Thursday, September 14, 2006

True Wife Confession 73 Fender Rhodes

Confession #721

Thank you so much for being so supportive when I ran out of the bathroom hysterical because we're pregnant again.

Thank you so much for being an amazing father to our son.

Thank you so much for being such an amazing husband to me.

Thank you for supporting me and our family through all the good and the bad.

But most of all thank you so much for helping me go from terrified to excited in such a small amount of time. We never intended to have a 2nd baby and without your support I have no doubt I'd be a puddle of horror. Now, instead, I can plan for this fabulous new addition. I can't imagine anything better than having yet another baby with you. I am so thankful for you.

Confession #722

It's not cute when you ask me for "just a little bite" of something I'm eating and then take a bite equal to the whole damn thing. Nor is it cute when we get fast food and you decline fries and then proceed to eat half of mine. GET YOUR OWN, DAMMIT.

I love you, baby. But I love my food, too.

Confession #723

people tell me that they couldn't have stayed. i did. but it's not fair that i stayed, just wanting to leave. i wish that i had been stronger. i wish that i had stayed and loved you still.

our new puppy taught me how to love again. i'm thankful that she did. i missed loving you. and i missed out on so much when i could have been loving you better. i hope that one day i can forgive myself for that - i think that you already have.

Confession #724

If you're going to work outside bring yourself a drink. Don't bug me 10 minutes into whatever it is you're doing asking me for something to drink. If you're working outside then I'm watching our 2 kids and I have my hands full already. I bugs me to no end that you wait until your dusty and dirty to decide you're thirsty. It also bugs me that I'm supposed to act like you're doing me a favour asking ME to get you a drink instead of you walking into the house all dirty and dusty to get it yourself. Think ahead next time will ya!!!

Confession #725

We are divorced now, but I want to confess something....
Remember that time we were "on a break" while you went back to your 1st wife? When we got back together 6 weeks later, I told you I had sex with only 1 other man. Really it was 5 guys, and 1 girl. I didn't want to tell you because it was just something else you could falsley hold over my head. Now, 2 kids & divorced, I have found my true love -- and he knows ALL my secrets.

Confession #726

When you call me to ask me what I want you to bring home for dinner, and then offer to also stop at the store for formula because you know I have a migraine and am suffering? I love you more than I can say.

When you get up at 4 AM to change our almost 10 year old's diaper, without complaint, and then go work a hard job for 12 hours? I love you more than I can say.

When you call me in the middle of the day just to tell me that you're thinking about me, and that you love me ~ my heart melts.

I don't know what I ever did to deserve you, but I'm so thankful that you chose me.

I am the luckiest of all lucky girls in the world. I love you, babe. More than I can say. Let's grow old(er) together, okay?

Confession #727

When I tell you I am stressed out to the point of tears, that is NOT the time to delve in to every little detail about our lives. I do not need to be reminded that money is tight and the kids don't pick up after themselves or even that the hot water tank is on its last leg! What I need is for you to put your arms around me and tell me that everything will be okay...everything will work out fine. Comfort me, hug me, love me. Don't try to fix the problem! It just makes me more tense, and we usually end up arguing. If you would figure this out, life would be a whole lot easier at times.

Confession #728

you. are. a. dork. Sorry, but its true

Confession #729

You prick! I'm good enough to clean you house, do your laundry, take care of your kids (incl the one who hates me and causes me such stress) but I'm not worthy of you giving me money UNLESS I BEG FOR IT ... even when your own mother tells you you need to loosen up the wallet. Well mister tight with a dollar, maybe the next time you want a fucking blow job I should tell you what it's gonna cost you: $50 a bj ought to be reasonable considering all I do for you with it. You refuse to let me get a job so you keep me prisoner in this guilded cage I've come to hate. Fuck you. I'll get what I need and want one way or another. Just watch me.

Confession #730

I'm going to start by saying you are an amazing man. I love you more then life itself & I know you are also an amazing father. When you interact with our child its beautiful.

The problem lies in the fact that you just don't seem to get that parenting is not on an "Ok, today works for me" basis. I work 40+ hours a week & so do you. On my days off I watch our child & do everything else, that needs to get done as well. The baby is with the babysitter for 40 hours a week while we work. I for one have had many guilt battles in my head because I can't stop working. I need the medical insurance, but I hate leaving her with someone else for so many hours. This means when you get done work before me, you go get her & you parent her. NO, you don't *babysit* her, that's what you do to someone else's kids.

I don't want to find out that you dropped her off to go fishing, & I don't want you mad at me when I say I don't need to bring her to the sitters because you had the day off. Yes, just like when I have a day off theres no question she's staying home with *Me*.

Yes, I know your truck is broken & needs to be fixed. You had a 4 day weekend, but now tonight after work when she's been with the sitter for 8+ hours you decide you need to fix it. I don't think so. You can walk off in a huff & be angry at me if you want, but take your days off to the productive things. Its not like you didn't have *4* of them!

Furthermore, for those few times that I would have someone watch her while I wasn't working, I'd really like them to be when we can spend some time together. Really, you can go out & do your own things on my day's off & I know that you will let me go get my sanity back at times as well. I knew my father as the guy that came home at 9pm for dinner. I didn't even have a personal relasionship with him until I was 18 or older & I still wouldn't if I didn't put in the effort to do so. I don't want our child to lack what I did. I want her to run you exclaiming "Daddy, Daddy...Guess what I did today?!"


Anonymous said...

I'm a guy and I'm reading this and I totally feel embarassed for my gender at times and times I feel like I at least do some things write. This and Post Secret are possible the two most creative and educational blogs I have ever read.

Dawn said...

Sarah, I placed your confession in the 79th chapter - so I deleted it in comments...

Anonymous said...


I want her to run you exclaiming "Daddy, Daddy...Guess what I did today?!"

That broke my heart. I hope that someday you can get him to be the father you want him to be, and the father your daughter deserves.

Anonymous said...

#726 brought tears to my eyes.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What kind of Dad has a day off and still puts their kid in daycare? What a jerk!