Tuesday, July 10, 2007

True Wife Confessions 196 is a Lychrel number

Confession #1951

Dear Husband,

I want to tell you how much it frustrates me that you can't meet all my needs. At first I just resented the fact that you couldn't, then I wondered if I was too needy. What I arrived at was that I don't have to live in a passionless marriage. I want romance, touching, flirting, excitement. You can't or won't give it to me. I've been looking for a man to have an affair with for the past 6 months. I've met dozens of men and even had sex with a few. I'm still searching for the perfect man for an affair and in the meanwhile, I will continue the one-off kisses and exchanges from strangers to give me what you can't - or won't.

Confession #1952

How could you? How could my caring, wonderful husband, put pressure on me to do something that you know I can Not do.

You love our children, and I love them. We brought them into this world together, and out of love. It's been hard, yes, and harder than it should be. But we've survived.

But because of financial and medical reasons we decided that 4 children is more than enough and we were done.

But you keep backing out on your agreement to have a procedure done. You have been since our last baby was born. So instead, we don't touch each other. Ever. Until that one night. And I Told you, I reminded you how easily it could happen and you said you were willing to take the risk. So we risked it.

And now we're pregnant again. You don't want me to keep "it". What you can't understand is that despite the fact that I KNOW how hard it will be to manage another child... I've already carried and given birth to our 4, and I can not, and will not have an abortion just to appease you.

I have few people to talk to about this. You think I'm being irrational. I've thought of all the hard times that possibly lie in our future after adding another child. But if I don't have this child, just because it's the only solution YOU can see right now, I will hate myself.. and I will hate you... for the rest of our lives. Can you please just understand that it's not something I can do? Can you please not look at me like you hate me because of it? Yes, 5 children is a LOT. I know that. And I know that technically, maybe.. yes.. an abortion probably would be the smartest option at this point. But I can't do that to my baby. It's OUR baby, like the other 4 we looked so forward to. They've blessed us in so many ways and I wish you could just think of them.. and the happiness they've each brought to not only you and I.. but their siblings and the rest of our family as well.

It's not the end of the world like you think it is. It will be hard, but we'll be ok. Please, my darling... we can make it through this. Please stop asking me to do this. Please don't hate me or resent me or our baby for me not doing what You think is right. I'm doing what I feel and know is right and I KNOW that we will all be ok.

Please... just accept your new child. I'm so afraid you're going to hate us both. And if it boils down to me raising 5 children alone, I suppose I can live with that.
I can't live with killing our baby.

Confession #1953

I love you. I have never met anyone like you in my life. You're witty, brilliant , wonderfully funny and the most fantastic lover I have ever had. There are days I can't believe I am married to someone as great as you.

I miss you everyday with an intensity I have never felt before. I miss having you in my bed, in my house, in my daily life. Why are we not together since we are actually husband and wife?

Oh, I know I have my stuff sorted out. I could move to be with you. I could. You could move here. But can we really make this marriage work if we are in the same city? Can we make this marriage work if we are in YOUR city? That's your life , the life you grew up with. Mine is not really here, but it sure as hell is not there either. I can't imagine living in a place where the only person who is half way decent to me is you. With all that happened recently, I do not feel the least bit comfy there at all. If you don't start standing up for us, for me, I will never move there.

I want nothing more than to be with you and yet I want nothing more than to stay here. How can we be together and apart?

I miss you. Please hurry up and come here. I need you.

Confession #1954

I have this reoccurring dream that I am leaving my husband and my kids to be with another man ... it's always a different man but it's always a co-worker of my husbands. What's so fucked up is that my husband knows what's going on and decides to let me 'do my thing' because he knows I'll change my mind and stay with my family.

In the end I do. The last time, the last thing I remember is my dh and the guy I was leaving him for were sitting in a pick up trucking talking (??) and I walked up to the guy and said, "I'm not going anywhere with you. I don't know what the fuck I was thinking. Goodbye."

That same dream was so real. I woke up in a funk and stayed that way all day long. I can't stop thinking about it and it disturbs me.

Confession #1955

Dear Husband-

My confession is that if I had it to do all over again, I would have married you in October instead of February, like you had suggested. I so love being your wife! Things haven’t always been easy, but I think some people don’t realize the hard work it takes to put two lives together – it’s not like the movies: it takes effort! But it’s the best kind of work, isn’t it?

I miss you when you work away only because I have so much fun with you. You support me and treat me so well, I could never ask for more. I know that very soon your hours will be more reasonable and we’ll be able to spend more time together.

