Monday, December 18, 2006

True Wife Confession 134 Blinking Holiday Lights

Confession #1331

I love you. You are my soul mate. You make me happy. You're a great husband and father, but you suck in bed. I've tried to show you what I like, but you don't listen.

I'm cheating on you, with 4 different men, and the sex is great - I mean it is GREAT.

They could never replace you though, I just need better sex.

Please listen to what I need in the bedroom - I'm tired of all this running around - but damn it! I need this sex. I've faked almost every orgasm with you because you don't seem to care about my bedroom needs and we've been married for almost 10 years.

If you ever stop to listen to what I want in the bedroom, I'll stop cheating - I'd rather have GREAT sex with you.

Confession #1332

Hun, I spent most of my life in the shadows as I watched enviously of the other girls you dated, too afraid to comfront you myself, it always seemed we would meet for a few years be friends and get closer and closer and then disappear, me moving, you moving, it just seemed like it was never going to happen. I got married, and went into a abusive one, it was horrible, I suffered, but then somehow we ended up here where you lived, and one night I opened up to you, I was afraid and you took me in your arms tears and all and held me and reasurred me. It wasn't too long till after you carried me through to admit this to family and file for divorce. Now here I am with you, finally, like God smiled and said "here, you waited so long, you suffered so hard, here is your REAL soulmate". Let me tell you right now, there is no one else in this whole world that could love me like you do, that could show me what real love is like. You protect me,you love me, you give me all you have. I know you know that I love you, but I want to know that I love you even more than mere words, and I look forward to a future with you, to wearing a ring from the man I was TRULY meant to be with. You are the greatest gift that could ever happen. Thank you Love, thank you from the very depths of my heart and soul.
Your one and only love

Confession #1333

You are a trip, you messed up on me and now you don’t expect me to have an attitude and be mad at you. You have lost your mind. What in the hell was you thinking, so I take you back and stop acting so pissed off at you and know you claim that every man wants me. Well, stupid if you really feel like that, shouldn’t that make you work harder to keep me, and make me happy so that if men are throwing it at me then I would not want to take it. You just don’t have a clue, what you want to do what us and yourself. I do love you with all of my heart and I don’t want to give up but, lately I have been thinking about it. I really have been very good to you and supported you in everything that you have done, but sometimes I wonder if you can ever get it right for us to be together for ever. You really pissed me off when you called and told me that you are thinking about getting a vasectomy after we have discussed me having a baby that is my own. I really do love your children I treat them like they are my own, but I want to carry 9 months and experience being pregnant. That was an agreement that we had when we decided to be with each other. That is so selfish for you even think about something like that. Not even thinking about me, you are only thinking about yourself, because you don’t want to wear a condom anymore and you want to cum inside of me. You said that was not fair to you, I am not giving you the whole sexual experience. Sometimes you are a jackass and selfish ass hole!!!!!

Confession #1334

Dude, I'm 36 weeks pregnant and could have this baby any minute. If
we don't have sex now, it's gonna be an even longer post-partum. I
know you like the belly and think it makes me more attractive,
especially with the super boobs, so take some initiative. Hit this
now, while you still can!

Confession #1335

Why do you only tell me that you love me when you know I am pissed off at you? Some occasional affection and unsolicited "I love you honey" could do a lot to help our relationship. And stop rolling your eyes every time I want to snuggle with you. I'm your wife - who the fuck else do you expect me to snuggle up to? Or maybe thats the point.

Confession #1336

Your selfishness has cost you what you value most. Your family will never look upon you with quite that same blind adoration they used to. They all know what you really are, now. And it's your own fault.

Confession #1337

I didn't mean what I said the other night, how I should never have gotten married, should never have gone off the Pill. I'm sorry.

Confession #1338

I don't believe that everyone else at the office works as late as you do. Are you telling me that none of them get home until after 9 p.m. four out of five days? I knew before we got married that you would work long hours, but I understood that was when you were actually at trial, not every day. Telling me I'm stupid for not understanding this is not helpful. Was it written down somewhere? Did you explicitly tell me that I would not see you during daylight hours for 5 months of the year?

Confession #1339

Well you did it. You went and bought the outrageous plasma TV. Piled more debt on. We need a new roof and furnace. Is your TV going to keep the rain off our heads and heat coming through the vents? Selfish asshole.

