Thursday, December 27, 2007

True Wife Confession 226 moments of silence

Confession #2251

When I left the house last Thursday I was so mad at you. I was planning
on staying out with the girls until you were in bed so I wouldn't have
to talk to you when i got home. And then it happened. Some idiot in a
big truck, going too fast, in a big hurry drove through the back of my
car. I was sitting in the middle of the road crosswise with the back of
my car totally smashed, I looked my girlfriend said call the police, and
I called you, crying hysterical in shock and said you have to come. You
were the only one I wanted. And you came, and it didn't matter anymore,
the car, the being mad, all that mattered was that you were there. I
love you.

Confession #2252

Two days ago you sat down to the pasta with ricotta cheese and fresh spinach that I made, from scratch, and while the pan was still bubbling from the oven, you told me that I should have dissolved the sugar in a little warm water before adding it to the salad dressing because the dressing was too vinegar-y. Yesterday you sat down to the chicken enchiladas I made, from scratch, and while the pan was still bubbling from the oven, you told me that I should have put spices and fried onions in the rice.

I told you that it was two days in a row that you'd bitched about what I'd set in front of you, and if you wanted to make dinner tomorrow I would happily wait for it to hit the table and then I'd tell you exactly what I thought of it.

If you think you're making a meal tonight out of the leftovers from the past two nights, you son of a bitch, you are so wrong. You are so fucking wrong.

Confession #2253

I'm the smiling, always happy girl, you see & constantly call "sweet", with the "perfect life", perfect "significant other", & "perfect family".

The only thing is, I'm not.

My life is about other people. My life is about hiding me, outta fear that someone will discover this deep dark secret I hold in my heart, but can't tell a soul. I thought "he" knew, the loving boyfriend every other girl is jealous of, but if he does, he doesn't let on. I told him I was almost raped by a man, I couldn't say the whole thing once I started crying, but the thing is, he doesn't know what man.

My father, who everyone rants about being "great", beat the crap outta me behind closed doors. He mentally tears me down, constantly pointing out my every flaw. He punched me in my face once, my lip was enlarged far beyond anything normal. Boyfriend asked about it, so I told him. I opened up. He wanted to go "beat" him in return & I told him no, not to since I'm deathly afraid of him. He didn't. I still hate him for not doing anything, but he made his choice & I made mine. I'll leave him over it eventually - when I get up the guts.

I think my father "raped" me, but I'm not sure. I remember waking up once, half dressed, & him freaking out, making me drink something, then passing out again. I wish I could convince myself I dreamed it. I know I didn't dream it though, that's the sick part. He's constantly in my life, stalking my every move, & making sure I'm what he wants me to be in life. He's obsessed & has nothing else, but he did that to me, I know he did & every time I start kissing a man, I think of that. I freeze up & can't move, I get scared to death the man I'm with will find out I'm not his alone.

I'm in fear of feeling. I pick fights to try to make my boyfriend leave, but he hasn't. Yet, but I know he will eventually. He said he won't, but eventually he'll tire of my ranting & leave. I'm scared to feel, cause I know if I do, I'm going to crumble inside. I'm tired of playing "happy". I'm tired of being something I'm not, but I have no idea how to escape it, so instead, I play "happy", act like the world is roses & candy canes, then move on w/my life.

Someday, things will be better & my life will be what I'm dreaming. That's what I keep hoping for, to have someone to talk to & confide in, but I don't know what to do. I'm sick. I'm tired. I'm resentful.

I hate my life & I have positively no way to change it, so I will act like I do until I finally get the courage to end it all.

Confession #2254

I read this a long time ago

a certain sadness
touches me
in thoughts too deep to share
not that you never loved me
but that I cease to care

Confession #2255

The other morning I woke up and was happy because my cold was finally gone. The day before a co-worker had taken me clothes shopping as my christmas gift. I asked if you wanted to see my clothes and you said sure. I know the moment i showed you the pants that you were going to say something about how big they are. But you took it a step further than I thought you would by telling me, "Honey why are you so big? None of my ex wives were that big. I can't believe you are so big!" Well, you know what I have to say? FUCK YOU AND YOUR EX WIVES!!! They didn't live my life and neither did you. You don't complain about how fat I am when you have sex with me. Maybe next time I should tell you, "Honey why is your dick broke??None of my ex boyfriends had broke dicks!!" You are a selfish, self-centered, ungrateful, sleazy piece of crap!!! I know you only married me because I was pregnant and you needed a green card. I am not as foolish as you & your mom think. Everyday my love for you diminishes more and more with all the disrespect you show me. Next time you want ice cream get it yourself, you want a foot massage, oh, well, so do I, do it yourself!!

