Saturday, July 22, 2006

True Wife Confession Round 27

Confession #261

I've reached the end of my rope. I am no longer in
love with you. Your fart jokes are no longer amusing.
When you touch me, I just want to push you away. I am
in love with someone else. The only reason why I keep
you around is for the paycheck, as shitty as it is. As
soon as I start making more money, your ass is gone.

Confession #262

I really think it is your job to teach our little boy how to ride a bike. The fact that you have never taken the time to teach him how is driving me insane! Especially since you spend at least 15 hours a week on yours!

Confession #263

Couldn't you, just once, say SOMETHING during sex? Tell me I'm pretty, tell me I'm hot, tell me I smell great, tell me I turn you on...SAY SOMETHING--even if you have to lie a little bit! Your moans and groans just don't always do it for me...throw me a frickin' bone, PLEASE? Haven't you ever read a magazine article about women and sex before--it all starts in the brain, my love! Tickle me THERE before you go anywhere else! Maybe if you had been saying that kind of stuff all along in our 20 years together, I wouldn't have gained all this weight. I would've known I was attractive and not just some lump you want to screw a couple of times a week just because I'm there.

Confession #264

Why is it that you can do that fantasy role playing with your friends and
on-line but you can't role play with me in bed?

Confession #265

I am leaving you because I hate your fu*&ing kids

Confession #266

You have absolutely no right to complain about our sex life when you turn down shower sex all the time simply because you don't like to bathe. Oh, and no, I won't put my mouth there till you're clean. Why is this hard to understand?

Confession #267

It really hurts when I tell you exactly how I want you to make love to me
yet you never listen. You start us right back into the same position doing
the same thing. Maybe a little change won't make it feel like such a chore
for you.

Confession #268

Sometimes when you sleep, I lay by your side and start to cry. I picture what it would be like if you died in a tragic accident. To be honest, I don't think I could keep on living if that happened.

Confession #269

What guy walks around with hair down to his butt anymore? Oh, you're keeping it REAL, staying true to your ROCKER ROOTS? God, even Tommy Lee has short hair these days. You look like a woman. A really ugly woman. And I'm sick of everyone thinking we're lesbian lovers. It's embarassing. YOU'RE A TINY, SKINNY MAN. You cannot pull off super long hair. CUT IT, you 80s hair metal band looking reject.

Confession #270

Your breath stinks 24 hours a day. What died in your mouth? Maybe you should see a doctor. Why do you think I keep mints in both cars and almost every room in the house? If you get into bed and want to have sex with me one more time without gargling first, I am going to puke on you. How can you not be aware that your mouth stinks that badly?


Anonymous said...

#263--I'm with ya 100%!!!! They expect us to talk but heaven forbid they say anything!!!

SUEB0B said...

The bad breath - what is up with that? One of the top ten reasons I dumped my ex was because of that! He was in total denial about it, even though he would leave the house without brushing. Grooooooosssss. So horrible.

Marnie said...

the bad breath.. i feel for you I had a boyfriend like that and I DUMPTED him over it...sick!!!

Anonymous said...

#268 - My husband doesn't wear a helmet hen he rides a motorcycle. I tell him, it's not a matter of IF he gets in an accident, it's a matter of WHEN. If I lost him, I'd want to die, too.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry your husband sucks in bed but your weight is your responsibility. Stop trying to pass the blame. Put down the twinkie!!

Anonymous said...

to the last are a fucking ass.

Anonymous said...

If we think our husbands are fat and sick why would it be different for them?

kevin black said...


Until you take responsibility for your own weight gain, you will be nothing more than fat ass you are.

Now put down the Twinkies and try sucking some dick.

Anonymous said...

Seems this site is hitting a little close to hope for some men! LOL

Anonymous said...

#270. My hubby chews and refuses to brush his teeth at night. I know what you mean!

Anonymous said...

Confession #265

"I am leaving you because I hate your fu*&ing kids."

Kids almost always ruin a new marriage. Blended families don't work until the youngest kid is at least 18, and most of the time, not in the house. How do I know? I am friendw with 4 people who have experienced this, and I am about to divorce my second husband because his lazy, disrepectful, messy, loud, children are ruining our peace and romance,in our home.

Paige said...

Anonymous~~Blended families don't work until the youngest kid is at least 18, and most of the time, not in the house.

I don't agree. I have a 16 year old step son. I've been with my husband since his son was 6 years old. We get along great. He is a huge help with the younger kids. He doesn't live with us, but is here every weekend, most holidays, and all summer. I'm not saying that it is always easy. It does take work, patience, compromise, and understanding but it doesn't have to be a horrible experience. Heck, I miss my stepson when he is not here. I'm also a stepchild. My dad and his wife have been together for almost 30 years. It can work and does work. You know about those children before you marry their dad. You shouldn't use them as an excuse.

I'll never tell said...

Ditto Paige! To#265, you knew when you married him, now don't use innocent children as your excuse. THEY ARE CHILDREN!