Monday, March 31, 2008

True Wife Confession 244 Bad Cat

Confession #2431

I love you. I really do want to have a life with you, or should I say
continue having one.

But I will never entirely trust someone, not completely. Not with
everything. Not even you.

Sad isn't it? I think that old saying is right, the ONLY person we
can count on is ourselves.

I will make sure that I can always leave and have a place to go should
I ever need to.

But I do love you.

I want us to work and I want to continue being your wife.

Confession #2432

My Dear Husband,

I don't understand why it is we have to pay your ex child support, for a child that is living in our home. Yes, she may be having a hard time and need the money, but your son came to live with us quite some time ago. Why can't we switch the order. I don't even care if she pays us support or not. It is just ridiculous we have to pay her support for a child that lives with us. We work hard and just because she chooses not to work does not mean we should have to pay her bills. She is your ex and therefore, you should not be paying her expenses, you have not been with this woman for over ten years. I know I may seem a little cold hearted but it makes no sense at all to me, to contusing in paying her this child support.

Confession #2433

I am #2005, written in August shortly after he and I broke up. It is now almost April and there have been some big changes.

Your ex-wife/ girlfriend has been checking my myspace page constantly when she knows we see each other. I do find it amusing that she has no clue how often you call to chat with me though. I'm sure if she did it would be yet another fight between the two of you.

Two days after Christmas, when she told you that she is fine with us being friends, she checked it 15 times in less than 20 minutes! I know it was her because shortly after I started getting a ton of hits on my page I installed two trackers on my myspace homepage. It lists the ISP address, town, internet provider, etc. SOOO guess what company shows up? The one she works for.

I sent you an address change card thing in the mail, sent to your parents house. I didn't have her address so I didn't think it would be a big deal. Jealous woman went into your email account and got my email from it. She sent me an email that contained a total lie as to how long you have been living back with her. I guess she thinks that I really am totally stupid. Gee if you moved back in with her over 6 months ago, why when we went to the football game in November, your mom and I went to see Garth's concert at the movies, Christmas, you were still living at home?

I have a feeling that you are just waiting for the other shoe to drop with her..and I pray it is soon. I wonder if she is cheating again since you are working 2 jobs to pay her bills. I have to say that I would be surprised if she wasn't. I just hope that if she is you find out sooner than later. I have not been sitting around waiting for you, but dating other guys has made me realize just how much we are "THE ONE" for each other. I would never do anything to break the two of you up, and I find it amusing that she thinks I would. Insecurity in a relationship is not a good thing.

I wish you knew how much your oldest daughter hates the fact that you and she are back together and how wrong she thinks that the two of you living together without being married is. But she won't say anything because she doesn't want her mother to hate her.

Gah, I wish I had started dating you right after we started talking, maybe that would have made a difference in July.

I am dating a guy now who is nice, but he picks on my weight, avoids my children, etc. because he says that he doesn't want to become a presence and then disappear when his school load gets too hectic. I understand that, but honestly, I don't want things to be more serious with him.

Confession #2434

To my husband!

Where Should I start? How 'bout with your moodyness! I'm sick and tired of you coming home and ignoring me. A kiss would be nice every once in awhile! You walk in the door and act like you had the hardest day. WHAT ABOUT ME? I'm taking care of our house and our 2 small children. I leave you alone with them for 2 hrs and I come home to a MESS!!! Would it kill you to get off your lazy butt and help out every once in awhile? You put your friends before me and I hate it! You leave me alone to go stay at your friends house. Well guess what.... I wasnt alone some of those times. Thats right! I cheated on you! oh and get this...he was 4 doors down! I didnt think twice about it either. Not to mention when I told you I was going shopping, I actually met with him. We met at a hotel and had sex. GOOD SEX! then I came homw to you! What do you think about that one? What does that say huh? You say you love me but I dont believe you some of those times. You act like you have things so hard. Truth is though, your losing me! Ive thought about leaving you a thousand times. Ive saved money in a private account for when that time comes. I bet my account holds more than yours! If I leave....I'm wiping the savings account out. That will be enough to get me by for awhile. I DONT need you. I went out with my girlfriends a few weeks ago and I know for a fact I can get any guy I want...single OR married! One of these days your gonna walk in the door and find NOTHING!