Confession #2256

I'm not premenstrual. I'm just tired of putting up with your shit.

Confession #2257

I have posted here before, but I feel the need to confess again. I can’t get him out of my mind. I am married and I love him. But………………………

I love another man too. Please don’t bash me. The other man doesn’t want me anymore. I pushed him away and he finally took the bait…… I am so upset. I did this to myself because I am selfish. To every woman that thinks you can have your cake and eat it too, please believe me, you can’t. I miss the “other man”. I hope and pray that all of you take heed in my mistake. I am a fool, I have a wonderful husband……I know I am wrong…….. I will have to live with this and never will be with him again. So here I sit, feeling like a complete fool and I should… so remember when you think about cheating…………. It’s not all what you think… it’s true that your feelings do get in the way.

Confession #2258

Dear Husband,

I know that you love me with all of your heart, especially since I took in your 6 year old son (which has turned my life uspide down) and I now treat him as if he was my own and still deal with the effects of his psychotic mom.... But, how could you not have even purchased a card for me for Christmas?? I know that we said that we wouldn't buy each other anything because we are low on money and we wanted to spoil the kids, but I did go out and buy you a GPS system! I know I went back on my word for not buying you anything, but I love you and I know that you needed it terribly for your new job. But card. Come on. They cost 2 dollars, or 50 cents at the Dollar Store! I don't know if you noticed but it took everything in me not to cry on Christmas morning. I had to even buy my own gift from Santa, along with yours (even though you knew what they were). I know now you feel like an ass, but that is not the point. Sometimes you need to think about my feelings. Small things do really matter to me, no matter what I say. I am dealing with so much right now and I don't know when the breaking point will be. I could never leave you because we are meant to be together but you need to start changing some of your ways. I love you...but think about me sometimes and my feelings. I always think about you.

Confession #2259

You are such an ass! I've listened to you whine for days about how ill you are, and I'm right there getting you hot tea, a blanket when you're chilled, more Tylenol, etc, but I've been sick for the same number of days, and still I put on a happy face and hosted a fantastic Christmas Day including a lovely Christmas dinner for you and your side of the family. And what do I get? You being more of an ass. No news there, right hon? Well the news is I've had it with your complaining and self-serving behavior. Get over yourself. You're not the only one who feels like crap. I've had to suck it up and get on with things, now it's your turn. Be a man!!

Confession #2260

How did it ever come to this? I am not a bad person, but you would never know that from my actions. I wonder if everything we are now is because I lured you in somehow. I have been thinking a lot about my past relationships. They all basically end the same. I am a slave to my impulses. I know I am spinning now, I am falling apart. We are falling apart.

We have been through so much. We got engaged even though we had known each other less than a year. We moved in together. We lost our home in the flood after the levees failed in Hurricane Katrina. We lost our jobs. We got married, only a couple of months after the flood. It was a wedding that I threw together in the midst of all that turmoil. I really can't think of to many times in our wedded life that I or even we have been truly happy. We just go through the daily routine. There is no romance. There is no communication. There are really even no common interests. I had to quit my job because of my bad judgment topped with my drinking too much got me in a bad situation. When I was going to that counselor it was to try to sort out what is going on with me in my head. I had to stop seeing her though because she really didn't get me. And now I have no where else for help. I know you think if I get back on meds it would help, but it wouldn't. I can't be a zombie anymore. And now my Dad is dying. He is so frail, and not himself anymore. And I don't know what I am going to do without him.

If you only knew the things that I have done, the men that I have been with. You would be crushed. I cheat on you every time I get the chance. And everyone knows, my friends, family, everyone but you. I have made a cuckold out of you. The worst part is there is only a part of me that is sorry. The rest of me just doesn't know what to think. And the worst part is most are not even nearly as good as you. You work hard, you never complain, and you are a good and honest man, but on the down side you are lazy. I feel like you aren't even concerned with my needs. We used to have great sex. Really great sex. You used to talk to me. You used to hold me. You used to worship me. One day it just stopped. You are too tired. You would rather watch T.V. You would rather spend time with the damn dogs. I feel so alone, especially when I am with you.