I did another test this morning and I’m not pregnant. I’m a bit disappointed; I want a baby very badly. Hopefully with this move coming up there will be more time (and room!) for the children we both want. In the meantime, I’m excited for the changes coming up and feeling so positive about the future. You’re the best and I love you!

Your Wife


Confession #1956

The other day when I got so upset with you I told you to clean my car to make up for your stupidity. This, in and of itself, is not so bad. But my motivation for a clean car was that I was meeting a potential lover for lunch the next day and I knew he would want to see my car, since he was "into" cars. So, you cleaned my car to impress my potential lover. Oh, and, one more thing, the kleenex that you cleaned out of my car - well, I had a potential lover in my car earlier in the week and we used the kleenex to clean up after I gave him a blow job. So, you cleaned up after one lover for another. Thanks, hon!

Confession #1957

You know, you have threatened me for years with divorce. I used to be afraid of my life without you and when you used that threat, I would back down. Give in. But over the last year, I have made peace with it. Maybe our marriage wasn't meant to be a forever thing. We tried - hard. So, after listening to you for more years than I care to count tell me how you planned on divorcing me, I just accepted it. And I told you so last Friday. And you looked a bit stunned. But honey, it is too late now to be sweet and charming. You cried wolf too much.

Confession #1958

I love you more then life itself. You are a great man, and you treat
me wonderfully. I can tell you anything, you are truly my best
friend. We just have one small problem.

It's been over a year since we have had sex. The last time was on our
honeymoon. Why did you marry me if you weren't attracted to me? It's
been over 15 months... we are supposed to be newlyweds.

I've seen the emails, and chat transcripts. I know about the men you
have talked to... about the plans to meet them for sex. I've
confronted you twice, you always say it wouldn't happen. You say you
love me too much to cheat.

I die a little every time I think about it. The rejection... it just
kills me inside. I've thought about leaving you, cheating on you, but
I just can't. I love you so much. Why can't you see that your hurting
me so badly.

Confession #1959

I know this is petty..but I HATE when you shop for food. You buy the weirdest stuff- and have no actual idea as to what you need to make a whole meal. You come back with bacon, water and juice....And while I am on it - Are you aware of HOW to choose fruit that your child can eat in this century? I swear you find the hardest, most unripe fruit to purchase...and then your kid gets hard nectarines and rock like pears for her lunches. And sliced melon? Who buys pre-sliced watermelon? I about choked when I saw what you paid for that container...Just buy the whole damn melon. I will happily cut it up.

Confession #1960

I would rather pay three dollars every day to buy coffee than to drink the stuff that you make.


Anonymous said...

1952- i feel for you. i really feel for you over the heat a lot of these women are going to give you.

i would be so pissed at my husband for putting me in that situation.

sending peaceful thoughts your way............

Anonymous said...


is it possible that he is gay? he can still be the best guy in the whole world, but maybe not the best husband for you. i hope i am wrong.

Anonymous said...

8:55 She said right in there he talks to men about meeting for sex, so that is kind've obvious.

Anonymous said...


You poor thing :(. I can't imagine being put in such a predicament. I hope it gets worked out.


That's pretty darn despicable abougt the kleenex.

Anonymous said...

1956- awesome! love it! way to go girl.

Anonymous said...

1952 --

I'm not against abortion. But I'm very very VERY MUCH against what your husband is trying to do to you. You already know what you have to do; he's the one who is too scared to get a vasectomy, too scared to have a child, too scared to sac up and do what adults do.

Anonymous said...

1956: I don't like to bash but man you are one cold hearted woman. It's not the cheating so much as the bragging about how you enjoy humiliating your husband. Why stay married if you hate him so much?

tg said...

1952 I'm so sorry you're going through this. You're right though, and I hope you find the support you need to hang on. Is there someone you could talk to with your husband? Maybe a counselor, or pastor? I agree with the commenter above, he really needs to do some growing up.

Anonymous said...

Confession #1956

That's a shitty thing to do, ok you may have your problems but getting him to wash your car to make up for it then to see your lover, so wrong. Please talk to your boyfriend/husband about the failings in the relationship/marriage.

Omar said...

1959: Have you communicated these feelings to your husband? He is already buying the stuff so you've won half the battle as many husband don't even bother with that. Go with him one day and teach him how to choose fruit. How about making him a list of stuff he should buy? Even better, go with him a couple of times and train him a bit. The way I see it, he is making the effort so you should concentrate on that and help him out a bit.

