Saturday, August 19, 2006

True Wife Confessions Area 51

Confession #501

Last night, when you told me that I was more important then money and your job? When you told me you no longer cared about work so much? When you told me that you are willing to move to Europe with me? When you told me that my dreams had been on hold for long enough? When you told me that our son meant the world and everything to you? When you told me that you realized that I was ready to walk out on you? When you told me that you are a jackass for not seeing that you were "suffocating your precious butterfly" and "are sorry for clipping my wings for so long"?

that was the most redeeming moment in our entire relationship and I love you for it.

Confession #502

When I gained 75 lbs from pregnancy, I could tell you were repulsed by me. What a hypocrite you are. Now I have lost those pounds plus 5 more. What do you have to say now? Here is what I have to say. Practice some self control you FAT ASS!

Confession #503

you're such an ass, I don't know why I bother...No really, you fucking suck at life...Oh yeah if you grab my tits or crotch again you might just be picking yourself up off the floor...No its not a turn on and neither are need to brush your teeth...And you know what, I really really don't give a damn about your needs anymore cause you have never cared about mine...I have needs too and they aren't sexual...How about how I needed you to be with me while I was pregnant with both of our daughters..hmm the first time you were hooked on drugs and the 2nd time you were hooked on an ugly ass rat faced anorexic home wrecking fact everytime i have ever really really needed you to be there, needed to be able to count on you, you were gone like your ass was on fire, except for the time our daughter was in the hospital, but you were gone again the day she got out and nowhere to be found when she was sick before they found out was a good show yeah fuck you and your needs....and finally (although i could go on for days) DO NOT TRY TO DISCIPLINE OUR DAUGHTER when you wont even stay in her life consistently. Prove yourself as a worthy father, a good dad, and then you can play that part, but until then, i will handle it and if you don't like the way I handle things then FUCK OFF cause i do it ALONE and I do the best I can and so help me God, if you EVER spank her, I will kick your no good ass all over the damn house...You don't deserve them and you don't deserve me and if you really want us then you need to spend the rest of your life making up for the bullshit you have put us through and never put us through anymore..How it is possible to hate and love someone so much at the same time?

Confession #504

I love you to pieces, but is it really necessary to silently fart if I am walking behind you and then giggle when I gag? I know we both have a sick sense of humor, and that's of the many reasons we get along and love each other, but if you do that one more time I am going to throw up on you,Youu crop-dusting ass.

Confession #505

I really appreciate how much you put up with me. You help carry my baggage and you shouldn'’t have to.

Your patience with me sometimes is astounding and I am really, really, really thankful for that.

Having a man that understands your freak-outs and your insecurities and still loves and accepts you is one of the most lovable, incredible, and sexiest things ever.

Thank you bubaloo. xoxo

Confession #506

I cannot understand how you think you are a clean person if you don't use soap. Who takes a shower and doesn't use soap? Why even waste the water? I also hate your feet. They gross me out.

Confession #507

You are a waste of human flesh. All those years I spent supporting you, paying the bills, loving you. You never loved me back. Cheating on me since the beginning. I know about them all. Being perpetually unemployed while I went to work every day. Paid all the bills and made ends meet while you took every opportunity to spend what was left and run up the credit cards. You, motherfucker, had a baby with some 22 year old at the same time that we had our son together, you son of a bitch. And then as if all that wasn't bad enough, as if you felt justified in cheating and withholding affection, love and time from your family you started to hit me. Not only hit me but hold me hostage and terrorize me. I actually thought you would kill me. Well, fuck you. I got to the phone, I called the police and they took your sorry ass to jail. And then I moved my stuff and my son far away and you will never see us again. I hope you suffer for the rest of your life.

Confession #508

It makes me heartsick that my abusive, loser of a first husband had me when I was young and thin... and you get me 60 lbs heavier and 10 years older. I love you so much, that I would die if you ever found out that that S.O.B . still has more say in how I view my body than you do. This is the real reason that I am starting to exercise and be more careful what I eat. You treat me like a queen and tell me I am beautiful with your words and actions... I am going to start acting like a queen. I am beautiful.