I did start to make arrangements for a divorce. I tried to leave. But, with this situation with my family going on I have to wait this out. I really don't want my Dad to find out and go to his death worrying about me. And I really have no where to go. I have no job, though I am really looking. Last night, at the Christmas party that you made me go alone to, I was with another man. You may as well have wrapped me in a damn bow for him. I didn't plan it, but I didn't resist to him at all. Still, I don't think you deserve to be made a fool of in front of all the people who saw us together last night. And I do fell a little bad, but only because this time I may get caught.

I just can't figure out why I can't hold any relationship together. All the major ones all end up just like this. I know it's a pattern. I know I am insanely impulsive. And I know I love the feeling of that newness. I love the feeling of someone who can match my passion. I really don't want to hurt you but I know that I will. That on some level leaves my stomach raw and twisting. I hate being so dishonest. I wish you got my rock and roll soul.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

True Wife Confession 225 number of squares on a Scrabble board.

Confession #2241

Our relationship and marriage started off almost 8 years ago today and I'm in need of something new. I love you but hate to be around you. There is just something about the way you treat me that has caused me to start having these feelings. I pretend I'm doing other things just to not be around you. Now the end is coming I'm afraid. The last time we had sex because it sure wasn't making love I felt nothing. I was numb to everything. I didn't enjoy it I won't even lie. After you finished you didn't even ask me if I was done you just rolled over and went to sleep like I wasn't even there. Well now I'm taking a stand. I've bought my own personal sex toy and I must say it has out performed you in the bedroom numerous times. Does this make you wonder that a silicon vibrator is better in bed then you are. It's sad. You have already lost me and every part of me. Now it's time I should tell you to go and move along. Maybe I'll tell you on Christmas.

Confession #2242

I haven't posted to TWC before, although I've spent longer than I should have, at work, reading through the posts and identifying with many!

I have done something so ridiculous, so utterly not like me and so amazingly dangerous and stupid that despite the fact I know I did it I can't believe myself.

For a long time, well over a year, the husband and I have been talking about separating. We'd had a baby and suddenly, the usual cracks just started to gape and the distances between us got wider and it just didn't seem worth it. I couldn't remember what it was like to be first married, although I was sure it had been wonderful; but the feelings escaped me completely. We were tied up in footling minutiae and sniping at each other, scoring points and being generally horrid. I was more horrid than him.

For a very long time indeed I've had a male friend who had also been a sometime lover before I was married - definitely unfinished business. For some reason I have never yet been able to explain to myself I let this man seduce me by email, really believed what he was saying to me, actively participated in making a fool of myself in print, and then, god help me, met up with him and had sex.

Suddenly, the moment I got home, I realised with horror what I'd done and what I had to lose. A husband who loves me and understands me, someone who doesn't get mad or shut himself off or make himself emotionally unavailable, someone who doesn't play mind games. Someone who is actually THERE, at home and there for me. I stood to lose my child, at least for half the time. I stood to lose my home, which we've worked so hard for and at, and which is so much more than a house. My garden.

I guess I could have avoided the issue and tried to forget it - I'm not built like that. Come what may, admitting the crime means at least you care enough to take the flak. I did admit the crime, and it was terrible... days of talking and crying and knowing that the man I married was bitterly disappointed in me and that he would never look at me the same way again. That's hard to live with. Every day I wake up feeling as though there was something terrible that I've forgotten - and then I remember that there is. I am an adultress.

My thoughts constantly turn back to 'why?'. Why go there at all? Why indulge in this pseudo-spiritual email nonsense? Why let this person fool and bamboozle me again after all the times they've done it before? Why believe in them, when they so patently don't believe in me? What was I hoping to gain? I knew this person would never leave their parter for me - there was no chance at all. Was that even what I wanted?

All I can think was, it was like a suicide. I threw myself off the bridge, under the car, whatever; in the second or two before impact I suddenly changed my mind because the important things suddenly jumped into focus. It's not a very good explanation I know. But it's all I can come up with.

