Monday, October 09, 2006

True Wife Confessions 90 Mile beach in New Zealand

Confession #891

I am having an affair with your husband. The one that you brag to everyone about how he would NEVER cheat on you because he is too "P***Y whipped" and he is SO in love with you and your body and that you fulfill all (and I do mean all) sexual fantasies he has. The one you brag to everyone about how much money he spends on you and doesn't hesitate to buy you something, regardless of the cost, if you want it enough or pout enough. The one that you brag to everyone about how much he loves and takes care of (financially)YOUR juvenile delinquent kids from a previous relationship? The one that "bought you out of" having to wear his wedding ring.
It's YOUR fault. You're so wrapped up in yourself that you don't take enough effort to worry about the things he does. How is it possible that he can come over to my house 3-4 times a week and spend the night? How is it possible that he can stay the weekends with me? How is it possible that he's got my pictures on his cell phone and sends/receives text messages to/from me at ALL HOURS of the day/night?
I have tried to end it but he just won't let me. He cries and constantly tell me how much he loves me and would do anything to be with me. He tells me I am his soulmate and the only happiness that he knows. We are GREAT in bed together.
He HATES your kids but he LOVES the one you both have together. He knows how much that kid loves you and needs you both right now. He knows you will never afford to live on your own. He pays my bills in order to get me to stay. He takes me on trips, concerts, dates, buys me things, helps clean my house. I know he is a liar. I know that regardless of how much he says that he and I will eventually be together, I would NEVER marry him or commit to him, regardless of the mutual feelings that I have for him.

Confession #892

I know you still drink

Confession #893

Dear You,

I want to thank you for being such a wonderful man and accepting the fact that you wanted me and I came with a child. She loves and adores you. You have two from your previous marriage and well, everyone knows that was a mistake. You just don't get married because you get someone pregnant. Granted, that was ten years ago and you thought you were doing the right thing. Many props to you for that. You are a good man, that is a fact.


You know, sometimes you can be a real asshole and I just want to go into some "temporarily insane" rage and pull a Lorraina on your ass. I am sick, I feel like shit and I need you to bring me something to work to make me feel better. Can you? Hell no because you're busy at work. I have learned to deal with the 80+ hours a week and that is fine. It's what you/we signed up for. BUT if this was something you wanted to do, you would do it with NO question.

Stop being such a prick before you come home one night and I give you a much needed iron skillet upside the head!

Confession #894

I hate the fact that you talk too much. Sometimes, I think it's because you have a complex that people thinking you're a dumbass. When you and your friends get together and start talking about politics, religion or random shit, it makes me want to slit my wrist with a fingernail file. It makes my ass hurt to deal with you clowns.

I've tried really hard to stay true and faithful, but I've meet someone and I can't fight the feeling any longer. He makes me smile. I almost slept with him last night, but didn't because I had to go home. We have a plan for later this week to have hot smack sex, something I don't have with you.

Confession #895

Same shit, different millennium. I waited two years after my divorce before
I felt ready to move on and start dating again. I was excited about it.
Last time I was single I was dating boys. Now I would be dating men. HA!
Are there any MEN out there? I am starting to think not. Why will a grown
man choose to tell a woman how much he likes her and that he will call her
and put forth the effort to seem really sincere about it when he could just
say "I don't think this is going to work." I know it is not pleasant , but
just tell me the fucking truth. I am reasonable. I can take it. Instead
you just subject me to the same game of phone watching I played in college
and high school. Someone PLEASE tell me that most men do mature a little
bit between the ages of 20 and 40. I sooo don't have the time for this shit
anymore. I guess I really ought to just board up my windows and get a bunch
of cats.

Note to all single, middle-aged idiots. You really should get some maturity
to go along with your receding hairlines and beer guts. You just aren't
hot enough to get away with being assholes any more!!!!!

Damn, I wish I could just be a lesbian.

Confession #896

Why are you shocked that our young kids like me more
than you? Every time they do something wrong, who do
you yell at? ME. It's my fault for everything they
do wrong and boy do you let me know about it. Then,
you wonder why the girls always run to me for comfort
and don't even want your hugs or kisses.
They are too busy protecting Mommy. Also, don't be
surprised when you are called on the carpet for your
behavior. Our oldest tells all of her Grandparents,
and everyone she can find, that you are "always mad at
Mommy. We have to be good so Daddy won't take it out
on Mommy."

