Saturday, August 26, 2006

True Wife Confessions 57th Overlanders Brigade (Rent Firefly, people)

Confession #561

Because you're overweight and refuse to do a damn thing about it, I have been buying fat free cheese and fat free sandwich meats for your lunches. I put the cheese in the regular wrapper that I saved from the last batch of regular cheese that we used up, so that you think it's the usual stuff we buy. You have not noticed the difference in taste, like you always say you would. Odds are it's not enough to make you lose that much weight, but I do enjoy knowing you're eating something you claim to hate so much.

Confession #562

When my daughter told me last night that school starts at 7:55 and ends at 3:15.... Why the hell did you jump all over her and telling her that her ass will be getting on the bus every morning because gas is 3.00 a gal........BUT yet you can run here there and everywhere without a care in the world of how much fucking gas is. You are a FUCKING ASSHOLE for talking to her that way. How can I still love you so much ?

Confession #563

You are away from home working all week long. That leaves me alone way too much. Then you come home and drink your beer all weekend. Saying that it is your pain killer. Your pain killer for what? For me? Am I that difficult to be around? Are your two children that adore you so much too much pain for you?
It kills me that you cannot be around your family without having to drink. It makes me want you not to even come home.

Confession #564

You are a shitty father and everyone knows it. It'’s not a slip of the tongue when I refer to him as "“my son." I mean it. He is mine. I'’m the only one who has ever cared for him. Changed his diapers, taken him for walks, bathed him, fed him and everything else it take to care for a small child. "Babysitting" him for me on the very few occasions I do have to work a few hours on the weekend does not make you super dad. A real babysitter would have done it better. A real babysitter would have actually changed his diapers.

I hate you because of how you have treated me for four years. Thankfully I was smart enough NOT to marry you when I found out I was pregnant. Thankfully I have found the strength within me to leave your lazy, ignorant, low class, fat, trashy ass. How stupid was I to get with you in the first place. At least I have MY beautiful amazing son out of the deal.

My biggest regret is that I can't keep you daughter from you too since you had her with that whore before me. She should be MINE too. I do everything to care for her too. Neither one of you deserve her!

Confession #565

You think I gave up smoking. For the most part, I have. But every once in a while, when you're out of town, or I go away for a night to visit friends, I enjoy a cigarette or two. Don't worry-I have never lit up within 10 miles of our kid. But I do love that feeling of doing something you can't stand, and you not having a clue about it. The urge to do it more often is so great, but I stop myself for fear of being caught.

I didn't wash your work shirts because you didn't put them in the laundry basket. Instead you opted to leave them piled up on the floor next to your side of the bed. Yes, I saw them there-but I thought you could use a refresher lesson on putting the clothes INTO the basket when you want them washed.

Confession #566

I have secretly been taking college courses (you know when you thought I was working late). I will finish my BA this semester. When it is finished, I will leave you. What a great graduation present to myself! And you always thought I was too stupid to graduate from college. Well I am going to, and with a much higher GPA than you had. And I did it while working full time, raising a child, taking care of the house, and keeping it all from you. And you think that you are better than me? I don't think so.

Confession #567

There are days when you drive me crazy, days when you leave me totally in awe of you, days I'm sure I've pushed you to the limit, days I couldn't imagine not having you next me, and everyday I am glad we chose each other. No matter the echoes you hear of us on this page the truth of it is, the difference for us is that I will never give up on you, on us, I never want to leave and I am always proud to have you lead our family. I am proud of the man you have become, and so in love with you. The beauty of echoes is that they give you a moment to reflect and then they fade away. As long as we learn from our reflections I promise we will be better than okay. You are the father I dreamed my children would have. And our daughter is so lucky to have you, and I will make sure she always knows that. So ask me if I wrote this one, it's the confession you deserve. I love you

Confession #568

I cheated on my Husband, not once. but twice. Twice where I had my emotions on the line too. The first was an absolute con job. He came into my life with the distinct goal of not only getting sex, but also getting me involved in some kind of head game that he may have actually believed himself. Who knows, a PSYCHO. I could write a book on him.

Then came the revenge sex. This second affair was never discovered and I never confided in anyone. This one fell in love with me. It was hard to get rid of this stalker.

