Thursday, October 26, 2006

True Wife Confessions 104 Peugeot

Confession #1031

Please stop straining yourself just to squeeze out a nasty fart in my presence. It is so annoying and rude. I am not nor was I ever impressed. Other than that you are a keeper.

Confession #1032

I love you. I love you every second of the day. I think you are the
best thing that ever happened to me. But I wish you would show me how you
feel about me. Don't just assume that I always know - because I don't. I
wonder all the time. Sometimes a girl just needs to hear it.

Confession #1033

Honey, I realize that going bald at 25 cannot be easy for you. But please, please, enough with the comb over. You are not fooling anyone and it only makes you look ridiculous. I tried to point this out to you and you got too defensive. Trust me, baldness does not look all that bad on you. At least, it looks a hell of a lot better than that damn comb over.

Confession #1034

When you stay out all night drinking with your
brother-in-law, I let the dog sleep on your pillow.
The fact that you hate the dog makes it that much

Confession #1035

It is not my responsibility to police your diet. You need to be a big boy and watch what you eat. You are now diabetic and therefore there are foods that can make you really sick if you eat them. If you have a death wish, continue to drink the soda, eat the sugary cereal, and load up on all the things you know you should not have. I will enjoy the life insurance money. The rest of the people in the house do not have any dietary restrictions and should not be expected to adhere to the same diet. You as a nearly 40 year old adult should have enough self control to not eat your son's cereal or to buy a doughnut at the convenience store on your way to work. If you end up in the hospital again, do not expect much sympathy from me. You have to be in control of you, I can't do it nor should I be expected to.

Confession #1036

Stop talking to me like shit in front of other people. Why do you keep doing this? I am so sick of being berated in front of our friends and our patronizing fuckwit. I used to think that answering you back and defending myself was better than keeping quiet, because I didn't want people to think that I was a push-over. But, now I just keep quiet because I don't want to make a I sit there and let you talk me me like a child.

People notice. They have said it to me. Even YOUR friends. They think you are rude and obnoxious. Perhaps if you stopped drinking so much when we socialize you wouldn't act like that. But, I don't think it is even the alcohol anymore - I think it is just you. You like to feel like the 'big man' - and treating your wife like an idiot apparently makes you one.

I can't believe you refuse to even acknowledge your behaviour the next day when you are sober. You fucking bastard. You think you are so fucking great don't you.

Confession #1037

I love you with my whole heart. You are the best thing ever. I don't deserve you!!! However, when you are gone, I really really enjoy having the bed all to myself. No snoring!!!! Baby, it is AWESOME!

Confession #1038

I live in fear everyday that something is going to slip and I'll find out you've gone back to looking at dirty pictures online at work and posting your profile on personal sites...or that you've "pretended" you wanted to meet someone so they would send you their nasty, naked pictures. I'm still not 100% sure that was true about it all being a ruse, but I do so want it to be the truth. I love you with all my heart and soul. I have trouble breathing when I think of you and I not being together or something happening to you. But I won't allow you to cheat on me whether it's emotionally or physically. I forgave you once and told you that if I ever found out it was happening again we were through. We've had a child since then but that promise still stands. I will not allow that in my life. I CAN make it on my own, but trust that it will cost you both monetary and mentally because it's not something I will 'play nice' about. Pornographic material is not okay with me and considering I'm more than open to just about anything you'd want to do, I don't see why you should need it. If you do "need it" than maybe that's something you should have treated through therapy or something. I offered to go with you or just support you if you went but you came up with all sorts of excuses. I've taken the password lock off the computer and our email account and only spy on your email account every so often, but something inside of me tells me it's not over. That you're lying to me again and cheating on my trust. I have never been anything but faithful to you and want little more than to make you happy and provide a good and happy home life for our children. That takes both of us. It will kill something inside of me if I find out I've been living a lie. Please, please tell me you're not trolling again...

