Friday, February 09, 2007

True Wife Confessions 156 ideas to keep warm

Confession #1551

Sometimes I hate you my husband. Deep down I do love you, but you've made a
mess of our lives these past four years. You wanted to own your own company
- that was fine, it was your dream. What wasn't fine was getting us into
over $150,000 in debt in just 3 years. Now we have no way out. You had to go
away to work last month to make extra money for us - just to get by, and you
know what... I don't miss you one bit. I am so full of resentment about our
financial run that it is eating away at me. We owe the tax man so much money
that they might put a lien on our house - or we could go bankrupt and they
can take our house and sell it. Guess what idiot - you do have to pay taxes!
They do catch up with you, now they've caught up with the fact that you
didn't pay a fucking dime in the past year to any of our creditors and now
we're screwed. So when you call and say you miss me and you miss our two
young daughters, I don't feel one bit sorry for you, you made this mess, you
better get us out or I'm gone.

Confession #1552

Dear Lazy Husband,
So when you left for deployment I lost the rest of my baby weight. Then I found the man that I was physically attracted to more then you. We had sex and I swallowed for him. Then when I went the club w my friend I found another physically attratctive man that I slept with. I continued to sleep with different men until I found HIM. I am now in love with HIM. and HE loves me. HE treats me better than you could ever. I said we could go to counseling to see if we could salvage our marriage. I lied. I don't want to. I want to leave you and start a life for myself and our children. I know you only know about the last man. And I also know that you don't know that we are in love. I don't want you to know about that. I know you want to know HIS name so that you can ruin HIS career. I will never tell you. I will tell you another man's name before I will ever tell you HIS real name.HE means more to me than you ever did. You put me through hell for 4 years. You made me feel like it was my fault we didn't ever have the boy that you wanted. I told you that I didn't want anymore children. I lied about that also. I want to have HIS babies. And if we can make it work than i will.I feel better.

Confession #1553

You want to know why the wound won't heal? Why I continue to get upset every time yet another friend announces her pregnancy? Because in addition to being sad that we won't be trying to start our own family this summer like we thought, I feel like it is my fault. Because I didn't lose weight last year, and I need to, because I'm the one who brought the debt into the marriage that we are still paying off, and it's my fault that the debt tripled last year. So in addition to mourning what won't be, I feel like it is my fault. And I'm afraid that we won't be able to get pregnant for some reason, and it'll be my fault and I'll regret that we're putting it off. That's why I cry every time one of my friends says they are expecting, because not only does it hurt, but I feel guilty too and it's too much to bear.

Confession #1554


I have intentionally mis-matched your socks. You are so anal-retentive
that I know it messes up your whole day. Next time, don't piss me off
when I'm putting laundry away. Be grateful that I do it!!!

Confession #1555

There is guy at work who I know likes me. I've caught myself daydreaming about it. We chat a bit at work... what makes it complicated is that you work there too, dear hubby. I don't know if I honestly feel guilty about thinking these things. I daydream about being with this guy, I dream about sex that I enjoy - where it doesn't end up with me getting hurt from all the pinching and biting (that turns you on... but NOT all the time for me). Maybe it's just the thought of being on the same wavelength in bed... that we haven't had in such a long time, that is why I've thought about having sex... hell, fucking....this other guy.

If I ever did it... and you found out... I know it would kill you. Literally. You are not the most healthy guy on the planet. Having a bad heart, makes me reconsider taking it any further. But I really wish - if I could get away with it - and not have the concequences... that I really would want to have sex with the other guy. To feel so wanted - it really turns me on. Makes me realize that I've not lost my touch.

But I've not done much more than talk to the guy. I get excited at the thought of him in me. You dear hubby would be clueless - and I'm not sure I could. I'm hesitant. Maybe because I don't want to dip my pen in too much company ink. I just crave having something "different" in my life... spice it up... I just want to be naughty.

I know it doesn't work that way... but god, it's so damn tempting. I wonder if the other guy would want to take it any futher... he's in a relationship... but who knows. I know he's not happy... I kind of wish he'd try to take it to the next level... I want to kiss him. I want to feel him getting hard. I don't even know if has to be sex - just the thrill of the chase is such a turn on.

