Monday, October 24, 2011

True Wife Confessions 325 regrets

Confession #3251

I really hate your family and your dad and how your turning out to be just like him. You are both undercover devils. I don't know if I can trust you or to believe what other warn me about you. I'm leaving you one day and all hell will break loose when your family secrets are released including yours.

Confession #3252

I have no idea how we got to this place, this misery that is our marriage. I think of our wedding day and how I was so certain that this was the right decision. We don't seem to be able to forgive each other for anything anymore.

Confession #3253

I'd rather commute 90 minutes each way than work at home. Because when I work at home, you expect me to do things like cook the goddamn dinner. So when I try to be nice, and use my lunch hour to cook the goddamn dinner, you then complain because I forgot to open a window on each side of the house, so the house smells like dinner.

I smelled up the house cooking you DINNER while I WORKED. Fuck you. Seriously, just fuck you, asshole. I'm so glad we haven't had sex in four years, because I don't know how I'd warm up to you after this.

Confession #3254

For 3 years I truly loved you. We struggled together through your fear of commitment and lack of normal romantic gestures (treating our anniversary as a normal day, not doing/giving anything for my birthday, much less in any other date). I was infinitely patient with you because I felt you were worth fighting for.
When I was lying in a hospital bed very sick, you came to visit me everyday despite having all the hassle it required (commuting and walking) and you told me I still looked beautiful even as I lay there unable to move, with tangled unwashed hair and feeling like crap.
To me, your unromantic nature was excusable because you were there through the important things... staying by my side through thick and thin, sharing your loving family with me, helping me with domestic chores without me having to ask, never ever raising your voice at me even when we argued, always touching me whenever we were together, being so generous and loving when we made love...
Which is why I took it so hard when you suddenly, one day after lunch with your parents, told me bluntly that you'd cheated on me, didn't love me anymore and wanted to breakup. Just one week before that you were snuggling with me in bed and asking me how many children I'd like to have. Why did you fill me up with hope only to destroy everything so brutally?!
I couldn't believe it... I cried and begged for a second chance. The pain made me throw dignity out the window. You coldly rejected me and told me to move on.
Well... I did. I cut off all contact with you and dedicated myself to work and improving myself, so I wouldn't be able to think about you. It worked... until 2 weeks later you asked to meet up.
You proposed to me sex with no strings attached. What. The. Hell. How can you look into my eyes and say you don't love me but want to fuck me?! What kind of a monster are you?!
You know that I take relationships very seriously, that I never made out or screwed around with anyone! I lost my virginity to you, idiot! After betraying me, breaking my heart and making me grovel, you're still not satisfied and treat me like your on-call whore!

I hate you now. You should have left me and stayed away, but now you've completely ruined my opinion of you and tainted all the memories I held dear.

Confession #3255

So i finally got the nerves to tell you IT'S FUCKING OVER. The fact that i've had to tell you several times through emails and verbally and you still kept referring to me as your girl is so sad and embarrassing. It's been months since i have not thought of you as my partner and you're still living in my apartment.

I can't believe i gave you ten years of my life. I can't believe i wanted to marry you at one point (you turned me off marriage thats for sure). I can't believe you keep living the same way and have no motivation to better yourself or stop working in retail or for that matter try to grow up and act like a responsible man with priorities. I can't believe you
are so selfish. Now i can't stand you and can't help but roll my eyes when you are not looking. It upsets me that you chose to continue to live in m

I have tried to let go of you with care and compassion but you are making it so hard on me, as though i am responsible for your happiness. I tried to plan a life and a future with you and you would not participate in life. Towards the end you focused on your twitter and facebook fans and became obsessed and i pulled away to focus on myself. I am returning to school to finish my degree like i have always wanted. You never cared or supported me in this and this ads to the
number of reasons why you are a selfish and i am leaving you.

Though i am very proud of you for trying to improve your health by losing weight; i think you are trying to change how i feel about you and it is wayyyyy too late. Remember we went over six months without having sex? I tried to be interested even though i was turned off by your big beer belly. You said you were not interested because i had made a comment about your lack luster one and a half minute performances (lol). Well i had the best sex i have ever had when i was in the Dominican Republic. Better yet i have been having great sex with my childhood friend for the past two months and i am dying to tell you but trying to consider your feelings. He gives me just what i need and me go back to being friends. So you need to stop asking me where i'm going and when i'll be home because i'm tired of lying to you. I know you can't take the truth and i know what you've been up to cause i found the lingerie when you were away in Cali.