Confession #1039

I know the reasons we can't be together. But so help me God, I love you -
and *want* you - so much. We've been good friends for over half a decade,
and it was three and a half years before I realised how I *really* felt
about you. I should have known - I always felt guilty when we hugged just
that little bit too long. Then I was obsessed with whether you felt the same
way about me. When I found out ten months later (in spectacular fashion)
that you *did*, I couldn't have been happier, no matter how difficult things
We've always been able to talk about anything, but when we first kissed,
when you first really put your arms around me, I felt like I'd come home.
The sexual attraction was - and is - so incredibly strong, it just floored
me, and does even now. I know when you're around before you clear your
throat in that distinctive way of yours, and when our eyes first meet, it's
like an electric shock and my heart does flip flops. When you lean down to
kiss me on the cheek, your spicy cologne and deep, sexy voice make me weak
at the knees. Just sitting next you with my arm against yours ever so
lightly is an incredibly erotic experience. Basically, when I'm around you,
I'm within *centimetres* of ripping your clothes off most of the time.
And what's even more amazing is that while I'm within centimetres of having
my wicked way with you, I just love talking to you about anything and
everything - whether it's technology or philosophy or raunchy jokes. I'm
just happy being with you, every precious moment we have on our own. And
when we...slip, and our lips end up together, or our hands or naked bodies
entwined - I treasure every second and tuck away the memories to live them
over again.
And when we're not together physically - sometimes, I wish we could ... be
naughty via our chosen mode of communication - whether it involves your
gorgeous voice or not. But you're more controlled than I am.
You don't know how much I wish we'd met just two years earlier.
You think that I'm blind - but I know your faults and your darkness, and I
love all of you.
And you don't know that even though I say it's ok, so that you're fine and
feel supported, a lot of times it just aches constantly, and I cry myself to
sleep sometimes.
But I'll always be here.

Confession #1040
(Dawns note: Yes, this is a REAL confession - I verified it with the author)

I met a man in a bar one day, all I wanted was a one night stand of unabashed, hot, nasty, drunken sex with a stranger, I’ve never done that before and now I was in the unique position to do so. We met, we did the deed, I kicked him out in the morning, he said I’ll call you, I said no thanks, this was what it was, he said, okay you call me then.

I called, we met again, it was even better than the last time, we literally went for hours, hot, nasty, naughty sweaty, earth shattering, multiple climaxing, sex. Good lord, what had I gotten myself into.

The third time we met, we actually talked (after more hours of the same as before). We were having a cigarette, I don’t even smoke, but it seemed appropriate. He told me “my ex wife works for so & so”, I said really? What a coincidence my ex husband works for “so & so” too. I asked “her name doesn’t happen to be Jane Doe does it?” He looked at me, “yes, why do you know her”? I was stunned, I turned visibly pale he said. I ran to the bathroom to throw up, laugh, cry, I thought I was going to pass out.

You see, a year ago, my quiet unassuming, wonderful husband of 24 years, came home and announced I’m in love with “Jane Doe” at my work, I’m leaving you for her, it was complete and utter shock, I was not expecting it at all, we were not fighting, he still told me he loved me, we still made love. I filed for divorce, got a good attorney, some good counseling to keep me sane, and we went our separate ways.

Now here I was, with this man, this man who literally rocked my world for the last 3 days and he just happens to be the ex husband of the woman my husband left me for and is currently living with, what the hell happened, how was it that we met, were the stars misaligned? Did God have his back turned? How is it that of all the man I could have picked up on, it just happened to be him??? What are the odds?

He stayed quiet for a bit, then gathered me in his arms, threw his head back and laughed, “I guess I’m going to have to do you better from now on…………


Two Munkees and a Thread said...

1040-Are you still seeing the knock your socks off guy? That's the funniest story I've heard in a while. Did your ex-husband and his ex-wife find out?

Anonymous said...

What are the odds that the two of you would hook up? Are you going to see him again? If so don't do it to get back at your ex's.

Anonymous said...

