Wednesday, May 28, 2008

True Wife Confessions 255 - the maximum number of rupees in Zelda

Confession #2541

love you. I can't wait to marry you. I love how affectionate you are, but I worry. You end each conversation with I love you and I am in love with you. I wonder what will happen when the haze of "in love" with me ends. Will you stay and fight to keep our marriage together or will you divorce like you did last time?

Confession #2542

My husband and I have been married for 8 years and have 3 beautiful children. Over the past couple years I have come to realize that I am still in love with my ex and I recently told my ex how I felt. He lives far away so its not like we are going to do anything. Husband, you have become very controlling since we have had kids. You question me with everything. If I go to the store, you say, oh guys are going to stare at you or why are you so dressed up ,when I'm on my way out the door to go to work!!!!!! You check my emails, myspace and question if I deleted my history. I am NOT cheating on you but you are driving me to!
I told you that I wanted to go visit my family but you talked me out of it, saying there was no way, that you didn't want to be home for a week with the kids being a single parent. NEWS FLASH: I stayed home for two years with them, I cooked, cleaned, ran errands while you would come home from work, sit in front of the t.v. or computer until the kids went to bed! Do you not remember this!?!
You question if I have ever cheated on you but you have no reason to doubt me. I on the other hand could have questioned you a thousand times and HAD a reason, but I didn't, and you know why BECAUSE I TRUST YOU!!!!! Now with your paranoia I am starting to think maybe you did or are cheating on me.
I have been emailing my ex from work talking with him. He thinks you are cheating on me and told me he wants me to come and visit him. I won't do this not to the kids but I often fantasize about being with him again and again.....
You kept bugging me trying to find out if I even liked giving bj's and I told you not really. I wish I hadn't told you the truth, b/c now you find away to make me feel bad everyday, and when I tell you that, you say well think about how I feel.
What should I do? I really do have feelings for my ex and always have but I love my husband. Why does he have to be this way? If he is cheating how can I catch him?

Confession #2543

Why is it that when I tell you that I want a divorce you suddenly turn into the nice guy I remember?

Why is it that when there is nothing left to say you want to talk?

Why is it that when I can’t stand the thought of touching you anymore you are affectionate?

Why is it that when there is no way to fix this you are holding on so hard?

Confession #2544

I'm waiting for a guy...he is very nice. he loves me ( i think so coz he asked me to wait for him ). then u came along. ur engaged but u still flirt with me. y ? u asked me out for date. y ? now i'm torn. i cant deny i have feelings for u. but i'm waiting for him. how can i have feelings for u ? i'm nt being truthful to him n i'm feeling very guilty but i want to go out with u. i really do.

Confession #2545

I have a lover that is 13 years younger than me, almost to the day. He can be the biggest dick in the world, and also the most charming. I thought that it was over. Today I realized, almost sadly, that it's not. There's something that I can't quite resist about him. How did this happen? We realized tonight that we've been at this for just over a year, it seems longer. I'm always surprised because he seems to think that I know him so well, and I feel that outside of sex, we're pretty much strangers - he has no real feel for how detached I am from him, even though it's completely his doing.

Ugh, pretty sure I made a deal with the devil and that he's pure poison. He's my own personal, irresistible villain.

Confession #2546

OMG So we were supposed to wash the outside windows but the kids are gone and we are alone!!! Staying in bed ALL day was amazing. 4 times we had sex. Nice, and I made sure I had me some, too wink wink. We needed this with all the shit going on around us. I still think you are a pain in the ass, and you better call your mother tomorrow, I really don't enjoy talking to her, but for today, the sex is amazing. Let's get the kids tomorrow. I miss them.
Love Me

Confession #2547

Truth is, all of the jealousy I used to have over you paying so much attention to other women, is totally gone. Now I only wish you would screw up so, I could easily divorce you. And lately, you have been so much more interested in what I am doing and it annoys me. Perhaps you should have paid attention a long time ago.

Confession #2548

On Wednesday I had sex with a man I know in a city I used to live in. I'm not especially attracted to him, but he wanted me and my husband does not.

I feel no guilt, only sadness. I would much rather have a husband who wants me.

Other than this anonymous confession, I will mention it to nobody.

Confession #2549

This is my second time blogging in the past few weeks. My first blog consisted of me finding more porn on our computer.

But the truth is I want out.....

I don't love you as much as I thought I did.... We just moved from Nebraska to Michigan and I'm not sure why I did

I have been the one supporting this family for the past 2 years, you promised me you would get a job if I moved to Michigan with you. I refuse to get a job because you are the man of the house .. or at least you are suppose to be.

On the real note though you are my first love it took me 22 years to fall in love with someone, I see now why it took me that long it is because I do so much better as an indepentent woman.

When I get my tax rebate check I am leaving you, I wish I could tell you that but I am scared of you and I am scared that you put your hands on me again...... people tried to tell me not to move here with you but I did it anyways.. but I see why now.

You will never change and I hate you

Confession #2550

I am so tired and often overwhelmed.

But thank you, for giving me all I could ever want.
A beautiful 5 year old, who has way more smarts and savvy then we do!
A rambunctious 2 year old with a huge heart of love and affection with just a side order of naughty.
and a
3 month old, who although he cries A LOT, I love him and try to see the BIG PICTURE!

and thank you for still making me laugh, working hard to support our new family of 5...agreeing to number 3 because you knew how much I wanted one more, finding me sexy even though I still need to lose, oh about 30 pounds from all these babies....being patient with me for not wanting to have sex b/c of pre-mentioned 3 month old and 30 pounds...and also thank you for going to pick up a bbq chicken pizza even though I am on Jenny Craig!

I love you, Babe,


Anonymous said...


You want a man who would do that to his intended wife? What will stop him from doing that to you?

Always a good practice to end one relationship before starting a new one.

Anonymous said...


I think he's reacting this way because you gave him the wake-up call he needed! Isn't this what you wanted, for him to change? Please give him a chance to make you happy again. Marriages are not disposable, they need attention and it seems like that's what he's trying to do.

Anonymous said...

2550, that was very sweet. Reading it made me smile.

Anonymous said...

255 Rupees! I think it's my favorite header text.