Thursday, May 01, 2008

True Wife Confession 249 maypole dances

Confession #2481

When the seal is placed on our divorce, the main reason will be your irrational anger about small petty things, and my insistence that a sparkling clean house is less important than being happy and relaxed.

Confession #2482

The truth is sometimes things get better but for after a while they suck again. Although I love you and I really think you love me... your communication sucks. The truth is I really only think you do enough to get by. Sad to say I AM TIRED! Tired of always having to do everything for the kids even after work, tired of always listening to your off crazy ass sister and her issues, tired of being the one that everybody comes to for everything in life. I want a break. Sometimes I dream of just falling. Not falling to die but falling to get away from everybody...

Confession #2483

In the middle of the night, when you wake up slightly from sleep and grab me and kiss my cheek and whisper "I love you soo much baby girl" That very moment is when I forgive you for all the stupid dumb ass things you did that day! It also reminds me Of EXACTLY why i fell in love with you!

We may not have the perfect marriage and right now we may be going through some pretty crappy waters but It wouldn't even be worth going through with any other man.

Thank you for those quiet moments that you probably don't even remember the next morning! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY MEAN TO ME!

I love you more than you will ever realize!

Confession #2484

We're pregnant now and I cant tell you how much I cant wait to have the baby and get away from him. He's an attractive guy, nice build (little pudgey in the waist now), handsome, and funny. BUT he's selfish as hell. I forgave him when he said he needed a break to "work on himself" then found out he was seeing someone else who he had just broke up with to come back to me (w/o my knowledge) and she couldn't take it. Who is too much of a pussy to stand up to his mom and grandmother when they pressured him to pressure me to have an abortion. Who thinks he SOooo cute but really an insecure fuck who likes to flirt with women on sites like fling and myspace thinking I wont find out. INTERNET HISTORY dumbASS! I gave him everything including his first child and he does things like "help" me pay the rent on the apt WE live and think he deserves a damn medal for it. ITS CALLED RESPONSIBILITY!!! Pressured me and stressed me when I lost my job and complained about having to take over the bills temporarily, now you're not working and NOT DOING SHIT! Had the nerve to call me lazy because I wanted to sit my pregnant ass down working 7 days a week 6-6pm and you wanted me to help you clean up after you've been sitting doing nothing. You can get gung ho to go out with your friends but cant fuck right. You cant even wait for me to cum and when I don't want sex with you anymore, you get mad when I tell you what the problem is. talking about at least I tried.....WTF? THEN< you go run to your mom and grandma about every damn problem we have instead of sitting and talking to me. You're verbally abusive and like to think someone scared of you. Little do you know I'M leaving before I kill your ass for jumping in my face. You don't understand and don't want to understand that being pregnant requires PEACE> you stress me out every chance you get. You stupid fuckup! You're 25 years old and still think you're going to make it as an actor or singer. You just want the damn attention and ain't good at neither one of them. You expect me to support you but when things get good for me you get jealous and start doing dumb ass shit and saying I'm supposed to help you out with your career. You're so jealous. I should've listened to my mother before I got knocked up by your immature ass and if your family members say one more thing because I wanted to keep OUR child (your pussy ass couldn't even stand up to them) I'm going to flick off on their ass. You don't care about nobody but your damn self. You try to verbally hurt me everytime we get into an argument THEN you tell me its okay to talk to you. I don't talk to you because you don't listen. You're ALWAYS right. I'm not getting married to your dumb ass, I know it isn't going to work because you expect someone to sit down and do everything as you please without question. Your only ambition is to be an actor or singer. What about if that doesn't work out (99% chance it wont)? You have no backup plans!!!You gonna tell me you want to be an actor full time when we're six months from being parents. I have a secret bank acct. too because you always claim to have no money, but it mysteriously appears when YOU need something. You're a FOLLOWER! You can t even think for your damn self. You always saying your friends think you should leave me but ALL of them want me! You can be a dumb fuck if you want and listen to them because they're all trying to be with me. I'm pregnant working 2 jobs (about to be 3) and your at home playing video games waiting for something to pop up. You cant even have the fucking house clean!!! I wish I was evil because I would make sure you hurt. You don't care about me or your baby as much as you brag to everyone about us. We're just accessories to make YOU look good. You care more about what people think of you than you give off. As soon as I have MY child, I'm booting you out the picture. By then I'll have money saved up (unbeknownst to you) and I'll be able to live comfortably without you. YOU WILL BE PAYING CHILD SUPPORT. After you didn't defend my decision to keep the baby after your PARENTS called me because they didn't think it was a good TIME to have a baby, I knew you were a bitch. I stood up to you ALL because MY CHILD deserves a chance. You only wanted to keep it after you saw I wasn't backing down. Fuck you and your parents. I got that social and ALL of your family members addresses that live in this state! Especially after I saw you thought I was going to let your mom and grandma dictate everything. Bitch please. I don't tell you everything and trust I'M still sexy even MORE post-pregnancy so don't sleep on me. Someone is waiting in the wings watching all your fuckups from close up. Too bad you're always complaining about me because they only see the good and think I'M an angel for putting up with your selfish ass.

By the way I'm 20 (21 in a couple of months), a soon to be homeowner (w/o the selfish prick), paying my way through college, running my own event planning biz WHILE working 2 jobs and 3.5 months pregnant. I don't need his selfish ass!!!