1040: That's incredible. Here's one for you. My mom's twin brother married a horrible woman and they had three kids. They tried to make it work for years, but finally faced reality and so began an extremely bitter divorce that would really hurt their children and would divide the extended family as well. After years of backstabbing (mostly on my ex-aunt's part who found her party bone and wanted child support to pay for her returning to college, not to support the children) and legal squabbles, it was finally over and my uncle was free to date. He met a woman who rocked his world; the rest of the family loved her, and she had just come from a divorce herself, so for the two of them to have found each other and be happy was a blessing for both of them. My ex-aunt started dating too, a man recently divorced that she'd known in high school. Turns out, the new boyfriend was the ex-husband of my uncle's new girlfriend. In a bizarre twist, everybody married their new loves, and they just basically swapped.

Anonymous said...

1038-I could have written that entry word for word two years ago. Said he wasn't *really* going to meet them, never did, right? I bet he makes you feel bad for not trusting him too.

Well I know from experience that if you think he's still doing it, he probably is. They get different email accounts, find ways to sneak around that you don't know about yet. Think about it...why would he use the email account that he knows you know about?

I'd like to say people change, but if they truly have a problem with this, they don't without help. Sorry. :( And you know what? It's ok if you're not done yet. Someday you will be and you'll be able to walk away and not look bad, kids or not.

Anonymous said...

not look back, I meant.

Diana said...

#1033- my husband has been going bald since he was 17. No combover, he just gets it cut really short (like a #1 buzz) and because he has dark skin, it doesn't look bad. I don't know what your husband looks like, but maybe you could just suggest a short haircut? They don't look so bad, and the balding is hardly noticeable.
And #1040, WOW. I hope you're still seeing him, you deserve this happiness. Who knows where it may lead...

Anonymous said...

1039-Word for word I couldve written what you did. I am so glad someone else has known that feeling, and Im not alone.

Anonymous said...

#1040 Right on! You deserve someone who can KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!!! Enjoy it!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

WHy do so many husbands treat their wives like property instead of like partners? Why do so many women stand for that treatment? This is 2006. We don't have to be treated like that any longer. Could some of you fill me in, because I am truly baffled.

Anonymous said...

I'm #1040's friend. She can't check the site at work but I sent her the comments received thus far. Here's what she has to say:

"No, we are no longer seeing each other, but he will always be the great summer lover I had for 3 months. (I’m still sore, ha, ha). Our ex’s did find out and they were pissed and jealous and went out of their way to cause trouble, (as if they had any right), it caused a strain in our friendship, we pretty much parted ways after that."

We still can't get over how life works that would bring these two together. He gave her that boost of confidence she needed after having her husband leave her for someone beneath her.

Anonymous said...

#1038 struck a chord with my. I think my boyfriend is "addicted" to porn. He swears he only does it when he is "bored", so it's not an addiction. I say, if it's not an addiction, then why doesn't he STOP when I tell you how much it bothers me and turns me off and makes me feel inadequate? I almost broke up with him when I found the pictures he'd taken of himself on the computer. He swore to me it was done, over. I checked the computer history a few months later, and found over 200 porn pages visited in just one day. Woke him up, out of bed, and told him last chance: one more time, and it's over. It's me or the pictures on the computer. I love him, but I will NOT stand for being lied to or coming in second place to pictures on the computer.

What IS it with men and porn? You would think real sex with a real woman would be more important.

Anonymous said...

#1035 - Maybe you should consider that for 40 years he's been able to eat what he wants & now he's being restricted & told that its all bad.

Coming from a Type I diabetic, its not easy to be told you *can't* eat something, when everyone else is. I'm not saying you should change your diet completely, but how about a little bit of respect & understanding. Not to mention maybe it would help your waistline/health in the years to come.

Anonymous said...

What is it with men and porn? With porn, men don't have to think, communicate, talk, respond, or process much thought. All they have to is look at the scary big boobed ladies and get off.

I have to wonder why your boyfriend was talking pics of his member. Was he sending to to people online? Keeping it for posterity? Why did he do that, did he say?

I would worry that he's sending those photos to sex ads for swingers. Couples seeking males for threesomes or males seeking "straight" males for afternoon delights.

It happens. Often. Sad to say!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant "taking." Taking pics of his member. Not talking to his member. Altho guys do that, too. ;)