Sunday, October 14, 2007

True Wife Confessions Room 215: Hotel Dusk

Confession #2141

You know that guy that you tease me about....the one you think I want...well I do. I didn't at first...not even a little. But you treat me like shit. You don't tell me you love me, need me, miss me, want me...EVER! I do everything I can to make you happy, and the more I am apart from you...the more that I don't want to move to be with you. The more I realize that I am fine without you-better than fine. I've hung out with him every night this week...with friends, and nothing happened with us...but he's normal...he talks to me, pays attention to me, and actually tries to advise me on what do with you...I know he's attracted to me, and its taking everything in me not to act on it. You haven't called me in WEEKS-oh wait, yea when you needed money you did, but other than that nothing. I need attention, i need love...i at the very least need you to act 1/2 as good to me, as i do to you. I never thought I would get to the point where I don't care about you anymore...But I'm almost there. It is physically draining for me to put so so so much effort into our relationship and reap none of the benefits. I need to be with someone attentive, and fun, and loving...someone who wants to kiss me, and hold me...someone like him. I wish you would change, but I know you never will.

Confession #2142

I told you that if you didn't stop drinking I would leave you. You quit and now I feel like I am stuck with you. Now I feel like my 'out' is gone. The drinking was only one of the things I don't like about you but I figured one thing at a time. I never expected you to actually stop drinking, I mean hell, you would tell me you weren't going to drink and you were on your way home but you would actually be on your way to the bar. I figured an addiction like that would definitely win out over me, but no, you stopped, at least I think you did.
The other things that bother me about you are that you are whiny, selfish, self indulging, overweight, immature, irresponsible, slob, bad lover, minute man, uncaring, paranoid, and you act so old. You are only 36 yet you act like you are 80. During our 9 months together so far I have almost left you several times, I have cried dozens of times, and we are down to having sex once a week? I am only 30, I'm pretty f'n hot, and I love you, yet you continue to treat me like this person that is inferior to you. You over explain everything like I am stupid or something. You tell me how to drive and not in a very pleasant manner at all. You're a dick, and as much as I do love you, I know that you are no good for me. One day I'll get over loving you and at that point I'll be gone. Then you can do your own laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. Ass.

Confession #2143

I have $1,000 in a money market account you do not know about. My great aunt sent the money from the trust set up by my great grandparents. You are a terrible saver and the only way I know that money will not be spent on crap is if you do not know about it. It is for EMERGENCY only.

Confession #2144

I realized what it is this evening. You leave the door open to pee when
it is just you, me and our son, but if the girls are home you close the
door. I totally understand why you close the door and there is nothing
wrong with closing the door. I just realized that if the girls were
yours too you would probably leave the door open to pee even if they
were home. I wish the girls were yours so that there would never need
to be closed doors again, we would just be a bit more free wouldn't we?

Confession #2145

I just need to get this off my chest. I am married and I don’t want to be. I have been married 3 times before this one. I have only one conclusion: I don’t like being married.

I am a grown women, own my own home and my children are grown. I like my own space. I was raised where you should be married and I don’t like it. I’m not selfish. I would give my life for my daughters, but I just don’t like living with someone. God knows I have given it my best shot.

I would love for my husband to move out and let me have MY house back. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is a nice enough person. I feel like I am his mother. I am already someone’s Mother and a damn good one at that. I have made mistakes and I have made plenty of real doozies.

Why I ask these group, do I feel guilty that I can’t stand being married? I have a good job and can support myself.

Maybe, I don’t want to grow old alone….but what the hell be miserable until I get old???????????

I am not a bar fly or just go around and pick up men, it just seems right at the time. I will say, I would rather have a companion that lived in a different house. He could visit me and we could go out on dates. I have to learn to say NO when I get a big rock stuffed on my finger. Truly, I believe that I am the type of person that does not need to be married.

I am miserable and I have fixed this problem in the past, so I guess I will have to fix it again. I don’t like to fail, but we all fail at one thing or another… I guess mine is marriage and I am the queen of failure when it comes to the sacrament of marriage.

P.S. I don’t hate this husband at all….. he is just a spoiled brat and he gets on every nerve that I have.

I have worked hard to have a nice life and I feel like he is an intruder.

