Tuesday, September 26, 2006

True Wife Confessions 81 Don't piss off Lizzie Borden

Confession #801

When I came back from my last trip, I looked you in the eye and realized I wasn't happy to see you. I had been gone for a month and that whole time I wasn't sure what my reaction would be when I saw you again. Maybe it is because a distance has grown between us that is greater than the distance between Canada and Egypt. Maybe it is because when I called you from Cairo you got off the phone quickly to spend more time with the boys, drinking. Whatever the reason I just need to find a way to say Good-bye.

Confession #802

I love you. You are a good man, and a good husband. I kissed someone else recently, and although we'd all been drinking, I made the decision, I took the action, and the only part I regret is that the memory of it is fading. I don't understand why I want to run wild with all sorts of other men. I don't understand why my sex drive for you has dissapeared. I don't think that I deserve to stay married to you - your trust and your patience are infinite, and I don't deserve either of those things. The other man isn't anybody to me, but the kiss was something I will always remember and I will never tell you about. I miss the heart-pounding excitment of someone new. I wonder if I will be able to pull my head out of my ass and save our marriage. I don't know.

Confession #803

You are a punk-ass dick. Your laziness and narcissism know no bounds.

For example: tonight, when "we" made dinner for our friends? I looked up recipes, visited three different grocery stores, spent $50 on groceries, made 2 appetizers, a main dish, two sides and bread. About 3 hours of my time. I was glad to do it, though, to make everything good and nice.

And you? You threw a hissy fit because I asked YOU to cook the rice. Poor baby had to get off his ass for 5 minutes.

You suck.

Confession #804

From one wife to another...

I'm sorry for sleeping with your husband for 18 months. But your the dumb ass, who decided to stay with him after receiving a copy of my blog and finding out that not only had we been seeing each other several times a week for 18 months, but that we spent a weekend together in your house 10 years ago.
He was engaged to me 24 years ago, it should be apparent to you by now, that he will never get over me. So don't see back and act as though your the victim in all of this. Your no victim, we did this right under your nose. I showed up at your family outings and I was on the beach with you on your family vacation. He was inviting me to all of these places, because he enjoyed seeing me while you were sitting right there.
He gave me the key, the garage door opener, and the security to your house, so that I retrieve the condom wrapper that we left on your dresser. So no one, broke into your house to find that you cut the sizes out of all of your clothes. Honey, if your embarrassed about your fat ass.....lose weight.
I don't know how you can stay with a man that you will always be suspicious of. You have to go to all the sports event that he used to share with his son, just so that he won't meet up with me for a kiss. When you found out, he told me to just give you some time to get over it, and then we'd be back on. From this point forward, it will always be in the back for your mind, is he thinking of her, is he loving her in his mind? I can assure you, that he is. Enjoy your life with your wimpy ass husband who loves another woman and always will.
But please stop whining about it, it was your choice to stay with him.

Confession #805

I hate what a liar you are. I can never believe a thing you say. I don't have the energy - or money - to go to counseling any more. Liars are my biggest pet peeve. The irony is not lost on me that that's what I ended up married to. You think it's funny to lie to me as a joke, and it's not. I can't even count the times I've told you that IT'S NOT FUNNY. And lying about doing chores around the house... you can't even get off your ass to help me out? I'm 6 weeks pregnant with a child we've tried for for nearly two years, and after already having one miscarraige I'm trying to take it easy. And yet you have to yell at me when I ask you to pick up around the house.

I know you work and I don't, but I'm busting my ass at school and trying to take care of myself for the sake of our unborn child. This doesn't mean it's okay for you to hide in the basement and play xbox when I've asked you a million times to pick up after yourself. You are a slob. I know I'm not the neatest person ever but I cleaned this house top to bottom a couple weeks ago, right before I found out I was pregnant. Ever since then you've barely lifted a finger and this place is a shithole. You want to bring our baby into this? Why don't you just clean up after yourself instead of lying to me about it?

I love you and I really don't think I'll ever leave you but you wear me so thin sometimes. I wish you would grow the fuck up, quit lying, be a man and take care of your house and family. AND QUIT LYING. AND PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF. I'm not your fucking maid, and you know that when I try to do too much, I get cramps. That can't be good for the baby. Why can't you just help me out? Why can't you be nice to me other than the times when I break down and cry?