I am now struggling to get back to some semblance of normality, shaking with disbelief that I've been offered a chance to continue being married, straining to think of things that will show how much I care, how much I cared but didn't show it. Trying so hard to keep the petty, small-minded, pointless badgering inside. I don't need to treat this man among men that way - in the end, he's proved himself the spiritual and emotional equal of anyone else on the planet; he's proved he has a generous, forgiving and loving nature, and he's proved he loves me.

Just need another 75 or 80 years now to try and make up for even one iota of this stupid, sordid, pathetic, self-inflicted mess. I'll do it or die trying.

Confession #2243

My days are spent at a computer engaged in technical writing, so I am not as verbal or eloquent about my feelings as you are. When I do have something sweet to say, I wish you'd stop interrupting me with your own compliments. They're lovely sentiments, but they derail my train of thoughts and I end up irritated. Just listen and give me a kiss when I'm done.

Confession #2244

Dear Husband,

When I went away a few months ago to visit my girlfriend, I did. But I spent all of the nights with another man in my hotel room. It wasn't what I'd planned on. I'd talked to him some before, there were certainly sexual undertones, but I never dreamed either of us would cross that line. We didn't sleep together, but we came awfully close. He took me to dinner. He paid my taxi fare. He made me feel beautiful, sexy and absolutely like the only woman in the room.

And I realized on my way home that I didn't feel bad for lying in his arms, and not yours. I realized that this man made me feel inheritantly female. And you stopped after our child was born. You don't like the way I look. You tell me if I would only lose this or that, change this or that, you'd want to sleep with me again.

This man ran his hands all over my body, past the imperfections, and made my world spin madly around.

He is asking me to fly back out, but I am refusing.

I still want that feeling with you.

Confession #2245

My Husband:

I love you more than I can express. I can't imagine my life without
you. I love the life we have. I love that we have a beautiful 3
month old son. I love that you only want me to be happy and want to
do anything in your power to make me happy even though I am suffering
from postpartum depression. I love that you work hard everyday to
allow me to be a stay at home mom. I love you that you think I am
sexy even though I don't feel like it. I love that I feel safe
with you. I love that my friends are jealous of me because I have a
husband isn't afraid to show his love for me. I am one of the
luckiest women I know. I love you, My love biscuit.

Your Wife

Confession #2246

I think I might be pregnant.

I already know what you will say if I am. My answer is already no. If I am pregnant, we will be having this baby, so I wish I could tell you somehow to not even bother asking.

Confession #2247

I cannot believe how much you disrespected me in front of my coworkers. Every time you were telling me to shut up I would look up and someone would be staring at us and then give us an awkward smile. It was embarrassing, I was having a good time and you ruined it. YOU ASS, I work all year long and don't ever get a raise or a bonus or even a thank you, except for the Christmas party, and you turned it into treat me like shit night. You're an ass.

Confession #2248

Given the opportunity, I will have a Lesbian experience. I love you. I love being with a man. But, I can't help but think that I am missing out on something by not exploring my Bi curiosity.

Confession #2249

I really, really hate you. You are putting nails in the coffin of our marriage, one by one, slowly but surely. Do you not see how selfish you are? Do you not notice that I do nothing extra for you anymore, when I used to enjoy doing so many things for you, going out of my way to be nice and helpful to you. It's not just because I'm a bitch, it's because I'm sick and tired of doing for you and doing for you and getting nothing in return.

It's a shame that your job, hell, everything is more important to you than your family. You can't put our family or me first and it's sad. You're going to be one lonely guy and it's going to be all of your own doing. Your job is sucking you dry and you're letting it happen. The place would survive without you being there putting in all the long hours that you do, that amazingly you don't get paid for, as you're salaried and get no comp time.

I have so very little respect for you. Your kids know how you are and contrary to what you think, I don't talk bad about you to them. They can see how you are, how you have no time for them and don't want to spend time with them ever. Sad.