Confession #2146

I know you come on here and read this sometimes. After I told you that I read it all the time you asked if I have ever posted something and now you check it to see if you can find mine. I have posted once and it was an angry post to my ex but it listed all of the wonderful qualities that you have and he doesn't. You are my best friend. No one knows me better than you, I trust no one more than I trust you. I am in love with you. I can tell by the way you look at me, the wonderful things you say to me, the way you tell me you miss me. the way you send me my favorite flowers "just because I'm your bff", I can tell that you love me too. Because of your situation we can not be anything but friends. You have told me that you don't love her anymore but you are afraid of raising your wonderful kids alone and you know that she won't get them nor do you want her to. I want to tell you that you would never be alone. I will always be there for you just the way you have been here for me with my kids. I have never told you how I feel truly but I am sure you know, you can read me like a book. I wish we could just take our kids and run away together. There have been times I could feel how much you want me... your hugs that last longer than they should and the way you hold me for those hugs, the way the kisses on my cheek are so close to my lips, the way your hand brushes my face and even just the look in your eyes. You tell me that if it weren't for her, we could be so much more. You say you wish we met before you married her. I have so much respect for you because you haven't slept with me, not that I am trying or we haven't had the chance, but you don't want to have an affair. I total understand, but isn't that what we are doing? It is an emotional affair. We talk every morning on the way to work, we talk all day at work and on the drive home. You talk to me all night after she goes to bed. You call me and e-mail me all weekend when she isn't around. We talk more than you talk to her. I know more of your deep inner feelings than your own wife. You send me little notes, sweet emails, leaving me little messages, you are sad if we don't get to talk. I would never tell you to choose between me and your wife and I would never tell you to leave her for me. Yes I have told you to leave her but that was before when we only had feelings for each other as friends. No matter how much I love you, I am not going to play this game forever. You tell me I should have been "the one who got away" but we didn't meet in time before you ruined your life getting married to her (your words not mine). Well you know what, I am gonna be the one who got away. You tell me all the time that I am so wonderful any guy would be lucky to have me if I only let him in the way I have let you in. I can't sit around forever waiting for you to get over your fear of being alone. Someone is gonna sweep me off my feet and it will be too late for us. I am sorry, I love you.

Confession #2147

When I met you, everything started out wonderfully. For over a year we talked, laughed, and just recently we made it physical. I told you secrets no one else knew, not even my own family. I told you my dreams, hopes, fears, that no one else even cared to listen to, or hear about.

But when you wanted me to help you pay for a $1,600 ring and watch set and I refused because we weren't committed to each other, that's when your real personality came out.

The secrets I had told you about my time in the military in the past--you used them against me, making me feel like I was a stupid whore because I was young and dumb. The secrets I told you about my family--you also used those against me, telling me 'that was why I was fucked up in the head' and 'no man would ever want to put up with a basket case like me'--reminding me why I stopped dating.

Then you tell me that 'no woman has ever refused to help you do anything' and that you're 'used to having your way because you're spoiled'. That's your fucking problem right there. No woman ever had the balls to tell your ass no, and you love it and hate it. And the fact that you accuse me of trying to sleep with every man who smiles at me? People wave at me or greet me, total strangers, and I speak and move on, yet I'm inviting these people for sex by returning a GREETING? Fuck you, you bastard.

This is why we are no longer together. The things I dealt with in the past... for you to take my own secrets and make me relive the pain I felt, the humiliation... when you promised me you would never hurt me is a knife in my back. This is why I withdraw into myself. This is why I don't hold much faith in the male species. I hate everything you are.

Confession #2148

I've decided to stay. I have the money saved, the lawyers fee paid, a job and an apartment to live in, just waiting for me. But, I decided to stay. For us, for our son, for fear of the unknown. Please don't make me regret it.
We started out with a strong foundation and along the way we both lost trust. You with other women and me with pills. We have to do something to make it work or else in a few short years it will be over. I'll be older, but I will leave. I was a strong woman once and I can be that again. Most of the time I think you forget that.
I love you. I love our son more. He's getting ready to spread his wings and fly, if things don't change maybe I will too. I wonder if you'll care?

Confession #2149

I have felt so alone for many years. We got married young and thought we could prove ourselves to the world.......... guess not. When I want to feel love you too tired or you are mean all the time. You felt bad when I did the wrong and went against you but we made up but one year later, and I still feel alone. I am in love with another. I tried to fight these feelings but they are there.........Sorry!

