Thursday, August 24, 2006

True Wife Confessions 55, which I still can't Drive, as evidenced by my weekend in bad driver school

Confession #541

I think living with your parents as an adult ruined you, and I was a fool to become your new mommy. I've become a nag, and I hate it.

Confession #542

I know you didn't want anymore kids, but I did. So I took it upon myself to get off birth control, without telling you, that's when I got pregnant again. Baby #2 wasn't a birth control accident, like I let you believe all these years, I planned it.

Confession #543

Honey, when is the last time you told me I was attractive or beautiful?
Yeah, I can't think of when either. And don't tell me 'oh but honey I *do*
think you're beautiful!' when you stare at porn practically every day.
I don't want to be your last resort. Either realize you've got a good, and
real thing or leave me to chase a fart in the wind.

Confession #544

I confess, I did it. That old ratty concert shirt that you had since high school (20 years ago)? The one with all the holes that is 2 sizes too small for you? It is not lost, I know exactly where it is. I threw it out while you were on your last business trip. At least I don't have to worry about you going out in public with it on and looking like a homeless person with really bad taste

Confession #545

Sometimes, I lay the blame on the kids for things when it's really my fault. I can't help it, it just pops out of my mouth before I think about it.

Confession #546

Don't think I haven't noticed that you manage to get sick/put your back out/have a reflux attack/have a migraine every time it's time for us to pack to move/clean out the garage/set up for your birthday party/help my parents with a big project.

Congratulations! I've finally stopped expecting any kind of help from you. You are now free to sit on your ever widening ass and watch me do everything. I hope you're proud of yourself you lazy asshole.

Confession #547

Honey I am stuck in such a bad depression and I don'’t know how to get out any longer. The only reason I am still alive is I don't trust you to raise our daughters.

I smoke so much because you eat so much.

Confession #548

I know things are stressful for us right now trying to balance our work, the children and the limited funds because of our recent move. I just wanted to tell you that I am really grateful for last night, that was probably the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. You are incredible!

Confession #549

You broke my heart into a thousand pieces when you chose her over me. You were so preoccupied with appearances, you selected a partner you thought would make the ideal wife instead of the one who would have made you happy. When I see you out I feel incredibly grateful it wasn't me who said "I do" because we'd have never made our first anniversary. When I do get married, it will be to someone who wants to be with me, not someone who uses their wife as a security blanket and a built-in baby-sitter so he can go out and hit on every single girl in the bar. Thank you for showing me that rejection can be a blessing in disguise.

Confession #550

Remember that time I stayed home from my night class, because it was a
long drive and I hadn't gotten to study all week anyway, because you'd
been too busy to take care of the baby? Remember how you promised you
would take care of the baby for those three hours that I should have
been in class (less time than you would have had to if I had gone to
class, since I wasn't including driving time!), so I could at least
spend that time studying, to catch up on that week and the next week's

Remember how as soon as we agreed to that, and I sat down with my
books to study, you told me to watch the baby "for a minute" while you
took a hot shower, because you weren't feeling well? And then spent
45 minutes in the shower and went straight to bed because you still
felt rotten?

I was studying so I'd qualify for a job that would pay enough that you
could quit your shitty job. I still haven't forgiven you for pulling
that stunt. You should have taken care of our son for those three
hours, unless you were sick enough to go to the emergency room.


Anonymous said...

#544, i'm so proud of you. i wish i had the balls to toss all of my husband's stupid frat party t-shirts. why must frat boys make a t-shirt every time they take a crap? and then keep them for going on 10 years????

Anonymous said...

Confession #547

I know how you feel - I am only alive because there are three things in my life I don't trust others to care for (no, not children). BUT I am also on medication now, which isn't the answer for everyone, but it was for me, and now those feelings are fewer & farther between, and they're easier to deal with when they do happen. I really hope you get help - not saying it has to be meds, but it has to be SOMETHING. Please, for your children, AND FOR YOURSELF, get help. There is NO shame in admitting you need help. Good luck to you, honey.