Monday, May 19, 2008

True Wife Confessions 253 Geoff Ryman

Confession #2521

Even though this is anonymous, I'm still afraid that you will see this, you are such a fantastic person, I would NEVER want to hurt you. You are truly the most virtuous man I have ever met. And you are truly a great provider, me and the kids have everything we could ever possibly want. All of my friends are jealous of how financially well off we are, and it's because you work your ass off to provide for us. Thanking you for bringing that security to our lives.

It's just that I'm bored. I want to feel butterflies in my stomach for someone again. I want a man to throw me on the bed and ravage me. I want the excitement of meeting someone new and feeling like my heart skipped a beat because he's standing too close to me. I want to feel what it's like to kiss someone for the first time again. I want to be pursued again. I want to be swept off of my feet. I want to a man to feel nervous around me. I want a man to feel beside himself with passion for me because we are about to make love for the first time. I want to feel passion for a man. I want one of those men that are in the bowflex commercials to wrap his arms around me and squeeze me a little.

The reason I didn't take that promotion was because then I wouldn't be able to talk to vendors anymore, there is one of them, we flirt, a lot. He jokingly called me his girlfriend. I can't give up seeing him at work and flirting. I wish I were his girlfriend. Another vendor said he daydreams about me before he walks in the door. I love to flirt with all the men at work, too much.

I'm a selfish bitch for getting the man I always wanted and then once I have him, I want to get back out there and met someone new.

Oh and btw, my number isn't 2, its 27. Did you really think I would be celibate all those years in between you and my ex? You know how much I like sex.

And another thing, I lied, if I ever get the chance, I would fuck David Beckham in a heartbeat. You shouldn't dislike him so much for my crush on him, he has gotten you laid more times than you know.

Confession #2522

Is it really so hard to pick up the freaking phone to call your own mother for five minutes on Mother's Day? I did the rest, picked an arrangement, wrote out the card, set up the delivery time. All she wanted in the whole world was to hear from you and your brother, and neither one of you could be arsed to pick up the phone.

I can't help that your brother is a thoughtless jerk, or the fact that your sister in law is apparently oblivious to that fact, but I told you to call her no less than three times. Short of putting the ringing phone in your hand, there was nothing more I could do. You are a grown man, and this is not rocket science.

Then I get the teary phone call from her about how did she fail as a mother because she didn't hear from either of you, and when I call you to point out that she's upset and you should address it, you have the balls to get all offended that I'm irritated with you. Get a grip sugar-- I love you, but there are times I want to string you up by your toenails.

Confession #2523

When you called me a bitch last night, I think my love for you took a huge hit. Right now I can't imagine being in love with you again.

What really scares me is, in all my other relationships, name-calling happened only once. Then I was out the door. But you and I are married. Now what?

Confession #2524

I had an awesome weekend at that cabin in the woods with you. We talked about everything under the sun, the sex was great, and it was fantastic to spend so much uninterrupted time with you. But I have to confess. It's not enough for me. I want for us to go to bed together every night, and to wake up together every morning. I wish you wanted that, too.

Confession #2525

I know you are calling a phone dating line, it is one that I caught you on last summer when I did my own detective work and set up my own mailbox, and boy you did NOT like that one bite, you said I was a slut, I was this horrible person, then you apologized, said you would stop, but the reality is you stopped for a little while then when you thought I was over it and had forgotten about it you started it again, well this time I have set up my own mailbox and I know your password to your mailbox, I have deleted messages left for you. I have blocked users so you cant tell they are online, I have even called a few of these chicks and told them. Your reputation/credibility is being ruined little by little and you don’t even know it. Maybe I should say something to you, but I am having to much fun getting my revenge on you.

Confession #2526

I think of you almost everyday . I was the other woman and you were the other man. You were married and I was committed, so I married him anyway. I said goodbye to you when it was close enough to the wedding that I might get caught. After 3 years it was over. You called me over and over, and finally when I heard she is pregnant I made the final break. You were one of my best friends. I missed you like crazy, still do, even after 14 years.