I really do care about you hubby... but I just don't know if we connect so well on that level. I thought it would get better with communication - but it's more about what turns you on... and I just have to suck up the pain. I think if I could get off on the thrill of the hunt with this other guy... I probably would.

Confession #1556

I don't know what is happening with our sex life. I just know it barely clings to existence. You tell me when we talk that you are still attracted to me, and I know you aren't cheating on me and I know you aren't looking at porn, and I think I believe you when you say you are happy with things, but would enjoy more frequent sex. But then, why don't you ever initiate sex? Ever? I don't know what to think and initiating sex feels like one more chore, and I hate that.

Confession #1557

You were my hero when I was abandoned while pregnant. You told me I was beautiful when I felt fat and ugly. You told me you loved me and had never even touched me. You came to the hospital the day my daughter was born, took one look at me with my no makeup, hair a mess, bloated beyond belief and told me that you had never seen someone so beautiful in your entire life. I fell in love with you like no other man I have ever loved in my entire life. I felt your kiss all the way to my toes. When my daughter turned 5 months old, we finally did the deed. Then things changed. Feelings changed. I loved you completely with every cell of my being, but your feelings started to change. A year and a half has gone by and now you’re back at my door trying to come in. I let you in once again. But the sex sucks!! How can I teach you that I am not a heavy metal air guitar to be plucked at violently. I am sensitive. My body parts are sensitive. The women who told you it felt good deserve to be hurt because they LIED to you!!. Why? Why can’t it be mind blowing like that first kiss? Why do you have to suck in bed? I’m going to go home and cry now. After I call to hear your sweet voice.

Confession #1558

You and our son were gone this weekend. I thought it would be nice to have you guys gone...get things done. It wasn't. I couldn't sleep, the house (regardless of the fact that we have a HUGE dog and two cats) was empty without you. For all the whining I do, I know I have it good. I'm sorry I am such a nag sometimes, but I am truly grateful for the fact that you love me and that we are married, a couple.

I will continue to work on us til' the day I die. You are my other half and I am only so lucky to have found you in this lifetime. I can NOT even begin to fathom what it would be like without you two in my life (and the other little guy on the way as well!).

I love you with all that I am.

Even if I did get a bunch of stuff done, I would have rather had you two home with me messing the house up!

Confession #1559

I wish you would do something to actively train the dog. I don't understand why you can't see that yelling at the dog is ineffective. The problem is that we, yes - we, are not consistent. But it makes it worse when you encourage the dog to act in aggressive ways by wrestling with him and not making him go through commands to get what he wants. Just read the stupid training book already!

Confession #1560

To my husband, from the beginning i have lied. i was not on birth control like i said. that is how i got pregnant. then i lied when i said that i wanted to marry you. i forced you into the military so that we could have something. i thought that you would realize that you needed me. i thought that being away from your family would let you put me and our child first. never happend. then i wanted the second baby. when we found out it was another girl you made me feel like it was my fault. you were not uspportive throughtout either one of my pregnancies. never once rubbed my feet and even when i was in labor you couldn't step away from your mother long enough to keep rubbing my back during the contractions. we finally were able to live together and you pissed it away. you treated me like shit and our daughters. made me feel like it was my fault we had nothing. you didn't want me to work. we had been together almost 4 yrs before you asked me why i never had an orgasm w you. how can you be that selfish? i was relieved when you left for deployment. i never missed you while you have been gone. yes i lost 20 lbs. and yes i have cheated. just so i could feel like it was a privilege for someone to sleep with me. i have slept w 7 men since you have been gone. i don't feel bad about that. there were some great lovers in there. they made me feel special even when we both knew that is was a one time thing. but now i have fallen in love w the last man. he is the man that i have always wanted. he loves me back. more so than you could ever show. he loves me. he doesn't mind the stretch marks or the crazy hair that i have. he doesn't care when i wear my glasses. he loves all of that about me. he is nothing like you. he makes me feel like i can be me. i can tell him all of my dirty sexual fantasies. he has never judged me on them. he wants to take me up on my offers. he wants to make me cum like you couldn't. yes we lay in our bed together. yes he has met our children. i lied to you about those things. i know you know about him. you will never know the details. i will never tell you that the girls and i go over there when he has his son. that our children play together. that our youngest likes him so much. that our oldest thinks he is sooo funny. he is so respectful of me. he thinks of me first. like you never did. yes i am sorry that i hurt you. but i am not sorry for being with him. when you get back i agreed to go to couseling. i said that we could make it work. i lied. i am going to build a new life w the other man. he wants me to have his baby. i want to have his. even though i told you i didn't want anymore children. so there.


