confession #2506

Sometimes I dream about you dying, because it would be so much easier than divorce.

Confession #2507

I know every single one of your passwords. Email, Myspace, Facebook, I know them all. I have known them for years. I read your email every single day. I have done so for years. If you did that to me, I would freak. But you are really so innocent...anything I've uncovered you've always told me about, unprompted. Whether it be conversations with exes, interesting messages,'ve always been so open and trusting. I used to see lots of purchases for porn subscriptions...but not so much anymore. I'm over that anyways.

Thanks, and I'm really sorry, but I can't help it!

Confession #2508

Dear husband,

You have all this faith and me and I am not living up to it. but I am not leaving you and I haven’t stopped loving you. I just want it all. I know this is not like me and probably you would be in shock to know of the goings on in my heart… and his bed. Ah but I want to be sweet to you and the children and I don’t want you to go. I am acting like a man who can compartmentalize all the feelings and that is scaring me a little bit. The whole affair is so good, and you and me are so good. I am not sure I am cut out for this. How have I justified this? I don’t feel guilty. but I have feelings of jealousy that I should not be having, because all of it is never going beyond a bedroom. There are so many things on my mind, and no one to talk to.

- your wife

Confession #2509

I hate your kids!!!!!!!!!!!! Your selfish , rude, over sensitive kids. I hate that I am a Stepmom what a thing to be. I do all I can for you and your kids. You point out to me constantly how they are your kids so you take care of them. I don't want to have anything to do with them. You make me sick sometimes pretending to be this great dad huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You never think about them you joined the military and choose post after post farther and farther away from them. When we do get to see those little brats you give them whatever they want and they could never do anything wrong your eyes. I wish I would have married a man who didn't have kids or an ex wife. IF I ONLY WOULD HAVE KNOWN HOW MUCH I HATE THIS I WOULD HAVE TURN AROUND AND RAN AS FAST AS I POSSIBLY COULD!!!!!! I honestly want to disappear and never come back. I don't feel loved or appreciated and I want out.

Confession #2510

You were one of two guys who asked me out on the same night. I thought you were both geeky and maybe a bit weird. I liked the other guy better. I honestly don’t remember why I even said yes to you. Probably just because you were so damn persistent.

My mom swears to this day that she knew right off the bat that I’d found someone special. I can’t imagine how she picked it up, though, because myself, I had no idea. You had a horrible job—it stressed you out so much that you used to talk in your sleep about it. You wore a strangely awful winter coat. Your room was a crapfest and your roommate was overbearing. Your skin wasn’t great and your haircut wasn’t either. You were cheap. And you couldn’t get it up more than half the times we had sex in our first few months.

Looking at it from the other side, I have no idea why you picked me, either. I was dirt poor, making minimum wage; I was growing out a bad dye job; I kept talking politics with your roommate just to press buttons. I called you up drunk at two in the morning after my company party. I didn’t know how to give a good BJ, and I still don’t.

Something happened to us, though, when we’d been together about six months. I remember standing in the circle of your arms, on one of the worst days of my life. You didn’t exactly make me feel better—nothing could have made me feel better right then. But you didn’t make me feel worse. If I could stand to have you there with me at that moment, I could stand to have you with me any time, all the time.

You and I, we have each other’s back. That’s the root of it.

We’re not those gawky kids any more. I’m creative, polished, successful; you’re confident, decisive, funny. I’ll never forget, though, that you loved me before any of that.

Monday, May 05, 2008

True Wife Confession 250 Er bai wu

Confession #2491

Sometimes I wonder if you remember the night I tried to tell you I loved you. I tried and tried but couldn't do it. I figured I would have trouble telling you so I had a note in my pocket ready in the event that I chickened out... which I did. I handed you the note as we kissed goodnight and then ran into my house. You thought I was breaking up with you, but all I wanted to say was I LOVE YOU.

