Wednesday, August 09, 2006

True Wife Confession 42 is Answer to The Ultimate Question Of Life, the Universe and Everything

Confession #421

I love you. I love our life. You are a fantastic father and provider. But
oh Lord help me you suck in bed. I haven't had an orgasm with you in the
room in about 16 yrs. I think about having an affair ONLY to have good sex.
One day I probably will do it. Consider this an apology in advance.

Confession #422

I know about her. I know that you were going to leave your family for her and your "strictly platonic relationship" with her. I hate you for that. I hate you for the fact that you said that you didn't leave because you have "obligations". Well guess what asshole!! I'm not an "obligation"! I'm a fucking human being with feelings! And our 5 year old daughter has feelings too moron! Do you honestly believe that the only reason I'm looking for a job is to "help save up money for a house."? You really are a stupid ass!

Confession #423

Where to begin? I'm sick to death of having you use your job as an excuse for EVERYTHING. Not even that it's the top excuse, because usually it's your failsafe, ace in the hole excuse. The final, "I work and pull in a paycheck therefore any behavior is excusable" excuse.

This morning I said, "It just seems like you aren't that interested in me."

Your reply, "I'm on my way out the door, I have to go to work."

WTF does that have to do with ANYTHING? How about, "Of course I am, I love you, I think you're gorgeous! I can't wait to get home and be with you!" Talk about scoring tons of points. Instead you bring up work and make me feel bad for saying ANYTHING negative to you at all.

Everything comes down to you having a job and me being a stay at home mom. Even though you say you are proud that your wife stays home with the kids... you throw your job in my face anytime I ask you to do something differently, as if I am not allowed to voice complaints because I don't "work." I'm sick of it.

Confession #424

I hate that you never compliment me. I've never been with anyone who didn't
occasionally say nice things about my appearance. From the looks I get from
strangers, I know I'm not ugly, so why is it that you can't ever say, "Hey,
you're not looking so bad today!" It wouldn't take much, just anything,
really. I've told you many times that I really need a nice comment every
now and then, and you say you will, but you never do (although, really, no
matter what Dr. Phil says, if I have to tell you to compliment me, it's not
a true compliment). I know I shouldn't base my self esteem on your
compliments, but after so many years of this, I've decided there's a few
things I'm going to let the plastic surgeon fix. The sad part? It won't do
anything. I'm no fool. Logically I know you still won't compliment
me...but damn, you'll have paid for a sweet package for the next man, who
will tell me I'm the most beautiful thing he's seen. And because I love you
with all my heart, that's the last thing I want to happen, but because my
self-esteem is slowly disappearing, it probably will.

Confession #425

Oh god, where do I start? I hate kissing you because you can't kiss. You always suck my bottom lip and get slob on my face. And no, you're dick hasn't grown! What? Have you ever heard of a 30something year old man having a growth spurt? Your cock has always been small and it's because of that that I have to fake orgasms and masturbate like a crazy woman. There is so much more but the more that I type, the more pissed off I get. Oh yeah, one last thing, I hate swinging. I am bisexual and I always have been. I just never told you. I just let you think that I like to swing because it's the only way that I can fuck women without being sneaky about it.

Confession #426

Your inability to function when you so much as get the sniffles never ceases to amaze me. I have taken care of our child when I was projectile vomiting from the stomach flu. I have taken care of her while battling strep throat, bronchitis, and a double ear infection-AND going to work all day. You get a headache and the world comes to an end. GET OVER IT. Take medicine and move on.

Confession #427

STOP telling me I am shrinking your shirts in the dyer. You're getting fat. STOP eating fast food. You'll see a difference. I'm bigger now, too-I admit it. But I know the reason is my excessive eating, which is my coping mechanism for dealing with living with you.

Confession #428

When you try to talk down to me in front of your friends and family, I WILL put you in your place. Been doing it for 8 years, honey. At some point, you will learn that I WILL get in the last word. I especially love it when your mom pulls me aside and asks me what crawled up your ass and died. Validates my feelings.

Confession #429

DO NOT tell me how messy our home is and then leave your dirty socks on the ground. See a problem-help solve it, don't make it worse. LAZY.
When you piss me off, I start a list in my head of things I am going to send to this very site. The list gets longer every time you piss me off. Don't claim to be sick and make me do EVERYTHING...and then suddenly feel better when I crawl into bed bone tired. You're not getting any. The only thing I'm getting is SLEEP.
DO NOT tell me how messy our home is and then leave your dirty socks on the ground. See a problem-help solve it, don't make it worse. LAZY.