Anonymous said...

Are 1552 and 1560 the same person. If not, that's a crazy weird coincidence.

It's funny though, being deployed. The guys who are so good and don't do bad stuff have wives back home cheating on them. And the guys with the faithful wives waiting for them back home are dogs. NOT ALWAYS the case, just seems to be that way sometimes.

Anonymous said...

#1552- If you were so unhappy, you should have divorced him.

#1560 - You admit to all these lies, to making both of you miserable, and you have the gall to call HIM selfish??

(picks jaw up off floor)

Anonymous said...

it is shitty to cheat on a deployed person period.

i dont understand how being unhappy with one guy will lead you to another relationship. that shit perpetuates, and the excitement that you feel with the new guy? that will fade too.

i guarantee there's another woman sick of his shit. you just haven't been around long enough to see it.

most of all, i wish ya'll had some more feeling of self-worth.

your life is more than being a sex object. you have children for god sake.

Anonymous said...

#1552 & # 1560

My finace' is in the NAVY and I think it's really shitty of you fucking women who give all of us a terrible name. For this very reason a lot of people think military wives/gfs/fiance' are just a bunch of fat, lazy, cheating bitches. So not the case. Thanks a lot for that, assholes.

Anonymous said...

1553 -
Love and strength. I hope you get to have your own beautiful baby when the time is right for you.

Anonymous said...

I think 1552 and 1560 ARE the same person.

I used to be in the military. I have seen women FLOCK to the on base bars when their husbands are away and it's disgusting. They all claim they are miserable. At the same time, I have seen "miserable" men bang everything they can get their dicks in WHILE deployed.

If you are so MISERABLE...GET OUT. Not getting out makes you lazy.

Anonymous said...

1552: From one military wife to another, you are the kind that shame the rest of us and put negative labels on us. While you husband was gone defending our country (weather in a war zone or not), you took it upon yourself to open your legs and let several come aboard. Quit being a tramp. If you didn't want to be with your husband anymore at least have the decency to tell him and end if before starting to whore around. I know what its like to have a husband gone for months on end, to have to care for your child(ren), and to be lonely. But I also know how good it feels to embrace my husband when he returns and be swept away in his loving arms. Wives like you make me sick.

Anonymous said...

whoa... not good. 1552 and 1560 sound like the same chick almost. Women like that are why some men overseas kill themselves. Yes, it happens. One guy from my ex's battalion got a "dear john" letter, picked up his M-16, and walked away from the camp. Somehow, men and women who cheat while their spouse is deployed or while they're deployed are the worse kind of cheaters (not that there is a right kind).

omnia_vincit_amor said...

It sounds like 1552 and 1560 have figured out what they want, and I think it's up to them to go for what they think will make them happiest.

Marriage is what you make of it... and if it isn't working, then get out of it.

Life happens. Make the most of it.

Anonymous said...

#1552 & #1560---

Such appalling behavior, no matter the circumstances.

And to write about it self-righteously like you are some sort of victim.

#1560--I hope you are not confusing your poor children by bringing them to your lover's house and acting as lovers in front of them. What are they supposed to say when you take them home to their daddy? If you are, my God, that is just low.

Anonymous said...

Uh-Oh, someone said tramp and whore. Ohhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhh. I can feel the wrath.

Anonymous said...

Out of 156 ideas to keep warm, apparently about 148 of them involve having sex with random men.

Anonymous said...

