Wednesday, July 26, 2006

True Wife Confession Dirty 30

Confession #291

Remember last Friday, when we sat on the bedroom
floor and talked about how much we want to make this
marriage work? It was one of the best nights of my

Confession #292

I know that you want me to stop criticizing your mother but how can I when she is so disgusting? Anyone who flosses at the table and makes a pile of meat that she got from between her teeth is asking for it. People wonder why we haven't taken the baby to her house and I want to scream, "BECAUSE SHE HASN'T CLEANED HER TOILETS IN 15 YEARS!!!!!!!" She is the nastiest person I have ever known personally and she needs help.

Confession #293

Why are you so selfish? When will you ever consider anyone besides yourself? Why don't I matter to you? Why don't you listen to me? Why do you think it's okay to do whatever you want whenever you want and never let me know what's going on? What if I started treating you the way you treat me? Yeah, there are bigger jerks out there, and you don't beat me or cheat on me, but you don't consider me, and at times that can be just as bad

Confession #294

I know being around my family makes you
uncomfortable. I know that's why you don't like going
home for Christmas. I'm okay with that, so long as
when I say a family get-together is important, you
come to it with me.

Confession #295

I think I am the only person in my house that knows how to use a dishwashe. I mean as far as even opening it!!!! Wait, unless I pay the... Yah, when money is involved things get done!!! But, then my husband bitches that I shouldn't "Have" to pay our children to simply load and unload the dishwasher... I just want to smack the hell out of all of you for being so fucking inconsiderate!! I work full time and, I have zero tolerance for all of your ignorance!! Do the fucking dishes yourselves.. oh, yah.. and now honey, you get to do the dishes.. and give the children money so they can go to the mall. At least my way they were working for it!! Idiot...

Confession #296

The fact that you remember what I was wearing on the night we went out for our first real date....and that this was 16 years ago? Why, yes...It was that blue dress, and Yes, I did wear it to catch your eye. Remembering is amazingly sexy.

Confession #297

Your brother and his wife aren't welcome in our home.
Ever. I hope you're okay with this, because if they
want to come, I'm going to say no.

Confession #298

Are you REALLY okay with your son growing up as emotionally distant as you are?

Confession #299

It hurts me so much when I bring up something far in the future, like moving or having children, and you say "who says we're going to be together then?" I know you're "joking," but if the thought of us getting married is too much for you to handle, maybe we should be breaking up instead of making plans to celebrate our 4-year anniversary. I'm not in a big hurry to get a ring on my finger or anything, but I'd like to know that the thought has at least crossed your mind in the past four years, and hopefully it doesn't turn your stomach.

Confession #300

When you spend all day on your day off, sometimes the only day you get in a week, cleaning our house and mowing the lawn, reorganizing the garage, and then coming inside and helping me with dinner, I totally remember why it was I fell in love with you. We are a team, you and I, and while I sometimes feel guilty because I can't seem to dust as well or as quickly as you, I still remember every time I see you with the Pledge in your hands that you aren't my father, and I won't end up like my mom, doing housework all day while you watch TV and nap in the recliner. You make me want to be a better wife. I know I just told you this last night, but I wanted to say it again. And I'm sorry your clothes got so wrinkled in the dryer before your business trip.


Anonymous said...

That was true there is nothing in the world like having a partner that will just do that.. partner with you. You have been blessed with a giving man. Those are few and far between and it looks like we both scored.:)

Anonymous said...

Nights like those will hold your marriage together. 14 years of those have keep mine strong,and still going built on communication. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I am lucky enough to have this kind of husband too and your post made me want to be a better wife to him. Thanks for reminding me how special he is.

Anonymous said...

#296 - you are absolutely right. Even though my husband can't remember where he put the remote 2 seconds ago, he remembers the earrings and the perfume I was wearing when he proposed. He forgets to feed the dog sometimes but he'll always remember the summer we fell in love.
Remembering is very sexy.

Anonymous said...

#300 I am so jealous

#299 run

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all of these sweet confessions. My husband is a gem and I'm glad I'm not the only one sharing my life with a great man.

Crazy Girl City said...

Holy Christ. My new favorite blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm married to the same kind of man as #300, and I thank my lucky stars every day for him.

Anonymous said...


My ex-husband was this way, too. For the 11 years we were married he was so into himself and his "diversions" (Internet porn, alcohol, and marijuana) that he never saw it coming when I left his weenie ass.

Anonymous said...

#300 I could have written that. After reading a lot of the confessions on here it's good to see that I was fortunately enough to get one the few good ones too.

Anonymous said...

#293 - I could have written that two years ago. Now I am divorced and life is much better. He still does not understand why he was such a lousy husband. "I never hit you or cheated on you and I am a decent guy." All true. You also bought yourself a $2300 Rolex on eBay because "It was a great deal" and then proceeded to give me a hard time about every dime I spent for the next 6 months even though not once in that time did I buy a single thing for myself. $300 is NOT too much to spend on our son's entire summer wardrobe when you are wearing that gaudy piece of shit on your wrist. And that is only one example out of a hundred.

Anonymous said...


We had that same friday night

Anonymous said...

I felt like crying when I read that.

Mamma Mia said...

I wish I had what you have, you are very lucky!

Anonymous said...

katze said...

299-- That exact. same. thing. should have been my warning sign. I ignored it for 9 1/2 years, then found out that he'd been cheating on me for at least 5 of those years. If you've been together that long, then there's no call for those kind of comments. You don't have to be ready to get married right then, but you should at least feel comfortable in talking about the future. I left him, and now I'm with a man who makes me feel happier and more secure than my "I hope you'll be at my wedding even if you're not the bride" asshole ex ever did.

Anonymous said...

#300 You got a keeper then! As long as you try just as hard - you've got it made. Congrats. ;o)