Thursday, July 05, 2007

True Wife Confessions 195 Scrabble Club

Confession #1941

Dear 'boyfriend'..Yesterday I spent the whole day with my best friend, the guy I have known forever, the guy you are jealous of even though he lives at the other end of the country. You have reason to be jealous because I love him so much it hurts and I'm dying inside because I can't be with him. He feels the same about me but now I'm trapped. I met you a few years after my friend moved and yes I did fall for you, I had your kids but we haven't married.. and I'm so glad. I thought that was what I wanted but it's not.
My love for my friend has never gone away. You're not the man I met... each year I am with you your anger gets worse, you beat me and you make me feel invisible. You spent all my savings and the children aren't even in pre-school yet and you don't want me to work until they made sure I wasn't going anywhere. I'm only 27 and I think maybe I'll be able to stand on my own feet one day, get enough money and have the strength and means to get away from you and finally be happy, move away and be with my friend and soulmate.
Yesterday when I kissed him goodbye at the airport my heart literally broke knowing it'll be so long before I see him again and knowing I was going back home to you. I knew everything would be the same, I'd be putting myself through torture thinking about him and missing him each and every day. Living with my heartache right in front of you when you have no idea. I cried all night and have been crying all day, hiding it from you and wishing I was with him. I hope and pray that somehow my friend and I will end up together.

Confession #1942

Remember that friend I told you it was him or me? Well yeah for awhile you choose me. But your back to being friends with him no matter how I feel about it. I'm getting real close to kicking your ass out. Seems like you don't care for anyone but yourself anyways.

Confession #1943

To you...the one who stole 14 yrs of my life.

I loved you with every drop of my blood. I compromised things that make me sick to my stomach now. You beat me physically and mentally. I tried to kill myself to escape you....only to have you show up at the hospital and tell them you were my brother!!! I finally escaped you and until last night....8 yrs later...... I feared you would hunt me down and kill me....just like you promised. I'm not afraid anymore. You took things from me emotionally that it has taken all these years to get back. Last night something clicked and I own myself finally. You don't own me anymore.

Confession #1944

You suck in bed. I wish you'd wake up and listen to me. But again it's about if YOU get off not about whether I do. You haven't gotten me off in a very long time. Oh and I thought it was suppossed to be women who didn't like to perform oral sex? Well you haven't performed it on me in well over a year. I'm so tired of doing all the work and not getting any satisfaction. BTW I'd rather give you a blow job than have to have another shitty fuck session.

Confession #1945

I went out for a drink with my EX boyfriend who I knew was engaged. It was
INNOCENT and I knew it would be. I didn't do it because I wanted him back
but because I needed closure. Little did I know hugging him would bring back
all those memories. Ones that my boyfriend now can't do. He kissed my
forehead after I cried and in his arms I felt safe again. I feel so selfish
wanting him back and wanting to call off his engagement and give me another
shot. I am afraid of marriage but I am not afraid with him. I miss him so
much and I feel like we are still so young. I would NEVER let him but he
told me how he still loves me and always will. Why do things have to be like
this and why can't I ever MOVE on with my life for ONE day without thinking
about him? Yes, he's my first love, but I need to move on....but I can't. I
guess it's a part of me being a hopeless romantic and WISHING he'd come back
into my life like prince charming and sweep me off my feet......oh, wishful
thinking :( I miss you

Confession #1946

To my Husband....My escape

I can not thank you enough for loving me. You are perfect in so many ways. Any woman would be thrilled to be married to you. You tell me you love me, that I'm beautiful, that life would end without me. There isn't anything you wouldn't do for me. Sadly, I love you like a brother. Sex was always used as punishment in my life and I just don't feel that spark with you. Its something I do out of what feels like obligation. You are a wonderful friend. I can not imagine not having you in my will happen. I have found someone who makes me feel like Ive never felt before. I feel things that had been stolen from me so long ago. I feel excited and sexual, I feel like a woman and not someones sister or possession. When we had sex last night I felt awful. I felt like I was cheating on my new boyfriend with my husband. Everything clicked last night. He is the one who I feel safe with, the one who makes me feel alive.

Please forgive me.

