Wednesday, August 30, 2006

True Wife Confessions 60 Seconds:Minute

Confession #591

You know, you were right. I DID go to college so that I could support myself and our children if/WHEN it came time to leave your ass. I'll never admit it to your face, though. Now that college is over and I'm making three times more money than you, I don't want to leave you. I saw how supportive you could actually be during the most stressful time in my life. You raised the kids those three years. Thanks.

Confession #592

I'm afraid for you, and for our family. The war has been hard on you - too many IED attacks, too many injuries and death, too much blood and loss. You're starting to write to me about things that sound like a psychotic break - cameras and microphones in the walls, people always watching you... I'm really afraid that when you get back from this war, you'll be a different person than when you left. We were struggling to stay together before all of that. What will happen with all of this, on top of it? How can I stay if you go back to being as scary to live with as you were before - or worse? But how can I leave if this is just the aftermath of being a solder at war, when I promised to love and support you for better or worse? We've had enough 'worse,' and I need some 'better,' but you're starting to sound a little psychotic. How much can our son and I take?

Confession #593

About a month after we started dating I had sex with a married man that I've known for four years, and I'm so glad I did. Having sex with him was what made me realize how much I wanted to be with you and only you. I love you. You're my heart.

Confession #594

I love you dearly, but playing "good time dad" to that greedy, thankless boy truly diminishes my respect for you. He's so good at dangling that carrot of possibly moving here over your head and you fall for it every time. Face it, he's playing both ends against the middle and you need to stop playing along. You're not helping grow into a respectable man, you're teaching him how to manipulate and use people.

Confession #595

Just because my parents are wealthier than yours doesn't give you the right to assume that you could ask my dad for money every time we need to do something to the house. Go ask your lowlife parents instead. One of the biggest reasons I don't want my dad to reach into his pockets is b/c I don't see myself spending the rest of my life with you. I also just want you to taste the shame in not being able to provide and do the right thing for us. The fact that you had the audacity to lie to your cousins and lead them to believe that you bought me my car makes me want to puke. I'm glad I found out and set the record straight. Now you look like even a bigger ass. You like to walk around like your shit doesn't stink but you're not fooling anyone. Stop playin' yourself. You think you could talk to me the way you do and then go to my father for help? And to even talk to me like that in front of him? You've got balls the size of Montana. And a prick as small as a hamsters. And one day I will let you truly know that. I used to fake every orgasm just to get you off of me. Now, fuck it -- you will know that you are a total failure. I have lost so much respect for you, I don't even care if you cheat on me. At least it would give me a good reason to just leave your pompous ass and to never forgive you. I hate how disrespectful you've become. Not just to me but to this family. Every time you ignore our child I just want to kill you--violently. I love my child more than my own life, but I regret that it was with you. With every fiber of my being. If it wasn't for him, I would've left you a long time ago. The fact that you just got caught whacking off in front of this computer after we fought makes me sick to my stomach. You've added years of stress to my face and to my well-being. I will lose all this weight and work on myself real hard, because someday I plan to take MY child and leave you for good. You don't deserve us. Scumbag.

Confession #596

Last night you told me that I should lose 20 lbs.
I will lose weight when you grow some hair.

Confession #597

I know you say you are allergic to any kind of detergent except Tide and that we MUST purchase Tide. However, what you don't know is that I'’ve been using the same Tide bottle for months and months and refilling it with the store brand.

Amazingly, you haven'’t had any rash or itch whatsoever. So weird.

Confession #598

If you hadn't come into my life when you did I am 100% positive that I would be dead by now. Thank you for giving me my life back, for giving me myself back.

Confession #599

I really want to trust you, but your own actions are making it difficult.And because I still have such doubts and fears, I'm still keeping score. I know where you hid your pills and I know every single day how many are there.People with nothing to hide, hide nothing. The fact that you feel the need to hide them says it all.

Confession #600

Sometimes the crap that comes out your mouth scares the hell out of me when I realize that you are "helping"” raise our daughters. If you can't stop spewing such ugliness I will take them away from you. I refuse to let them grow up around such hatred.


Anonymous said...

To 599:

Please confront him with the fact that you know he is hiding his meds. That's addiction. Maybe he will seek treatment before it is too late. Addiction is an elevator that only goes down. TELL HIM. SUPPORT HIM. Tell him you can handle things when he is ready (WHEN he is ready) for rehab.


Anonymous said...

#595: He may be the most disrespectful person on the planet, but isn't it more disrespectful to yourself and your child to stay with someone you detest so much?

Never under-estimate the brain of a child, no matter how young or quiet they are - they always notice everything.

Anonymous said...


Please have him get checked out!!! please contact someone that is there with him now. psychotic breaks are real. if your husband is having them - he is NOT himself. he needs serious medical help. and YOU will need serious love and support to stay.

Anonymous said...

595 - what are you waiting for????

Anonymous said...

"People with nothing to hide, hide nothing"- this is unfair. there is such a thing as privacy, and it's important in a relationship. maybe he is drive to take pills because you are nosy and smothering.

Anonymous said...

3:23 - Um... Do you even know how you make yourself sound when you say that? Wow.

I've heard this line several times before. From the mouth of a scumbag who was cheating on me. I'm not saying that's you, just... think about how it sounds.

Anonymous said...

3:23- you don't have the right to privacy as a drug addict with a family to support. And if you are the kind of idiot I think you are, you blame everyone else for your problems and lack of control over yourself and your life, and therefore don't have to take any personal responsibility. And by the way, it's not drive to take pills, it's driven. Take responsibility first for sentence structure, and the rest will follow.

Anonymous said...

3:23, How is a wife NOSY when she's supposed to know everything about her husband. Don't lay judgement on this wife. what if she has a toddler who could get into those pills? What if she's in a position to have to leave her child or children in the care of a drug addict, being that he might be a father? I have to agree you kinda sound like you couldn't find your ass with both hands. Your point is nil.

Anonymous said...

3:32 -
What on earth are you talking about? "You drive me to [insert destructive behavior here]" is the kind of excuse used by addicts so they can avoid taking responsibility for their problems, it has no basis in reality.

Russ5811 said...

To #593: That's great that you love him, but it's a bit disgusting that you had to f*** someone else to realize that. What if he had done the same thing? Would you be so understanding? If he came to you and said, "Honey, I screwed my secretary, but because I did, I realize that I really love you." would you stay with him? Personally, I think you know when you love someone. I knew the moment I met my wife that she was special. Anyone who has to sleep with someone else to realize they love someone is screwed up in the head.

Russ5811 said...

To 592:
As a veteran myself, I definately understand what both you and your husband are going through. I've had bouts of paranoia...some founded in reality and some not. It's hard to imagine what it does to you when you're constantly wondering if you will live or die today. But, right now, whether you plan to stay together or not, your husband needs your support. If he has suffered a psychotic break, your support could help him from being too far gone (I'm about a month away from being a licensed therapist). But if he has suffered a break, you need to realize that he may never be the same. So if you decide to stay, you're committing to a lifetime of care. But ignore that for now, chances are there has been no psychotic break...just massive amounts of stress. Be supportive and it could help your relationship in the future if it works out.

Anonymous said...

7:35 AM -- she was a month into the DATING relationship, not the marriage. Odds are it was still a "dating around" situation. If you're going to judge, get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

593 here...

You know, russ5811, my best friend was also stuck having to choose between two different men. Right now she's contemplating divorce because the 'what ifs' are eating her alive. I don't think she'll ever be sure that she made the right decision. I was in the exact same situation. Think what you like about me, but I'm glad that I slept with the other man. My 'what ifs' will never be there to haunt me and make me question my choice.