Confession #509

I've been fucking your brother for the last year. Odds are, our son is actually his.

Before that, I was fucking your best friend and his wife, and still do on ocassion.

I have never been faithful to you, even before we got married. You are a good man and a decent father and provider, but you simply have no idea what to do in bed. I would rather mastubate with a cheese grater than have sex with you.

Confession #510

I look at you and thank god everyday to have a husband like you. You are a wonderful father to our two girls and when I see you playing with them my heart melts. I also do appreciate the foot rubs at night because you completely understand that it's not easy being 7 months pregnant. You are the glue to our family.


Anonymous said...

#509... your confession gives me the willies.

Anonymous said...


Your confession really messed my day up. Do HIM the favor and leave.

Anonymous said...

#509 - you are pathetic. How dare you? He deserves better and so does your son. You should be beyond ashamed.

Anonymous said...

509, wouldn't telling him what to do in bed be better than masturbating with a cheese grater? Don't you think that he deserves to know that he is fucking these other people too? If he's a decent father don't his kids deserve to have him around for a long time? Cause it sounds to me like you just might give him a disease that might shorten his lifespan. See how your actions and the attitude you have about them could damage your chidren irreprehensibly? Wow, Think would ya?

Anonymous said...

509, Do your children a favor and stop fucking everyone around you. If you can't find some way to make it work with your husband then for G-d's sake be more discreet and please use some form of protection. And think, if only for a moment, how you would react if you found out your own mother acted like you do....

Anonymous said... gross. I will be happy to have your good and decent man. My husband sucks in bed but I can't step out until I am out of this relationship.

Anonymous said...

509 - for your sake hope he doesn't find out. if you were my wife, i'd put your sorry ass on a meathook like the pig you are.

Anonymous said...

#509- What a selfish whore. Yes, I said whore- because that's what you are.

Anonymous said...

#508...YES YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Good for you, and more power to you!

Anonymous said...

Personally, yes, I think that's not right, but the site is for confessions, after all.

I personally found the comment about masturbating wtih a cheese grater pretty funny-but maybe I've just got a twisted sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

509- Christ, I've never heard of anything as despicable as this shit. Please. Give the child to your husband and let him live the rest of his life in peace, with a future of finding a loving partner and wipe your awful memory from his mind. I suggest you NEVER tell him the baby's paternity unless there is a medical emergency. You deserve nothing from this man, you sound hardly qualified as human.

Anonymous said...

509...leave him. You obviously don't deserve a decent man for a husband if the most important thing to you in a relationship is sex.

I bet if you found out he was cheating on you, you'd be all over his ass and breathing fire. Be an adult, confess to him, and leave him.

Anonymous said...

509.... why stay? you aren't happy as sex seems to be the most important thing to you, and you are teaching your child to be a slut.. as eventually someone will find out what you are doing. your husband deserves a wife that loves him for who he is, your child deserves 2 stable parents that respect each other, and you deserve.... well everyone deserves a happy relationship, even you. This is more then a confession, it is a perfect picture of how NOT to be a wife. If it were a husband confessing that he's killed his first wife, we'd all be up in arms. This woman is killing her husband.. he will never recover from the damage this woman is doing to him if he finds out.

Anonymous said...

Why would you have another child with someone like that? Why stay with him? Sometimes we create our own misery. First time u had his baby he was a drug addict the whole time. no clue why would u do that again with him. LEAVE HIM!! he will never change and all of a sudden become what u want

Alex said...

Holy crap this was jam-packed with doozies!

My jaw actually hit the floor a few different times.

I love this site.

Anonymous said...

#507: Good for you!

Anonymous said...

good for you 502!

Anonymous said...

507-You go girl!
509-Why don't you go ahead with that cheese grater b/c it sounds like that is what you deserve. You should not call yourself a wife or a mother b/c you are neither.