Confession #806

At first I lied because I was embarrassed and it just went too far.
I lost my virginity to you- not him.
I'm terrified that you'll find out my secret and that you'll think our
marriage is based on lies.
I love you and would never lie to you- I've been completely honest with you
about everything else.
A part of me hopes you read this and knows, somehow, that it's me saying it.
Don't leave me

Confession #807

When you asked me if I liked him for more than a friend, I lied. I did have romantic feelings for him, but they are gone now. I never acted on them physically, although they did confuse me. I am worried that emotional cheating might be worse than physical cheating.

Marriage is so much harder than I ever expected that it would be. I know that we are going to counseling and working on things, but I don't know how much more I can take. I am thankful that you are willing to go to counseling, because many men wouldn't even dream of it, but everything you do annoys me.

The reason that I did like him for more than a friend was because he made me feel special. He said nice things to me everyday and he made me feel smart, funny, and sexy. He listened to me and cared what I had to say. Also, after not having an orgasm for soooo very long, his words helped me to feel good again.

I don't know why you don't understand how your drinking and smoking might repulse me when you want to get close. I don't know why you don't understand that chosing television or alcohol over me hurts me a lot. Things need to change, babe. No matter how much you love me or I love you, I can't keep living this way. I'm sorry for what I did, but I needed to feel loved and important. I will never tell you because I don't want to hurt you. I really just wish that you could give me what I need.

Confession #808

Dear Husband,

I am madly in love with the guy I work with. You know him. The one I brought home to meet you and then he practically moved in with us? The one that went on vacation with us? The one you consider such a 'good guy'? Yeah him. I am in love with him. Head over heels. If I could get him to lower his morals long enough for me to get him in bed It would be magical. Go ahead and tell him it is OK to fuck me because you sure aren't interested any more. Oh yeah, he also tells me I am the most beautiful woman he has ever met. He has told me he loved me on way more than one occasion. That is more that you have said EVER. He won't consider making a move because of you and his high morals. So, do something for ME for a change. Give him your approval. I need it and so does he. Sex that is.

Your wife.

Confession #809

I cannot wait for the day that your divorce is final; we were meant to be together. I love spending time with you and it doesn't matter what we do as long as I am by your side. Because of your patience with me, I have grown to respect and love you more than I thought was possible. You are my friend and my lover and hopefully one day you will be my husband.

I can say "I love you" even in the midst of an argument because you are so understanding and forgiving. I even love arguing with you because I know that it will not be counterproductive. I love you so much and I have not told you any of this because I am waiting for the day that you are legally free from the bondage that wrongfully represented your marriage.

I dream of the family that we will have together. I am missing you so much as I write this confession. We will be together soon, but not soon enough. I am patiently waiting for you, my love.

Confession #810

I am trying desperately to figure out a way to love you again. The truth is, although I used to love you, and was somewhat "in" love with you, I was never wildly in love with you, even when we first got together.

That's ok, though, as I was aware of the lack of passion, drama and intrigue between us when we began dating - and I was actually more than ok with that. I was consciously deciding to forego the "high highs" in order to avoid the "low lows".

While dating for an year and a half and in the first two years of our marriage, we had a good time. We were compatible. We loved each other and also let each other be. We respected each other. We traveled and had lots of fun, partying and whatnot.

Right on schedule, we got pregnant when I'd wanted to. Around that time, I changed. Grew up - got "boring". some would say. You never complained, and even made some changes of your own - I have to give you that.

But then you got laid off and did not work for a YEAR. A full year, at the time that we had a newborn baby, and I worked every day and we DROPPED OUR BABY OFF AT DAYCARE - you stayed home, playing video games and practicing poor hygiene.

I tried to cut you some slack because you had lost your dad a few months before. I do think you went through a depression. But the bottom line is, though I tried to fight it, I lost all respect for you. And I cannot just get it back.

Truth is, your flaws just started rising to the surface as more time went by. You lack ambition, you can be LAZY, you don't mind sitting back and letting me do everything, you are immature, you can be selfish. You always seem to make the wrong choice, in my mind.

As my respect for you disintegrated, everything else started to go, too. Our sex life went completely away. First, it was all from my end - but now I feel it from your end, too. All of the ED and Viagra and Cialis, etc. - what gives? I think your weak sex drive cannot stand up to the fact that my body has changed after 2 kids (although I am 120 lbs. and work out 4-5 days per week). So now, we have NO sex life.

