Wednesday, August 16, 2006

True Wife Confession 48 Hours

Confession #471

You know how the dog begs at the table? And we both agreed that the begging
must stop? And you said you would train him, but I couldn't sneak food to
him behind your back because you didn't want to be the bad cop to my good
cop? Yeah, I feed him all the time behind your back. He totally loves me
more now. Sorry.

Confession #472

Thank you for telling me that I'm "hot" when I express self-doubt.
Thank you for telling me that I'm hot when I wear my glasses.

Thanks, especially, for telling me that I'm hot "on the inside," and that
that's what matters to you most.

Confession #473

If you scratch your back with my good knives again I will scream! It's gross.

Confession #474

Dear ex:

Does your current wife know that you were calling me while you two were
dating? Do you remember saying "But it's just not as good?" A year later
and you were married. Doesn't it strike her (and you) as peculiar that
there are so many similarities between her and I? (I won't mention them
here, because I'd feel terrible if she ever came across it -- they're
specific and you probably remember the incidents I'm talking about.) I feel
so damn bad for her, and I really keep hoping that it's working out for you
two, and that you've learned to be kinder. I'm not all that, and I'm not
trying to set myself up as some paragon... it just seems very strange. I
bump into you guys frequently, and I always wonder, and I find myself hoping
that she's happy....

Confession #475

I am sad and angry beyond words that your pot-smoking never stopped in all the years we've been married. We've had so many fights about it I've stopped counting. Your reasoning and casual attitude about it steps way over the boundry lines of what I have ever thought was ok. I compromised my own morals because I love you so much. I hate myself for it....and I'm resentful to you because of it.


Confession # 476

I don't love you anymore. I know when we had our "heart to heart" a few weeks ago that I told you I was okay and I'm better, but I'm not, my feelings haven't changed at all. I want to be out of this marriage. You are a good father and we have fun together and we still laugh a lot, but that's not enough for me, I'm just not in love with you. I feel like I'm leaving for the wrong reasons sometimes, but at the same time I feel like I'm staying for the wrong reasons too. I don't want to hurt you, but I don't want to be unhappy for the rest of my life either. I don't think I'll ever have the life with you that I want and honestly I knew that from the very beginning. I don't think I am your equal and I really don't think you are happy with me either, but I don't know your reason for staying. When you told me a while back that you had more reasons to leave ME than for me to leave you, that pretty much sealed the deal for me. I know I have my faults too and I've done things that have hurt you, so I'm not putting all of the blame on you. I've just grown up and my heart has changed and I wish I could do this without hurting you or anyone else.

Confession #477

I hate you right now. If you offer to help, then help. Do it without the grudging silence and short answers. You make it really hard to appreciate what you do around here when you suck all of the joy out of the house. You are no fun whatsoever anymore. I am screaming inside at the silence. Like I said, I hate you right now, in spite of the fact that I really do love you.

Confession #478

I am so thankful that you decided to get off your lazy, alcoholic ass and abandon the kids and I two months ago. Life hasn't been this good in 5 years, thanks to you. You spent those years emotionally abusing me because you made the decision to move with me, 1200 miles away from your emotionally unstable family. Stop blaming everyone else and treating everyone else like crap for your own decisions. When will you ever grow up? You cheated on me with a fat slob from your job, and I decided to bite the bullet and stay in the relationship. I tried for a year to work on things with you. Little did I know you were busy being a closet alcoholic. I found your liquor bottles hidden all over the house, and your urine filled beer bottles under your desk. You lazy pig. You think that moving back with your parents is going to change you? Change of scenery maybe, but you'll never change. And don't threaten me one more time to steal the kids from me because I will have your stupid ass in jail before you can say "you're an evil bitch" one last time. You said that you only stayed with me so that you could be around the kids you supposedly love so much. So, why haven't you called them for weeks? They are 4 years old, you moron. They hurt. I hope the whore you are sleeping with that works for your father gives you some sort of nasty disease that makes your pathetic-excuse-for-a-genitalia turn black and fall off in your hand as you masterbate in the shower. PIG.

Confession #479

For gods sake. You are a mechanic by trade. Don't you think that you could change the oil in my car without me nagging you to do it for 6 weeks or an extra 1000 miles? Either that or show me how to do it. I would do it if you would just show me how. And when you DO wait that extra 1000 miles, don't bitch at me that it is supposed to be done every 3000. I have been telling you that it needed be done for over a MONTH now. I would go to Jiffy Lube, but the last time I gave up on you doing the oil change and went there you FREAKED OUT!

Confession #480

The closest I ever came to commiting violence against another person was
with you.

You used to say that "make-up sex is the best," and that time we "made up"
after I was sure you cheated on me... I was on top, and I looked down at
your closed eyes and ecstatic expression, and I had an instant vision of
slapping you across the face as hard as I possibly could while fucking you.
The contrast of those two actions, real and imaginary, scared me so badly.
It was very powerful, and I hope I never feel that way about anyone again in
my life.

I'm so glad I was able to walk away for good.


Anonymous said...