The other guy and I talk for hours and we seem to connect. I had the chose to choose him over you but the love I have for you made me stay. If I don't feel love I am out......

Lonely Wife

Confession #2150

I am falling in love with you even though we promised each other we wouldn’t

I know you cant leave her

I cant leave him

But I am falling in love with you


Anonymous said...

2144 :
I don't think he shuts the bathroom door because the girls aren't his. He probably shuts it because he doesn't think it's appropriate that they may accidentally see his penis. His son has one, and so it's ok if he sees daddy's one, but it's different for little girls.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 8:23.

Anonymous said...

What is 2149 trying to say? She had an affair on her husband?

"You felt bad when I did the wrong and went against you but we made up but one year later, and I still feel alone."

denae said...


If I didn't know any better, i'd say you were with my lying, cheating, scumbag ex Joe.

I hope for your sake you aren't. Leave him. 9 months is too short of a time for you to be in a relationship and you to feel the way you do.

Anonymous said...

#2144 - Your husband has good boundaries. Little girls should not be seeing penises - their dad's, their stepdad's, anyone's. And if you think they should, you might want to seek counseling. I am not trying to be rude. I am just saying that you might have missed out on some necessary information somewhere.

Anonymous said...

2145! Sister if you're this unhappy and have been for sometime, I say you deserve to break away and find your love elsewhere.
This doesn't make you bad; this just means you're thinking of other options out there that might not make you feel so bad or guilty. Choices, they are out there for all. Much love to you. I send strong Choices, and a very real hope that "he" is out there....just for you.
All my love, hoped some of it helped and more importantly, some of it stuck.
You've inspired me to do something that maybe, or may not, enrich my life... here we go... I trust women... I'm posting my name I am GEO. And will sign off thusly.
Love to my Sissys,

Anonymous said...

little girls shouldn't see penises when they are being used to do the normal routine elimination of urine? Sorry but my daughters at 9 and 4 are well aware of what our body parts are and what they are used for, outside of any sexual sense. Seeing another humans body part is not issue for concern, they see me naked all the time, there is no difference in a household where you are open. Should my daughters also not see their brothers penis when I change his diaper? I would rather not have my children view their bodies and all the things that come with them as things for shame and secrecy.

Anonymous said...

To 2144:
Hi sweety its called respect :).. he has respect for your girls and even if they were HIS he should still close the door.. just be glad he has enough respect for you and your girls to close that door.. he is a man and that shows with the respects he shows to your girl each time he closes that door.. your a luck girl :)

Anonymous said...

He just told me last night that I asked him to close the door a few years ago when we first met, I don't remember that now, but apparently my feelings on the matter have changed while we, my daughters and I, have grown to view him as more then just my "boyfriend." He is their father by all rights and purposes and he can leave the door open now with my blessings.

Anonymous said...

sarah/8:12 lovely post. so true. youre not the only one.

Anonymous said...

thank you 11:46, I am sarah/wonderalice, I forgot I was logged into another account when I posted my last comment, 11:28. I appreciate your words, made me feel good!

Anonymous said...

To 2144: Iam 10:24 I dont know why you feel the need that he can leave the door open now with your blessings.. i dont understand how that makes u feel better at all.. now that u posted here and STILL dont understand what we are saying to you its really creepy now.. WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL THAT HE WANTS TO CLOSE THE DOOR SO THESE YOUNG GIRLS WONT CATCH A GLIMPSE OF HIS PENIS>>UGGGG.. why do u care that he wants the CLOSE THE DOOR!!! cause u dont feel CLOSE as a family.. man u are CREEPY.. i mean i have bf and close the door cause its just CALLED RESPECT

Anonymous said...

I don't care what a persons sex is, the bathroom door should be closed. I don't want anyone seeing me and I don't want to see anyone else in that situation. I think it's a matter of civility. Age and sex have nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

whatever, he closed it because he thought I WANTED HIM TO, not because HE WANTED TO, have you picked up[ on that yet? he generally wouldn't close it unless i asked him not to, which apparently I did years ago. Now we don't have an issue with it at all. He can still close it if he wanted to, but he doesn't have to now and THATS THE POINT dears, he no longer feels as though he has to close it.

You may all say to me what you wish, it doesn't matter in the least to me or my family.