Unfortunately, we do not have a friendship to fall back on. You golf/smokecigars/play online poker ad nausem, I run in 5Ks. We spend all of our time apart, except when watching TiVo. We are not friends, we are not even good roommates - more like partners in the raising of our children.

Is this it? I don't want to spend the rest of my life like this. I am so schizophrenic when it comes to this relationship - I try to get my mind "right" - but each time, you do something that pisses me off / repulses me / disappoints me.

I feel for our children.


Anonymous said...

To Confession #804.
You are the idiot and jerk who gets treated like the slut that you are. You had to go back and retrieve the condom?? HA HA.. what a dumb bitch.. and you went in her closet and looked at her clothes. what a moron you are. You are discusting you should not have posted here this wasnt your forum. maybe TRUE SLUT CONFESSIONS should have been more like it. What do you have against her? Thats her husband not yours you pathedic dumb bitch... God i wish i knew who u were..

Anonymous said...

#804 - Who is the idiot here? The wife for being in love with her husband; the husband; or you for such a ridiculous post, and thinking he wants you and not her? Answer: the last two.

What kind of moron goes on vacation with someone she's bopping and HIS WIFE? Did you ever stop to think that maybe he's playing the both of you?

Why are YOU angry with his wife? YOU are the whorebag who tried to break up a marriage. She can whine all she wants. And if I knew her, I'd support her all the way.

You are the type of person who gives women a bad name.

Anonymous said...

#804 - you're not sorry in the least, are you? What you're doing is wrong by any standards, no matter how hard you try to justify it. And telling the wife she somehow deserves this is just booger icing on the shit cake; it's nasty any way you slice it.

Anonymous said...


Either that was a phony confession intended to stir up a lot of angry comments, or you truly have no heart, soul or brain.

Anonymous said...

#804 I have to agree with everyone else. You're the idiot not the wife. You're truly an evil whore. Kudos to the booger icing on the shit cake post!!!! Love it!!! Thanks, Dawn!!!!

Anonymous said...

#804 Thank God you used condoms. The world does not need the two of you to procreate!!!

Anonymous said...

#804 - Why are you so angry with the wife? Is it because he married her and not you? Yeah, maybe she is dumb for staying with him, but that's her problem, not yours. She has every right to complain. He made a vow to her, whether he intended to keep it or not.

I'm with 10:04. I think he's playing you both. He's got a wife he's convinced won't leave and you for a little booty on the side. How do you know he doesn't have other girlfriends, too?

You need to get some self-respect and get out of there. Find someone worth your time.

Anonymous said...


Wow. You've really got something to be proud of, don't you? Not only are you a whore who brags about being a heartless slut, but the man who claims to love you so much never left his "idiot" wife for you and you're still all alone. Way to go, genius. You nailed a real prize.

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...


Dumbass, your the "other woman". He goes home to his wife every night. Newsflash, men don't leave their wives for the whore they are having sex with on the side! If he truly wanted to be with you, other than just sex, he would have left, but he didn't.

Anonymous said...

804- What a disgusting, bitter, old whore. Congrat's on being #2 in a stupid, selfish mans life. You truly are the idiot in all this-- bragging about being a slut.

Anonymous said...


Besides all the reasons that have already been wonderfully stated - you are the "dumbass" because you still have not realized that it's "you're" not "your".

The man obviously likes his women dumb.

Anonymous said...

You are a homewrecker!

Kris said...

#804, that was the greatest phony confession I have ever heard! Talk about stirring the pot...see above!

Anonymous said...

I don't get people like you, 804. You seem to take some sort of pride in cheating with a man right in front of his wife. That's not only mean, it's kind of sick. Do you need to feel superior to her because you have low self esteem? You might get thee to a counselor and see if you can't work on that. Try and get a little self respect and grow some compassion. Then you can play nice with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Damn, a man who has been cheating on his wife and playing both women for years is oh so sexy. Gimme more of that, please!

Anonymous said...

So, lets assume his wife really is all of the terrible things you say she is. Yet, for some reason he would STILL rather be her husband than yours. I hate to think how nasty you must be.

Anonymous said...

You are disgusting. And newsflash: he left YOU 24 years ago. He married HER. She may be wrong to stay with him, but that is her choice to make. He's never going to leave her for you.

Open your eyes and realize that you're the joke. (See that? You're...not your...idiot.)