Confession #897

I hate you. I've hated you since December 24, 2004. The night you came
home crying that you hit rock bottom and you didn't know what to do.
Two weeks later, our beautiful little boy was born. While I was in the
hospital where I could barely move because of the Cesarean, I gave
you money for gas money and you managed to take $1,100 from my
checking account. You're big solution? Your daddy paid me back the
I hate you. You let me drown in debt. You knew I was struggling with
the $8,0000 hospital bill and the $2,000 ER bill, and the $2,500
cardiologist bill for OUR son. Yet, you continued to gamble and lie to
me about all the pressure you were under and how you were doing the
best you could.
I hate you. You promised to give me money one Friday night, and the
next day you told me you had gotten arrested for DUI, and the bail was
conveniently your entire paycheck.
I hate you. I hate that you expect me to believe when you went to
court for this, and the "charges" were dropped you told me they didn't
give you back your bail money.
No, I'm not stupid. I know you lied to me.
I hate that you let me get overwhelmed in debt. I hate that my mom had
to bail me out. I hate that you now say what the big deal is, the
bills are paid. I hate that you're teaching my son that it's OK to
bail on your family. I hate that you pay your dad the money you owe
him every month, yet you've only given me $100 this year.
You lazy, sob, I hate you. And I hate myself for letting you stay this long.

Confession #898

This morning when you rolled over to me and said, “Good Morning babe, I love you.” And then asked me to snuggle you until I had to get up for work – was the greatest I have felt in a while and I appreciate it and you so much.

Confession #899

I am angry with you. We were supposed to grow old together. We were supposed to watch our boys grow up and do great things together, school, sports, prom… We were supposed to have a beautiful daughter together. We were supposed to buy our first home together, take our children to Disneyland. We were supposed to love each other so much that we tried everything to make it work. I am angry with you because you aren’t willing to try. What were once our dreams and plans are no more. Instead I have plans on leaving you and making the best life possible for me and our children, putting the pieces together all the while trying not to fall apart. I will survive this, because what is the other option. And despite all this anger and hurt, I still love you more than anything and that hurts.

Confession #900

After months of you accusing me of sleeping with my co-worker, I finally did it. I love you but I needed to get you back for cheating on me.

Oh, and I'd do it again if I had the chance. I'm not sorry that it happened.


Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with you women that sleep with someone else's husband and then try to justify it by making the wife look what if she is bad, it's her damn husband! Can you not find your own damn man?? How would you feel if that was you, if your husband (if you ever do get one of your own)was out skeezing with some skank, talking shit about you to her, and everything else these assholes are doing with you? Karma is a bitch you know, and you people doing this shit need to get an ounce of morality and integrity and find your own man.....i'm sick of reading these confessions.

Anonymous said...

To 10:55...


Anonymous said...

WooHoo! Go 10:55! You lose 'em how you get 'em ladies. You all need to remember that. Not to mention that all the cheating and trash talking makes you look like a total fool. Karma is a total bitch. You better hope you(or maybe your daughter or granddaughter) aren't in the same position someday. You deserve everything Karma has to dish out and I hope you get every last bite. You skanky bitches suck and you are probably out at this very moment spreading disease.

Anonymous said...

These women who sleep with married men and the married women who sleep around are trash. They know they are trash. That is why they do what they do. They think if they can steal another woman's man or if they can have multiple men by cheating, then it proves they are hot stuff. They still don't realize that some men are just dogs who will screw anything with two holes and a pulse. Hear that skanks? Have you ever watched HBO and seen what real prostitutes look like, It ain't Julia Roberts, that's for sure. Proof that a lot of men out there will screw ANYTHING. The fact that you can get these other men is not proof of your hottness, it is proof of your nastiness.

Anonymous said...

The saddest type of confession are the ones that say, "I hate your kids."

There are a lot of little kids out there going back and forth from Mommy's house to Daddy's house. They don't feel like they have two homes. They feel like they have no home, especially if there are step-siblings who don't travel. Into this rootless existence, comes a stepmom, who tries to act nice, (I hope) but secretly writes to TWC "I hate your kids." What kind of messages are these kids growing up with? What are their marriages going to be like?

The grown-ups are supposed to be the mature ones. Even if the children don't like you because you took Mommy's place, it's your job to take care of them and yes, even love them, while they're in your home.

Anonymous said...

#899 - I'm moving out in a couple weeks, and I know how you feel. All that stuff you wanted to do as a family, now it's just going to be you. And him. Not together. It's sad and frustrating.

#890 - "I love you but" is not a good excuse for cheating. If you really want to get over it and move on and have a good marriage, getting back at him shouldn't be part of the equation. You do it and you're no better than him.