Calm down 475. It's just pot. At least you aren't that poor woman with the alocholic ex a few confessions down. Pot's harmless-more people have died from aspirin overdoses than the 0 people who have ever died from pot. Just be grateful that's all it is.

Anonymous said...

#475-- I am so sorry about your son. There ARE worse drugs, but still. Pot interferes with your ability to concentrate, and if your son is still in school, and he is smoking a lot of it, this will cause him problems. I hope he just experiments with it for a while and then quits.

Anonymous said...

Urine filled beer bottles? UUHHHGGG!

Anonymous said...

If pot is so harmless than why is it illegal? I wouldn't calm down if I was that person. She is entitled to feel the way she feels and espicially if her son is now smoking pot too.

Anonymous said...

Pot smoking is harmful. Smoking one joint is 6 times more harmful to your lungs than one cigarette. It is addicting, and it destroys brain cells, the only type our bodies are not capable of regenerating.

My brilliant younger brother was asked to take the ACT in junior high because he was so advanced. He got a 23, equivalent to most graduation seniors. However, when he took it his senior year, he scored only one point higher. 5 years of learning and only one point was gained. That's because my brother's primary concern in school was pot. He smoked it, dealt it, ect... He still is. He still did ok in school, but his brain and functioning were compromised, and they will be for the remainder of his life. He had extremely rare potential that got flushed down the toilet by the effects of his addiction, which he doesn't view as an addiction ironically. Pot is a big deal, and I wish people would stop saying it has no effect on people (11:22). It has an effect on tons of people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1...there are so many things I take issue with in your comment. First, pot is harmful. My husband smoked it all of his teen years and into his early twenties at college. He is a brilliant man, but it took him six years to get his degree. Today, at 40, he swears that his brain isn't as sharp as it once was, and he blames it on pot.

Secondly, he is putting forth a terrible example for his child. He is promoting the ideal that laws can be broken if we don't agree with them and that is a precedent that will only snowball.

Thirdly, thousands of people have died from pot. They died diving into shallow swimming pools and jumping off of hotel balconies and driving on the wrong side of the road because they were fried senseless.

Saying nobody has ever died from pot is about the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard, and telling someone to "calm down" because both her husband and her son are smoking it quite likely the most insensitive.

Grow Up. This is not Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. This is real life.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The Office of Nationl Drug Control Policy would be happy to know their propoganda is being swallowed with a smile by the housewives of America.
1) Children shouldn't smoke pot. It should be like alcohol and tobacco, for grown ups only. So for the brother in high school, it shouldn't be ok for him to smoke pot-however, if he was binge drinking instead of smoking, he would have ended up a lot stupider, so count your blessings.
2) Pot is not physically addictive. There is no scientific evidence that proves it is.
3) One joint is not 6 times more harmful than a cigarette. Recent studies show that marijuana improves cancer patients chances for recovery, INCLUDING patients who have lung cancer from cigarettes. So, maybe you could say a joint is 6 times more helpful than a cigarette!
4) Anon 1:27-it's illegal because the government makes so much money off of its illegality. Think about who'd lose money if pot were legal-the pharmaceutical companies, for one. They have the larget political lobby in the country, just above the tobacco companies...hmm...think about it. Also, how much do you think it costs to run the DEA? The war on drugs is costing this country billions-billions that could be spent on sending poor kids to college. Billions that could help find a cure for cancer or AIDS.
5) Sorry to discredit 475's feelings. I'm sure I'd freak out a little bit if I caught my son smoking, even though I know it's not that bad. My point was just be thankful it's not something worse, not cocaine, not alcohol.

Anonymous said...

#479- I so hear you! My husband's an electrical contracter and you'd think he'd change the dead lights in our bathroom, or oh yes, maybe put a switch plate on one of the exposed switches that our 20 month old child can touch. But no. He's a lazy fuck as well. It's like that old saying "The cobbler's children run around with no shoes.."

Anonymous said...

Hey, anonymous 2:55-show me ONE instance where someone died as a result of being stoned. Link to a news article, tell me a website, anything.

Not finding anything?

Why don't you try googling alcohol related deaths now?


P.S. As a democratic society, we have a responsibility to break the laws that are unjust and morally reprehensible.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:22, by defending an idiot who smokes marijuana you only make yourself look like a pot head. And it makes me feel sorry for you. You are either very dumb or very misinformed. Pot is not okay.

Anonymous said...

Wow, going to step out of the way of the Pot discussion...#473, I hear you! My husband does the same thing but with my forks! Gross!!

I'll never tell said...