Confession #1947

As you were telling me how my work wasn't worthwhile, how the money I earn doesn't support us, I couldn't help but thinking that I don't have to live this way. I don't have to listen to you tell me that I am not important. In fact, I won't always live this way. That is why I didn't even fight back or respond, just let you continue on telling me that what I do is not important. It isn't even worth the fight. Tick Tock.

Confession #1948

To my white trash husband:

You will ultimately be the reason we get a divorce. You act like a 5 year old, instead of a 42 year old. You fight with our son, like you’re his brother. Every single Friday night, you have to act like a total dick in order for me to pay attention to you. Believe me; you’d get a lot more attention, just acting like a loving man.
I even gave you’re Friday night personally it’s very own name, of Steve. But after me calling you this, you actually had the fucking nerve to stand up and scream, “Stop calling me Steve, I don’t like it!” Guess what, dipshit? Stop acting like a flaccid dick and I won’t call you Steve anymore.
I’m sorry that you had a shitty father, I’m sorry that even though you hate his ass, you still think it’s funny to act just like him. I refuse to be married to your father for the rest of my life. Your mother, looks like death eating a biscuit from her years stuck with your family and I refuse to live or look like her at her age.
None of this really matters, because I’m having an affair with a real man, not an adolescent who still whines like a 2 year old. And just so you know, I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. It’s not like, I haven’t gone out of my way to explain all of your shortcomings to you, time and time again. But you refuse to change.
So when you finally find out about my infidelity, don’t you dare say that you never saw it coming. You’re a fucked up child stuck in a fucked up mans body. I actually feel a sense of relieve every time my lips meet my lovers.
Choke on that little man...

Confession #1949

To my husband: Please, for the love of whatever-the-fuck, STOP whining about
your frustrated rock musician ambitions.

When I met you a few years ago, you had been doing music in the local
"scene" for at least ten years, whether in a band of your own or playing in
someone's else's group. You continued to do so for a couple of years after
that, only to have what (according to your own testimony) has always
happened to you before happen again; essentially, the bands either dried up
and died, or you were fired from them for some reason or another.

Yes, of course it sucks to have something in which you've invested a lot of
time and energy dissolve into nothing, but come ON -- the music industry is
(and always has been) filled with flaky, posturing and backstabbing
egomaniacs. I would have thought that someone who has spent so much time
trying to "make it" in such a thankless scene would understand that, but you
remain bitter and completely unable to assess the situation with any kind of

We've been married for a few years now and are expecting our first child
within a couple of months. You've gone back to school and are pursuing a
degree in a business related field, and you have a decent paying job with
good benefits (none of which were things you were doing when we first met,
but are all these are all things you've said that you WANTED to do to "make
a better life for your future family"). But with the reality of financial
woes and approaching parental responsibilities, most of what you seem to be
interested in amounts to escapist activities (booze, pot, porn), bitching
about how much life sucks, and endless, self-indulgent lamenting of the fact
that you aren't able to play in a band right now.

I'm sorry that things are tough for us now financially and that we're both
under so much in the way of time constraints and conflicting interests, but
do you honestly believe that you are the only person on the planet with
frustrated ambitions?! Things could be a lot worse, and nothing is
preventing you from playing / writing / recording music on your own, least
of all me. But life doesn't stop simply because you can't pursue your
hobbies with abandon.

I've tried to be understanding, but my compassion is wearing very thin...and
I don't think it's fair for me to have to do all of the thinking, planning,
strategy-forming for this relationship (not to mention the fact the
continually having to talk you out of your self-imposed funks is getting
extremely tiring). THIS IS THE LIFE YOU CHOSE -- no one has forced you into
any of this, so cut the little-boy routine, grow a pair and face it!

Confession #1950

It's me 1935.

Good Lord…. You guys chill. I am a grown woman and so is my daughter. Take a good long look in the mirror, look at some of these sappy pathetic confessions that you all posted and for the ones that called me names, you are no better than I. Think before you just start writing. Never say it won’t, can’ or will not happen to you. I haven’t killed anyone. I love myself, my beautiful family and I am lucky to have lived in the same place, traveled the places I have and remained with the same friends for my entire life. Can all of you that have bashed my brains out say the same? I feel SORRY for you. Most likely, you have no true friends and this web site is you entire life. I used to think this was fun to read, but I was way off.

