Wednesday, October 18, 2006

True Wife Confession 97 Lyrics

Confession #961

Sometimes, I'm sad that I'll never really be your Mrs. Usually, it's okay, though. It's sad to me that you think a marriage "always ruins things." I know some really great married couples... And I know we could be one, too. In the end, though, I'd rather have you than a ring. I'm honestly not worried that we'll ever split up.

Confession #962

I love you. I don't love everything about you, but the stuff I don't love, I'm working hard to ignore.

You never close the cabinet doors. You never take the empty toilet paper roll off the holder, you just start a new roll. You're very forgetful. You leave the stove a complete mess after you cook. You don't do the dishes when you say you will, instead waiting 3 or 4 days to do them.

But you keep those cabinets full of food for our family. You clean the bathroom because you know I hate doing it. You bring me home fruit pizza when I'm sick and every night when you get off work, you ask if I need anything. You cook awesome meals using no recipe. You let me sleep late and take care of our daughter, while doing all of the dishes and cleaning the living room.

So who cares? You love me, and our little girl. And I love you both so much that sometimes it hurts. We can get through this, and we will get through this. I'm not giving up on one of the most important people in my life. No way in hell.

Confession #963

Not okay to yell at me when I was in labor for being snippy. You have a baby 2 weeks late with induced labor – then you have the right to lecture me for being snippy.

Confession #964

To my Wife:
You are out of town for the first time in our three plus year relationship. We are both going through separation anxiety. It's really kind-of sweet. When you tell me that you miss me and just didn't realize how much you rely on me for your comfort through my touch, even though you are not a touchy-feely person, well you make my heart melt. You are the love of my life. I can't help but touch you in passing, cuddling you in bed, holding your hand in the car and you let me. You touch me too and I am thankful that after three years you still find me (and my extra weight) attractive and we have amazing sex. You tell me all the time how sexy you find me and how much I turn you on. We have a passion and understanding for each other that I know others search their lives for and never find. Although many people look down on us for the love we share, we will stand strong and love strong and I will love you with every breath I take, until I take no more.
Your Adoring Wife

Confession #965

I wish she would wear that $250 dollar white gold cross necklace you bought her. Just so I could rip it off her neck. She doesn't deserve such a gift from you.

Confession #966

You say that I can’t burn candles anywhere except on the stovetop. Let’s see, I have owned 2 homes of my own before we got married. I have never burned down the house by lighting a candle in the living room when I am in there watching TV. Get a life, man.

Confession #967

Both of your sons adored you, and you neglected them. You had a calling,
but you also had two precious little boys to raise, and how could they not
come first in all things? They still bear the scars you gave them, and the
worst ones haven't even begun to surface, because your addictions killed you
and now there's one more thing that you chose instead of them, and they have
to live with that for the rest of their lives.

I know, I know, it's complicated, addiction always is...and I loved you, and
that makes it even more complicated...but when my husband, the sweetest,
kindest, most loving man in the world, cries because his Mommy's gone, and
he never did get that attention and love that he deserved...sometimes I hope
you really are watching us from the afterlife so you can see what you did to
him. I wish I could make you understand, but you're dead, and I fear you
never would have gotten it even if you'd survived.

Confession #968

The dog needs to be kicked out of our bed when we are having sex. It is not a turn on to me to be licked in the face or on the leg by the dog when we are messing around. YUCK!!!!

Confession #969

When we have sex, I am thinking about my friend instead of you. It is the only way that I can get off. He and I have been having an affair for over 3 years. And I don't feel any guilt about it at all.

Confession #970

I am so happy to have you back.

Two years ago when you had depression, and we didn’t know what was wrong,
you were so miserable and so was I. I knew you needed help, but didn’t know
what to do. You weren’t the man I married. We finally went to the doctor
together and she knew right away what was wrong and gave you medication. The
meds helped and you were so much better in just a few weeks. But you still
weren’t the same.

