Monday, February 12, 2007

True Wife Confessions 157 ways I hate to admit that I like Justin Timberlake

Confession #1561

I've been wondering about you for about ten years now. Our sex life was fantastic, and we could talk for hours. I used to regret not giving us a better chance, and for not taking the leap to move to New York. I came across a box of old love letters last week, and then I remembered. You were a selfish, pompous ass. When I was depressed about the bad job market you suggested I come to New York and be a good housewife, since I'd never pull in big bucks like you. (How does $126K a year sound?) I remember the time you made fun of my mom, who worked 12 hour days and kept the house running, but made mashed potatoes from a box. I remembered how you pressured me to have sex, even though I had been in a serious car accident the day before. I'm glad I can finally take off the nostalgia-colored glasses and move on.

Confession #1562

When we met, you knew that I was going to be leaving the country.

You told me that it didn't have to be the end, because when you love something, you do whatever you can to keep it, no matter the time or expense.

You looked into my eyes and told me that you loved me and wanted to spend the rest of your life with me.

You told my best friend that you were going to marry me.

And now, for the last 3 weeks, you wont even talk to me. Your phone is turned off. You wont respond to emails.

So I called and left a message for you at work. At you called me back and yelled at me for leaving a message.

You told me that you push people away.

That you are busy.

That you miss people, but you aren't yearning for anyone and you are not losing sleep at night.

And all I had asked you was should I buy the plane ticket for March while I am on Spring Break.

I know that you are stressed out. But really, you need to get whatever crawled up your ass out of it. I will be coming in March, because I bought the ticket 10 minutes after we got off the phone.

But it wasn't because you asked me to. It was because I needed to. I am going to come see you and see your eyes when I talked to you. Because then I will know what the hell I need to do.

I am scared that March may be the last time I ever see you. But I will walk away from you if this crap doesn't stop.

And it doesn't matter how much I love you. Or how much I want you.

Because I deserve more than this.
I demand more than this.
I am WORTH more than this.

Confession #1563

4 years. 4 years I put up with your lies, your drinking, your childish behavior, your unbelievable mood swings, your inconsiderate friends, your total disrespect for me as a human being. Now that I have cut you loose and moved on and am finally happy, why won't you go away? I've moved, I've changed my #. Take a hint asshole.

Yes I have been in contact with another woman who you were seeing at the same time as me. She emailed me, not the other way around. Stop calling me a bitch and a psycho for confirming that I am not the crazy one, you are. You told her the same BS you told me. Her and I feel better for knowing its not us - it YOU! You could at least invent some new material.

When your brother died I sent a donation and a sympathy card to your parents. This does not make me a cold hearted bitch because I chose not to talk to you. Do you remember when my Dad died 2 years ago and you told me "to get over it, he was a drunk and deserved to burn in hell"? Yeah, well your brother was a lot of things but I have a hell of a lot of more class than you do and won't go there.

Stop emailing me one day and telling me you love me and miss me and your sorry...and then 12 hours later calling me every name in the book and making up vile lies about my son.

Go away. Far far away and forget you ever knew me.

Confession #1564

I really try to be ok with your sex toy, and most days I am. I think to myself, 'At least he's not a cheater like those other guys!', and just push it out of my mind. But there are days, like today when I'm feeling very bad about myself and my weight and I get so resentful. Angry! Especally when you said it was "the shit". It seems the moment you admitted it to me our sex life has gone way way down. Yet the porn usage on your computer has gone way way up! Then I do feel like you are a cheater. You're using that thing while your looking at naked, skinny girls. Is that any better?

Some days I want to stay fat, huge just to keep you away from me. To keep a distance between us because I'm so hurt. Other days I would love to lose weight just so I could tell you "No. You can go fuck yourself, literally!" Other days, like today, I'm just so sad. Just sad. I want to be with you, but feel so inferior. Like I'm no good. I'm just a plain, fat housewife that could never give you the time of your life, so why bother?

I know that I'm supposed to lose this fat for me, and maybe it will help to get this off my chest. I love you so much and I know you love me, why did you have to bring that thing into our house, into our lives and expect me to be ok with it? I'm not and it makes me feel like a piece of shit.

Maybe one day I'll tell you this in person.

Confession #1565

Dear Soon to be Husband,

I love your mom and sisters. They're wonderful people and I'm so glad they welcomed me in with open arms and hearts. I couldn't have hoped for better. However I HATE your father. He's a jackass plain and simple. He's the male version of a Harridian. How many times can he harrass you about changing the goddamn oil in your car? Showing him that we keep a case of oil in the trunk didn't seem to do the trick so what will it take? How does he not realize that by coming at everyong with such comtempt and bitterness turns everyone away from him. Why is he always so confrontational about simple small things? Does he not realize that NONE of his children want to be alone with him at any time? That all of his children's SO's are extremely uncomfortable around him? Does he not realize that ALL of his children operate on the assumption that he does not love or even respect them and how much this beats them down?

I WILL NOT LET YOU BECOME LIKE HIM. Our future children WILL NEVER have to doubt that BOTH of their parents love them. If one or all of them inherit your Dyslexia I WILL NEVER let them feel as worthless as your dad makes you feel for having it. YOU are an amazing person and will be an incredible father... And I can't wait until that day.

Love, Your Soon to be Wife

Confession #1566

When you called me today while I was at work to tell me you had gone to court and gotten a restraining order against me and temporary emergency custody of our son I realized that you really were crazy.

How dare you freak me out with such a lie. I am a fantastic parent and we both know it. I have never done anything in his two years of life to fathom a need for you to have temporary EMERGENCY custody of him.