Dawn you; I’m sure were the one that jumped me first, but I understood you created this place of ugliness. Say what you want about this good girl that likes BAD BOYS. I am not signed on to post comments, because I thought this was a place to confess, not be ridiculed to death, I wasn’t even aware of the comment area until a friend told me to look.

Most of everyone’s confessions look like you are desperate mousey little women, some of you make me laugh, like the one chick that looked at her ol’ man and thought sometimes I HATE YOU…… well honey….SAY IT….. You only wrap around one.

Look back at what some of you wrote. Who’s the dumbass?


Anonymous said...

No offense ma'am, but...nah, fuck it.

I have read your posts and I just have to comment on the total load of crap your bringing.

1. If ANYONE abuses you, drop them. Yes, I know it is easier said than done. And yes, I know that I am a guy, not a lady, and probably don't have an idea about the fear of the person when you do. If you need help, then I am fairly sure that there are a lot guys that will, like me, gladly be there to stand up against ANYONE who would lay a hand on a lady.

2. That are a bitch. You cheated on your first husband because of marital issues. You wonder about STD's and accuse him of cheating on you AFTER you post that you are cheating on him. What a fucking hippocrit you can be. You complain about your boyfriend/second husband about the same, and then cheat on him.

3. I honestly can't believe you accused your ex of killing your 17 year old cats! I have cats and that is freaking old ma'am. But that isn't even what gets to me is that fact that you loved them SO much that you would punch someone lights out, yet you left them. I have cats and I love cats, but I don't expect everyone to feel the same as I do. To expect your EX to feel the same as you do for what you consider to be YOUR babies and pets and to treat them the same is irresponsible at the least. And you call HIM loathsome??
Oh yeah, 'That fucking feline pisses on the fucking concrete floor just because her litter box is dirty. I hate her.' Your so loving aren't you??

You are the absolute picture perfect example of the 'we are always innocent' attitude I have seen from ladies in movies. Sure it pissed the hell out of me, but I bought into the hype my wife fed me that it was all a complete made believe myth. I always argued that I had seen and heard to many times about the 'poor woman' who HAD to cheat on her husband becuase she really was only looking for compassion and the husband who kissed a girl once who is the 'ASSHOLE PRICK BASTARD!!!', etc. who showed then the 'reason she cheated on him in the first place...she KNEW he would kiss that gal.' It really justifies fucking someone else.

The fact that you have done this to more than one guy shows to this man at least, what a complete looser you are. Keep posting dear, I need a good reason to hate someone every day.

Anonymous said...

12:17 - This is genuinely not meant to offend, but I don't think you understand what this site is about. Each confession is separate, from a different woman. They're posted here anonymously so that lots of women can have the opportunity to vent about their husbands/boyfriends, etc. These posts are not all by one woman. It's just a forum for women to be free to say what they like - anonymously - and then get on with their lives. Dawn does post on here occasionally, but no one knows which are hers, because as I said, each post is separate and anonymous. Hopefully that makes things more clear for you.

Anonymous said...

3:51, so calmly put, well said.

Anonymous said...

1935 / 1950

i love your original post: "I love you from the bottom of my heart. You are good to me a wonderful provider and great in bed. I truly have no complaints." most women would love to be married to men such as your husband and not be burdened with fidelity. i won't even get into the broad generalization contained in your "If men can do it, so can we" statement. and the heredity excuse is such BS i can't belive you actually posted it. and as for your final comment: "Look back at what some of you wrote. Who�s the dumbass?" it's all too clear that you are. sorry you weren't aware of the cooments section until a friend told you - why don't you ask that friend about fidelity and bullshit excuses for it ?

Anonymous said...

wow- these confessions are sure to scare away any man who is even remotely considering marriage. LOL - but I confess- after 16 years, I see how I could easily feel and act on those feelings - the way you ladies do. Tis true, you only go around once - make yourselves happy.

Anonymous said...

1217 - you have a small penis. I can hear it in your angry post - shoo fly.

