Thursday, August 17, 2006

True Wife Confessions 49 strings on a harp

Confession #481

you promised me that we would have kids. Now you "aren't sure anymore". Listen here, I told you if you didn't want kids it was okay, but I wasn't going to marry you. You PROMISED. I expect you to follow through. If I would have known you weren't going to keep your word I would have married David when he asked. Yeah, he didn't have a job then, but he does now and he was ready to have babies with me. I will leave you before I give up my desire to be a mother. Oh, and David? He is still single. How do I know? I meet him for coffee once a week.

Confession #482

Get some new stories to tell already. My father, who suffers from the same problem, has begun to comment to me that he has heard them all. When he has heard them all, the rest of us have heard them 10 times each.

Confession #483

I know you love me more than anything and that your doing the best you can.
I could never understand that hell that is the depression you are currently
experiencing or the agony of trying to get the right medication combination.

but ...

this morning when you were screaming and smashing your head into the wall
and telling me how you just wanted to die all I could think was "it is 3am
.... I have to be up in 3 hours ... I haven't slept for days". and then I
wished with all my might that you would just kill yourself. You are breaking
down and you are taking me down with you. And then when I had got enough
valium in you to make you fall asleep and as you were drifting off, you
apologised. You told me all you wanted to do was take care of me rather than
the other way around. I was so ashamed of myself. Now it's me that wants to

I love you so much. I hope you get better soon, too. For your sake and mine.

Confession #484

I can still count on one hand the number of times I have burst into tears during the three years we have been married. So it's not like it's a daily occurance that you have to deal with. Only once have you ever acted like you even might care just a little. I don't expect you to fix the problem right there and then. Just act like you might give a shit.

Confession #485

I wish you would go out with your friends more often. I LIKE having the house to myself every now and then. I can read or work on crafty stuff without you pestering me to be done. I can watch HGTV, Bravo, the Food Network and even those sappy movies on Lifetime without you commenting like a jackass.

Confession #486

I have been cheating on you with a man I work with for a few years before our marriage broke down. This man was a much better lover than you and turned me on more that you ever did. He was also much more well endowned that you are and gave me more satisfaction. I don't regret it one bit because after all why should I be faithful to a man who puts his mummy dearest before his wife.

Confession #487

I know I fucked up when I married you this year. I felt sorry for you and I wanted you to be able to get your papers to live in this country and make a life for yourself. I'm sorry that you love me as much as you do. I try to piss you off as much as possible hoping that one day you snap and leave me. I can't bring myself to do it. I'm still in love with my first love and I've recently talked to him and there's hope that we might get together again. I'm sorry, I really am. I wish you would screw up and quit being so fucking nice and loving. Any woman in their right mind would want you but I just don't love you.

Confession #488

Now that I am in the process of filing for divorce, I wish I left you years
ago when we first started dating. You cried and begged me to stay. I know
now that it was a sign of your weakness and not of your love.

The only bright spot is the little boy you helped create, not raise. He is
the best, most wonderful thing in my life. I've stayed this long because of

Please leave us forever, as it'll do us all a huge favor.

Confession #489

I know the exact moment I knew I HATED your mother.When she sent me the email telling me that "sending a thank you note after our wedding was protocol and standard etiquette in your family and expected through out the world.So if you have not sent out your Thank You notes to your guests please do so now." seven months after our wedding and like I was raised in a barn.Because her sister told her that she had not gotten one from use. Even though the week after our wedding your mother hounded us everyday asking if we had sent out our thank you notes until I told her the very day we put them in the mail that we had. So she knew we had sent them! But instead of asking why that one single person out of the 50 that attended did not get one, because lord knows it wasn't simple human error, she wrote the most passive aggressive email that in a sense let me know that when she sees me I can almost hear her think "My son should have done better".
I just didn't know that when I started crying after reading the email and showed you what it said you would walk off into the kitchen and put put around until you could hear me not crying and then walk in and offer a half hearted hug and an explanation that your mom has always been like that and I shouldn't let it bother me. That along with knowing the exact moment I hated your mother would be the same moment I started a clock in my head counting down to when I might leave you.I probably won't because I'm carrying your son.

Confession #490

Four years before we "met" at a mutual friend's party, we had gone on a blind date set up by this mutual friend. You remember every detail of that date, what I wore, etc. I claim to remember nothing at all, I say I don't even remember going on the date. I lied. I remember. I just say I don't remember because it is easier than admitting how much of a snobbish bitch I was. I was too wrapped up over your acne problem to give you a fair chance, too busy staring at your face to notice what a gentleman you were. That is why I never answered your calls. Because of my snobbery and shallowness, I spent the next three years in a relationship with a hot guy whose favorite past time was beating the living shit out of me instead of in a relationship with wonderful you. When I met you again at that party and you treated me so nicely after what I did to you, I felt ashamed. And now that you are the handsome one and I am overweight and frumpy after giving birth to two kids, you could do the same thing back to me, but you don't. You are the only thing that makes me feel like a woman, you tell me every day how beautiful I am, and when we are in the mall and girls check you out and you just smile and put your arm around me, I melt. Not to mention the fact that you are an AWESOME father, you let me sleep in EVERY day while you get up with the girls, you change more diapers than I do, and you cook dinner every night after working all day, all the time telling me to relax. I will never, ever, ever judge anyone ever again based solely on their looks. I hope you can forgive me.


Donna said...

Awww #490 is so sweet it nearly made me cry.
It's so nice that people can have turnabouts like that, that totally change their perspective and make them appreciate the true good things in life.

Anonymous said...

#483 – I've been on both sides of that equation. Try not to beat yourself up for feeling that way; I think it's probably normal.

#490 – Glad your story had a happy ending.

thegoddessanna said...

#490 - That is sooo sweet! I did start to tear up. I'm glad you realized what a great guy you have, and I hope you can tell him how you feel about him.


Jaelithe said...

#490, that is such a great story :) I'm glad he convinced you to change your mind.

Anonymous said...

#490 - just remember this: we're lucky that we don't always get what we deserve. You are a lucky, lucky girl. He sounds like an amazing man and I am happy that you gave him a second chance and that he gave you one as well. Regardless of how you acted back then, you deserve him. Believe that with all your heart.

Anonymous said...

47 strings on a full-sized pedal harp. Sorry to nitpick, but I just couldn't let that go.

Anonymous said...

#490 - great story with a great ending.

Anonymous said...

That kinda sucks 487. Why would you compromise yourself like that? By what you say we can assume you married an alien for the sole purpose of helping him to gain citizenship in this country. Hmmmmmm, let's see....THAT SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

Lisa said...

#483....Wow...been there, done that. ((HUGS)) That's some tough shit to go through.

Anonymous said...

#483... please seek some help, for yourself.. counselling or a support group...

Unknown said...

Confession #483

same exact thing happened to my aunt & her husband - she woke up in the middle of the night to find him smashing his head over & over into the kitchen cupboards. He had to be hospitalized for a short time, then they were able to find the right meds for him, and he's been fine ever since - ups & downs, but that's normal. Oh, the diagnosis was manic depression/bi-polar - I'm sure your huby has been diagnosed already, but just in case.

BTW - I too have very serious "head issues" & take meds. IT IS A CONSTANT STRUGGLE - and the feelings you describe? TOTALLY understandable & normal. Don't beat yourself up. I know my mom has had a HELL of a time with me over the years, and I'm sure she felt the same way you did. You just do the best you can & feel how you feel - as long as you don't belittle him & make him think his problems aren't real (been there!) nothing you feel is "wrong". Good luck, I mean it!