Tuesday, July 18, 2006

True Wife Confessions 23 Mathematical problems of David Hilbert

Confession #221

You are not my husband. I think you were supposed to be, though. The more I desire you, the more I think about luring you from your wife and family, the more you resist. I find that to be wildly attractive and loyal because I know you want to as much as I do. If you had just slept with me, I would have left you behind. Your committment to them makes me love you more. I will wait for you as long as I need to.

Confession #222

I pretend to like that we were romantic and eloped out of the blue, but I resent that you didn't get me an engagement ring.

Confession #223

Honey, when you are heading to bed late at night, how many times do I
have to tell you to leave the door to the bathroom open so that the
cats can get to the litter box? And if you do shut the door, don't
bitch the next morning if the cat has taken a shit on the carpet.
when you gotta go... you gotta go!!! and then telling me to clean it
up because it "my cat"? you're lucky I don't put the shit in your
loafers you bastard.

Confession #224

I LOVE it when you have to go on business trips
because that's when I throw away all your crappy
stupid possessions that you insist on hanging on to --
despite that fact that I'm required to maintain them,
clean them and step over them in our teeny tiny house.
You want to know where all your junk went? Goodwill,
baby! Goodwill.

Confession #225

I hate that you drink so much. Watching it makes me sick. While I recognize it's YOUR problem, it is sucking the life out of me. With every drink you take, I fall more out of love with you. Just because you can get up and go to work doesn't mean I don't see it for the problem it is.
I am starting to hate you.

Confession #226

I am no longer with you out of love, respect, admiration, or even friendship. I only stay with you out of a sense of obligation. I no longer daydream of making love to you on the beach. Now, I daydream about you telling me you have found someone else and you are moving out. That dream makes me giddy with happiness.

Confession #227

I don't trust you.
And you don't care.

Confession #228

When I ask you to do something please, no wait strike the please... JUST DO IT. I'm not your housekeeper, laundry washer, and personal chef. When I have to ask you 2 or 3 times and I get that stupid salute you think is funny I want to kick you in your ONE BALL.

Confession #229

Sometimes I am in awe of how dumb you are....I can't believe you did
not pay the gas bill because you thought it was on automatic draft and
now dumbfuck...we have no gas!!!! You can run an entire empire, but
can't fucking pay the damn gas bill.


Confession #230

I honestly think that if I asked you to choose between me and the TV and computer games, you'd choose the TV and computer games.


Anonymous said...

#226 - I could have written that exact post!

Anonymous said...

#229 - except for the leaving him part.... I am constantly in awe of his inability to complete the simple task of paying bills.

Anonymous said...

Wow, #225 was my old situation, completely.

It won't get better, leave like I did and you won't ever regret it.

Anonymous said...

#221 - You scare the hell out of me. My husband said that he was done with the other woman at work that he'd been emailing and "just kissed". If you are hanging around, how can I ever have my life back? I love him desperately and I feel so betrayed. My children and I will be devastated if he leaves for you.

Anonymous said...

#226-I am hurting with you. I don't know if I can learn to trust him again. And if he doesn't care that I don't trust him, should I?

Anonymous said...

sorry - previous comment was for #227

Anonymous said...

I could have written #225 word for word.

Anonymous said...

#221 - If he leaves his family for you how will you live with yourself. It is NOT OKAY to build your happiness on the pain of others, especially innocent children.

How will you live with him knowing that he is capable of leaving his family for another woman. There will always be another woman and next time he will be leaving you. It may be hard at first, but leave this guy alone. Everyone will be happier in the longrun.

Anonymous said...

These were great. The running an empire but not being able to pay the bills... yup. My boyfriend runs a successful company, but bounces checks... that he wrote to me for the mortgage. Wha?? it makes me so sad, because with all those overdraft fees we could have gone out to a nice dinner or something....

Anonymous said...

To #225 and others-

check it out:


Seriously, a 12 step program saved my life.

Anonymous said...

Um, #221...There's this great thing called Karma...and no matter how much you think it won't happen to you, just realize that this putz you think you love will be JUST as capable of doing it to you too. There's this saying: "Tigers don't change their stripes". And those innocent kids didn't do anything to deserve losing their father. Imagine if it was the father of YOUR children. Of course that would mean you'd have be a helluva lot less selfish,impulsive and self-serving. Basically stop being a child.

Anonymous said...

#221 I hate you and all women like you. You are sick.

Anonymous said...

#221 - If he wanted you he clearly could have had you. He doesn't want you, he wants his wife and children. Regardless of how attractive he seems to you, the feelings are obviously not mutual. Move the Hell on and leave him and his family in peace.

Anonymous said...

#221- You are the reason so many wives are insecure...you have no respect for family and you don't care who you hurt as long as you get what you want! Your selfishness is sickening! I can only hope that the man is a better person than you!

Anonymous said...

#221 A woman exactly like you, maybe it is you, turned me into an email-snooping, voice mail checking person that I never wanted to be. What you don't realize is that I am on to you and you can stop calling his cell phone and calling me and hanging up. It's called technology, idiot. I know when it is you. He is not going to leave me for you and I love that it makes you squirm. I hate you. Go deal with your own issues and stay out of my life. I am ashamed that you are a woman. Really, it is a disgrace to good women.

Anonymous said...

Oh snap! I just love the last comment to #221!

We could be best friends! : )

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear!

Anonymous said...

#221 I hope one day you get married, have kids and your hubby has 10 mistresses, brings you home a lovely STD that isn't curable, continues to run around on you behind your back, has kids with other women...while you sit at home crying over the Karma you've brought on yourself. Obviously the guy knows you are a loser, waste of time, and nothing but trouble and cherishes his family. Wish all men could learn from this one. Women like you are nothing but disloyal, dirty, skanky, and pathetic. Chances are you're probably even trying to screw your best friend of 15 years husband, too!

Anonymous said...

#221 - It ain't ever right .. stealing another's man.

But I sympathise with you.

A strong man only makes us want him more.

Anonymous said...

#230, i KNOW my asshole would choose them over me. i feel ya!