Confession #2435

Mr Confession #2430

My Sub-Par Life...... your Sub par life … I dated you for 5 years … I can’t believe I hung on that long and to be wed to a man who cannot please me .. I was somewhat prudish at first but you had such a hard time with the fact that I couldn't bear the thought of a penis in my mouth … It didn’t take long after our honeymoon to realize that the sex was borderline and that I would have to make do.. I have been having an affair since our anniversary with a guy I met at the grocery store remember that night when I was with the girls..and I was a little late.. Maybe if you paid attention to my needs and forgot about yourself for once you would get a bit more. He is a passionate lover that gives me the attention I need not to mention multiple orgasms…He has a huge member.. we actually tried the first time but couldn’t because it was too painful but have since been able to enjoy most of it.. … I know you work a lot but so does he … and , he knows how to prioritize… maybe you might realize after this that we are a lot worse off than YOU think…

Love your Sub par wife

Confession #2436

I need help finding my sex drive. I seem to have lost it. Maybe
someone else picked it up and is enjoying it.

Confession #2437

My husband has been sleeping in the guest room because of his slipped
disc. I miss him, but I really like having the bed all to myself.

Confession #2438

I am more pissed off about the fact that you told me you cheated on me than the fact of you cheating in the first place. I am particularly annoyed that you felt the need to share so many details with me. Now you have it all off your chest, while I'm stuck with all kinds of unpleasant images and doubts in my head. Just because you don't remember most of what you say once it leaves your mouth doesn't mean I don't. Next time just find a confessions web site or, better yet, a confessional.

Confession #2439

Not-Above-and-beyond. You said the job I do as a housewife is what every house wife does

Did you know in the 10+years we have been together that is the most hurtful thing you have ever said to me and that just thinking about it today made me cry all over again?

You know how things just reverberate in your head sometimes? How sometimes things just hang on for years? I have a feeling this is one of those.

I wish to god I could think of some insult that would cut you as deeply as that one did me.

Confession #2440

To my POS husband….

I’m not stupid, I know it’s cum all over the toilet in the morning. I also saw it on the computer screen and all your dirty underwear. If you weren’t such a numb nuts I would be attracted to you and we would be having sex. When you walk around with your pimply, cottage cheese, hairy ass hanging out of your pants that are a couple sizes too small and give you dunlap, it is a turnoff. When you don’t groom yourself and you have all kinds of bug legs in your neck, dirty fingernails and yuck mouth it makes me not want to be in the same room with you, much less kiss you! And the way you treat me is horrible! You’re so lazy that you do nothing and lie about everything. You promise to take out the trash, pickup your mess in the yard, clean up your closet, take the nasty used lunch bowls out of our car. But none of it gets done! I am tired of your temper and your tantrums. I want out but I have no where to go! I would much rather sit here raising my kids, spending your money and avoiding you then uproot myself and kids without a stable place to take them!


Anonymous said...

It seems the positive ones are too busy enjoying their lives to submit something for this is a confession site, though.

Anonymous said...

It is strange how often the guy in the affair is always larger than the husband......
It is strange how you can pay attention to a woman, and she gets bored and loses interest. Ignore her, and she does the guy 4 doors down the street.
Oops. Sorry, the dark clouds of monday seem to have taken over me also.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't have sex before marriage, that was your commitment to stick with the sex you got 'til death do you part.

Anonymous said...


You sound very harsh. Your husband isn't cheating- you are. I think he's the one entitled to get pissed off, not you. He can across very loving, very aware of his short comings, and VERY patient. You sould like a brat that he'll well be rid of.
Learn to take a dick in your mouth like a real woman.

Dawn said...

Please remember that while someone might *think* that they know who the confessor Is - they don't.

I have several confessions from different people who thought their husband was 2430.

And learn to take a dick in your mouth like a real woman? THATS definitely the way to get more oral from any woman you may be with. Not.

omnia_vincit_amor said...

11:14 sounds like a real piece of misogynistic work.

Anonymous said...

LOL! True, sorry, I was mad.

I just felt so sorry for the husband.

Anonymous said...