1552- I'm almost willing ot give the benfit of the doubt bc it sounds like there wer possible emotional abuse issues

1560- you honey are the lowest form of scum, lower than low

Anonymous said...

Yep. 1552 and 1560 are the same person. Only 1560 is 1552 after a few drinks. Cheers. Poor kids.

Di said...

#1554-I have always held that more marriages break up over laundry than finances and adultery combined!

Anonymous said...

1552/1560, you actually think HE is selfish? WTF? If you own a mirror, go take a long hard look. The selfish, nasty, hateful one? That's you. The slutty, unloving, disgusting one? That's you too. You should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

1552/1560 - I will pray for your husband's safe return so he can come home and take your children away from the unstable and immoral environment you have provided for them. To involve them in your adultry is beyond reprehensible. I started to ask you how you would feel if he were killed over there and you were left knowing how you had betrayed him, but somehow I don't think it would bother you. It is probably what you want. You make me sick.

Anonymous said...

1552, 1560: All very nice, but where will you be keeping your Mother of the Year trophies?

Anonymous said...

If this sight is about truthfulness then it would be untruthful of me not tell those women they are homewrecking whores.

Christal said...

The reason they dont care if they get killed is because of the life insurance they would get! SICK! It is sad that the soldiers get treated this way while they are gone fighting for their loved ones freedom. I am a PROUD military wife and I know where I stand with my husband and he knows where he stands with me...

Anonymous said...

1551- I could have written your post. My hubby also started his own business 4 years ago. I told him it was a bad idea. I told him we weren't ready for the risk. But who was I to stop him from going after his dream. Now we have nothing, not even the business. Our credit is ruined and we are only 27. We may never buy a house. I hope you get to keep yours. I hope you husband can rectify his mistakes. Mine is very sorry, but when is sorry not enough?

Anonymous said...


Sounds to me like it is all about revenge. By the way, your boyfriend's career has already been you. Adultry is a punishable offense in the military.

Anonymous said...

#1551 - get a job yourself you slut. Laying there with your legs in the air, while you accomadate the next sperm donation is worth at least $50 a throw.

BTW - bankruptcy is not forever and certain tangible assests, ie your house, is protected. Get off you dumbass and do something to support your husband. Work with him, not against him.

You slut.

Anonymous said...


Let me guess - you look at your husband as a wallet, don't you?

You'll stick around as long as he coughs up the dough, but the moment it goes bad, you're outta here.

What ever happened to "for richer, for poorer"?

Your husband was chasing his entrepreneurial dreams. He tried, and he failed. Hopefully, he learned from his failure, which will make him more attractive to venture capitalists and angel investors the next time he looks for startup funding.

But you - you don't have the balls to even try anything like that, do you? Why don't you get a job and help contribute to the family finances? Why don't you drag your husband to a financial counsellor, who can help plan a way out of this mess?

Oh no - you won't do anything constructive or supportive. Instead of putting your shoulder next to his, you've climbed onto his back. And now you're jumping up and down on his back, screaming "Where's the money?"

Here's some advice: Leave your kids, and divorce your husband.

Then put the pedal to the metal and learn what it really means to take risks, stand on your own two feet, and support yourself for a change. Wear the pants for a change, and be the woman you claim to be.

Your kids will be better off without a gold-digging, unsupportive mother like you. Your husband will be better off without you. And maybe, just maybe, you'll be better off without them too.

Anonymous said...

wow 1552/1560 you lied about birth control you lied about wanting to get married you forced him into the military? He treated you like shit? Seems like you treated him like shit first. Karma baby it always gets you.

Dayngr said...

I just love this blog!

Proud Member of eMail Our Military

Anonymous said...

9:51PM Right on! I've through hard times and I'm talking hard times but I stood true. 1552/1560 This girl is a whore that's right girl no self respecting woman would act like she is. I hope your girls grow to hate you for making them part of your adultery.

Your marriage hits a rough spot be a whore that's right WHORE. Grow the FUCK up and learn how to deal with your problems!

Anonymous said...