You say closing the bathroom door as you pee is respectful in YOUR home, in mine it is seen as a normal process of daily human life, one that is not considered disrespectful, in OUR home. We walk around in our unders in front of everyone that lives here as well, ALL of us, and my children always see me naked, we don't hide our bodies or our bodily processes in shame here.

Now if you are at someone elses home, shut the door. What we do here is one thing, what we do at someone elses home is another.

We raise our children to speak their minds, we are a politically correct free home, you can say what you want as long as you can back it up in a conversation and as long as it is not said or done in order to physically or emotionally attack someone. Thats what we teach our kids, we don;t teach them to hide themselves or to be ashamed of their bodies or what they can do. Does that make me "CREEEPY," so be it, I would rather be creepy then be so ashamed and closed mouthed about things.

By the way, he saw the post and it did nothing but makes us closer and more in love. Creepy or not we all love each other dearly and that is what counts.

Is there something wrong with a penis that i haven't heard about? As far as I remember it is used for other things then those sexual in nature.

At least I am not fucking the neighbor, best friend, best man from the wedding, old high school sweetheart, grocery delivery man or mailman as SOOOOOOOOOOO many of the other monotonous posts claim.

Anonymous said...

I think it's so hysterical that you place such huge importance on wheather or not your husband lets the rest of the family witness him on the toilet. And "confess" about it. And show him the "confession". Does anyone else find this as funny as I do?

Anonymous said...

11:46 here again...

some of us don't give a damn who sees us eliminating waste in the privacy of our own home. i don't feel the need to hide what i am doing in the bathroom. in someone else house i will close the door, or if we have guests in our house, but it is all about their comfort levels.

the human body is not creepy, or scary, or anything that should be treated with secrecy and shame.

if you want to raise your kids to hide their bodily functions thats just fine, but its incredibly rude to insult someone else because they are doing something that *you* are not comfortable with.

i think wonderalice has the right idea, but then thats also how i raise my kids. sorry you think its creepy! honestly 10:24/1:52? i think your views on this subject are creepy. and i wish you could spell!

Anonymous said...

thats what is silly here people, its NOT that I want people to WITNESS him on the toilet, it is the fact that I want him to be able to make the choice about having the door open or closed. I apparently told him to close it before, now he can do what he wants. Its not a toilet issue for fucks sake, its about him being able to make the choice for himself without ME TELLING HIM TO DO IT ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. Lets all try to read between the lines here and not be so obstinately literal.

As for showing him the confession, I don't have to, he knows me well enough to pick ALL of mine out of the crowd of "other" posts.

Although I do find it funny that everyone else gets so up in arms over my confessions, thank goodness we are not all as bland as the rest of you.

Anonymous said...

About the bathroom stuff: just wait til one of the girls goes to school and lets it be known that they see daddy's (or stepdaddy's) business, and watch how fast CPS is at your house.

Yes, it's a natural function, but for crying out loud, there is nothing wrong with having a little bit of shyness when it comes to personal private things like using the restroom. Some things are just better left for an older age. Do you change a tampon in front of them too? How about have sex? Isn't that natural as well? Might as well.

Ladies have class, and a real lady isn't going to "pee" in front of anyone- hope your girls grow up to find guys who don't want a lady.

Anonymous said...

Actually I do change my tampons and or pads in front of them, both of my girls know what a vagina is and what happens when you get older.

As for "real ladies" peeing in front of someone, you can keep your real ladyness, i will take my brand of womanhood anyday.

One more time for all of you who have not quite gotten the gist of it yet.....


As for CPS my daughter told her teacher this story one day about her bio dad, the teacher laughed her ass off and emailed me to tell me how cute the story was....

"one day I took a bath with my daddy and I saw his penis, but I thought it was poop so I screamed."

Hmmmmmmm....isn't CPS supposed to be knocking my door down by now? Thought so idiot, CPS doesn't take kids away because their parents don't shut the door when they pee, dumbass.

Your question, do we have sex in front of our kids, of course not but someone like you would of course come to that conclusion, you do not surprise me at all. In case you weren't aware, when a person is urinating it is NOT a sexual thing, it is also not a dirty or shameful thing, and it is not in any way related to anything other then basic human bodily processes, of which we should ALL be aware of, yes even the little ones. When my daughters grow up and they see some blood in their unders, they aren't going to freak like I did, they already know what it is and why it is.