Confession #3256

Dear husband
Just a year ago you would beg me to sleep with you ..know you wont even touch me. You go out to eat with your x and your kids and you come home and tell me one day we should eat at that restaurant. I hate you we can't even have a conversation together I hate. I wish I could support myself and I wish you leave without us making a scene. I need to move on its been too many years living like this just for the kids. I truly hate you and if you leave I promise I wont beg you back just leave first ...please just get the fuck out my life . I hate been with just because you support me financially

Confession #3257

I haven’t been home to see my family in over 10 years. Shit, I’m 33. Really? Is it such a big deal for me to go home just once for Thanksgiving? Every year you say that we can go, and EVERY year you come up with some stupid excuse to get out of it. So this year I booked plane tickets for my son and me to go...for an entire week!! We invited you. We knew that a week would be too long for you, but I offered to buy you a ticket to come for 3 days. You (UNBELIEVABLY!!!) agreed that you would come meet my family for the very first time in almost 5 years of us being together. I almost went into shock, but I was sooooo happy that you agreed to finally do something for me!! It made me feel, for once, that you were putting my thoughts/feelings/desires FIRST!! I felt like I was floating on air

Then, as I began the process of getting your ticket, you drop the bombshell on me, YET AGAIN!! As with every other damn thing in our life, your ex-wife has informed you that you will be having your daughter this Thanksgiving. Okay then, fantastic. Once again whatever the ex wife wants comes before your obligations to me. Maybe you could have said something to the effect of: Not this time bitch! For once I’m going to tell you no, because I’m not going to back out on my plans to suit your every fucking desire! ....but no, who are we kidding here?

Well, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for the week that we will be gone. And don’t expect me to continue to go to your family functions on EVERY FRIGGING HOLIDAY, because I’m not going to go....ever again. Maybe you can go to your ex fucking wife’s for Thanksgiving. I hope you starve to death.

Confession #3258

I found the texts on your phone from the woman you work with - and the pictures of her breasts. Maybe you should change your passwords, dumbass.

Confession #3259

I can't believe I became the wife who won't have sex...not because I don't want sex, but because you have spent so many years either just selfishly having your orgasm, or telling me how weird I was for wanting to have sex...and now I think you ask so often because it is the only way you have left of humiliating and dominating me.

Confession #3260

I can't believe I was so naive as to buy into your lies. Thanks so much for convincing me that you loved me -- you're probably the best liar I've ever met. You swept me off my feet -- quite an accomplishment since I'm so cautious by nature. Imagine my surprise when a mutual friend broke the news to me that not only are you a world class liar, you are MARRIED WITH SMALL CHILDREN. How dare you put me in such an insidious position? How dare you disrespect your wife like this and make me feel so used, guilty, ashamed and worthless in the process? And when I confronted you, you gave me such a lame excuse: that you didn't tell me because you loved me so much and were afraid I'd leave you if I knew the truth. YA THINK?!? You are a dirtbag. I'm so angry at myself for falling for your lies. And then -- this is the worst part -- you begged me not to tell your wife "because it would destroy your family". Guess what asshole? I *did* tell her: she has a right to know what a mendacious asshole she lives with. In fact, we had a 2 hour long conversation and compared notes. She's a lovely woman and certainly is wasted on the likes of you. I feel so horrible being the unwitting party to your treachery. I apologized profusely and we both cried. I'm hurt to the core but I'm more hurt for her. She was exceptionally gracious about it all and was grateful that I filled her in on what you're really all about. We "dated" for 9 months --your wife was pregnant for 8 of those months. There are not words enough to describe how low you are. She and I deserve far better than you. Once she divorces you (expect to be served any day now), she's going to clean you out. Better be prepared to live in that car you're so damn fond of. Asshole. Oh, and thanks for the roses you sent today, you jerk. I redirected them to your office along with a note outlining all your misdeeds. Hopefully, word will get around. You don't get to pretend you're Mr. Nice Guy any more. Who cheats on his pregnant wife? Karma will get you, you useless piece of garbage. And one other thing: I've sent your wife all those emails you sent me INCLUDING all the pornographic photos and videos you sent me. We had a good laugh about home made flicks of you masturbating in the family bathroom. Why anybody who is hung like a field mouse would want to memorialize that on film is beyond me but she assures me that soon that'll be up on YouTube -- and copies of it sent to all your colleagues at work. And you deserve every single second of it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

True Wife Confessions 43 Cuarenta y tres

Confession #431

I love you. I love your mother, your sister & your awesome aunt & uncle from California. The reason why I don't want a baby shower, is because your other relatives that do live in the same town are two-faced-ass-holes. You think I don't know what they say about me? The fact that they have a problem that I'm black & white is a big reason why I don't want them near our son after he's born. Its the same bull-shit I had to put up with my racist grandparents.

