Saturday, July 15, 2006

True Wife Confessions Age 21, and wants to buy you a round

Confession #201

When you ask me to "help" with your resume and job application and I "forget" about the deadline, it's really just my passive-aggressive way of saying "I'm not your fucking mother, and I will not do this for you. A grown man should be able to figure this shit out on his own."

Oh, and I really, really like making more money than you.

Confession #202

You don’t know this honey….but I dip your toothbrush in the toilet! You want to talk shit to me…suffer the consequences! It never dawns on your dumb ass that you have a fresh toothbrush every couple of weeks???? And that there are some days that I would rather hang myself then kiss you???

Confession #203

I told you that of course I love your son (my stepson) but I’m really counting the days until he moves the hell out of MY house. When you are not around, we ignore each other.

Confession #204

I have slept with three married men in my life. Only one of them while I was married, and that, was my husband. The others were yours. I'm not sorry. You don't deserve them.

Confession #205

I realize you perform hard, physical labor at your job, and that I do not. However, I went to college and my job is mentally exhausting. The fact that your body is tired does not give you a free pass on all housework. If your attitude doesn't change, I will leave your ass someday

Confession #206

Every day you come home and ask me, "Did we get any mail?". And every day, I
resist the urge to kick you in the balls. If you get any mail, I leave it
for you. If you didn't, it's not there. I know you want to believe that it's
hidden away just to piss you off, I'm sure. I'm so tired of that question!!

Confession #207

Don't get mad if you wake up in the morning and I'm not laying next to you. There are times you are so flatulant that the noise and smell not only wake me up but KEEP me up. And my only recourse is to move to another bedroom to get some sleep. You're worse than the damn dog when she's had too much people food!

Confession #208

You are right when you say you do not know how to dance. I'm just being nice when I tell you that you are a good dancer. You're really not.

Confession #209

I found out what kind of porn you look at online. It gives me an entirely new perspective on who you are and I find the things that turn you on absolutely disgusting. Its made me question our entire marriage and and now every time you touch me my skin crawls and I feel physically ill because I think you are truly sick. Its even made me unsure of what kind of father you will be and I don't know if we should have children until you get help about this. The worst part is that I don't feel like I can talk to you about it. And I still love you so much.

Confession #210

Why do you feel the need to grab my ass EVERY single time you walk past me? It gets old. Fast.


Anonymous said...

#209 - oh god. Please not child p0rn. Please.

Anonymous said...

I wanna know what kind of porn it was too.

Anonymous said...

If it is child porn & you have children knowing what he is like...I don't even know what to say. My mother chose my abusive step father over me in this regard. Please don't start a family with him. He has no right to be a father.

Anonymous said...

Any porn that is hidden from a woman is not acceptable IMO. If my dh wants to look at it, I don't care, but I damn well better know about it. We usually watch porn together. No secrets from each other.

And to the anonymous poster above me, your mother and my mother could be the same person. Scary. Chose the porn, molesting man over her own child. Go figure. ((HUGS)) to you.

Anonymous said...

#204 - You are right. I don't deserve him. You do deserve him and he deserves you as well. I love it when assholes get what they deserve.

Rachel said...

The mail confession could have been mine. It drives me nuts that my husband actually calls me to ask if we got any mail. Every single day.

Anonymous said...

OH hell yeah, 10:55pm! The best thing in the world for that wife who's being cheated on would be if the husband left her and had a relationship with #204. I can't think of a sweeter hell than two cheaters having to make a go of a stable relationship. The wife who is being cheated on could have a second chance with a man who wouldn't have sex with a Germ Catcher adultress. Karma's an ugly old bitch. What comes around goes around and #204 will soon find out just what that means. Those kind of people always fall on their faces in the end!

Elleoz said...

# 205 & # 210~ Same here sister! It drives me nuts too!

And I am dying to find out what kind of porn too!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is the dipping the of hubby's toothbrush in the toilet just wrong or what. If you hate your husband that much why stay with him and be miserable. Life is too short. I have seen this type of post from a few people and I just don't get it. My marriage is not perfect by any means but dipping a toothbrush in the toilet, I don't know, that's just wrong! Move on if it's that bad.

Feilin said...

209 - I fully understand where you are coming from , I am one of those who chose to sit out the difficulty of that situation ( I found many pornographic things I did not like) and though it caused lots of arguments , it has passed. I am grateful it was not child-related.

Anonymous said...

I could have written #201. My former english major status does not make me a resume writing secretary in charge of his future employment status. Unfortunately, I hate his job enough to do anything and everything to help him get out, and if that means taking over his resume/cover letter and keeping up with the emails from potential employers, then so be it, if only to help him get a decent job that pays worth a damn. Because I, for one, DON'T enjoy making more money than him. I would be thrilled if he would make more than me, because then maybe we could afford our damn bills.

Anonymous said...!
Ive been there too. And she totally did not deserve him, and then I married him :)

It happens ladies, sometimes it is the womans' fault.

Anonymous said...

I wrote #209. And its absolutely NOT child porn. Not even close. Just kind of violent. But we've talked about it. Writing this gave me the courage to confront him about it. Things have improved drastically. And the porn is a thing of the past. I know WAY more about computers than he does so I've made certain of that but after his reaction when I told him how I felt, I don't think the spyware was necessary. He had no idea how much it was hurting me. He truly is a good man and will be a wonderful father when we get there. He just got carried away for a moment. It happens. But thank you for providing me with an outlet that led to me having the courage to confront him.

Anonymous said...

#204-You give women a bad name. I hope there are no children involved in your mess.

Anonymous said...

I wrote #202. I dip his toothbrush in the toilet cause he talks alot of crap! And I figure that if he like talking crap so much then he should not mind brushing with it either. It is not so bad to the point that I need to leave so the blogger that feels pity for my husband should try to live with his whiny ass for a week and I bet she is dipping alot more then his toothbrush!

Anonymous said...

I think 204's point is a lot of women here are complaining about the pettiest of things instead of talking to your husband & working them out. I'm not saying it is right, but there is always some skank like her out there waiting for an opportunity.

Unknown said...

12:04 PM

some mothers have no right to be mothers either. I can't IMAGINE what that would be like. And I feel horrible that you had to go through that. BUT I HOPE it has made you a stronger person. You have obviously learned from the experience, and youa re now passing on your wisdom to others. A wonderful step, and I wish you ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD.

Anonymous said...

#201 wow, the guy is asking for help to get a job. Most women complain about lazy husbands.