Confession #2492

For the first few years of our marriage you were physically and verbally abusive. Sure you never actually hit me but you threw me around plenty. Nothing I did was ever right or ever good enough. Then you got sick and I took care of you and you learned to trust me, and rely on me, and for a while we were partners. So we had a baby. A beautiful, wonderful, baby. And your health got better and you pushed me away once again. Then last summer I found out you were seeing another woman. Maybe you didn't get the chance to sleep with her, but you would have, there are no doubts in my mind. And when I started to pack my bags to leave, you talked me into staying, and since then you have really changed. You love me and care for me the way that I wanted from the very beginning. Which is why I am so sad, because last summer when you told me that you regretted ever marrying me, my love for you died. And I think that I went through all of the grieving process. I was devastated, then angry, and now when I look at you I am numb.

That is the worst. I look at you and feel nothing. I want to love you, need you, want you, but I don't. I see you trying so hard and I want to open my heart to you, but I feel like that part of me is broken, for you. Divorce is not an option. But our marriage should never have been. I regret you. I should have married the man, that to this day, I still love. I should have married him.

Confession #2493

So honey, I know we had to pay a $50 deductible on the phone I lost last month (for the second time). Therefore, on Saturday morning when I handed you my cell and said “it just won’t turn on”, I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you it was because I washed it Friday night with my jeans.

Thanks for going to the cell phone kiosk with me to get a replacement. You’re the best!



Confession #2494

I can barely remember the happy times before our engagement or the perfectly adorable smile on your face that made me fall in love with you. The romance and sweet things you used to do for me is what had me loving you. You took all that away and deprived me of the simplest, least expensive, acts of love you could give me. I used to be proud to be associated with you and now I can barley stand the sight of you and your sorry excuses as to why you don’t do nice things for me or have tried to save our marriage. When you promise to take care of someone and love them forever, you don’t just stop when you get lazy, or you are broke, or tired, because we as women don’t. We keep on giving, when we are too tired, when you don’t deserve it, when you are mad at us, until there is nothing left. You were too stupid to see how lucky you were and you never deserved me. All that patience, love, trust, I had for you as turned into hate for what you knowingly have done to destroy us, then me. I will not allow you to continue to hurt me and I know I will never love you again because even when I look into your eyes, those beautiful loving eyes I fell in love with, I see the man who cheated me out of the life and love he promised me.

Confession #2495

I really do think you’re the poster boy for why you shouldn't do drug. Remember the old commercial with the frying pan and this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs. He's a f'ing moron. Your such an idiot that you don't see in front of your own face that your losing me. I hope sometime this year to leave you and do you really think that you saying "I won't give you any child support" is really going to keep me from leaving. I can work two jobs and will for happiness away from you.

Confession #2496

The correct response to a suggestion that we go to a sex store and buy some toys to reinvigorate our pathetic sex life is NOT "Who will get them in the divorce?" That will, in fact, pretty much assure that there will be no sex with toys....and no reinvigoration of our sex life.

Confession #2497

You said, "We're a team. It's okay, babe. It's you and me. We're a team."

I didn't realize until you said them that those were the words I needed to hear most in that moment.

Confession #2498

I love that fact that since our son was born in February that you have become a more emotional man. You aren't afraid to cry in front of me anymore. When our son was crying after his shots today it was touching to see you cry because he was in pain. I know why I married you, and why I wanted to have your children. Thanks for being a wonderful husband, friend, and father.

I really do love coming home to see our son in his cute ass bear suit!

Confession #2499

I can't believe I fell for you.

You said I wasn't normally your type. You said you have so far cheated on all of your girlfriends. You said you don't want to have kids. You said you never loved anyone more than me. We got married and now I feel like I am not enough for you. You tell me you love me yet you do your own thing. You think you're the best f**** I ever had. Well let me tell you something. You are not! You are not even close. Foreplay is meant for both to be enjoyed. Yes I do need attention and so do my body parts.

There were random people I wasn't even close with that were better than you. And no I am not gagging for it.

You need to take a reality check and get a freaking life.