So, in other words, #2430 isn't alone... Even if a respondent to his post isn't his actual wife, she'd be a woman whose husband could have written #2430, so comments on her post wouldn't really be affected by whether she is or isn't the specific wife he mentioned.
There's something about #2435 that inclines me to respond similarly to the "learn to take" comment - even though that response ticks me off, when I reread #2435, I feel it. Something about being sex-friendly, putting up with the browbeating from the "save-it-til-marriage" camp, and then reading a comment like #2435, makes me livid. Since most of the worst crap comes from men who screw girls like me, then dump us for girls like her, I don't feel too much sympathy for #2430 either. Maybe he saved it for marriage too, but it doesn't sound like it.

Anonymous said...

Dawn is correct. One line posted here was so similar to the way my wife speaks that I asked her if she wrote it, but she had not.
A few more observations - 2438: your point is valid, confession takes the burden off the confessor and places it on the one recieving the confession, and your aggravation is justified, especially if it served no purpose other than to pass it on.
Sub-par wife is OBVIOUSLY not sub-par husband's wife.
Listening to women talk is fascinating. Scary as hell, but fascinating. And they even come with funbags......

Anonymous said...

#2439, I know what you mean. Here's a hug. I know that I have issues and that I dwell on things longer than others might. I also know that what your husband (or mine) said was hurtful. If he knew it was hurtful, that just makes it worse. (My husband knows it's hurtful and says it anyway.) I thought that part of being an adult is being mindful of other people's feelings and not saying whatever you want to say whenever you want to say it.
Here's a hug. You do a lot.

Mitzi Green said...

2437--right there with you. there was never a more bittersweet moment in my marriage than when hubby got over the flu and i allowed him to return to our shared bed.

2433--if he picks on your weight and avoids your kids, he's not "a nice guy."

and just a general comment--why is it so much "easier" to lie and cheat and seethe and scheme and stew than to just be open with one's partner and, if things can't be resolved, make a clean break?

oh, and 11:14 anonymous? i know how to take a dick in my mouth like a "real woman"--i just won't do it for anyone who isn't a real man.

omnia_vincit_amor said...


Unless you give 100% to your husband, there will always be walls and doubts. It's better to make a leap of faith together, and communicate openly about EVERYTHING, than to keep ANYTHING from your partner. Keeping a SECRET separate money account is a sign of not really wanting to be in the relationship long-term. As long as you both talk about everything, you'll be able to build trust between the two of you. The more you keep from him, the less you'll trust him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:45, I don't disagree with you for the most part (and as a woman, I am often appalled by men's talk on the Net; misogyny, anyone?) -- but "funbags"?? Eww. My breasts are not there for some dude's amusement. Ok, thanks, bye.

omnia_vincit_amor said...


I appreciated your comment up until the "funbags" bit-- way to be totally rude and chauvinistic. You're completely objectifying women, from being mystified about the way women talk to each other, to using derogatory, puerile language to describe our biology.

I can see that you think we're here for your amusement-- If I didn't know better than to not assume someone *is* someone just because they sound like them, I'd say you're d in anonymous clothing.

Just in case you didn't get all of that, here's the memo:

It's generally considered polite to keep one's objectification and snide comments to oneself.

omnia_vincit_amor said...


You're right, they aren't there for some dude's amusement-- they're actually there to feed offspring.

It's irrational for guys to assume that our breasts were created for their amusement, when, in all actuality, they're very much evolved for a very different purpose.

I just want to second your "EWWW"-- it's fine for them to think that, but I don't take kindly to men who want to objectify my body parts (and thereby, my person), especially when a rational mind knows they aren't really there for him in the first place.

I mean, in my mind, they can go ahead and love em, but they shouldn't overdo the public exclamations over random women's ta-tas.

Anonymous said...

12:45 here.
OUCH!.........Not sure I completely get the objectifying thing, but I surely hope to avoid it in the future.
And I am not "D", OUCH! again.
As far as the funbags word, it developed as a humorous term between my wife and myself, because "t*ts" and "breasts" always seemed awkward. Guess there is some irony there......
As far as the snide comments, they were not intended that way. The problem with the written word is that the nonverbal cues are not there to soften the delivery. My reference to being fascinated by women wasn't intended to be snide. I love the way women look, walk, talk, smell, think, and behave. The way women think, however, has always confused me....and turns me on...and scares the hell out of me.
Sorry, I will go back to lurking. One could make the point that I have interrupted a conversation I was not invited into. I promise to keep quiet, as long as you don't call me "D".

Jhianna said...

Huh, I didn't read anything negative in 12:45's (original) comments until the funbag bit. And then I just winced because that's one of the more objectionable terms for breasts that I've come across.