Affair three. He too pursued me, but this time I was wiser. I definitely sent signals back. I fell and fell hard. We were the talk of the city. No joke. I didn't care. He left a wife with young kids for the passion with me. Affairs, at best, last 18 months. We were right on schedule. I still hate that he broke off with me first. How? He cheated.

Affair 4. The revenge screw. By now you see I am a loose screw. This affair has never been divulged until this day.

I pray every day for forgiveness. Husband discovered number 1 with written proof- back before such a thing as computers. Emotional affair two was discovered because I was blatant. I also admitted it.

Why publish such a seedy confession? Because of this.

I love my husband. I think his love came back after Affair 1. The other affair killed us, Almost. Now we have lots of good sex, and I hope through prayer and deed that he will put me back on that pedestal.

He is a good man as you can see. However, he is not a doormat. I think it is amazing that he too believed so strongly in the marriage covenant, that I was not divorced. I know he more than considered it. I know he sought legal counsel.

Do not give up marriage. It is horrible for family, kids. Marriage is indeed a covenant. I know I have no room to talk, but my marriage means more to me than my kids.

I work every day to show him that I love him. He works harder than I. Last night I had our 2 dogs for a walk in torrid heat. He had worked all day. He came home while I was on my walk. I had not expected him until much later in the evening. He met me in the yard with fresh squeezed Lemonade and took the leashes from me. He also had finished ironing his shirts. I had left the last 2 shirts out because I had not expected him home.

I think his love is coming back. I think he can trust me again in his heart. I do not have to work at remembering what I say because I tell the truth. I give extra blowjobs and I hate blowjobs, always have. Now I swallow.

I hope this isn't too long. I am extremely afraid to e-mail this. But, I haven't seen a confession that advocates Forgiving through such a scenario as I put My Husband through.

And I was with the OTHER Man ON any occasion I could find (the emotional affairs.) Birthdays, Fathers Day, Christmas Eve. It didn't matter to me.

I was evil. I pray hard. Every day, many times per day.

Forgive your man. Some of us take a long time to grow up. Too long. Thank the Lord that I have a Real Man, my wonderful husband.

I love him. A pure love.

Confession #569

I really resent you for never letting me do anything with my friends, or even letting me have friends. I lost so many friends because of you not letting me go out and do things with them, but I would never tell them the truth I would always blame the kids for being sick or something, and in reality it was you who wouldn't let me do a damn thing ever. I hate you for that. I am a person too, and deserve to do fun things in life also.

I was secretively happy and over joyed when I found out you were having an affair on me. I was so happy that I could finally get out of a marriage that was not what I expected or deserved. I know now after counseling that I am a great person and deserve awesome things in life! I really want to thank your whore for taking you away form your family, I am so glad to be rid of you, me and the boys have so much fun and are enjoying life now because you are gone!!! You having an affair was the best thing for us, I got the courage to divorce you and be a free woman and get to do the stuff I want to, and actually go to school and do stuff, I also have friends now who actually care about me. Its so wonderful. I also have the best boyfriend in the whole world now he loves your boys to death and would do anything for them, he is what a dad should be unlike your immature dumb ass who would rather go out and party than spend any kind of time with your family. He love us, and takes care of us in ways you never did, the boys are obsessed with him, and get sad when he hangs out with us, and you have the boys, I have to convince them to go stay at your house every weekend you have them. They would rather stay with me and E because he actually cares for them.

It was also true Karma when you had to get your testicle removed! You aren't a man in any shape or form and having to have your nut removed was like the best revenge ever!!! I couldn't have picked a revenge any better than that! You one nut looser!!!

Confession #570

I resent the fact that you volunteered me to watch your sister's kid (in addition to our own) while she started her new job. In case you haven't noticed, the kid is a royal pain in the ass. I went along with it because I love your sister. However, this does not give you the right to be mad when you have no clean clothes for work, or when dinner is not made when you get home. YOU stay home with the brat and our child for a day-you won't make it to lunch, honey. So close your mouth and load the damn washer yourself.

