Monday, September 26, 2011

True Wife Confessions 42 - the ultimate answer

Confession #421

I love you. I love our life. You are a fantastic father and provider. But
oh Lord help me you suck in bed. I haven't had an orgasm with you in the
room in about 16 yrs. I think about having an affair ONLY to have good sex.
One day I probably will do it. Consider this an apology in advance.

Confession #422

I know about her. I know that you were going to leave your family for her and your "strictly platonic relationship" with her. I hate you for that. I hate you for the fact that you said that you didn't leave because you have "obligations". Well guess what asshole!! I'm not an "obligation"! I'm a fucking human being with feelings! And our 5 year old daughter has feelings too moron! Do you honestly believe that the only reason I'm looking for a job is to "help save up money for a house."? You really are a stupid ass!

Confession #423

Where to begin? I'm sick to death of having you use your job as an excuse for EVERYTHING. Not even that it's the top excuse, because usually it's your failsafe, ace in the hole excuse. The final, "I work and pull in a paycheck therefore any behavior is excusable" excuse.

This morning I said, "It just seems like you aren't that interested in me."

Your reply, "I'm on my way out the door, I have to go to work."

WTF does that have to do with ANYTHING? How about, "Of course I am, I love you, I think you're gorgeous! I can't wait to get home and be with you!" Talk about scoring tons of points. Instead you bring up work and make me feel bad for saying ANYTHING negative to you at all.

Everything comes down to you having a job and me being a stay at home mom. Even though you say you are proud that your wife stays home with the kids... you throw your job in my face anytime I ask you to do something differently, as if I am not allowed to voice complaints because I don't "work." I'm sick of it.

Confession #424

I hate that you never compliment me. I've never been with anyone who didn't
occasionally say nice things about my appearance. From the looks I get from
strangers, I know I'm not ugly, so why is it that you can't ever say, "Hey,
you're not looking so bad today!" It wouldn't take much, just anything,
really. I've told you many times that I really need a nice comment every
now and then, and you say you will, but you never do (although, really, no
matter what Dr. Phil says, if I have to tell you to compliment me, it's not
a true compliment). I know I shouldn't base my self esteem on your
compliments, but after so many years of this, I've decided there's a few
things I'm going to let the plastic surgeon fix. The sad part? It won't do
anything. I'm no fool. Logically I know you still won't compliment
me...but damn, you'll have paid for a sweet package for the next man, who
will tell me I'm the most beautiful thing he's seen. And because I love you
with all my heart, that's the last thing I want to happen, but because my
self-esteem is slowly disappearing, it probably will.

Confession #425

Oh god, where do I start? I hate kissing you because you can't kiss. You always suck my bottom lip and get slob on my face. And no, you're dick hasn't grown! What? Have you ever heard of a 30something year old man having a growth spurt? Your cock has always been small and it's because of that that I have to fake orgasms and masturbate like a crazy woman. There is so much more but the more that I type, the more pissed off I get. Oh yeah, one last thing, I hate swinging. I am bisexual and I always have been. I just never told you. I just let you think that I like to swing because it's the only way that I can fuck women without being sneaky about it.

Confession #426

Your inability to function when you so much as get the sniffles never ceases to amaze me. I have taken care of our child when I was projectile vomiting from the stomach flu. I have taken care of her while battling strep throat, bronchitis, and a double ear infection-AND going to work all day. You get a headache and the world comes to an end. GET OVER IT. Take medicine and move on.

Confession #427

STOP telling me I am shrinking your shirts in the dyer. You're getting fat. STOP eating fast food. You'll see a difference. I'm bigger now, too-I admit it. But I know the reason is my excessive eating, which is my coping mechanism for dealing with living with you.

Confession #428

When you try to talk down to me in front of your friends and family, I WILL put you in your place. Been doing it for 8 years, honey. At some point, you will learn that I WILL get in the last word. I especially love it when your mom pulls me aside and asks me what crawled up your ass and died. Validates my feelings.

Confession #429

DO NOT tell me how messy our home is and then leave your dirty socks on the ground. See a problem-help solve it, don't make it worse. LAZY.
When you piss me off, I start a list in my head of things I am going to send to this very site. The list gets longer every time you piss me off. Don't claim to be sick and make me do EVERYTHING...and then suddenly feel better when I crawl into bed bone tired. You're not getting any. The only thing I'm getting is SLEEP.
DO NOT tell me how messy our home is and then leave your dirty socks on the ground. See a problem-help solve it, don't make it worse. LAZY.

When you piss me off, I start a list in my head of things I am going to send to this very site. The list gets longer every time you piss me off.

Confession #430

Not only do think I don't love you anymore, but I suspect I am starting to hate you. We have only been married for 5 months.