1552-1560...I'm a pilot's wife. Do you know what deployments are like for us? 12 months away and if we're lucky, 12 months home. I've stuck by my husband through thick and thin, richer or poorer. I only wish that your husbands are smart and have that insurance money set into trust funds for your kids and that no matter what, you can't touch it. I understand the loneliness. If you aren't happy, get out and let the man have a life of his own instead of living a lie with you. Karma is a bitch. And remember, that man you are sooo happy with now will be deployed too. You going to whore around on him too?

Unknown said...

wow, it's nasty in here :(

For the woman who mentioned being hurt while having sex - that is violence, and completely unacceptable. Counselling might be something to try? If it doesn't stop, if he is unwilling to stop - well, I'm in no place to tell anyone what to do, but I seriously recommend getting out of the relationship. Lots of luck to you - I sincerely hope you can get help for this.

Anonymous said...

These military wives/girlfriends are unbelievably embarrassing to me.

You're the reason the stereotype of the promiscuous gold digging wife/girlfriend won't ever go away. The reason why I will ALWAYS get looks, no matter how faithful I am.
...And it's true.

How can you rationalize spreading your legs to some random guy while yours is out there sucking dirt/sand in the field, or being shot at?

I mean really?....Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

#1553 I don't know what debts you have, but be strong, pray hard, and hopefully if you have a true husband he will stick by you and be strong with you. God can make a way.

Anonymous said...

1554, that's mean but cute.

Anonymous said...

1555 is it worth your marriage and can you be okay with yourself for doing it. If you answer yes to these questions your marriage is done IMHO. Just end it. If sex is the only problem while it's a big one, don't add more. You'll start a vicious cycle, I garuntee it. And I bet others can tell you. It may be exciting but what's it worth to you.

1557 you have to be honest and open with hubby if the sex is sucking. Don't tell us tell him. He needs to know. Tell him in a loving way and I'm sure he'll jump to try to fix the problem. A lot of men aren't good with the penis get him into the oral. Why do women feel they have to suffer through this? Men want to help. Say something. Nothing makes a man feel better than knowing his woman is satisfied.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say to 1152 & 1560, I read your post that you posted after these two, admitting that this was the same person... and while I have to admit you tried to defend yourself, you won't have much luck. I dated a Marine for awhile, and I watched as girlfriends/wives/fiancees and family memebers said goodbye to those guys getting deployed, and the heartbreak it caused. I also saw first hand the devastation that it caused when they came home to find that those same women/men weren't being faithful to them. I also saw what happened to a career when a woman is cheating with another military official while her husband is deployed... you don't want to ruin the other mans career?! You already have... and you obviously have no idea. Bases have ears & eyes everywhere me.

And you do give those of us who are/have been faithful a bad name... maybe you should've thought about what life was going to be like BEFORE you pushed him into military life...

Anonymous said...

Hi. Came on here looking for some kind of insight. Anyway, at the very least... I'm happy for you that you got some of your feelings out SOMEWHERE. (A few of these seemed so angry and painful that they made me cry...) And then the stoning cluck-clucking from all the other angry hens, man... That, in and of itself, was almost too much and we've never even met! So... I say good for you in a roundabout, if you all feel what you did was right. If not, might help to find a therapist (or someone like that) if everybody involved thinks things are worth working out - hope that life improves a little bit for EVERYBODY here. Take care.

kel said...

I can not believe these women!!! This is absolutely appalling! I have been with my Marine for 4 years. We are expecting (his) first child (my second) in Jan. I am so miserable, lonely and depressed but I would NEVER cheat on him. I can't even fathom the pain they are causing their men and their families! How could you do that? I cry all the time because it's been months since I have even spoken to him, let alone see him. I know that he is doing this for us and I love him to death for that! I pray and God gives me amazing strength to get through the days. I don't even know what I would do if he died. These women should be so ashamed that they can treat someone they are supposed to be devoted to so horrible. The men that get cheated on, usually are the good men. So sad. It won't stop me from trusting mine won't cheat on me. These so called "women" don't have very high self esteem, if any. I feel bad for their souls. May God have mercy on them. :(