Anonymous said...

1952 - Congrats to you for NOT seeing abortion as a form of birth control. Since he is being selfish and NOT having a vasectomy, maybe you should get your tubes tied. I am in this predicament myself. So to prevent any more future babies, it may be up to you......

Anonymous said...

So now the only piece of trash in the car is YOU! That is one of the sleaziest confessions posted on this blog yet.

Anonymous said...

I think 8:52 is 1935 and 1950. Why would us women give her heat for not wanting an abortion. Piss off woman! You actually repulse me and are just trying to start shit. Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

1952 Good luck. I feel for you.

1953/1955 Not much to say but I'm glad you're happy.

1954 Your dreams are better than some movies. It might mean nothing though. But its kind of strange that it is a series of dreams. You might have a really marketable imagination or you are sensing something is going on with your husband or yourself.

1956 Your hubby might know now what is going on. That stuff on the tissue has all the same strong yeasty smell. He's probably masturbated all his life and could recognize that kind of tissue blind. I don't know what your game is, but I suggest that you don't make your husband's life a living hell. He might deserve it for all I know, but revenge/emotional abuse are ugly things to do and that stuff changes everything about you, how you think, talk, and live.

1957 Sweet!

1958 To me it looks like divorce is the only option. I know someone who was tricked into marrying a gay man. He wanted kids and that was before gay couples could adopt. You probably weren't tricked, and he probably sincerely loves you, but you shouldn't suffer because he's conflicted about his sexuality.

1959/1960 Omar had some good advice.

Anonymous said...

1952: I am so sorry for what you are going through. I really hope that whatever does happen, that you feel good about it either way. I agree with those above me that after this child, maybe get the procedure yourself, or at the very least get on the pill or some other form of birth control. While there are only so many things that can be done right now, you can protect yourself in the future from having to make some hard decisions.

And just to put this out there, there is always adoption. Many loving, wonderful couples want babies that they simply cannot have naturally.

1958: You say that you have confronted him with the emails and chats and he swears he won't cheat, but has he admitted to being gay or bi-sexual? I know it's so much easier to tell you what to do when you're not the one going through it first hand, but maybe being his best friend at this time is helping him admit things to himself once and for all. That way, both of you can stop hurting and hopefully live happy lives.

Anonymous said...

Waoo 1952 thats serious since once you are expecting you will want your husband to support you...Abortion is not something i advise any one since it can cause trauma..i wish u luck..

Anonymous said...

1951, I totally feel for you. I am in much the same situation and am considering the same solution. It's so hard when we truly love the men we've married but are missing one important aspect of the relationship. Good luck and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

I have a question that is truly meant to not be mean spirited. I just don't understand.

There seem to be alot of ladies out there who do truly love the men they are with, but aren't getting the physical attention that they want/need, and so they find someone to fills that void.

My question is: Do those ladies present the problem to their mate before they cheat? Do the men just wave it off as nothing? Have you tried counseling or another form of mending the problem besides straying?

I truly do not mean to offend anyone, it's just something that seems to come up alot here and I have always worried.

Anonymous said...

:41, good question.

Don't know what the answer is for anyone else. For me, God yes, I've tried everything.

I've tried seducing him in and out of bed -- he doesn't like dirty talk so I've waited till we're both relaxed, worn the clothes he likes best, moved close, rubbed his back, and then tried sliding my hands to where it counts. He's not interested and says "sorry." Or sometimes he falls asleep and then thanks me for the nice massage later.

Because physicality isn't working, I've brought it up several times and he just says "My body isn't responding. It's not that I don't love you." And that's it. No more explanations. When I try asking him gentle questions, I get a puzzled look and no answer.

Counseling? I brought it up once and he was so angry I almost cried. It was like I had betrayed him just by asking about it.

Sometimes I just want to put my head on the railroad tracks because of this. The funny thing is, my libido is near zero now anyway. I can't take the rejection, and I can't take lying in bed silently suffering because I'm so horny. But I miss feeling horny. I don't want to have sex with him any more, but I miss feeling horny.

What's really really sad is, he's not interested in getting me off any other way but sex. He could use his hands, his tongue, toys, anything. I'm all about making sure *he* gets off, or at least I was when we were having sex. The discovery that he isn't interested in expending any effort to make me happy in bed is pretty crushing.