Anonymous said...

8:41- I'm the freind that told her of the comment section - and I have walked in her shoes - all I ask you is- beware of women like us- your ol man may be next.....WE ARE EVERYWHERE - just read todays confessions.

Anonymous said...

9:02 - sorry, don't see any confessions today from women cheating on their hubbies and saying "I love you from the bottom of my heart. You are good to me a wonderful provider and great in bed. I truly have no complaints." there are lots from women who have partners that suck for various reasons, though :)

Anonymous said...

9:00 - LOL - well put

Anonymous said...

After reading the lasted batch of confessions and comments, I had to wonder if it was a full moon. But it isn't.

Anonymous said...

1935, you want to see ridicule? Go back and read how they bashed the fuck out of 804.
These bitches truly do not have lifes of their own.
Can't everyone just get along?

Anonymous said...

1935 - no problems with your actions, just don't blame it on anything other than lust

Anonymous said...

9:02 - oh contrar - re-read 1946- here I'll save ya the time - "I can not thank you enough for loving me. You are perfect in so many ways. Any woman would be thrilled to be married to you. You tell me you love me, that I'm beautiful, that life would end without me. There isn't anything you wouldn't do for me. Sadly, I love you like a brother. "

And so goes the end of the story- she fucks another man anyways.

Same boat as 1935.....

Anonymous said...

1948- it'd be better to leave than to continue cheating.

Anonymous said...

jane doh? could that be you?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10: 23 am--

you must be 804 because that goes way back to October 2006.. and if so you are the whore everyone claimed you to be! How dare you fuck another woman's husband and call her names because she still loves him. You disgusting bitch, I hope you rot in hell!

Anonymous said...

1935, I didn't call you a dumbass because you cheated; I called you a dumbass because you said it was heredity that made you do it.



Anonymous said...

804 IS NOT by ANY means the worst bashing here. And it stands that if you are a HOMEWRECKING WHORE and you come here and brag about it, YOU ARE GOING TO GET BASHED! I have to totally agree with anon 11:15am. BIG dumbass! First anon poster is just totally confused.....whew.....must be exhausting to be so clueless. And 1950......I don't think you get the fact that if Dawn had something to comment to you....She would and you would know it was her. You FUCKTARD! Go fuck your mantoy some more and blame it on your genetics.

Anonymous said...

hey 10:35 - you need to read more slowly - there is nothing in there about him being "great in bed" or her "having no complaints".

Anonymous said...

I'll call 1935 a dumbass. YOU DUMBASS!

Anonymous said...

11:26, you rock, thanks for that !

Anonymous said...

Anytime 11:29! ;)

Anonymous said...

"A good girl who likes bad boys." HMMMMMMMMMMM. Married and having an affair does not equal good girl. Are you confused or are you really that stupid? FYI 1935.....TWC is a hoot to read until you philandering women who brag about being homewrecking whores come here and make your stupid, stoooooooopid comments. I mean come on, what did you expect from us when you come here and say that infidelity is genetic. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Do you really believe that justification for cheating? Wow, no wonder people are calling you a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

10:53 - I'm not 804, but I remember what assholes you all were about that womans confession. People like you, are why others don't want to confess anything.
He who lives in a glass house shouldn't cast the first stone. You guys might want to remember that, again who are you people to judge anybody?
I don't know Dawn, but I hope she didn't start this blog just so that stupid jackass people like yourselves would have somewhere to voice your stupidass opinions.
So get real jobs and stay off the internet.

Anonymous said...

OOOOOHHHH MY WORD! Really 11:48? I can say unequivocally that I have never cheated on my husband. SO THERE! So don't use the glass house throwing stones bullshit. If you are not 804 then you are probably a woman who has cheated and sees nothing wrong with it. Let's reiterate a few things......homewrecking whores are just that, homewrecking whores. The ones that come here and brag, well, they are the most disgusting of their kind because they actually believe they are better than the wife. If they are willing to put it on the net for all to see and comment, they deserve it. And you probably believe cheating is genetic too, huh?

Anonymous said...

I really wish that people would stop responding only to the more incendiary confessions, usually made by women who try to justify screwing around on their spouses in some half-assed way.