Confession #432

We are going to be married soon, which I am ridiculously excited about
because you are the most wonderful man I could possibly ask for.
However, I weigh 100 pounds more than you and I am terrified that one day
you'll realize you could do better. When we're out in public I assume
everyone is wondering how that fat girl snagged that hot guy. I hate that I
can't sit on your lap, that you can't pick me up during sex, and that I
can't let you touch or kiss my stomach like you want to. You tell me
all the time how much you love my body and my spirit, and maybe
eventually I'll believe it. But for now, I'll keep sobbing on the inside when we
watch things like Miss Universe and when we go ride rollercoasters and
my fat ass won't fit and I have to get out in front of everyone. Thank
you for not riding the rollercoaster without me.

Confession #433

i love my husband but i hate his job and i can't tell him that i his job. i know he's doing it for us and the country, but i can't handle the nights laying awake alone in our bed. Thinking about our kids wondering if i will have to raise our kids alone and telling them why their dad can't be with them anymore

Confession #434

I left my exhusband's telephone number on a wall, of a public restroom.

I wonder how many calls he got?

Confession #435

Do you remember the time you pulled my hair and said I was worthless? (July 1992) Well, I put that stinky onion under your car seat. Remember how you couldn't figure out where the stink was coming from???? You found the the onion and thought it fell out of the grocery bag. NOPE!! I put it there.

Confession #436

I secretly believe that you have never truly loved me but stay with me because of 1) the fact that I earn a steadier income than you, and 2) the kids. I think now that maybe I should have left you when you had that online affair. By your own admission, it was only because the other woman got cold feet that you never met and had real sex. Not that what I read in your e-mails to each other wasn't a reasonable enough facsimile. I hate you for introducing so much doubt about myself into my life. You are narcissistic, lazy, conceited, and arrogant. You criticize me for doing things you do yourself. You're bossy. I can't count on you to do anything you say you'll do. In order to be with you, I hurt a good and decent man, even if I wasn't in love with him. I think I've been paid back any pain I caused. If it wasn't for our children, I'd say it was a complete disaster and a mistake. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be with you. You really don't deserve me.

Confession #437

You took me out for my "Big Birthday Dinner" and got mad that I got seated without you. You made me cry on my birthday. Then to cap off the night, you asked me to marry you. Yeah, that really was a stunned silence. Fuck you and your very pretty ring. You are an alcoholic prick who takes your frustrations out on the people around you. Go ahead, ask me when we're going to have another baby. Stall your family on when we're going to set the date. I know the answer, do you?
The worst part of it is, I could have loved you.

Confession #438

Honey....I am truly sorry....Your feet really,really........Stink!!

Confession #439

i don't want to have kids with you. THERE! i've said it. i wish that i could get my tubes tied just so i don't have the option to have them with YOU. you are immature and irresponsible and i know that you would be a terrible dad.
you are an alcoholic. you drink 12 beer a day and then pass out on our couch and wonder why i work three jobs just to get away from you.

i hate your family. i always have, always will.

your sister is an adult. why must we spend EVERY birthday with her? she is 28 now...time to move on and find her OWN life.

i hate your entire family: from your over bearing parents to your selfish and narcissistic sister to your immature brother and his wife. you all are self-absorbed and selfish jerks.

Confession #440

I wish you could understand how unhappy I am. I am
only staying with you because I can't support myself
and our children alone. I tell you I'm unhappy, you
promise to change, you never do. I'm not exactly
seeking someone to leave you for at the moment, but I
find myself "forgetting" my to wear my wedding ring
when I go out. Secretly hoping for a nice guy to hit
on me. Fall in love with me. Fall in love with our
children. Take care of us so I don't need to stay with
you. I look at men at the gym, the grocery store, dads
at the park...and wonder....will this be the one?
I used to want to make this marriage work, but not
anymore. Sadly, you see nothing wrong with married
people who spend no time together. We're not much more
than roommates. That's fine. It just gives me more
opportunity to find the REAL man of my dreams.