I don't want to cheat, and I haven't, but I'm only in my early forties. Am I supposed to spend the next forty years without any kind of erotic pleasure? As long as I'm with him, I don't think I can even crank up enough steam to take care of myself. I'm tired of it. It doesn't work any more.

And that's where I think the cheating comes from. At least, that's where it would come from if I were doing it. Feeling tired and desperate and like I'm out of alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant to type "6:41" above.

And yes, I know, before everyone suggests this, there could be a medical problem. But whe bring it up with his doctor? No. Because in his mind, yes, it might mean a medical problem if someone else had it, but for him, he's just not interested.

We haven't had sex in ten months. And the last time we tried, it was three in-out strokes with no foreplay (ow! But I tried), and then he got tired and stopped.

I feel like shit just typing this.

Anonymous said...

1956.. there's a name for a person like you.


Anonymous said...

1956 sounds a little doh-y, if you get my drift. Too intentionally incendiary.

7:35, you are absolutely not alone in your complaint, in fact there are whole forums dedicated to the subject. I feel for you; it sounds like a horrible drag. But getting tired after three strokes does sound pretty medical, and if he doesn't care enough to even address the issue, that's veering dangerously close to deal-breaker territory.

Anonymous said...

hey 3:10

i am 8:52 and only 8:52.

i was trying to be supportive. i do not need to explain myself any further. nice name calling.

why are you on this site? your negativity is not needed.

Anonymous said...

it is me 8:52 again.

i had not read the other post you thought i was until now. i gave up with this site for a while until this morning. i read dawns latest comment and thought i would give it another go.

well- i am out agian. this site is very mean spirited. maybe i misunderstood the point of this site. confessing to a bunch of strangers on line and expecting people not to be critical is naive. shame on me.

sorry i will not be back to here more of your nasty comments. best of luck to you all.

Anonymous said...

1958: Your original post and the one from 7:35 PM describe my ex-husband EXACTLY. It was only all about him, didn't like dirty talk/sexy lingerie (he wouldn't even step foot in a Victoria's Secret)...we did have sex semi-regularly, but *too bad* if I didn't get off. And when we tried to get pregnant, that was the only goal; the only time we had sex was when it was "time." I ended up having an ectopic pregnancy, and the doctor said sex after one month was okay, but not to get pregnant for at least three months. Any other red-blooded man would have been marking the calendar for the one-month mark; my husband wouldn't touch me for three whole months, in any way! He said an orgasm would hurt me! But of course he had to be taken care of...not!

We had a lot of other problems in our marriage...emotional distance, his extreme anger (he never hit me, though), feeling that his family didn't love him...I couldn't cry myself to sleep any longer, so I divorced him.

It was many years later that I found out what I had been beginning to suspect: my husband was gay. He is now living with his partner. I just wish he hadn't wasted 10 years of my life!

Please realize this has nothing at all to do with you. Lke my ex, it sounds like your dh "needed" to get married becasue that is what society tells us to do. I never cheated, either, I just left. Please find the courage to leave.

Anonymous said...

6:41, yes of course we've discussed it. There IS a medical problem and he's tried the drugs - they don't work. He's unwilling to try any of the other therapies. He can still get me off when he chooses to do so, but lately that's not much. And I can do nothing for him in return, it's just frustrating for both of us.

So you tell me: scrap nearly 16 years of marriage over lack of sex or find an outlet with someone else? Believe me, it's not a decision I take lightly.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the whole kleenex thing is... umpleasant. But I'm really relieved that not too many commenters are jumping on the name-calling bandwagon ("whore" etc.) This is less "malice" than we've seen here in a while, and I sure do appreciate the civility in people keeping critical, non-supportive comments to themselves. It's great when the comments are supportive and not about attacking people.

Anonymous said...

To all the ladies that aren't getting enough sex I am right there with you. Anymore it seems like I don't care if you get off as long as I do. It's been so long since I've gotten off by him it's not funny. I do know part of his problem is low sex drive but he will do nothing about it. I have told him what I want what I need and nothing makes a difference. It's all about him. Hell half the time he does no foreplay and expects me giving him a bj will turn me on. I've too thought about cheating many times.

Anonymous said...

I never meant for it (cheating) to happen. IT just did. I'd never tell my husband either. I figured, after I found him fucking my freind in our bed - I was due a freebie. And I'm not done either. I feel he has whats coming to him - but I still love every ounce of him- go ahead slam me - I know it's coming.

Anonymous said...