I also hope my daughters find men who don't like ladies either, I would prefer them to be with a man or woman who prefers them in any way they come, funny, just like their mama I guess.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I chose to tell my daughter about her period and that worked just fine. No need to put a tampon in in front of her. This is a first, I've never heard of a woman doing this before. I'm also very thankful to the powers that be that I never had to see that!
Well, to each his own. So go forth Wonderalice, and pee, poop and bleed in front of your captive audience.

Anonymous said...

5:41, you are very immature. Give it a rest. It is completely ridiculous for you to tell her that cps will be at her door. CPS will be at your door when your daughter gets pregnant at 12 or whatever because you "shielded" her from everyday info? Also, your daughter will be the one panicked that she is bleeding to death when she starts her period. Making a fool of herself in front of her friends. You are laughable and way out of line. Don't like the things I said? Go back and read your own words and then judge. You are an IMP!

Anonymous said...

I'm 5:41, what the hell are you talking about? YOU go back and re-read: I never said a word about CPS and I said I DID tell my daughter about getting her period.
You're an ass and should think a little before you post. Do you know the definition of an imp? Wrong insult, Genius.

Anonymous said...

"Actually I do change my tampons and or pads in front of them, both of my girls know what a vagina is and what happens when you get older."

Hmmm... my daughter knows what a vagina is too and what her period is, but I never thought to change my tampons in front of her. Gross. And talk about a violation of privacy and boundries.

"one day I took a bath with my daddy and I saw his penis, but I thought it was poop so I screamed."

Really? I thought because you've raised them with such "openness" they would surely not scream at a penis or think its poop.

"When my daughters grow up and they see some blood in their unders, they aren't going to freak like I did, they already know what it is and why it is."

Okay, where in the hell were you raised that your period came as such a surprise? Who are you, Carrie? This seems impossible, even if your mother didn't teach you about your body surely you heard something on the playground, from older friends, movies, books etc.

Your story has too many holes to be taken seriously, pardon the pun.

PS- "unders"? Again, where are you from? Maybe it explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry 5:41, but you sound like all the other assholes. Hmmmm....I wonder why? Maybe because you are one of those assholes. So there is no wonder about my confusion. Piss off hon!

Anonymous said...

Violating whose privacy? Mine? I have no problem with my children being in the bathroom with me if I happen to need to do that. My daughters privacy or boundaries? Lets remember that my daughters are children who speak their mind plainly, we encourage that here, if they happen to be in there they have no problem, its not like i invite them in everytime for goodness sake! Theres that whole privacy and boundaries thing going up in smoke, can you see it? Just there, oops it's gone.

Lets put this one more into context. Considering my daughter went to a daycare/preschool at the age of two, and considering that she was telling a story in her class during a "classroom discussion" of basic hygiene methods, and considering that the story took place about a half a year earlier when my then 1 1/2 yr old daughter was taking a bath with her daddy for the first time, and seeing as she had never seen a naked penis before this event, it makes sense that she thought it was poop and screamed.

Where was I raised that my period came on as such a surprise? I was raised with a wonderful mother who unfortunately had to deal with me during my turbulent years, from between about 6 to 18. I woke up one morning to get ready, oh somewhere in the middle of first grade, to a pair of "unders" covered in blood. Did I say first grade? Yep, thats right I forgot to mention that I had gotten my period at a freakishly young age, an age where I wouldn't have been exposed to books movies or tv ads that depicted menstruating women. Sorry got you on that to.

P.S. "unders"

silly name for underwear made up by my then 1 1/2 yr old daughter on the day she got her first package of big girl underwear. She took a brightly patterned pair with a picture of Barney on it, stuck it on her head and ran around the house singing,

"I have a pair of unders on my head, a pair of marney unders on my head!"

Where are we from? Middle America sweetheart, thats right I could be your neighbor. Scary shit huh, people who were raised differently then you, because of course there can only be one right way huh?

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest... my family just opened the door hung their asses out and pissed outside. What's the big deal?

Anonymous said...

Gawd, I hate the comments on this site!!!

Anonymous said...

So what's your husband's CHOICE? Close the bathroom door or leave it open for your daughters to see him pee or poop?

Anonymous said...

yes that is the choice, my goodness I think you all have finally gotten it. I understand that the comment was meant to be derogatory towards me, you failed.