Anonymous said...

hmmm, 804 sucks-lol

803 I know where you're coming fro ;) *we* always make food for family gatherings. I do all the shopping, cooking or baking, cleaning up and getting the food ready for transport. *he* always takes the credit and tells me what I could do to improve the dish next time.

Anonymous said...

807 - Wow. My confession actually made it and I feel a little better now. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you #804. I didn't think it could be done, but we finally have someone that we ALL think is trash. It was really nice of you to give us a cause under which to unite. Down with homewrecking whores!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here, Here! Down with homewrecking whores and that means you 804!

Anonymous said...

Eight O Four, the homewrecking whore.

Anonymous said...

804 The Homewrecking Whore! What a chant! I love it! I just wish I could hear all of our voices yelling it at once! And I am writing down the "booger icing on a shit cake" comment--I intend to use it as often as is socially acceptable (and probably sometimes when it's not!) Love it!

Anonymous said...

2-4-6-8 who do we love to hate?

8-0-4 the homewrecking whore!

Ok, it needs work. I'm tired.

Anonymous said...

804, You think you are so funny....But, you seem to forget, his home where you have sex with HIM, is the HOME he shares with his WIFE, they have sex in that bed too. Sex between a HUSBAND and WIFE.
Men don't leave there wives for the OTHER woman, He doesn't trust you, you'r just a lay, no matter how much he says he loves you.
It's a game you idiot a game!!!

plus, men never cheat on the wife with women better then the wife, the wife was worth marrying, your only worth a cheap fuck!

Anonymous said...

I know everyone's already bashed 804 a lot, but I am surprised no-one's jumped on the fact that she titled her post "from one wife to another". She's worse than a "homewrecking whore". I don't have a good catchy rhyme that covers the precise type of skank she is, but yuck, just yuck. Maybe the two cheaters can just give each other some horrible disease, and then their spouses can find happiness with each other.

Anonymous said...

Confession 804 =

But please stop whining about it, it was your choice to stay with him.

Wow.. talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

And, on a more serious note:

There is something seriously wrong with you. You need help. If you won't do it out of spite for your husband, do it for your child.

See a psychiatrist. And, a priest, for that matter.

If not.. give your child up for adoption.

You know.. if I was your husband, I'd treat you the exact same way. You know why? Because you are ugly and bitter and twisted on the inside and it shows and he sees it and he can't fucken stand it.

Even when you are nice you admit you are a bitch in your head. It's pretty hard to love someone like you.

And.. if you think acting like a whore and an adultress and a slut and a bitch as revenge is healing and growth, then you probably need shock-therapy and an excorcism.

If your poor husband leaves you and honorably takes your child, maybe you can place an ad in the escort section of your local paper.. that should make you feel better.

The fact that you mock and berate trusting people with natural and valid concerns, shows an illness in you. It's called sociopathy and/or possession.

If you are so all-self-righteous and superior and powerful, then why don't you step up to the plate of humanity and find some help for your self, instead of behaving like a childish, self-interested, self-important, selfish, loser.

Anonymous said...

Someone should drop 804's toothbrush into the toilet with a big log of poo floating in it!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are really good at homewrecking whore bashing under the name anonymous, aren't you? If you ask me, you're all a bunch chicken shits, who don't want anyone to be able to find you. You people should all get a life and leave the whores to their business.

Anonymous said...


Wow, and what is your name? My name is Allison and I don't appreciate you bashing people on here and then doing the same thing yourself. Two thumbs down.

#804~ stolen perfectly from a Lifetime Movie. Way to go.

thegoddessanna said...

I won't be anonymous, I'm too fond of my name. I will gladly call 804 a homewrecking whore. I also think she might be a little naive - she used to be engaged to this man, and yet he married someone else. They may be having sex, but he's using her. She's just in denial.

And by the way, 804, there is nothing wrong with a woman being large (or cutting tags out of clothing). My husband loves me no matter my size (and tags can be annoying). Please get some help about your own insecurities and leave that family alone!

Anonymous said...

7:54, and we want someone as sick and twisted as you, who sticks up for the homewrecking whore 804, to find us? You hypocritical piece of shit! Why didn't you post with your own name then. You suck big green donkey dicks, you know that? Yah, we're bashing the home wrecking whore or maybe you are the homewrecking whore. Fuck off 7:54 and Fuck you! Crawl back into a hole before someone takes your toothbrush for a swirl. Oh yeah, we wouldn't know who you are because you are CHICKENSHIT! Asshole!

Anonymous said...

