Monday, May 12, 2008

True Wife Confessions 252 Tattoo

Confession #2511

OK, let me get this did the crime... I bailed you out... You had to stand before the court...I could hear everything... You have to go to court appointed therapy... I have to talk to her, too... I didn't do anything... why me??? This is maddening to me.. When does this stop? I didn't do anything. Oh Yeah, I had to sit through dinner with your family and pretend to make nice while they plowed the kids with sugar and then tell me to control them... Is this what it means when they say for better or worse??
Love??? Me

Confession #2512

To my new husband:

You're wonderful. You've changed my life. Want to know how I knew you were the one? Because I've never once had the thought, "I'm missing out on something." Nor have I thought about anyone I've dated in my past and wanted them back in my life. With you I look forward to the future. We both look forward to being two old farts on our front porch with tons of wrinkles rocking in our rocking chairs and being happy with life. We both know there will be hard times and times when we'll want to kill or divorce the other one, but we've made a promise to stay together and work out the issues. We talk, listen, compromise, support, and love the other. Thank you for being you and loving me.

I love you with all my heart,

Your Wife

Confession #2513

I want a divorce, you always tell me I couldn't do it on my own, well, I have news for you, I KNOW I can!!! I hate coming home and all I see is your lazy ass laying on the couch, laughing at Everybody loves Raymond. We haven't even slept in the same bed for years!!! Hello, women need affection!! That's why I like him so much, actually, I love him and you have to know I do. He is all I think about 24/7, so why not just leave and let me be happy. You would be happier to and you know that. It is time to file some paperwork!!!!!

Confession #2514

Sometimes when you fall asleep in the living room I don't wake you to move to the bedroom because once in a while I enjoy having the bed all to myself and not having lull myself to sleep to the sound of your snoring. I feel a little guilty, but think that the couch and floor must be pretty comfortable if you fell asleep there in the first place... Sorry

Confession #2515

I love you, but I'm not sure how much longer I can go on living like this. It seems we fight all the time anymore. I know your stress level is through the roof, I realize your grad school program is outrageously difficult, but you knew that going into it. You used to be better than the best, you'd ask me for a list for my birthday or Christmas but you'd never use it bc you had better ideas. You bought me
things I didn't even know I wanted. Now you get the list and don't even read it, the things you buy now seem almost to be a matter of "well I have to get something today and she'll like this right?" yeah put some effort into it. Mother's Day is Sunday, I said something last night about sitting around doing nothing all day on Sunday and you asked why. That pretty much guarantees that I'm not getting anything as I haven't the past two years. Your crappy excuse about having no time is just that crappy. You had finals last year at this time yes, but you were done as of noon on Friday and I was still at work, hmmmm methinks you could have stopped on the way home from school to buy something. Right now you're off at a party to celebrate the end of your first year and you have the unmitigated gall to call and say you want to talk to me one more time because you probably won't be home before I go to bed. This from the same man who called me in a snit on Sunday because I took our son and went out with my parents so you could study for finals. You wanted me to come home so you could see me for a while. HMMM let's see you think maybe since you've been holed up studying for a week that I might want to see you tonight, especially since I have class tomorrow night and won't be home??? DUMB@$$ I work my butt off going to school so I can make more money tosupport you while you go to school and what thanks do
I get? NONE, you say you'll help around the house, routinely I hear that you got home first and I worked all day so you'll make dinner and do you, hell no. I
want to be supportive of you. You've been to other parties with your classmates, you always say that it's just for students yet every damn time you come home you have stories about how someone else's spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend was there. You say you want friends of you own like I have friends of my own. Okay I get that, I truly do, but when I plan things with my friends I always invite you. You are my best
friend, and you claim I'm yours but you don't want me involved in anything to do with your school, never mind the fact that I agreed to move away from my friends and family to a new town so you could go to school and that I'm the one working and not saying a word when you choose not to pick up hours at your old job to help pay bills. At the rate we're going don't be surprised if after you graduate and get a nice
cushy job that I take you to the proverbial cleaners after I pack up our son and move out. I can't even talk about how stressed I am about work and wanting the school year to be over without you making it all about you again. If I'm upset over something and you pressure me into talking to you about it, it always
becomes a matter of how much more stressed I'm making your life. I'm sitting here praying that it pours like mad on that stupid party so you'll have to come
home. You're over 30 yrs old, you're classmates are 21 and 22, GROW THE F UP!!! You chose to get married, you chose to have children, act like the adult you're supposed to be, instead of the child you know you're not. You choose not to come home til after I go to bed tonight, I'll stay out the entire time my class is supposed to meet whether it lasts that long or not! and if you saw one word about not being able to see me or spend time with me I might just hit you.

Confession #2516

You put your pot stash in our 4 year old daughter's back pack. You dropped her off to me and I was cleaning out her back pack and it positively reeked of pot. And you wonder why I don't want to have her for 50% of the time? You drive high for fricks sake!

Confession #2517

We're happy after a lot of bad years I'm content and glad we made it through. All we ever needed to be happy was for me to stop wanting to have sex. Menopause is your best friend

Confession #2518

I kissed my coworker thursday and friday.

Confession #2519

After our get-a-way several weeks ago - when we got home after a lovely weekend together - ravishing each other like 18 year olds....and we had to look at each other and admit that we were both so sore that we couldn't bear to have sex again for a couple of days? That was awesome. Who says that we can't have great sex in our 40's...

Confession #2520

You helped make mother's day truly special - and I thank you.


Anonymous said...

@ Confession #2518

I kissed my coworker thursday and friday.
me too...

Petrat said...

#2516 here I just re-read my post which was typed in a fit of rage and realized it sounds like I don't want my daughter for 50% of the time. What I meant was I don't want him to have her for more than the occasional weekend. Sorry, stressed typing like a moron.

Mrs Somebody Else said...

#2516 - Keep protecting your daughter!!! we thank you now - and she will thank you later.

be strong.

Anonymous said...

2516 - I guess that is what you technically wrote; but when I read your confession I knew exactly what you meant!
2512 - sounds wonderful - good for you!

Kels said...

#2514: i know exactly where you are coming from!

Anonymous said...

2516-Call the cops!! Or CHP. It will only get worse and you won't have a leg to stand on. Call now so when he's smoking pot with her and his buddies are trying to screw her you'll have a court case against her being with him.

Anonymous said...

#2514- your post made me laugh! You read my mind. :D