How stupid of me to panic all the way to my mom’s to make sure you did not leave with him. And how dare you for thinking to could talk yourself out of this lie.

You have no right to do the things to me that you do. I have lived upset since found out I was pregnant with him because you have made my life a mess.

I love your daughter with all my heart but I can not live this lie that we can be friends and raise these two together anymore. You have caused too much damage. To all of us!

Confession #1567

My Darling Husband:

I love how you never ever allow me to tear down my self image and self esteem. You are wonderful at always building me up and making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. In your eyes, I know I am.

I love you sweetheart!

Confession #1568

We aren't dating anymore - and I am fine with that. Occasionally you get in touch and propose that we "get together" for an evening. I know that you have a girlfriend. I ask you why you are still inviting me to your bed.

You tell me that you can't be honest with her about the things you want in bed. That I was the only one you could be honest with this about - you like to be submissive. You want a dominant woman. You want to be fucked with a strap on - that I was the only woman that you didn't feel ashamed of telling these fantasies to -

But sweetie, I ask, why not ASK her? If you think this will work out - ASK HER. Because this is the type of thing that will break you up later. If she can't love and accept and be adventurous with you in can you know that she is the right person for you?

And I am sad for you, because I don't think you ever will ask her - and I know that you will keep asking me. We all deserve to be happy.

Confession #1569

When I tell you that something hurts do not tell me that I am being a wimp and then shrug it off. I have a fairly high pain threshold so when I say it hurts it really does. Sometimes you do not realize your own strength and end up hurting me (and sometimes leaving bruises) when we are joking around. It stops being funny real quick when it gets painful.

Confession #1570

I know that you both have your doubts, so here it goes. Yes, I am sleeping with both of you. It’s not something that’s consistent, but I am fucking both of you. I am single and I can get away with it. I am trying to figure out who I am most compatible with and it hasn’t been an easy task, so until then I will just keep sleeping with both of you. It would be so much easier if I combine the two of you. Who knows...maybe neither one one of you is "the one."


Anonymous said...

1562 - Y0u shouldn't have wasted your money or your time. The minute he stopped taking your calls and answering your email you should have taken a hint and moved on. You say you'll walk away if this crap doesn't stop. Walk away now or do you need a ton of bricks to fall on your before you actually get it? YOu stated Because I deserve more than this.
I demand more than this.
I am WORTH more than this.
Too bad you don't actually believe it.

Anonymous said...

1561 - Sometimes the past is better left in the past.

Anonymous said...

Confession #1563 - Stop replying and he'll stop contacting you.

Anonymous said...

#1564 - Turnabout is fair play. Go get yourself the biggest, fattest dildo and vibrator you can find and go to town girl!

Anonymous said...

#1565: Before you get married check for signs that your soon to be husband isn't like his father or your future children will be in a living hell. Once you're married with children it is too hard and too complicated to just get out and the damage to your children may be irrepairable. Take a cold hard look because his family is going to be YOUR family FOR LIFE.

Dayngr said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

#1569 Visit Domestic Violence and Abuse:
Types, Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Effects

Anonymous said...

#1564- I so agree. You need to get a huge dildo, you bigger than him, and go to town. Brag about it. It will make hime feel like shit...or at least should.

I am a big girl too so I understand you...communication is the best thing you could do. Soooo communicate through the dildo!

Anonymous said...

1562: I hope you decide not to go to where ever this dickhead is and change your ticket to go somewhere fun. You are going to take your trip and it's going to be a miserable one. If he's not taking your calls, emails, and telling you he pushes people away...that's a huge hint honey. He's probably got another woman and needs to keep you a secret. If he sees you and it's all happy until you leave and he pulls this shit again, what will you do then? Fly over to see him again? That's ridiculous. Get a man where ever you live and enjoy the frequent flyer miles together instead of running all over trying to get this loser to talk to you.

1564: I agree with everyone else, get yourself a huge vibrator and when he's sitting there watching tv, whip it out and tell him IT'S THE SHIT.

Anonymous said...

Some of these are good confessions, but there are not many by actual wives...

Anonymous said...

1570 - If you can't decide, I think that's your answer right there. The right person would be obvious.

Anonymous said...

1566 - Get out and get your own custody papers...before he really strong!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, admitting you like JT is the first step to recovery ;-)

If we're honest, we all have a little Timberlake love in us.

Anonymous said...

He's just not that into you.

Anonymous said...

#1563 some men can be total assholes. I'm sorry to hear this and I hope (if you're a praying woman) that you pray on this and see what you can do to get out of this horrible situation.

#1564 If he's not being intentionally mean to you don't feel bad. If he is he's an asshole and needs to know it. But don't draw away, that's the first step to marital breakdown. Believe it or not fat is not the end of a person's sex life.

Hear's a trick wear: something sexy and try being sexually agressive. Tease him (a man can have a sex toy but wants real flesh) a little. Tell him he's yours and you will have him. He'll probably resist for a second (as he becomes turned on).

While you may be trying to lose the weight try buying sexy clothes for bigger women will also make you feel better.

And yes you should get a dildo but don't bow out to a sex toy. I'm think he could use the dildo on you and vice-versa. Don't bow down to a sex-toy. Before you do any of this let him know how you feel. If he's comforting then do this, if he's an ass about it then I think counseling maybe needed. No real man wants to be an ass to his wife. Add whip cream to the equation and I'm sure your love life will burn a little brighter. ;)

Anonymous said...

#1564 also if he's not being intentionally mean to you don't be resentful, he may just be a dunderhead. Laugh it off and when you're horny just take him.