Monday, July 31, 2006

True Wife Confessions Miracle on 34th street

Confession #331

You look so sexy in your new glasses I want to rip your clothes off every time I look at you.

Confession #332

We've been together for 2 1/2 years and it pisses me off to no end, that you still do not accept my kids as a part of us. You tell me you love me but once a month....I know you do, but it would make me feel so much better if you would tell me a bit more

Confession #333

Before we were engaged, I cheated on you. The "affair" lasted 6 months. The only reason I stayed with you was because he was moving out of state, and I didn't want to go. I have always regretted this, as he made me feel like a real person, and you just make me sad.

Confession #334

I can't believe how much you love me. I hope you never realize that I don't deserve you.

Confession #335

That night I super glued your butt shut, it was only because you would have woke up if I tried it on your mouth.

Confession #336

I love you so much that I will lie and say I fell off the porch to cover up the bruises the size of softballs on my arm that you with your own fist put on me. Yes, I still love you with all my heart. I never thought I would understand the women who stay.

Confession #337

You aren't really that hot in bed. All this while, I know I have been stoking that ego of yours, and I deserve an Oscar for my performances.

Confession #338

Sometimes when I am upset, it's not because I doubt your love or my own for you. It's because I love you so much it scares me!

Confession #339

I had 2 brief flings with people who didn't really matter anything to me towards the tail end of our relationship, because I felt you moving away. And now that I've found out that I was just the place holder till you found a replacement, I don't feel guilty about it anymore.

Confession #340

This morning, after I dropped off the girls at their respective day camps, I drove home like a bat out of hell just so that I could make love to you before you left for work.

You're an awesome husband, an excellent father and an amazing lover.

You're right, 3 kids and 12+ years later, it does keep getting better and better.

I love you. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

#335 - OMG!!!! That is so WRONG. I really wish I could stop laughing.

#336 - Get out now. You won't be able to protect him after he kills you and it will all have been for nothing.

#337 - Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Of course, I can't wear it....

#340 - I am so jealous. I am glad you know how lucky you are.

Denise said...

#332 - That's wrong on his part. Why do you stay with a man who doesn't accept your children? Do you not realize what damage that will do to the children?

#336 - The hell? Get out. Call the police. He's not going to stop hurting you.

Anonymous said...

#336 Are you sure that it's love that you feel? Love, anger, hate,...etc. all the same energy just used different ways. That's not love he feels for you. do you have kids. Boy, I sure hope not!

Donna said...

335 cracked me the hell up! Whoever submitted that confession ^5!

336, Hit him with a cast iron skillet...don't be afraid...well give him a taste of his own medicine then hightail it outta there.

zozosmamma said...

#336. Please get help. Look at to find some help to make safety plans (sorry Toronto site, so you wont find a shelter there...but ideas to stay safe!). It will only get worse. So sorry this is happening to you.

Anonymous said...

The bellybutton is also a good place to superglue. They can't feel that at all. BBBWWWWAAAAAHAAAHHHA!

Reiza said...

I just sent an e-mail to my sister. The subject line is, "OMG!" The entire text of the e-mail read, "Confession #335. Go. Read. NOW. Bwa ha ha ha ha"

Anonymous said...

#336 - I know how it is. I know because I was in a relationship with someone who seemed wonderful at first but later became controlling and abusive as he grew more and more depressed. And I got out.

I know how it is: You love him; you loved him before he hit you, and love is not something you can just switch off like a light. You understand that he is sick, and you are trying to help him and protect him; it's a female instinct, to protect people we love even when they hurt us, because that is what mothers must do for their children.

But he is not a child who needs protection. And as long as you stay with him, he will not get better. As long as you let him hurt you, and cover for his "mistakes," he won't muster the will to change, because he has no reason to change. Make a plan to leave him now. It will only get worse, not better, as long as you stay.

Anonymous said...

Confession #336:

I am the child of a marriage like yours. My mother is still with my father, something which I cannot understand. She says the same thing you did.

If you have children, let me give you a preview of what is to come for them.
1. Therapy, if they are stong enough to get it.

2. Most probably abuse, it's a cycle and it's up to you to break it. Would you want your daughter to marry a man who hits her? Would you want your son to be the kind of man who hits his wife?

3. Hate. Lots of hate and only half of it will be for him. I had to move 800 miles away just so I wouldn't kill my own father.

My parents have been married for over 30 years and he hasn't changed at all. They never do unless they get help.

Please don't let his remorse after the fact make you think that he really is sorry. He's only sorry for himself. He's only apologizing because he's ashamed of his actions, not because he intends to change.

GET OUT before you damage your children anymore than they aready are and if you don't have any yet, leave before you do.

Research has shown a child who sees his mother mistreated is more damaged than if the child himself is abused.
Steven Stosny

Anonymous said...

#336 GET OUT BEFORE IT's TOO LATE! He will eventually Kill you!

Anonymous said...

#336..If not for yourself, then for your children's well-being, LEAVE HIM IMMEDIATELY. Do it because you love them enought to see them grow up normal and happy and because they deserve to see what real love is supposed to be like. If he does this to you, imagine what he's capable of doing to children....

Anonymous said...

Please go and read this poem. I was in your situation, number 336. This is the poem that probably saved my life.

I actually turned him into the MP's (we're a military family) and he was ordered into counseling. It saved our family.

These people who tell you to just pack up and leave don't know what's it really like (I was pregnant, breastfeeding, abroad, unemployed. I couldn't just leave.) They'll also tell you that people can't change -- but with God's help they can.

Please urge him to get counseling.

One thing that really helped me was having a girlfriend's husband talk to him, and be supportive.

Tell your friends! Let him know that you're not going to hide it!

Don't be ashamed. It's not your fault!

Tell your family, and then let him know that they know. Keep notes and document everything -- the bruises and the x-rays. Give them to a friend to keep. Let him know that this crime will NOT go unpunished.

You'll be in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

335 Holy crap!! Thanks for making my day!!!

mean girls said...

You superglued your husband's butt shut? That is frickin' hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Last night my children watched as my husband threw me into a wall and bashed my head into the floor.

I am not the person that posted #336, because after all these years I no longer have love for him, but merely try to surive him.

It only gets worse.

Anonymous said...

To #336 and the comment above mine:

Run like the mother fucking wind. I've been there. I've been so low, scared, hurt, etc... Make your move and do it fast. There are always people who will help you. Take the help from whomever offers it. It's not about pride it's about survival. Trust me, your kids will thank you.

Anonymous said...

#335: OMG, I just spit out my coffee. And why would you do that?

#336: I understand what you are saying. I've been there, done that. Please...if you want anything to change, leave now.


Very cool!

Anonymous said...

#336, I bet that if every woman who reads this site had a paypal address for you, she would send you something to help you start over. If there's something we can do, please let us know.

Anonymous said...

#331 - that's exactly how I feel. For my brother-in-law.