Your wife

Confession #2500

I love you with my heart and soul. I am so in love with you 25 years later, and feel your love each day. I'm grateful for the wonderful marriage we have. You are a wonderful husband, father & friend. The only thing I would change is during that first year we dated you cheated with my friend. It took me along time to forgive you, and it still hurts sometimes when I think of it. But honestly Im glad I did. I just wish our relationship didn't have that blemish.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

True Wife Confession 249 maypole dances

Confession #2481

When the seal is placed on our divorce, the main reason will be your irrational anger about small petty things, and my insistence that a sparkling clean house is less important than being happy and relaxed.

Confession #2482

The truth is sometimes things get better but for after a while they suck again. Although I love you and I really think you love me... your communication sucks. The truth is I really only think you do enough to get by. Sad to say I AM TIRED! Tired of always having to do everything for the kids even after work, tired of always listening to your off crazy ass sister and her issues, tired of being the one that everybody comes to for everything in life. I want a break. Sometimes I dream of just falling. Not falling to die but falling to get away from everybody...

Confession #2483

In the middle of the night, when you wake up slightly from sleep and grab me and kiss my cheek and whisper "I love you soo much baby girl" That very moment is when I forgive you for all the stupid dumb ass things you did that day! It also reminds me Of EXACTLY why i fell in love with you!

We may not have the perfect marriage and right now we may be going through some pretty crappy waters but It wouldn't even be worth going through with any other man.

Thank you for those quiet moments that you probably don't even remember the next morning! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY MEAN TO ME!

I love you more than you will ever realize!

Confession #2484

We're pregnant now and I cant tell you how much I cant wait to have the baby and get away from him. He's an attractive guy, nice build (little pudgey in the waist now), handsome, and funny. BUT he's selfish as hell. I forgave him when he said he needed a break to "work on himself" then found out he was seeing someone else who he had just broke up with to come back to me (w/o my knowledge) and she couldn't take it. Who is too much of a pussy to stand up to his mom and grandmother when they pressured him to pressure me to have an abortion. Who thinks he SOooo cute but really an insecure fuck who likes to flirt with women on sites like fling and myspace thinking I wont find out. INTERNET HISTORY dumbASS! I gave him everything including his first child and he does things like "help" me pay the rent on the apt WE live and think he deserves a damn medal for it. ITS CALLED RESPONSIBILITY!!! Pressured me and stressed me when I lost my job and complained about having to take over the bills temporarily, now you're not working and NOT DOING SHIT! Had the nerve to call me lazy because I wanted to sit my pregnant ass down working 7 days a week 6-6pm and you wanted me to help you clean up after you've been sitting doing nothing. You can get gung ho to go out with your friends but cant fuck right. You cant even wait for me to cum and when I don't want sex with you anymore, you get mad when I tell you what the problem is. talking about at least I tried.....WTF? THEN< you go run to your mom and grandma about every damn problem we have instead of sitting and talking to me. You're verbally abusive and like to think someone scared of you. Little do you know I'M leaving before I kill your ass for jumping in my face. You don't understand and don't want to understand that being pregnant requires PEACE> you stress me out every chance you get. You stupid fuckup! You're 25 years old and still think you're going to make it as an actor or singer. You just want the damn attention and ain't good at neither one of them. You expect me to support you but when things get good for me you get jealous and start doing dumb ass shit and saying I'm supposed to help you out with your career. You're so jealous. I should've listened to my mother before I got knocked up by your immature ass and if your family members say one more thing because I wanted to keep OUR child (your pussy ass couldn't even stand up to them) I'm going to flick off on their ass. You don't care about nobody but your damn self. You try to verbally hurt me everytime we get into an argument THEN you tell me its okay to talk to you. I don't talk to you because you don't listen. You're ALWAYS right. I'm not getting married to your dumb ass, I know it isn't going to work because you expect someone to sit down and do everything as you please without question. Your only ambition is to be an actor or singer. What about if that doesn't work out (99% chance it wont)? You have no backup plans!!!You gonna tell me you want to be an actor full time when we're six months from being parents. I have a secret bank acct. too because you always claim to have no money, but it mysteriously appears when YOU need something. You're a FOLLOWER! You can t even think for your damn self. You always saying your friends think you should leave me but ALL of them want me! You can be a dumb fuck if you want and listen to them because they're all trying to be with me. I'm pregnant working 2 jobs (about to be 3) and your at home playing video games waiting for something to pop up. You cant even have the fucking house clean!!! I wish I was evil because I would make sure you hurt. You don't care about me or your baby as much as you brag to everyone about us. We're just accessories to make YOU look good. You care more about what people think of you than you give off. As soon as I have MY child, I'm booting you out the picture. By then I'll have money saved up (unbeknownst to you) and I'll be able to live comfortably without you. YOU WILL BE PAYING CHILD SUPPORT. After you didn't defend my decision to keep the baby after your PARENTS called me because they didn't think it was a good TIME to have a baby, I knew you were a bitch. I stood up to you ALL because MY CHILD deserves a chance. You only wanted to keep it after you saw I wasn't backing down. Fuck you and your parents. I got that social and ALL of your family members addresses that live in this state! Especially after I saw you thought I was going to let your mom and grandma dictate everything. Bitch please. I don't tell you everything and trust I'M still sexy even MORE post-pregnancy so don't sleep on me. Someone is waiting in the wings watching all your fuckups from close up. Too bad you're always complaining about me because they only see the good and think I'M an angel for putting up with your selfish ass.