Monday, September 05, 2011

True Wife Confessions 41 Rama cycle

Confession #401

There are a couple of reasons why I won't make doctor
or dentist appointments for you, and not caring about
your health and well being is not one of them. Reason
1: you are a grown-up, you know your own schedule, and
you know how to dial a phone. Reason 2: you never show
up when I make appointments for you.

Confession #402

You adore me and I love you. You treat me better than any man ever has. You do things many men won't. People envy me for being married to you. You will be the best father my children could have. But I still think about my ex every single day. Sometimes I think it was a mistake to not wait for him to give me another chance, but that means I would've never met you. I was just thinking about him when you fucked me, and that wasn't the first time. I'm sorry. I don't think I deserve you.

Confession #403

I hate how you make me feel like I am insane or mental when I have a bad day- and I am grumpy- You tell me I am "not healthy" when I complain to you and I should take a xananx to calm myself-I hate that about you! I hate that you make me feel like I am a bad person for having a stress- filled day- when I stay home with the kids- and I don't have the guts to tell you a lot of the time that you are a HUGE part of it! From having to sweep the floor first thing in the morning because you left mud or whatever all over it - to you calling me and bitching, to you having me make phone calls for you-get over yourself!!- I am not crazy- and if I am on my way it's you, your family, my family, and the kids that I cannot make happy, and the bullshit you all serve to me on a hourly basis that MAKES me act this way!!!! Staying at home with the kids is not an opportunity for me to be everyone's go to girl!!-Screw you all!! DO IT YOURSELVES!!!!

Confession #404

I have finally realized that there is a worse fate than being "single". Before I married you, I had high moral character and dreams for my life. I was in college, had perfect credit, and looked fantastic. Eighteen years with you has left me 100 pounds overweight, bankrupt, uneducated, and tired. I have had to put up with your crazy family, you alcoholism, your lies, your issues, for far too long. I should have left you after I had to deal with your DWI. I should have left you after I found out that you like gay porn. I should have left you when I found out you smoke weed and binge drink the minute I leave the house. The reason I have stayed is because of those precious times that you are kind and good to me. You know, when you act they way you did when I met you. That isn't enough anymore. The last straw is when you told your Mother she could live with us without asking me. I can't stand to be in the house with both of you. I'm leaving you as soon as I can.

Confession #405

Babe? I gotta say it. I'm attracted to your shape, and your love, and your kindness, and the tenderness you show our son, and to me, on an all-the-time basis; but -- oh, my GOD. The toxicity of your breath. It squelches any desire I feel when I come within several inches of you. Do something -- ANYTHING -- about it. Please. I want to sexxx you up, boy, but that breath has GOT. TO. GO. first.

Confession #406

I swear I love you more than anything, but I'm not willing to give her up.
At least not yet. I'm sorry. I'll just keep hiding it and hopefully I'll
never hurt you with the truth.

Confession #407

When we fight or you make me feel bad about myself, I secretly think about the married man I slept with for two years before I married you. He wouldn't leave his wife and kids (though he said in the beginning that he would), but we've messaged each other recently and he still thinks of me as 'the one that got away' and still loves me. I wish you knew that someone else wants me so you'd treat me better.

Confession #408

Without your knowledge, I have left a request, with our children's appointed legal Guardian, that if I should die our children are NEVER EVER to be left alone with your father. Not even for a trip to the Dairy Queen. He is an evil, manipulative pig and that time he mocked our son and made him sob I wanted to rip the glue-on hair off his head and stuff it up his ass. I know you love him because "he is your Dad", but he has never treated you well. A son with qualities like yours deserves a wonderful father--a father like you.

Confession #409

I used to enjoy giving head. You've ruined it for me. You take so goddamned long to finish that I get pains in my jaw and end up with a headache. Most guys get off that way in no time. And just so you know, when I want sex over and done with, I won't give you head...and I'll play with your ears because I know that's your 'hot spot'. I don't do it to satisfy YOU-I do it so you'll finish and I can get some sleep.

Confession #410

Why bother with pretending you're about to get up and get the baby at 2am? Why put up the facade? You know you're only going to sit on your side of the bed and heave and sigh until I give in and get up instead. Why go through this?

If I've been up multiple times with our daughter during the night, and then get up for the day at an ungodly hour, DO NOT come downstairs when it's time for you to get up and be cranky. DO NOT yawn in my face or tell me how exhausted you crappy your sleep was. You got sleep. I, on the other hand, did not. DO NOT tell me how you couldn't fall back to sleep after her crying woke you-if you can't get back to sleep, then YOU get up with her. I can get back to sleep no problem. Since you can't, perhaps you should take her on during the night more often.