When you piss me off, I start a list in my head of things I am going to send to this very site. The list gets longer every time you piss me off.

Confession #430

Not only do think I don't love you anymore, but I suspect I am starting to hate you. We have only been married for 5 months.


Anonymous said...

421? TELL. SHOW. TEACH. Use toys together. Have a glass of wine. Get yourself "ready" in the bathroom beforehand. There are ways to do this, and another man won't know your magic combination either. It's not his fault if you don't tell him!

Anonymous said...

i totally identify with 425. Only difference is that I like the swinging, it is the only way I get any satisfaction anymore. I have tried to help him improve but he is so arrogant that he does not think that he is lacking in skills and that I have nothing to teach him.

Anonymous said...

427-that is totally the truth in my house. My husband constantly tells me that I am shrinking his clothes or that I am messing them up (he gets stuff on them and does not tell me before I wash them and then he ends up with permanent stains).

Anonymous said...

I could better relate to this site when it was actual confessions rather than constant complaints. Nothing against anyones problems but confessions are different than complaining. I hear what your saying in a lot of these posts but everyone has problems in their marriage and lot of us have the same issues. Nobody likes what their getting in bed, no one enjoys the lack of help their getting from their husbands, and alot of people are planning on leaving. That being about we go back to telling about stuff people don't already know

Anonymous said...

11:08 you are an ass. Go read the other confession sites that are monitored (and yes I meant thc, and the likes)so that maybe the truth won't hurt your feewing. A CONFESSION IS ANYTHING YOU CAN'T SAY TO SOMEONE ELSE. Or how about this DON'T READ THEM AT ALL!

Anonymous said...

i kind of agree of with annon 11:08. While calling people out on it was probably not the smartest idea, I still think that theres mostly complaining on here now

Anonymous said...

WHOA 11:19 you should calm down 11:08 was just confessing how they felt about the site. Perhaps yours were the "feewings" that were hurt??

Anonymous said...

No 11:42, I'm sick of whoever you are coming here and not validating or supporting people. All YOU are doing is complaining about this site. These are self-confessions which means it is open acknowledgement of how one feels, and how one can't always tell their significant others. And you come here and on other sites and just bitch that everyone is complaining. I'm telling you that if it bothers you so much and you can't relate or support then STAY AWAY! It is that simple. THC is just a bunch of complaints too, but your comments and your posts are monitored and get blasted, which is wrong. If all you are going to do is HATE about this site, Stay Away. Open Acknowledgment about ANYTHING is what this site is about.

Anonymous said...

Wow ladies (and/or guys) no one has been hating on anything, 11:08 merely asked for better confessions and 11:42 just asked that some people chill out. No hating happening whatsoever. 11:08 actually included herself (himself?) in the "us" category rather than throw out the derogatory "you" or "they" Calm down people everyone is just voicing their confessions on the confessions. Isn't that the point here?

Anonymous said...

Yes 12:01, for the past several days these same commentors have been here saying all us ladies do is complain. There is no support in that. Open Acknowledgement is just that, a self-confession(an avowal), which means you are not confessing to a priest or the likes. I don't see them as just complaining about asshole husbands, I see it as a validation in that maybe some of us out there know how others feel. We don't blast them and invalidate their feelings and tell them all they are doing is bitching, which is what some people are trying to do. The haters who only see complaining need to stay away. What good are they doing, not supporting.

Anonymous said...

All the "haters" are never going to stay away. If you're looking for support then take it out of whats given. There is always going to be someone voicing an opinion you don't like, so if you don't like it then don't listen to it. Leave it alone. You want support, you'll find it, you want complaining you'll find it, you want random opinions you'll find it. Its the beauty of being connected to the Internet. I agree with everyone here so far lol

Lori said...

All I can say about this is, don't feed the trolls.

Anonymous said...

What about all the wives that cheat on their husbands??? Do they need support too? I know men do it too, but if you can't stay faithful what can you do? And taking the easy way out by leaving is not the best idea in every case. Who cares what everyone else says, they don't know you. And swinging is gross...

I'll never tell said...

I agree with Lori, Don't feed the trolls. I know it's hard.