So I'd say skip referring to women's bits in your comments and keep commenting Anon 12:45 :D

At least, I enjoy hearing male reactions (the non anti-female ones that is). I pointed a few men in my life to this site. The ones that I thought could handle seeing "the other side" of things and might find it enlightening. I skipped telling the ones who would turn into something like "D".

omnia_vincit_amor said...


"If I didn't know better than to not assume someone *is* someone just because they sound like them, I'd say you're d in anonymous clothing."

It's an if-statement, I said you reminded me of d, not that you actually are. Misogyny is something I don't take lightly. :)

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, I just wanted to let you know that your comments probably won't be taken the right way by most women.

Anonymous said...

" I love the way women look, walk, talk, smell, think, and behave."
Amen. But most of all, I really, really really love those soft round love handles up front that we aren't suppose to call "funbags".

Anonymous said...

"Love handles?"
Oh, fer cripes sake, just SAY IT. Breasts. Brrreeeaaassstttsss. BREASTS!!! BREASTS!!! BREASTS!!!!!!!!
And while I'm at it, in honor of a friend of mine, now deceased, who first dared stage "The Vagina Monologues" in our conservative city, Vagiiiinnaaaaa....
--Anonymous 7:06, who likes to call things by their name

Anonymous said...

#2437: I was so amused by your comment. Mainly because it resounds so heavily in my own life. Thank you!

omnia_vincit_amor said...


Right, so you love women "most of all" because of our breasts.

That's objectification, plain and simple.

Call them breasts, treat us with respect, breasts or not.

I'm tired of being treated like I'm just another brainless piece of meat just because I was born with breasts.

This is a place for women, right? All I want as a woman is a little respect, and not to be objectified.

Anonymous said...

To #2433, I read what you said and have to say that I have been through all that too. My was a little different but a lot of what you said I could relate too. =)

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm in the minority here but these terms the guys here are using to describe our breasts is not offensive to me.

They love them! That's a good thing! They don't have to be called by their anatomicaly correct terms all the time, that first guy called them Funbags: Sorry, but he thinks they're fun! He LIKES them, they bring him pleasure and joy. The second guy said love handles: he loves to hold them! What the heck is wrong with that?!
You know girls we battled a first rate woman hater on here for months, and we won that battle. I don't think these men have anything but love and respect for us. Let's not freak out and think we're dealing with another you-know-who.

Mine are small, but perfect, and I always appricate what ever cute names my DH calls them! But for now I will call the left one "Funbag" and the right one will be "Little love handle"!!

Anonymous said...

I am also not offended by breasts being called something other than breasts.

I mean as long as some random guy doesn`t walk up to me grabbing his crotch and saying,

"hey baby, nice TITS!"

Anonymous said...

10:52 -
HERE, HERE! You sound like a lady that is not afraid or resentful of the differences between the sexes. I am in complete agreement with you. Its nice to know there are ladies here and out there that think like me.....the differences are there, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Anonymous said...


Bug legs in his neck?? That must be the most originally descriptive things I've read in a loooong time:)

Anonymous said...

10:52 is obviously not a feminist.

I see nothing respectful about the term "funbags."

Anonymous said...


Your husband sounds a lot like mine, except for the bug legs. Mine definitely lacks in the personal hygiene & grooming departments & it's such a turn off. No wonder I went & cheated on him. And yes, staying with him is easier than uprooting yourself, but I'm starting to consider couldn't be any worse than this.

Anonymous said...

I'm a feminist and I don't give a shit if someone calls my breasts funbags, tits, love handles, rack, stack of dimes, whatever. Just as long as there's equal-opportunity nicknaming for his saggy peach pits. There are better and more important battles.

Objectifying women and appreciating women are different for sure, but I refuse to be androgynous in order to be a feminist. My funbags are for more than feeding my babies. They're also for having hot sex with my husband. And that's fun.

And I'd argue that giving 100% of yourself to your marriage is not healthy, unless you're satisfied with having your self-image be completely tied to your spouse.


Anonymous said...

These woman think they are the only one cheating...they dont know what their husbands are doing.. they prolly must be enjoying young girls and tired of seeing your bored ugly asses..We men can also cheat your enjoying having an affair with one guy we fuck many woman...
guys can never be trustful...