The whole focus of this site is being pulled away from the women who genuinely do need some empathy and understanding. Stop giving all of your attention to those who don't deserve it!

Anonymous said...

To confession #1941 - you said "you beat me"......and, if I read correctly, you have children with this man??? GET OUT NOW! If he beats you....the children are not far behind. Call a crisis hotline NOW! Get yourself and those little ones away from there PLEASE! For your and your children's sanity.....

Anonymous said...

Bravo 12:19. My sentiments exactly.
Quit worrying about the woman who cheat on their husbands, after all, you're wasting your time by doing so....
Everyone needs to clean up their own backyard, and keep it clean.

Anonymous said...

WOW - can you all say UGLY!! That is just what this confessional has become with the comments!!

And you call yourselves grown women... again, WOW

Anonymous said...

Um, so I'm confused, 1935/1950.

You tell people to think before they start writing - maybe you should heed your own advice. If you are upset that people came here and read the confession that you wanted posted on here and that a few of those readers commented on the stupidity of deeming infidelity genetic because that was your excuse, then get over it.

You also accuse Dawn of insulting you first and then call the very place which you have now posted on at least twice, "a place a ugliness".

And I really don't understand your mulitple statements about the other confessions here being "pathetic", "sappy", and made by "desperate mousy little women". If anyone is desperate or pathetic, it's you my dear.

Own your shit. If you cheat - own it. People fuck up all the time and every single person out there makes mistakes - but don't blame every other person and reason under the sun to make yourself feel better about doing a really shitty thing. People bitched at you because you blamed heredity on you cheating. Some bitched at you because of the simple fact that you cheated.

Bottom line is, you made your bed and you are just pissed that your excuse didn't get past all us "desperate lousy little women".

And to your "friend" - you are completely right that we should beware women like you. Women like you and your friend there enjoy the idea of attention no matter what the cost. You also are highly diluted into thinking that living a life of never getting truly close to people and constantly causing road blacks and drama in your life will bring you happiness.

Anonymous said...

Noelle, what we're saying is stop judging others.
You can read the confessions all you like, but don't name call and point fingers.
Live and let live. Maybe Dawn should turn the comments off. That would sure stop the dogs from barking...

Anonymous said...


Good lord. I guess I'll be an oddball and write about someone other than the lady who likes bad boys...

1949: Do we have the same man??? Mine whines constantly about how he doesn't have some huge studio to play in, yet does nothing to get that studio. Whines about how this band didn't work, that band didn't work. UGH! I feel ya sister! I try to block it out but man he knows how to push my buttons to get me to fight with him about this issue. I'm afraid that if you have been with him 10 years (If I remember your post right) and I've been with mine 4, then we are screwed. They will never shut the hell up.

Anonymous said...

1941 - you said "boyfriend," not "husband." Kids or no, you're not trapped unless you choose to be. Walk whenever you're ready.

Anonymous said...


Let's recap. First you cheated on your husband, but can't even own up to the fact that you chose to do so and blamed it on your genes. It's not heredity, it's stupidity. I don't care if your mom did it too.

Then, when you didn't get the congratulations and pats on the back you wanted, you came back to complain about the genuinely happy women who shared their "confessions" here.

Who's the dumbass? I think that must be you.

Anonymous said...

I like to come to this site to read the confessions. Maybe one day I'll leave mine, I'm still not sure about that. I think the comments should be taken off the site. Why should people feel the need to comment about someone's most personal confession? In my opinion the site should be nothing but confessions.

Anonymous said... in the same boat...anyone agree ??? :(

Anonymous said...

i disagree - there have been loads of help and support dispensed through the comments section. just look at the responses concerning STDs in the last round of comments. maybe the comments should not be posted immediately, but filtered like the regular submissions are

Anonymous said...

I am 1946. Thanks for the kind words. As far as my husband goes he is a great guy. I would never bash him tho he does have faults. So do I. I could list the reason I have found someone the charges for picking up an undercover hooker years ago or the questionable incident with his friends fiance...but I choose to look at the good in everyone. Maybe thats something you should consider while sitting in that pretty glass house of yours.