Bravo 10:55. At least this one realizes he won't leave his wife. Because if she was THAT horrendous, he would have left already, kids or not.

Anonymous said...


that sounds like my guy. Aren't guys like that wonderful?

Anonymous said...

I agree that the saddest posts are the "I hate your kids" posts. The kids were there first, and whether they're angels or devils, they probably get enough bs from their biological parents, they don't need any extra crap from you. Don't cry "I didn't know what I was getting into." No parent does, whether the kids are biologically related or not. You knew there were kids when you married him--or did he hide them from you until after the honeymoon? Doubt it. I thank my lucky stars every day that I married a man who accepted me WITH all of my "baggage," child included, and that he loves my child has never been a question. I would never had married him had it been any other way.

Anonymous said...

He obviously won't do ANYTHING to be with you, as he is still married to his hot wife. You are sloppy seconds, no matter how hard he cries. Boo hoo.

Grow some balls and tell your fucking husband that it's UNACCEPTABLE for him to yell at you in front of the children. Then tell your kids that they are NOT responsible for mommy and daddy's feelings. Good God! WHY are you making parenting into a contest in which they have to like one of you better? Let them have a carefree childhood instead of making them feel like they have to worry about YOU, the adult.
You seem to have some sort of support system out there. Leave this asshole. He isn't gonna change, and your kid is going to be screwed up if you stay. Just leave. Soon.

I hate all of you who drag your poor little innocent children into your BULLSHIT. I am sick of reading about people fucking up their children's lives because they don't have the maturity or the forthought to protect them. Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

The kids these ladies complain about? Gee, how did they become rotten brats in the first place? Maybe they got the hint they were unwanted and unloved. Kids don't act that way without a reason. If they have supportive and loving parents, they don't need to.

Those kids will grow up and be the kinds of men that the ladies on here complain about- the ones that treat them badly. They will become the kinds of women who cheat with married men and brag about it.

Trash, pure trash.

Sad that the cycle always repeats itself. If only they had someone who could step forward and break that cycle.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what more than a few of you have said. Namely, that trashing your lover's wife only reveals you for the ignorant piece of tail that you are to these men. I laugh out loud when I read the delusions these women type. Hysterical!

But worse ~ oh my God these poor kids. They don't deserve the kinds of lives we read about.

Anonymous said...


All men who cheat make the wife out to be a horrible shrew.
No matter what he says, a man who cheats isn't someone who can be trusted.

Meowkaat said...

This blog ROCKS. I love it. It's great. I've been reading and reading and now I can't stop.
I love ugly naked truth and that's what's here.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with all of these comments.

I WAS one of those unwanted kids by the stepmother, and she made sure I knew it every. single. day. She never hesitated to call my mother a whore to our faces; she'd put child support checks from her ex into a college fund for HER children, and cash the check from my mother to spend on herself; she'd take her children school shopping and spend hundreds of dollars in department stores, and then take my sister and I to Goodwill or other thrift stores for our school clothes...I could go on and on with what she did out of hatred and spite for two girls that weren't biologically hers. The point is, are YOU writers going to let these parents (and stepparents) fuck up your childrens' lives because you're with someone who doesn't know how to love them the way a parent should love?

Those of you who choose to stay with these people and sacrifice the healthy upbringing of your children make me sick, and I extend a big FUCK YOU from a former child who's "been there, done that".

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say i'm sorry that happened to you 7:17.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that happened to you too. I have been raising my stepson for the past 14 years and I couldn't imagine treating him like that. What people don't understand in second marriages and the like, is that these children were there before YOU! I couldn't imagine not treating him like my bio children. How could you hurt an innocent child like that? Even if it is shopping for your bio child in a dept store and your step at the thrift store. Does this make you feel good about yourself? I could just see the look in a small childs eyes after being treated second rate. It's dispicable and most of you need to pull your heads out of your asses when it comes to stepchildren! Comes around goes around and I have to truly believe that. What's worse to me is the bio parent not sticking up for their child. Not seeing to it that that child is treated with dignity and respect makes the bio parent just as bad. I'm sorry to all you out there who were treated horribly by a stepparent.

Lisa said...

#891 - that's what HE is telling you. Duh! I can guarantee if your husband was cheating on you, he'd tell his lover the same crap about *you*, and how would that make you feel? I know it makes you feel better to cut on the wife, but it's plainfully obvious that you loathe her because you want to take her place sooo bad and you know it won't happen. I would love to be a fly on the wall when karma bites you in the ass.

Those poor kids. It breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...

I cheat on my husband and it's the best sex ever