Confession #1340

You told me that you were giving up your stupid role playing games, and you haven't. Don't think I haven't noticed that you're "too busy" with work to relieve me from never-ending parenting duties so I can do something crazy, like go to the dentist or to work, but you somehow find time to go gaming. I wouldn't mind so much if you were just hanging out with your old friends, but these are losers guys you don't even know! You are 34 years old; it's time to grow up.


Anonymous said...

I have a question for the wives who have husbands who are bad in bed. I'm wondering if you slept with your fiance before you got married? Was the sex good then? Did it go downhill after you got married and if so, how long did it take? What do you think caused him to lose interest?

The woman who posted about the husband having no skills in bed- did he have them when you were dating and then forgot?

I'm just trying to figure out why all these husbands are so bad in bed or not interested in sex. Does any married couple have a good sex life anymore?

Anonymous said...

1340-that could have been written by me. I do not understand how he can spend so much of his life on something that is not real. I mean I am all for getting away from reality for a while, but when it becomes your whole life it is so sad.

Anonymous said...

10:17 -- It was very passionate before we got married. We lived together for four years and the frequency dropped off some but he and I were still interested in each other when we did it.

Now it's like I'm a machine to provide food, foot-rubs, and dog grooming. I would like to know when "make your wife moan" dropped off the to-do list.

Anonymous said...

In this particular confession she says she has faked it for 10 years. So basically if she is faking it she is making him think he's doing the right thing. If she is faking it then he doesn't think he is doing anything wrong. For 10 years? you've got to be kidding me. So this is her fault! And now she is using it to justify being a cheating whore! You shoud have told him 10 years ago honey, instead of living a lie that you helped to create and which you are now using to justify being a skank!

Anonymous said...

Let's see - using the words "whore" and "skank" seem to me to be unacceptable. To anonymous above - do you know the woman who wrote the post? I didn't think so. Angry and ugly language like yours causes your point to be lost.

That being said, I don't understand either why it's ok to sleep with four other men when your husband isn't doing it for you in bed. Not good. Not good at all. And it isn't fair to your husband - shouldn't he have a voice in a matter as intimate as this? I'm sorry for you, and I'm sorry for him.

Anonymous said...

1337: have you told that to him?

Anonymous said...

1331: i'm sorry, but you clearly have NO idea what the term 'soul mate' means.

Anonymous said...

soul mates are not linked to sex. Sex is not linked to soul mates. I am sure the first time, the second time, the third time she faked it she didnt' think she was going to have to keep on faking it. I have great sex outside my marriage. Call me what you will, but it can work.

Anonymous said...

Has fidelity been lost forever?
It makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

engaged/married/faithful to 1 man for 27 years. Still the love of my life. It really does happen.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the point was lost Anne. It is what it is. What is unacceptable is her being a skank and a whore and justifying that with the fact that her husband doesn't know how to please her because she won't tell him. She fakes it. It's all her lie. The truth is hardly unacceptable Anne. So piss off sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt that the women that are saying that sex outside their marriage works for them have husbands that think the same thing. If 1/2 of the marriage is being deceived and cheated on, it is NOT working for the whole relationship.

Anonymous said...

3:42, I'm 1337. I told him. He's forgiven me. Thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

#1338 - Yes, he isn't lying. Such is the life of an attorney. If he wants to advance, those are the kinds of sacrifices he will have to make. Sorry. It isn't about you.

Anonymous said...

1337: i'm glad :)

Anonymous said...

1331: STOP FAKING already!

Sex is good, but because you're faking orgasms, he can't figure out what you want.

Maybe he's not listening, but you moaning gives him the wrong idea. Tell him no sex until he figures out what you like...

But YOU need to stop cheating. You're delusional if you think sex with other people is going to benefit your relationship, and I don't even want to think about the number of STDs you are potentially exposing yourself and your "soul mate" to.

Anonymous said...

10:11--I'm 1338. I know it's not about me. I totally believe he's at the office. I just don't think everyone else is there as often as he is. Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

Yep, because when a MAN does it, he's TOTALLY a "whore" and a "skank," right? Yeah, right. The worst he gets is "cheater" or "asshole." So apparently, your equipment dictates how big the sexual sin, like so:
If you have a penis = playa
If you have a vagina = whore/skank

Anonymous said...

Not to judge the "skank" but cheating with 4 men and saying you love your man on the other hand is ridiculous. WTF? How can anyone justify that in any type of relationship without expecting dire consequences? He knows you are faking it or at least suspects it. Sex is lousy for him to, and or he is going through the motions to get his nut off. Skank is doomed. For all others, for the love of god, just communicate in plain english with your spouse.