Friday, November 24, 2006

True Wife Confession 125cc Sports bikes

Confession #1241

Husband when it is my day off of work do not come home for a 3 hour break. Yes it is great that your job is so flexible but damn it is my day off. I don't want you home taking over the TV and the whole house. I want to clean or sleep or whatever without you being around. Go to work already.

Confession #1242

Here is my confession:

Dear Hubby,
Everytime I have a really great TWC to write; a juicy one describing how inconsiderate you are, how much you don't appreciate me and ignore all my needs and wants. But then, you do the most incredible things. You buy me dinner because I'm tired and I don't want to cook. You cook dinner both days of the weekend without me having to ask. You do the dishes, buy me flowers and tell me how much you appreciate all I do around the house for the family, all without me having to drop even a hint. Life is not perfect. We are not perfect. But there is no one else on this Earth who I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you!

Confession #1243

This morning, when you made me laugh - out of the blue - by being silly? Those are the moments that I fall in love with you again.

Confession #1244

I've never told your mom to shut up, but I really want to.

Confession #1245

Friend to friend –

I will never divulge another secret of mine to you ever. Ever. My trust in you is completely gone. For good.

Confession #1246

I'm sorry I hurt the way I did. You never gave me a reason to cheat on you. It's just that you were not the man I intended to marry. I can't lie you have always made sure the children and I have all that we needed. You have always made it a point to make me feel the best that I can, when we are together but still I miss the way he would say good morning to me, how he smells. Did you ever stop to think why I asked you to change cologne. So, you could smell like him,and all i had to do was close my eyes and image him there with me instead of you.

You have forgiven me, and I thank you every day for that. I realized I was wrong in doing what I did. Let's make this new year coming the best one we have ever had.


Confession #1247

Sweetie, when people make that face at you, it's because you are talking to fast. We live in the South. People don't talk that fast here. I can understand you only after seven years of practice. Slow down, okay?

Confession #1248

They are your kids. Yes, they really are. Don't ever suggest otherwise, again. I will ask for DNA testing if you do. I remember having that conversation a long time ago. I promised I'd leave if you ever brought up my alleged promiscuity again. You cried and I thought you were sincere. Remember that? All of that crap really built up because it never stopped. I can't stop thinking how much you disliked me in order to say the stuff you've said to me. The relief you must have felt when I moved out.

Confession #1249

I owe you my life. Without the years of being there for me at 3 am when i
could barely talk, i would be dead, or worse. I could be the same broken
child i was when you met me (and you loved me anyway.)

I can't believe you still love me.

I don't know if we can keep this, but i would do anything and everything for
you. I'm scared of giving up my future. I'm scared that I'll make the worst
mistake of my life either way.
But nothing scares me more than losing you.

I guess we'll find out.

Confession #1250

To my "ex" man:

You really thought you had pulled the okey-doke on me, didn't you? You had it all, a nice home, friends, everything. I was the woman who helped you take care of your exwife's child support issues, your IRS issues, etc. I was the one that helped you clean up your credit on the promise that once it was done, we'd take care of mine. I allowed you to tell MY kids that you were the only "daddy" they had ever had, and they could call you for anything. Then you cheated. But what was worse was you cheated and lied and made ME feel like I was losing MY mind. I knew something was going on, but all you could say is I was crazy. Really? I'm crazy for thinking something is up when your dumb stupid ass wasn't coming home until 1 or 2 in the morning if at all? You know, it took a long time to let you go emotionally. But I've done it- so while you still, 5 years later, try to call and send all these nice text messages to me everyday on the phone SHE pays for- you have no idea I'm gone emotionally. I wouldn't give a rats ass if you left her TODAY- there's no way in hell I'd ever get back with you. It would be different if you had played the game different and not humiliated me running around town with that beast of a woman where all my friends and coworkers saw you when I knew nothing. It would be different if you knew how to fuck right. But you don't. So keep giving me money, keep bringing me lunch, keep doing for my kids- it's payback.

To "Her":

You know, there are many things I could say to you- but the one main thing is this- you wanted that mother fucker and now you have him. And it's funny as HELL that you are NOW having the same problems with his bitch ass that I did. Boy, I tell ya- that Karma is a bitch, huh?

If I were one of your few friends, I'd tell you that try as you might, you can't buy a man. You also can't get mad at him because he's out there fucking around on YOU- know why? You didn't have any problems when he was doing it with you, did you? Oh no, you thought that shit was cute, didn't you? He had an entire fucking wardrobe at your house before I made his cheating lying ass leave- what kind of fucked female are you? Who does that? I mean, don't get me wrong- you look like a man- with makeup- but that's here nor there. I think it's hilarious that you have gotten in enormous debt trying to 'buy' him into staying with you....please. Girl, he does not want you and never really has- he ONLY moved in with you because I put him out. Had I not done that? He'd still be in my house. Girlfriend, catch a clue and get some self esteem. You give females a bad name.


Anonymous said...

#1244 -- me too, me too.

Anonymous said...

#1242, I could have written that! He always manages to balance out his idiot ways with being really sweet and wonderful!

Anonymous said...

"I mean, don't get me wrong- you look like a man- with makeup- but that's here nor there."

That has to be one of the funniest comments ever!!!