Oh, waaaaaaahhhhhhh! 8:52, I do not understand why you even bother to post. You don't have anything supportive to say and none of us give a shit if you ever come back here again. Oh, I am sorry, was that too mean.

Anonymous said...

8:52, you got it right! "confessing to a bunch of strangers on line and expecting people not to be critical is naive. shame on me." Exactly!

Anonymous said...

8:30am And why not, I agree with you

Anonymous said...

He cheats causing you to cheat, why not have an open marriage.

I'm not into that sort of thing but I understand why people do it. I also know to well what cause people wanted to and cheating.

It's not easy and if you don't live that life then don't critize. Life is hard enough.

Anonymous said...

1:55 here - OMG that 2nd paragraph made no sense...thinking faster then typing I guess...

What I meant to say was "I know to well what causes people to want to cheat and causes them to cheat."

If that makes anymore sense...

Anonymous said...

1:58- ok but - your last paragraph - 'It's not easy and if you don't live that life then don't critize. Life is hard enough' -

who are talking to, 8:30?

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend of many years has a low sex drive. It's been an issue in our relationship that both of us own up to. We both have a hard time being the one to start it up for fear of the other one rejecting us.

My point is I sat him down and told him that I love him very much and loved having sex with him and that I always enjoyed myself an enjoyed making him feel good and that we just need to do it. As silly or pathetic as it sounds, we have a mandatory day that we have sex. It doesn't matter what errands or chores need to be done that day, sex is had. And then sometimes there will be a few more days. We both reached the point that the love we have for eachother was important enough for both of us to make some changes in how we approach sex.

All that being said....I really think that being intimate with your partner is more important then getting laid. Laying in bed, cuddling and connecting on a deep level verbally makes me feel 10 times closer than having sex. My parents rarely had sex and when I asked my mother about it as I got older, she said that she never felt unwanted or unappreciated or unsexy by my dad. He let her know everyday how amazing he thought she was and how much he loved her. He just physically couldn't have sex on a "normal" basis.

If you and your partner can't talk about the problems in the relationship without one flipping out or ignoring it, then something bigger may be the problem. I completely understand the despration that we women can feel when our men don't do the little things or don't touch us - but we're all better than that. We don't have to give in to temptation and disrespect ourself and our relationship in the process.

Bottom line, if he doesn't listen and doesn't seem to care enough to change or make any effort, it's time to cut bait.

Anonymous said...

#1951 and #1956 - get DIVORCES, you adulterous chicken-shits.

Chase Roper said...


I didn't see any other way to contact you so I'm leaving a comment, hope it finds you.

I am the author of Chaseblogger and just wanted to let you know that featured your blog in a small post today. I was very fascinated with your site here and wanted to share it with more people.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog, and I think you are pretty cool to decide what's going on in your partner's soul as a result of it.

As I read through these confessions I see a cornucopia of reasons why marriages fail so often these days.

After raising two daughters who are grown, and now two teenage sons, I'm understanding the vast physiological as well as neurological dichotomy of men and women.

I think sex ed needs to take a big turn and teach the fundamental differences so we can all value the other sex for the right reasons.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, I'm not sure what you meant by this:

"Thanks for this blog, and I think you are pretty cool to decide what's going on in your partner's soul as a result of it"

And if you want to draw up a sex ed curriculum that explains the psychological differences between men and women ... what would they be? I can't think of one blanket statement to make about men that wouldn't also apply to some women, and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

1952 - If you used all the forms of birth control that you could and you still got pregnant, then maybe it's a "miracle" and there's a reason for it.

And to those people that commend her for :not using an abortion as a form of birth control" - what if you use all the forms that two people having sex can and you still up pregnant?

Anonymous said...

1952: I wish you the best honey. I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now. A baby is supposed to be a happy time for couples, and I hope you are finding some joy even though your husband is being a total dick about this.

1953: I'm confused by your post. You are married but live far away from each other? That must be very hard to make work. I'm not being bitchy when I ask this, but why did you marry if neither of you are willing to move?

1958: I don't know if his "rejection" of you is because of YOU. I agree with the other person on here that suggested he is gay. If he is trying to arrange meetings with men and having explicit conversations with them on line, then he may still be in the "closet" and afraid to come out. This would be terribly bad for your sex life if he is. Maybe you should talk to him as a FRIEND and hopefully he will open up to you and himself. Try not to take it personally, although I know it must be really hard not to. At least until you can talk to him about it.

Anonymous said...