Confession #2485

Hi Honey,
I am remembering why I stay with you. When my roommate died in the car accident we were only dating, Maybe just 4 or 5 dates. The second you heard about the accident you came right over and never left my side.. That was 15 years ago. I was going to stop seeing you before that. I didn't think we had a connection. Boy was I wrong. We now have 3 kids a house a dog and a car payment. You never left my side. Now it is my turn to show you I will not leave your side. I know what happened was a stupid choice. I won't leave you for it. I will never leave your side either. I love you
Love Me

Confession #2486

I'm very good at ironing, and I don't mind doing it, but the wrinkles in your shirts just won't come out, so I've given up. One day, I got out all of your shirts from the closet and decided to iron them all and put perfect creases down the sleeves. I got through 2 before I started crying in frustration. I'm so sorry.

Confession #2487

I didn't miss you at all when I was away.

Confession #2488

The past six months have been the worst time in my life. We fight all the time, and I can’t take all the crap you put me through everyday. I have asked multiple times for a divorce and you deny me one all the time. You tell me you love me and don’t even say it to your face anymore. You bug the hell out of me, and I cant stand the way you act. Oh and I hate your mom. And I’m still talking to my ex’s.

=the wife

Confession #2489

I'm very good at ironing, and I don't mind doing it, but the wrinkles in your shirts just won't come out, so I've given up. One day, I got out all of your shirts from the closet and decided to iron them all and put perfect creases down the sleeves. I got through 2 before I started crying in frustration. I'm so sorry.

Confession #2490

I don't even know where to begin. First off, I don't know when I stopped being in love with you. and I hate myself because every time I contemplate leaving I tell myself to stay 'because of the kids'.
Stop purposefully pushing my buttons to get me angry so you can get mad at me for being pissy. Stop acting like a jerk and stop blaming me for everything. My being pregnant is not justification for you to be an ass. What gives you the right to fly off the handle over every little thing I do or don't do especially when YOU do those same things too?
And constantly complaining that 'you don't get any' is not my idea of foreplay. Neither is rough manhandling of my breasts. If you think real hard, you'll realize that that I haven't told you 'no' in a long, long time. YOU are the one who falls asleep in front of the television. And if you think a little harder, you might also realize that I don't even get anything from our quick sexual encounters. Nothing, Nada, zip. Which I think you already know, but just don't care because it's obvious my needs haven't been a focus of yours in years. When you touch me, you touch me for your own pleasure. You make me feel used..

I don't even like you right now. And I'm pretty sure you don't like me either.
One of us has to grow the balls and actually admit it.


Anonymous said...

To #2484.. What i dont understand is WHY did you wait to you got pregnant to THEN decide to leave him if you KNEW he was like this and his family treats u like SHIT.. WHY wait till u are bringing a child in the world.. iam glad ur leaving but that was VERY selfish for YOU to wait till you got PREGNANT.. You definately could have AVOIDED that... YOU made the mistake here honey... ever hear that saying "people treat you how you allow them to" now this poor child is coming into the world with a shitty father and shitt grandparents... shame on you.. BUT i do realize you are only 20.. but you should have left way EARLIER!!.. good luck:)

Anonymous said...

2481 - Are you MY husband? LOL! He always says i've got small petty issues. But to me they aren't small. I don't get worried about the big issues.

2482 - O.M.G.!!! I could have written that post WORD FOR WORD! Right down to the crazy ass sister!!! I am so glad there is someone else out there in that boat.

Anonymous said...

2484: If you are so proud of being "almost 21" then grow up. He is selfish? Probably, but what are you? Reread your post and then woman up to be the mother you have made yourself, you no longer have the right to act like such a bratty child.

Anonymous said...

2484: Being twenty years old and 14 weeks pregnant by such a loser is nothing to be proud of, but you sure sound proud of it.

You also sound proud that all his friends want you. You're a hot commodity among people who are friends with your baby daddy. Yaaay you.

I suggest quitting one of your jobs and using the extra time to earn a certificate or a degree in something that will get you a better-paying job than you have right now. Then maybe you can get *one* job rather than two or three (and it is good that you have such a strong work ethic) and only have to pay child care for 8 hours a day instead of 16.

You don't have the money or the time to quit one of your jobs? What kind of money and time do you think you'll have after you give birth? Get training NOW while the baby is still in you, not outside you and needing care 24/7.

Anonymous said...

2486 - It made me feel bad when you cried about not knowing how to iron. Maybe take a look at this and see if there are any steps that'll help you:

Dawn - will you forward the link to the original confessor please in case she doesn't see this?

Anonymous said...

If this post was written by someone who claimed to be 35 there'd be nothing but praise and sympathy but since she's 20 everyone's full of scolding and superior advice. I read what she said: employed, home sale pending, savings, and plans. Stood up for her self & her baby. Posting here to vent so she can keep on with the playing it cool and being patient, working for her plans. You GO momma. Thousands of new mothers go to school - the ones with your toughness make it.

Anonymous said...

12:15, exactly what was incorrect about the advice she got? It's all useful except for the "You should have thought of that before you got pregnant" parts. And those parts, while not useful, are true.

Anonymous said...

2486 - It made me feel kind of bad about the ironing thing too. Are you really so upset because you can't get "perfect" creases in his shirts, or is he berating you because you can't do it perfectly? Guess what...most dry cleaners will do men's shirts for 99 cents each. Trying to do it "perfectly" yourself isn't worth the time, aggravation or stress. And if he's got a job where he wears dress shirts to work, I'm sure you can afford $5-$7 bucks a week to make sure they look "perfect."