Confession #2250

There's a reason it's called "work". If it were fun, we'd pay THEM to do it. I'm sick of hearing you complain about it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Thank you to the TWC community

My name is Ida and I had previously posted to TWC concerning my husband’s fetish and desire to cum on my face, a practice I felt was totally disgusting. These feelings existed between my husband and me for quite a while and finally I got to the point where I needed to vent my frustration and is where TWC entered the story. My posting generated quite and stir and so much feedback that it is what gave birth to Dawn's initiation of the Saturday Sex Chat feature. At the time of the original posting, some of the comments posted opened my eyes to certain aspects associated with my issue that I hadn't considered, so I had committed to post a follow up to describe how the issue was finally resolved. For those of you who are not familiar with the original post, I would recommend before you read this post any further, visit and read the original post and associated comments. It was posted on Monday, November 19 under the Group titled "True Wife Confessions 221 B Baker Street", post number 2208. For those of you who are familiar, the following describes what happened after the original posting and how things turned out. As mentioned in my comments to the 2208 posting, your comments made me pause because there were many aspects associated with my husband desiring to cum on my face that I hadn't thought about and frankly, my hard stance of disgust and anger became muted and allowed me to evaluate the overall situation and my feelings and reaction to the act. The first thing following the posting to TWC was to tell my husband I had major issues with him cumming on my face and until I was able to resolve those issues (and yes, I told him he would be involved in the resolution process), I would not allow him to do this to me. At first he didn't take it very well and pouted like a little boy but after a few days he got over it and gave me the space I needed to bring the issue to closure. The first revelation had to do with my aversion to the practice of a man cumming on a woman's face, specifically due to my lack of knowledge on how much this was accepted as "normal" sex for couples in the bedroom, and not just something done to porn actors and prostitutes. This eliminated the "I am all alone" feelings I had about this. The next breakthrough was associated with my feelings that this act was totally for him and from which I derive no pleasure. When he would cum on my face there were two things I had to deal with. The first was my disgust for the act and my belief that it is an abnormal practice for married couples and the second (which is directly tied to the first), I would not be in any way sexually aroused when the act occurred. The two ingredients in this recipe guaranteed the same outcome every time my husband came on my face, anger and disgust. Basically, I would just lay there and he would do it to me and that would be that. No satisfaction, just anger. Two weeks ago, I sat down with my husband and told him I was ready to discuss the issue with him. At that time, I told him he didn't understand the feelings I was harboring when he came on my face even though I told him I didn't enjoy and didn't really like him doing it to me. I then told him about TWC and how I posted as a means of venting my anger and frustration. He initially became upset about me making our personal sex life public, but when I told him the posting was anonymous, he calmed down. I went to the computer and pulled up TWC and my post and asked him to read it. He did and when he finished reading, he just sat there in silence, staring at the screen. He eventually got up from the chair and we embraced for what seemed like eternity and yes, we both did shed a few tears. He did not realize the depth of anger I had been feeling over this. I told him I would be willing to once again allow him to cum on my face but I still had a difficult time with it being a "one way" act. I told him we needed to figure out a way for me to get pleasure out the act along with him so we can share vice one giving and one receiving. We did find a way and here's how. We have tried this several times and each time it worked with no negative feelings. We lay and bed and fondle one another, getting each other sexually aroused. I would bring him to the point of erection and gently stroke him to keep him erect but not to the point of cumming. He would rub my pussy, working me with his fingers until I am very wet and nearing the point of orgasm. Next, he would leave my side and stand alongside the bed where I would suck his penis while he would be rubbing my clit with his finger. The next part takes a little practice because I want to be nearing peaking but do not want to orgasm before he cums so we signal to one another when there is a need to slow down. When he is ready to cum, he lets me know and removes his penis from my mouth and grasps it with his hand allows it shoot wherever he desires. While he his bringing himself to orgasm, I am continuing to rub my clit to keep myself near peak arousal but not to orgasm. After he finishes cumming on my face, he goes down between my legs and brings me to orgasm using his tongue. It is amazing on how my feelings about having cum on my face changed when it occurred when I was sexually aroused. I no longer focused on what his cum felt like or its smell while on my face because my mind was totally fixated on my own pleasure. I guess it proves the fact if you say and think you hate something long enough, when you try it you will hate it. As for the cleanup, he goes to the bathroom to get a warm wet washcloth and gently and lovingly wipes his cum from my face so I don't even have to get out of bed. We've even tried this method of parallel arousal for blowjobs finishing with him cumming in my mouth and me swallowing. Even though I've done it for him in the past, I found the taste of his cum objectionable and really had to force the swallow. Once again, having him cum in my mouth and swallowing while at a peak state of sexual changed my whole reaction to the feel and taste of his cum. Now, I am not particularly about the aftertaste of his cum but I found having a glass of wine next to the bed easily solves the problem.