Anonymous said...

Ahahahhaha! Don't feed the trolls! Lighten the fuck up people. This is for entertainment, a little self enlightenment and probably has saved a few fights because we are venting/complaing/confessing here. Take it for what it is or leave it.

Wouldn't it be fun if we all had tails?

Anonymous said...

That should be complaining.

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies! This blog is great isn't it? Check this one out:

its made for people like us to vent about everything else, not just our husbands!

Anonymous said...

HEY LISTEN!!!! IF WE KEEP TELLING THE COMPLAINING GUY TO STOP COMPLAINING, WE'RE ONLY ACKNOWLEDGING HIM! IGNORE HIM AND YOU TAKE AWAY HIS POWER...COME ON LADIES, YOU KNOW HOW IT WORKS. yes, he should get a life, no he should not be talking crap on here. but let's just ignore him. maybe he'll get a life and move on/

Anonymous said...

*High Five* 2:25

Anonymous said...

I have to step up and agree with 12:12. It seems like for the past few days this site has been harrasseed by the same one or two people, who constantly criticize other's posts. Usually it's been Jen or Kevin, but whatever. If they don't like the idea that some women are CONFESSING THEIR FEELINGS and it's just not "juicy" enough for them then let them go elsewhere. Just because we didn't all superglue our husbands butts, we shouldnt have to apologize to some bored reader who's looking for something spectacular. I for one love the fact that I can come here and CONFESS my innermost feelings in a public forum and feel better for it. Noone is gonna take that away from me. You no likey? Buh-bye!

Anonymous said...

A forum like this should be a free flow of ideas, be it "my husband is an ass" to "you whiners complain too much."

You don't have to agree with either opinion and that is part of the beauty of an online forum.

What I find interesting is that while the "confessions" here can range from "I cheated on my husband" or "I hate my step-kid," people are very intolerant of dissenting opinions within the comments section.

If you give an unpopular opinion, people write you off as a troll and/or tell you to leave or assume you are a man.

That is very close-minded. This is an online community were ideas and opinions are diverse by design.

Wouldn't the world, and this site for that matter, be boring if we all agreed?

Just my thoughts. No agreement or validation necessary as I am comfortable enough with my opinion to accept it as my own.

Anonymous said...

I like the confessions of deeds (PDA under the car wheel- love it!) AND I like the confessions of feelings- I know I'm not alone.

Dawn- love the Doug Adams reference!

Anonymous said...

as a first-time visitor, all i can say is this blog is outstanding and i wouldn't change a thing.

Anonymous said...

11:08's post says that they could better relate to this post if it were more about confessions than complaints. I would think that even a complaint is an emotional confession, ie, a confession about feelings. This is supposedly a forum that welcomes all...whether its deeds or emotions or what-have-you, noone should be criticized for its lack of entertainment. Period.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree that voicing feelings and complaints is valid. As for Anonymous 11:08 "I could better relate to this site when it was actual confessions rather than constant complaints. " - these confessions are not for you...they are for the person writing them. If you are not getting any satisfaction from them - who cares??? The blog is still serving it's purpose by serving the people who send confessions even if you "can't relate".

Anonymous said...

If I am submitting feelings or complaints to TWC that I would not tell my husband - doesn't that qualify as a confession? I think so.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i only been married 11 months.. and i fuckin hate it.. what the fuck was i thinkin?

Anonymous said...

UMMMMM...where do you send your confessions to? I can't see a sidebar or anything....HELP!

Dawn said...

To the last Anon:

The email to send confessions is

There should be a link on the left hand side that says "Confession is good for the soul", with an auto link.

And Beth? Thanks for catching the Adams reference. You can all see that it amuses me to no end to come up with titles for the chapters. I am tickled when people "get" them!

But I am a huge Sci-fi geek anyway!

Anonymous said...

#428 - I've never understood the need to talk down to us in front of family/friends?? Do they think it makes them look good? Good for you for handing it right back.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just feel so sorry for most of the women on here. It's easier said than done, but if these men are ruining your life that much, get a plan together and leave them. It's not worth all the intense bullshit you're dealing with.

But, If it's not to the point of leaving, counseling or some serious opening up must be done. If the man is too blind, say goodbye, and be your own best love of your life!

Anonymous said...

1:20 - ALOT easier said than done.