Hey #473 and anon 3:30, I'm in the same boat. My husband is a general contractor and god forbid that he build me the shelves I've wanted for the last 12 years or do the lights in the hallway or how about the bay window I want in the twins' room. But I began to understand (with my husband at least) that he doesn't want to come home and do that work or do that work on his day off because he does it all week long. I mean if you cut hair for a living then you don't want to cut hair on your time off. So I just gave him a friendly ultimatum that if he didn't do what I needed or wanted that I was going to hire somebody to do it. It took a while but he agreed, he agrees he doesn't want to do that kind of work on his day off. Now, he cuts the grass and works on the vehicles and the such on his days off but it is different and I see that now. So we hired an electrician to put new lights in the hallway and will pobably hire the labor to do our shelves and my bay window. Just a friendly suggestion, I used to be real frustrated too. And I know he's a mechanic so like a carpenter he will be real critical of who does the job or how they do it, maybe you can suggest that one of his friends or fellow mechanics do it for you.

I'll never tell said...

oops, I meant hey #473 and anon 2:59...sorry.

Anonymous said...

Urine filled bottles?

Anonymous said...

This is the last I'm going to say of it, because if you want to be close-minded, that's your business.

"You are either very dumb or very misinformed. Pot is not okay."

YOU are either very dumb or very misinformed (probably the latter, as most people are). I feel sorry for 475, because if she feels stronly about it, her husband doing it would be very hurtful. But, pot in general, is harmless. I sincerely apologize for trying to shed some light onto a subject that gets villified by our government for monetary gain. I'm sorry for trying to stand up for cancer, AIDS, and countless other patients who smoke pot just to get through the day without crippling pain. I'm sorry for invoking the wrath of judgmental commentors who feel like spreading lies about a harmless plant. Most of all, I'm sorry for sounding like a "pot head." God forbid. I guess I should try to sound like a narrow minded bitch instead.

Anonymous said...

I don't judge you anon 11:22, I see both sides of this one.

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP. I was just sent a link to this site from my friend who sent in a confession.

From what I have looked at in the comments of the last few postings there are some seriously "I am better than you" people out there that hide bhind the anonymity of their comments.

Why doesn't the blog owner turn off comments or change the settings so that anonymous posters are not allowed? That would stop some of the contention quick. Sheesh. Grow up people!

Anonymous said...

Urine. Filled. Beer. Bottles?????

Anonymous said...

I am you, 471! My dogs know that when the sound of daddy's car fades into the distance it is peanut butter on the spoon, rolled up turket breast, people crackers, cheese slice, or leftover steak.

They also know when daddy leaves that we all sleep on the people bed.

Well trained, my ass. They don't listen to daddy. But they know when they hear daddy's car they jump right off that bed and continue the ruse.

All dogs love the mommies more. We adopt these animals for the sole purpose of spoiling them.

Anonymous said...

Pot may be one of the less harmful drugs but it is still illegal. It impares your judgement. What if it is laced with something? That something could definately kill you. I smoked pot that I didn't know was laced and almost died. To the poster that says calm down it's just pot I assume your smoking it too?

Anonymous said...

I am so in awe of urine filled beer bottles that I think I'm traumatized. You've got to be kidding me? I would be giving him a complete ultimatum to stop doing that one. What did you say to him when you found that? I gotta know.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

#473 - Hide your knives! (And your forks too, just in case.) And maybe get him a back scratcher? Because ... I don't know what the hell; that is so gross.

Anonymous said...

Hide your knives, your forks and your empty beer bottles.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say it again. uuuggghhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:22-- What exactly is so "morally reprehensible" about banning the lawful use of pot that we should all start smoking in protest of? I am very curious...

Anonymous said...

weed - pro or con doesn't really matter.

This woman has asked her husband to stop doing a thing* that bothers her ALOT (I don't care if it's flicking boogers on the ceilings). He didn't stop. Now her son does it too. That's just disrespectful. It would piss me off too.

*It also just so happens that if they get caught doing this thing the law will come and take her childen away and put her in jail. Hmmm, do ya think she's maybe a little justified here?

E. said...

"thousands of people have died from pot. They died diving into shallow swimming pools and jumping off of hotel balconies and driving on the wrong side of the road because they were fried senseless."

What on Earth are you talking about?

Many, many people die each year while under the influence of too much alcohol, drunk driving and alcohol poisoning being two primary ways. I have yet to hear of one documented case of someone dying as the direct result of being stoned. Please enlighten me if you have a specific, factual example.

That's not to downplay #475's difficulties with her husband or her concerns for her son. Pot can certainly have ill effects on a person's life if abused. But the favorite drug of the USA, good old alcohol, has a much greater potential for harm and abuse.

Anonymous said...

#476, Just wanted to say thast you are not alone out there. i too feel your pain...

Unknown said...

Confession #471

BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAA OMG that made me laugh so hard. If it was children - HUMAN children - I would be 100% against you. But bcs it's animals - TOO FUNNY. I spoil my animals rotten - they only get to live 10 - 15 years, make those years fun! And I too would be thrilled to know the dog/cat whatever loves me more - childish, but true LOL

Anonymous said...

jenner... don't ever procreate. seriously, you are so scary.

Anonymous said...

What's so scary about jenner's post? she's right. They actually become kinda like your babies. And their life goes by so quickly, its very upsetting when you have to say goodbye to them. Unfortunately I would know. As long as you're not hurting them by doing so, i say spoil the shit outta them. Small price to pay for unconditional love.