With all of this said, I would like to take this opportunity to thank TWC and all of you who provided comments to my original posting. You have changed mine and my husbands life by, bringing us closer together, eliminating destructive anger that had entered our lives and helping us make our sex life more fulfilling. Who says one person cannot make a difference? Ida

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday SexChat at TWC Dec 15th edition

One of the holy grail of sex questions:

"So what is the secret to giving a good blow job? "


"What do you advise for somebody (male or female) whose partner will not perform oral even if requested."

Monday, December 10, 2007

True Wife Confessions 224 happy holiday memories

Confession #2231

I want to ask you to have an open marriage, but I don't know how. I think it would hurt your feelings too much and I don't want to hurt you or leave you.

Confession #2232

So, let me start off by saying that I am not proud of my behavior, nor am happy with myself about what I have done. But in my defense, it’s not like I’m cheating or stealing or secretly a hooker or anything. With that said, when he left for work the other day. I found myself enjoying the quietness of our place and how I had all day to plan what I wanted to do that day. When it quickly hit me that he wasn’t home and maybe I could snoop for a bit.

You see, folks, he and I have been talking about marriage and all the pretty things that go along with it. I will admit that most of those conversations were brought up by myself, but the point is that I find myself thinking of the wedding, my dress, our honeymoon, kids, our future house, us growing old together, holidays together happy with both families – and it’s all I can think about. I am also #2188 (annoyed with people asking when we’re getting married), so even when I try not to obsess about it – walking into our grocery store and having the cashier ask me when we’re getting hitched sends me into a tailspin of wedding colors, house hunting, money managing and so on. None of this is an excuse for my behavior, just some understanding for my craziness.

I found a receipt for a ring. Yep, he bought it. He did it. So, there’s a ring and it’s here somewhere and he doesn’t know that I know and I can’t tell him I know because I found it by snooping, and even though he knows I’m a snoop I still won’t confess to him because I don’t want to ruin anything about that moment.

So, I confess that I am a little crazy and couldn’t stop the snooping and really wish that I would have stopped for one second and asked myself what exactly I was snooping for. I confess that all those thoughts of “Maybe he’s just not ready?” “Maybe he’s seeing how long he can take this?” “Maybe it’ll be another few years?” have gone away, but they are replaced with new thoughts of, “What does it look like!!!”. So, I’m sorry to my honey. I’m sorry that I snooped and found out something that deep down I would have loved to have been totally shocked and surprised about.

Been since I fucked that up for me – now I can just concentrate on out future together knowing that you are entirely on the same page as I am and with no doubts at all. Unless, the ring was bought for your secret girlfriend……….

Confession #2233

We almost never sleep in the same bed anymore and I miss you. It seems like a small thing, but it is really not helping our marriage - I forget what it feels like to have you next to me and when you do come to bed, I can't get comfortable.

Confession #2234

What on gods green earth do you have against Fresh fruits and vegetables? Every time I ask you to pick up anything, you come back with canned, processed or frozen food. I mean Honestly. Real apples do not cost more than applesauce

Confession #2235

Dear Husband,

I see the magazines are back. I'm so disappointed in you. When I was pregnant with the baby this summer, and I told you I was leaving you, you finally realized how much you were hurting me with them, and you lit a huge bonfire and thew them in. I really thought we would be ok then. You've recently told me not to go snooping through your stuff because you had my x-mas gift hidden away. I'm smarter then that, I know you better then that. Now I know the magazines are back, And I found them. I left a note telling you how disappointed I was in you on them. We shall see if you are man enough to admit it to me. I'm betting you aren't. And for the record, I rarely say no to sex, you usually do. So I made up my mind yesterday, if you want sex, go and have it with your hand and those paper girls. It gave me unending pleasure to say no to you last night and this morning. I'm still smiling about it now.

Your wife,

Confession #2236

You make me laugh in bed like no one I have ever known. Who knew that sex could be so intimate?

Confession #2237

When I didn't buy you a birthday present you confronted me about taking you for granted and I cried. It's true. I do take you for granted often and I am sorry. I told you then that I would try harder and I think I have been - but when I ask you what kind of gifts you want - stop saying "nothing". I don't want to get you something that you hate or will return. Give me a hint, point out something that you like - Anything.