If we didn't have a child, I would probably drink myself into a stupor most nights. I love you and everything, but sometimes you drive me up a wall. I like the giddy feeling I get when I're easier to tolerate after a few...I even think you're kinda funny.


Nut's mom said...

nice title for this chapter. got the reference right away!! :)

Anonymous said...

#561- This is how my husband learned to drink skim milk. I downgraded from whole to 2% to 1% to Skim. Took a couple of months, but I just kept refilling the milk jug. Silly man. I finally came clean and bought a pint of Whole and poured two glasses. One skim, one whole. He about gagged on the whole milk. Never wants to drink whole milk again.

Anonymous said...

566 - that's amazing. Congratulations to you and please be careful. I get the feeling it'll be dangerous times ahead when your intentions become known.

Anonymous said...

just wondering if #568 can clarify this statement:

my marriage means more to me than my kids.

Anonymous said...

Hey number 659, I refer to this as the "short leash theory of friendship." I've always felt that it was impossible for me to maintain any kind of a friendhsip with women whose leashes were significantly longer than mine. I rarely am granted an evening out, never a weekend, have precious little in the way of 'me money' and am required to give extremely long advance notice when I require my husband to 'babysit' and even then he probably won't show and claim he's working late. In short, I'm a lousy friend to anyone whose own leash is longer than mine. I probably can't have lunch with you, go shopping with you or run off to Tahiti. Socializeing with me pretty much consists of coming over and drinking coffee in my kitchen.

Anonymous said...


It's nice you're trying to make amends to your husband, but shame on you.
Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

568- It sounds like you've already got plenty of shame and guilt. And I'm sure even just being forgiven, at this point, is bittersweet.

But, honestly? I think you should write that book. About the affairs, but mostly about you and your husband. Because there are plenty of stories that teach us to lay blame, pity the victim and feel good and righteous that we've never done anything so terrible, but true contrition and forgiveness? That's *really* rare. It sounds like that's what you've got, an honest-to-God redemption experience. I know I could learn a thing or two from a story like that.

Go hug your husband for me. What an amazing man! And best wishes to you to keep that in your heart, give him all the love he deserves.

maurinsky said...

Hooray for a Firefly reference!

A man who controls your social life is sending up a big, red "I'm a controlling abuser" flag. In my experience, it's only a matter of time before the controlling husband becomes the abusing husband. Please be careful 569.

Anonymous said...

As a wife and mother and one of the posters but not #568 - I can understand and identify with the statement "my marriage means more to me than my kids." my marriage is the absolute core of my life, it is the complete foundation that my child is built upon. how can you love the windows more than the house? my children are certianly more precious to me than life, and I would die for my child with out blinking or thinking twice, but my marriage means more to me than anything because it so deeply woven into everything else including parenthood. I would not have become a paret with out this marriage. And I hohpe my daughter sees that and understands it.

Anonymous said...

It's people who say their husbands are more important than their kids, that will allow those husbands to abuse their kids. i've always wondered about the women that will let their husbands hit or sexually abuse their children & do nothing about it, or blame the kid.

Don't get me wrong, my husband is important to me too and when my kids are grown & have their own lives I'm glad he's the one I get to spend my time with. BUT he's a full grown adult, capable of taking care of himself - and they are not & therefore they need me more at this point. And he understands that.

Canoes under my shoes said...

Hey 563! I've been there. It sucks.

E. said...

Hey, 8:07 AM anonymous, shame on you for shaming this woman who has just confessed something very difficult that she regrets in full detail. I wish you were a Christian - I've often heard that they know a lot about forgiveness. (And by the way, if you're going to go around shaming people, at least have the guts to sign your name.)

#567, that was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I wrote 568.

Thank you for the observations. Yes, "shame on me."

Whoever explained that the husband and wife are the "base" of the marriage answered the question of what I meant by stating that my husband was more important to me than my children. If not for him, I wouldn't have them.

I wonder if anyone goes way back into these threads to re-read.

(I wanted to clarify to the one poster who insinuated that my husband might be abusive to the kids)

I know one shouldn't made such a statement as this, but I *know* (without doubt) that the only thing he abuses is the remote control!

Anonymous said...

57th Overlanders Brigade.

I am to mis-behave!