1958: I was in your shoes for many years. No sex, no mental closeness, nothing. We had two children, but the internet provided an outlet to what he needed and it wasn;t me. I finally divorced him, and he accepted his own sexuality. Things are much better now, especially between him and me. I don;t hate him anymore. I hope you can get to this same place in life.

Anonymous said...

@ pookie sixx: We got married because we love each other, want to be together and to speed up the Visa process in a way.

When we applied for the Visa, we assumed it would take longer, so I did not prepare myself to move. It was insanely quick and I have to admit, shocked me a little when it came through.

I have a great job. He has a good job. We have a good life together and good lives apart. We're the type that independence is important to us both and therefore, the distance is not as bad as it can be for some.

We are willing to move. I realize that might not have come out very clearly. There are things that need to be sorted before I will move though. I don't think that is unfair.

And I did not find your question bitchy. You're not the first person to ask me this.

He's here now and everything is right in the world in so many ways. We have a lot to talk about and sort out as well.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how many women cheat...and then feel right about it, like they have a right to. When you got married it was a promise to be with only each other, but it seems that the promise is often taken lightly.

I just don't get it. If you are so unhappy that you feel the need to go outside the marriage, why not try everything you can to make the marriage better first. If you have tried everything and it is still not working, end it. Even if you do not respect your partner, you should at least respect yourself.

just imagine how broken you would be if you found out he cheated on you...and if he did cheat on you, why would you want to make anyone ever feel the way you did when you found out?

What a childish and selfish way to live your life.

Anonymous said...

I use this site to feel better about myself. I may be a lot of things but I am still better then a lot of you cheating bitches.

Anonymous said...

12:53 - go fuck yourself. Seriously. You too 12:54.

Anonymous said...

11:28am - 12:53 didn't really say anything that wasn't true in every way. It came across as simply the brutual truth. I can understand how you could tell 12:54 to go fuck themself - but maybe you just know that what was said is true and you can't handle it.

Anonymous said...

1:07 - handle these ~grabs crotch~

Anonymous said...

11:28, are you 1:45 too? Geez, control yourself. Why so defensive? And if you are telling someone to "handle these". You must be a man. Sooo not impressed with the "handle these". And I shudder to think of what "handle these" means if you are a woman. Blech!

Anonymous said...

11:28 and 1:45...... HAHAHAHAHA
Gotta love ya'
2:33 you shudder......... WTF is that all about...I bet you are a ball of fun in the sac. (No pun intended) Shudder....... come on now.

Anonymous said...

4:03- Brilliant. You have no idea what "no pun intended" means because you made a pun. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

WOW. You guys are mean. It's funny how the comments always turn into this horrible judgemental bitchfest between two or three commentors. Let it go - if you don't have the guts to put your name on it (always anonymous) then leave it unsaid. Geesh!

Anonymous said...

Let me add to that 4:38......4:03, you DUMBASS!

Anonymous said...


So just because people decide to post anonymously means they shouldn't have the right to speak their mind? How illogical is that?

Get serious and off your little soapbox.

Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be a forum in which people make confessions and other people post honest responses or is it supposed to be a place where we go to have our hands held like our mommies used to do when we misbehaved as children? If it is the former then it becomes a much less interesting place. When people confess to adultry or other "naughtiness" some people are understanding and supportive and others are angry and offended. We all come to our opinions of the confessions from our own personal histories and we all have different responses. All of them are valid. Sometimes I come here and I pat someone on the back and offer support. Sometimes I tell someone I think they are a lousy person,but my responses are always honest. If that makes me judgmental then so be it. I would much rather hear that than hear a bunch of "Yes Women" telling all of the confessors that they are right and okay no matter what they have done. If that is what you need then look into therapy. It is much more helpful and predictable.

Just my 2 cents

Vulgar Wizard said...

1959 - how the hell do you get him to go to the grocery store in the first place???? Around here, that's MY job. *sigh*

ShaiOne said...

1956 - It's females like you that make good men distrust the rest of us. Shit like that will get you killed. Stay safe in your silly game.

1958 - Your husband is GAY and he has already slept with other men since you've been married. You are what the call the cover wife. Either his family doesn't know or his Employer and Co-Workers don't know. He's in the closet and you're helping him keep the door locked. I've seen this with friends don't be naive, he's a great provider..provided you keep his secret. Also after seeing those emails do you really want to have sex with this man? HIV/AIDS but you probably didn't think of that since you don't think he's actually having sex with other men.