Confession #2238

I like porn. When you aren't home, I watch some - especially gay male porn, which I could never watch around you without you calling me disgusting or a pervert.

Confession #2239

The fact that I can tell you to trim you nose hair and eyebrows and you don't get mad at me makes me love you all the more.

Confession #2240

I am so glad that I divorced you. You are a psychotic monster. And that's not just sour grapes on my part. That's a diagnosis given by two separate mental health professionals, both of whom treated you, and both of whom you ended treatment with, accusing me of "poisoning their minds." Whatever.

My life is so much better without you. I am laughing for the first time in years. I've made new friends and spent a blissful seven days over theThanksgiving holiday in Jamaica with my son...something I could never have done when we were together, because you were actually jealous of the time I spent with my own son. And if you and I had ever gone to Jamaica together, I would have had to pay for the entire trip and then listen to you complain the entire time, and pick fights with me because of your psychotic delusions.

I love my job and have been promoted twice since I left you. I haven't had to spend my workdays worrying about the dreadful evening waiting for me at home, and I haven't had to stop working 3 or 4 times a day to call you, so that you wouldn't harrass me with your paranoid accusations.

My relationship with my son has not only healed, it's soared to new heights. After seven days in Jamaica, he didn't want to leave. How many 12 year old boys can spend a week alone on vacation with their mother and not want the week to end? Yesterday he came out of his room, walked over to me, gave me a hug, told me, "I love you, Mommy," and went back into his room.

After a particularly bad day at work a few days ago, 2 of my coworkers called me at home just to check on me and ask if I was OK.

And three men have told me that they love me since I left you. I'm not interested in another relationship right now, I've got too much going for me to mess it up by bringing the wrong man into my life again. As I told you some time ago, I never make the same mistake twice. But I have to admit, it's nice to know I can still turn someone's head once in awhile.

You'll never read this. I suspect you're too busy looking at online porn and of course I made sure when I left you that you could no longer hack into my computer.

I'm writing this for all the women who are going through so much pain in their relationships, as evidenced here. I'm writing to let you all know that you CAN get past the pain and live the life you've always wanted to, the life you yearn for now. I know it sounds like a cliche, and that words are meaningless and cannot give you what you need, but I promise....the pain of loss is only temporary. And the benefit is a reality that words cannot touch.

Being alone is the greatest gift I've ever given myself.

And being so extremely egomaniacal and abusive that I felt forced to leave, even when I didn't really want to, was the greatest gift my ex-husband ever gave me.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Saturday SexChat TWC Dec 8th Edition

Another excellent Question:

"How do you know if you would be able to handle a threesome? We've talked about it several times and thinking of it certainly turns me on. I wonder if, come show time, i would be able to watch my husband (of five years) be sexually intimate with another woman. I wouldn't want to go through all the trouble of planning it and inviting someone to join us only to freak out."

And in other news, I suspect that Google/Blogger has deleted Desperately for being "too racy", although I have not gotten any official notification.

Sorry for my "lag" last week - papers to read, child out of school for all but two days - You know. Same old, Same old.

Keep sending in those confessions!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saturday SexChat at TWC Dec 1st edition

Our first question is from a husband:

"I am not a wife but a husband who enjoys TWC which has helped me
recently evaluate my own marriage and relationship with my wife. We
have been married for 25 years with no prior marriages which seems at
time like an oddity in todays world. We are DINKs are marriage has
been good with many of the ups and downs I'm sure many couples face
(and observed by TWC posts). The problem is our sex life is almost
non-existent, not because we do not enjoy sex, but because our
schedules are so different, it is difficult to find a time when we're
in the mood. I work two jobs, get up at 4AM and her job works her
into the early evening (7:30 - 8PM). We share tasks so since I arrive
home before her, I walk and feed the dog, work my 2nd job (business
startup) so I can work from home fortunately. This schedule normally
has us eating dinner around 8:30 PM and frankly once we're done with
the meal and cleanup, I'm exhausted and am lucky to make it to 10PM
before heading off to bed. At that point I not physically or
emotionally prepared for sex. Our weekends are normally as hectic and
sex always seems to not on either of our minds but we both desire to
have a physical relation with one another. I am open to any and all
recommendations on how to get out of this rut and still be capable of
juggling all of the other balls in our life."