Now that you have had the surgery for sleep apnea, and you are getting good
sleep for the first time in years – YOU ARE BACK! I am so thankful. In the
past two weeks you have been the man I married. You are funny, you are
sweet, and you joke and play with the kids. And ROMANCE is BACK…Yay!

Friday night, all the kids were out doing their things and you surprised me.
The house was dark, candles all around, soft music playing – what a nice

Welcome home babe!!! I missed you, I love you sooo!

Thank GOD for modern medicine!!!!


Anonymous said...

#970, Good for you for standing by your man during his medical issues. That is what the preacher means by "In sickness and in health" I had a similar sleep related medical issue that caused me many other problems such as depression and weight gain. My husband did not stick around. Since I had the surgery and am feeling and looking much better he suddenly thinks he made a mistake! Yep, he sure did. And now he has to live with it.

Julie said...

#964: You go, girls! When you find your soulmate, all judgements melt away in the face of your love for each other. They're just jealous.

#968: ROFL, that happens to us as well. Our doggy also refuses to leave the bed; he just covers his face as if he's saying "Oh God, just get it over with!"

Anonymous said...

I'm 968. He insists the dog comes to bed with us. He lets the dog lick his face after we are done to get the salt/sweat off. Makes me gag. The dog sits and watches on the pillows.

Anonymous said...

968, is your husband into beastiality by chance? That just seems wrong to me.

Anonymous said...

My dog isn't allowed on the bed, but she just sits and waits for us. When we're finished, she jumps up and wants to be held (she's small) as if she was scared or separated from me for a long time. Dogs can be weird and possesive about their owners. (Although, I take a bit of blame for ours, because she's spoiled.)

Anonymous said...

968: I agree with 305, something is soooo wrong there.... creepy and just so weird. Stand up for yourself-- if he wants you, then the dog goes. See which one he chooses, you'll see where you stand. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

#961: Don't you think it's even a LITTLE odd that he won't commit? If he truly loved you the way you know he does, he would commit to you and only you. And marriage is SO MUCH more than just a title or a is something that is special, between you and your spouse. A safe haven...think about it...why does he not want to commit?

SUEB0B said...

#963 - He DID NOT!! He did? OMG. Talk about not getting it.

Anonymous said...

Dogs are disgusting, filthy, stinky things. Why in the world would you let one in your bed- let alone let one lick you ever. Gross.

-the evil dog hater

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I like dogs well enough, but the thought of them in my BED makes me a little ill. Let alone when I'm having sex. Eww.

Anonymous said...

To #966, My fiance does this too! He has a FIT when I burn candles. He even shuts my tart burner off on me. GAH, that makes me so mad!

Anonymous said...

10:58...Just because someone doesnt want to get married does not mean they have alterior motives. Some people do not believe in god and state and therefore arent into the concept of marriage. It doesnt mean hes cheating on her or he doesnt truely love her. Some people grew up in families where marriages didnt last and therefore dont believe in them or have negative views of them, it doesnt mean he doesnt love her enough. Maybe in your mind, marriage is the end all be all of a relationship, but these days more people in the US just live together then get married.

#964 was one of the most beautiful posts on here yet.

Anonymous said...

963 and 968 here - Yes, he did lecture me for being snippy while I was in labor. Then, he took off to hang out WITH THE DOG!

10 months later and I have filed for divorce. Hate to say it, but he chose the dog over me.

Anonymous said...

10:58, I'm #691. He's committed to me. Completely. He just doesn't believe in "government approval" for relationships. And, to be honest, neither do I. My biggest gripe about the whole thing is how much paperwork we're having to go through to make sure all the "typical married" things are covered (ie. living wills, power of attorney as we're neither "next of kin," sharing the title to the house and guardianship of the kids from previous marriages). Sometimes I wish we could just do it the easy way.

Marriage isn't such a "safe haven" for half the people getting married. I married my best friend of many, many years, and, after 7 years of a crappy marriage, found out the whole thing was a lie. This time around, I've found love, friendship, honesty, fun, support, compassion, understanding and freakishly hot chemistry. Being a Ms. with all that is far better than being a Mrs. with lies, distance, excuses and an empty bed.