I think 7:54 is the homewrecking whore. 7:54 the homewrecking whore!

Anonymous said...

Aaw, man, why did my confession (#810) have to be in the same queue as crazy #804? Now no one can focus on mine, LOL! What about me? :)

Anonymous said...

I am just as angry as the rest of you about 804's post, believe me, but when someone makes a counter-argument, why do you feel the need to jump down her throat? You guys blah-blah-blahed all you wanted about 804's post and just because 7:54 didn't agree with you doesn't mean that she deserves your criticism. Women who can't tolerate other women's opinions are the ones who give women in general a bad name. Women who vent their frustrations in the whiny tone of children, for that matter, really give us all a bad name. Save your immature insults for the playground set; I was under the impression that we were all adults here.

Anonymous said...

2:55pm~ I was fine with it until she/he called us all chicken shits and then posted her/him self anon.

Anonymous said...


Shut UP and let us have our fun!

804 is a dirty whore!
And so is 7:54!

It rhymes!

Anonymous said...

7:54 and 2:55, Why would you defend something like that? Why not just leave it alone? Do you feel sorry for the homewrecking whores? Why do you care what we all say? And don't come back all angry and lecturing me for these questions, because I don't give a shit what you think. You put yourself in this position when you defended the whores.

Anonymous said...

Go play someplace else if you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Just because something is wrong doesn't mean you have to act like a lynch mob of angry witches. These comments are extreme and disgustingly vulgar. I understand some of you have to let off some steam and the internet is a good place to do that, but it's just really, truly disgusting the level of discourse on here sometimes. You've probably all been cheated on by your piggy men and just took it and that's where all this rage comes from.

Anonymous said...

#809 - sorry but your world will quickly change once you aren't the other woman. The reason it worked was because it was a THREE WAY, honey. He doesn't want to commit to you and he'll drop off as soon as he's free or shortly thereafter. And you're fucking payback will be a cheating husband once you find one so you will know how it feels. life's a bitch.

Anonymous said...

810--Sorry we didn't give your post it's due! (smile) I re-read it, and I'm sad for you. I wish I could think of some really really amazing advice and fix everything for you, but I got nuthin'! My only suggestion is for you to make sure your husband reads TWC and perhaps he'll realize he doesn't want to be "that guy they are all writing about!" Best of luck to you! I am sending you positive vibes that this weekend, your husband will do some amazing thing and sweep you off your feet! (Fingers crossed for you!)

Anonymous said...

Whatever Isabel Archer. Go Fly a kite! Go Jump in a lake! Or just Piss off! Your opinion means nothing to this angry lynch mob. Oh, was that too harsh or disgustingly vulgar? Get a life!

Anonymous said...

I think she means "FUCK OFF!" lady.

Anonymous said...

Um, Isabel Archer?The fact that you say,"we've all been cheated on by our piggy men and are raging because we just took it," isn't being bitchy, assuming and judgemental? Sit back and take a loooooooong look in the mirror honey cause you ain't all that.

Anonymous said...

#802 - I understand, I have that same disappearing sex drive for the man that I'm married to. The only difference for me is it's just one man and it's such a bad idea, and I crave him deeply. The boredom of married life is almost more than I can take sometimes. I want adventure......

Anonymous said...

wow...so many of you got to call 804 a whore, and now i got nuthin except....

Anonymous said...

rolling eyes at 5:28

Yeah, I'm thinking not all of these women had "piggy husbands". The fact that you said that makes me wonder...do you play the Adultery Game?

Anyone who knowingly messes around with someone's spouse (and apparently sneaks into their house and looks through her stuff...obsession, anyone?) deserves all the backlash coming to her. Do we really need people like that walking around in our society?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words, 6:28 - I really appreciate them!

Anonymous said...


Girl, life is short. If "it" wasn't ever really there, and things are so distant and dead between you, the sad truth is kind of apparent, huh? It really does take two to make it work, and my thoughts are with you, to hope things turn around with both of you getting and giving what it takes. But if it doesn't work that way? "No fault, no blame, nobody done no wrong, that's just the way it sometimes goes..."

Anonymous said...

she may have stayed with him, and she might be dumb for doing it, but you're still a cunt. a bitchy fucking cunt. the kind of person who would shit on anyone in her way. you probably push old ladies out of your way. he obviously gets off on the thrill of shoving it in her face, and so do you. 10:04 whut!, you know what's up.