Anonymous said...

this comments section really needs to be and let live geez.

Anonymous said...

Wonderalice, you've got bigger problems than your bathroom obsessions -- your comments are extremely immature. You need to drop the petty retorts, it's annoying and does nothing to prove your point. Now I'm sure your going to comment back, just resist the urge to punctuate it with something like "Score!". After that maybe we can flush this subject?

Anonymous said...

actually my response was nothing but a retort to the idiot who attempted to poke holes in my "story." nothing i wrote was off the topic that she brought up. i would say that those of you unable to let people be the way they want to be without being judgmental are immature.

flushing the topic made me laugh, finally someone with some wit. If the subject must be flushed then all of you need to quit bringing it up and go pick on the multitude of cheaters who posted this time. you'd think breaking marriage vows which so many of you claim to hold dear would be more controversial then an open bathroom door and a occasional glimpse of a penis, obviously thats just me.

Anonymous said...

What everyone here seems to be forgetting is that when you post a confession you are opening the door for people to comment on that confession. If you decide to comment on a particular confession then you put the ball back in the confessors court, where she has every right to make a retort. You can then post another retort, thereby repeating the whole process.

This place I assume was created as a place for women to write what they are feeling safely. It has since turned into a place where women can't without fear of being judged. Some people, wonderalice apparently doesn't mind being judged and choose to retort to everyones elses judgments.

If you don't want people to respond to your comments then stop posting them, it's really pretty simple, however as evidenced by the "d" debacle, most of you on here can't get that simple equation through your skulls, so be it, the rest of us will just sit back and laugh at all of you.

Anonymous said...

Lets mix it up some: I am 2145.
Thank you all for letting me vent. However I am madly in love with my husband today. I think I was just having ONE OF THOSE DAYS... It felt good to share. What a great group of gals and guys.... two questions: What ever happend to D and Nathyn?

Anonymous said...

2:08 you prolly close the door cause you don't want anyone to see your fat ass hanging off the toliet seat...blaaaaa haaaaaaa

Anonymous said...


Good for you for teaching your children not to be ashamed or afraid of anyone's body let alone their own. The human body is beautiful unless you are the type of person to look at it and see it only as a vehicle for sexual stimulation and gestation. Get off your high horses ladies. What she does is VERY minor compared to the cheating lot that post on here on a regular basis. If her home is happy and monogamous, who the fuck cares what they are doing in their bathroom? At least her girls won't grow up to be ashamed of their bodies and either turn out anorexic or overweight.

Good for you Wonderalice!!!! It's too bad that there are so many "puritans" still living today pointing their fingers in judgement when perhaps, they need to point them back at themselves.

Oh, and by the way, yes, we leave the door open. Big fucking deal. At least I know my husband can feel secure knowing that I'm not porking the neighbor or any of his friends. GET A FUCKING LIFE.

Anonymous said...

2:57, you're "prolly" a high school drop out. And I'm thin, thank you very much. I just wasn't raised among animals.
3:22, I can almost guarantee Wonder's kids will be overweight. Overweight people almost always pass that on to their children.

Anonymous said...

Right you are 3:35, but anorexia also runs in some areas of our immediate family as well, i think it could go either way. Lets hope no matter what they will learn to be unashamed of their flaws and willing to find a solution to whatever problem they face be it weight or something else.

3:22, thank you.

Wouldn't You Like To Know said...

2146: I almost could have written this myself, except mine is hundreds of miles away and he doesn't love me. Good luck with moving on, cause I know I can't no matter how stupid people say I am.

Layers of Everything said...

This whole thing has made me laugh, thanks, I really needed it...
I do the same things as wonderalice with my 3 yr old girl and 6 yr old boy, we are naked often and sleep often and still bath together. Please research sexuality and refrain from bringing up morality bred into yourself over decades for whatever agenda your own families had. We all end up the same place, who cares who was naked for what reason in between.

IT Barman said...

If i am getting the comments correctly, The father of the family should shut the door if he has daughters thus the Mums of the family should close the door if they have sons and everyone should be fully clothed all the time.

Get a grip people we were all born naked and it is a bond we share with our children. I would not expect my gf to cover herself as soon as she got out of bed because my son is up.

Wonderalice I am with you on this one and i am glad your bf has the choice now as to whether he closes the door as he has obviously become one of the family.