Have a great day ladies!

Anonymous said...


Put mouse over line-thingy and push he clicky.

Anonymous said...

Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That's funny!

Anonymous said...

Hey, the name of the site is "True Wife Confessions", not "True Wife Absolutions". If you want to post your confessions for the world to read, then you'd better be prepared to hear what the world thinks about what they've read. Why would you think you're entitled to vent, but no one else is?

If you don't want to know about the comments, then don't read them. Easy!

Anonymous said...

Reading your confession, I felt chill all over my body because I went through a similar situation years ago. He's dead already (he was killed at the prison he was spending time after he abused me physically and mentally) but even dead he still have control over me.
I had a wonderful man, who loved me, and because I was still feel trap with my EX (many other things) i let him go. I hurt like never before.

I know that one day, I will wake up and HE WON'T OWN ME ANYMORE.

Its funny that you're accusing us of judging you...but what did you expect? You really thought that we were going to share and understand your definition of having bad genes? Come on. You're accusing this site of ugliness...but why sent your confession then?
I am new to this site, but I have taken my time and go back to the beginning and read every confession and comments.
And every one of the confessions I have felt something for every woman, because I know one day, I may feel like one of them.

Please, don't come over here and created a drama of ugliness...this site doesn't need it.
Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

1949 thanks 6:15 for rising above the melee and taking the time to comment on my post. :-)

It's a maddening scenario w/ the frustrated musicians. I feel like if I'm too "supportive" I get my ear bent for hours on end, but if I'm not supportive enough that I'm a dream-crushing bitch. Never mind that the vast majority of his rock career played itself out long before he and I met, of course! :-(

It's kind of like being married to a high-school quarterback who wanted to go pro but didn't make the cut. But instead of moving forward they choose to agonize and re-live their disappointment and anger...forgive me if I sound like a bitch, but it seems awfully self-indulgent to me.

I do love my husband very much; he has his flaws but overall is really a wonderful guy. But I'm hoping there will be a day when he gets over this issue -- as I said, it's tiresome. Until then, I guess I gotta bear up.

Anonymous said...

Women like 1946 are so damn hypocritical it's a shame.

Anonymous said...

Why should people feel the need to comment about someone's most personal confession?

Because they put it out there for everyone to read...Stupid.

And Bad boy lover, the reason your daughter is just like you is not genetics, but rather a sad excuse for a mother. I only hope you get yours soon.

Anonymous said...

You should never judge some ones Mother hood. You are going to get yours ten fold.

Anonymous said...

Can we get on with something else besides calling each other dumbass, whore, idiot or stupid.

Lets think of some big words.

Leave the chick alone that said it was genetics.... she knows it not.

maybe she just wanted to get a little off her chest with some humor and you all took it and ran with it.

Unless you have grown children and then even you should never, ever talk about someone that has raised good young adults..... unless you have walked in the shoes.... don't start to wear them.... you NEVER know what your offsrping will do, so beware of what you say.....

Nathyn said...

#1938 You don't know how good that is to hear on this board.

#1935 Hey everyone, it's a waste of time being judgmental. Everyone reaps what they sew and if #1935 is real she'll reap it. I'd rather talk to people who need help in their marriages and may be able to heal. #1935 maybe the people on this board are a$$holes but I simply believe they're pointing out a character flaw but maybe not doing so in a nice way.
#1946 at least seems sincere and knows this is wrong and seems sorry. You seek to justify it. It seems a lot of women on this board want great men and then they hear about you screwing one over I can see how it would make their blood boil.

If your man did this to you you'd be so shocked you'd fall into a comma but you feel it's okay. I don't know what to say but everyone reaps. That's why I try to be decent to all. By the way Dawn rocks so being mean to hear just makes you look immature! (We'll I guess that's not the only thing that make you look immature).

#1946 a man who cheats with his brother's wife is nothing but trouble. You don't have to believe me, most people don't, but you'll see what happens. I would love to hear the outcomes of some of these confessions although I know what they'll be.

1949 tell dude to suck it up. You're not his freaking problem in a world of laptop based music studios, gimme a break. Do the work make the time and keep his day job at the same time, what's the problem. The technology is there.