By the way I'm 20 (21 in a couple of months), a soon to be homeowner (w/o the selfish prick), paying my way through college, running my own event planning biz WHILE working 2 jobs and 3.5 months pregnant. I don't need his selfish ass!!!

Confession #2485

Hi Honey,
I am remembering why I stay with you. When my roommate died in the car accident we were only dating, Maybe just 4 or 5 dates. The second you heard about the accident you came right over and never left my side.. That was 15 years ago. I was going to stop seeing you before that. I didn't think we had a connection. Boy was I wrong. We now have 3 kids a house a dog and a car payment. You never left my side. Now it is my turn to show you I will not leave your side. I know what happened was a stupid choice. I won't leave you for it. I will never leave your side either. I love you
Love Me

Confession #2486

I'm very good at ironing, and I don't mind doing it, but the wrinkles in your shirts just won't come out, so I've given up. One day, I got out all of your shirts from the closet and decided to iron them all and put perfect creases down the sleeves. I got through 2 before I started crying in frustration. I'm so sorry.

Confession #2487

I didn't miss you at all when I was away.

Confession #2488

The past six months have been the worst time in my life. We fight all the time, and I can’t take all the crap you put me through everyday. I have asked multiple times for a divorce and you deny me one all the time. You tell me you love me and don’t even say it to your face anymore. You bug the hell out of me, and I cant stand the way you act. Oh and I hate your mom. And I’m still talking to my ex’s.

=the wife

Confession #2489

I'm very good at ironing, and I don't mind doing it, but the wrinkles in your shirts just won't come out, so I've given up. One day, I got out all of your shirts from the closet and decided to iron them all and put perfect creases down the sleeves. I got through 2 before I started crying in frustration. I'm so sorry.

Confession #2490

I don't even know where to begin. First off, I don't know when I stopped being in love with you. and I hate myself because every time I contemplate leaving I tell myself to stay 'because of the kids'.
Stop purposefully pushing my buttons to get me angry so you can get mad at me for being pissy. Stop acting like a jerk and stop blaming me for everything. My being pregnant is not justification for you to be an ass. What gives you the right to fly off the handle over every little thing I do or don't do especially when YOU do those same things too?
And constantly complaining that 'you don't get any' is not my idea of foreplay. Neither is rough manhandling of my breasts. If you think real hard, you'll realize that that I haven't told you 'no' in a long, long time. YOU are the one who falls asleep in front of the television. And if you think a little harder, you might also realize that I don't even get anything from our quick sexual encounters. Nothing, Nada, zip. Which I think you already know, but just don't care because it's obvious my needs haven't been a focus of yours in years. When you touch me, you touch me for your own pleasure. You make me feel used..

I don't even like you right now. And I'm pretty sure you don't like me either.
One of us has to grow the balls and actually admit it.