Our daughters dance at the same studio. We are at the same recitals. You work in the same field as my sister-in-law. I keep tabs on you , and you ask about me too. I dodge you left and right, because if I had to face you I just might let it slip that I miss you so much it hurts. Even worst now because you are free as a bird and I am the one that is in a loveless (on my end anyway) marriage, but I am committed so I stay....I still love you and miss you....but I stay....

Confession #2527

I have been much happier while you've been away on business. You're coming home tomorrow and it totally bums me out.

Every time you piss away money on slot machines, I buy myself stuff on the credit cards. I know this isn't helping our financial situation any, it's just easier in the short run than talking to you honestly about my feelings.

I do appreciate you making more effort to be patient with me and considerate of my feelings. Really! Now perhaps we can move on to the part where you learn to stop finding the negative in every situation, even good ones. Do you realize that most of your statements are framed as complaints?

Confession #2528

Ok.... Here are the things I wish I could tell you...

1. I ask you time and time again not to watch your porno because it make me feel not wanted and also it makes me not want to have sex with you. You stop watching it for a couple weeks but today I found more.

2. Mothers day just passed and of course I didn't get anything from you AGAIN!!! Yes you made me breakfast and then you spent the rest of the day on the computer and you wondered why I went to bed early.

3.I kicked you out a few weeks ago and I must admit it felt nice and I swear on my kids if i find anymore porno on my computer I will kick you out again without any hesitation!!!!!!!!!!

Ohhhhh how can you propose to someone without a ring

Confession #2529

To My Daughter's Father

If I would thought things would have ended up this way between us when i first met you, i would have walk away or given you the wrong number. i've wasted 3 years of my life trying to make something work with you never realizing that you just wan't worth it. I gave you everything that you could have possibly wanted but you still couldn't act right. I allowed you to run the streets with your boys, cheat, and do whatever the hell you wanted to do and i never tripped. I even stay with you after you started hitting me and made me miscarry our 1st and 2nd child. I even stayed after you got that girl pregnant. I did what i had to do for you. I tricked just to make sure we kept money in pocket. But what hurt the most is when i told you i was pregnant wit jay and you denyed she was yours but you was quick to claim the child you had with the other girl and she was just a one night stand. You spent half my pregnancy denying her and the other half locked up. She is three months old now and i could the number of times you came to see her with my fingers. Thats messed up. But when she first had your son i had to hear about him constantly. you couldn't come see me because you got him. You can't give me any money for baby stuff because he needed money for daycare. You forgot who i was. for three years i was your lover friend the one who made sure you had what you needed the one who payed bail and made sure you had money for your lawyer. I used to be your girl but now you treat me like the other woman. Stupid me who would have thought at that age of 20 you would get traded in for a younger model.

Confession #2530

Your weight gain has turned me off but I love you with all of my heart anyway and therefore, will never tell you.


omnia_vincit_amor said...


Why are you lying so much to your husband?

If the promotion would have helped your shared financial situation, and wouldn't have made you completely unhappy, then you probably should have taken the promotion. Marriage is a two-way street, and both parties ought to be contributing to the shared resources you have available.

You're behaving like a teenager who still hasn't figured out how to have a healthy sex drive AND a healthy relationship with someone whose libido may not match the strength of yours.

My suggestions?
1. Get a vibrator.
2. Stop flirting with random guys.
3. Flirt with your husband.
4. Set up a "date night" and ask your husband to roleplay with you, as though you had just met. Bring the spark back between the TWO OF YOU, not sparks between yourself and other random guys.

Either commit fully or get out of there. You're doing a disservice to yourself and the man you've married by not being completely open and honest with him.

omnia_vincit_amor said...


Either he agrees never to do it again, or you are out the door. Marriage may make the process more involved, but the principles remain the same. You deserve more than a relationship in which you get called names that you don't want to be called.

So either this is the ONE time it happens, and you stay with him and work through it, or you leave. And if you work through it and it happens again, you're gone.

You deserve more than this.

And your children (present or future) deserve more too. They deserve not to see their mother being emotionally abused.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

to 2529 why on earth would you stay with a man who hit you so hard that you miscarried two children, and stay again to have a child with him? And this is the man you want to be around you and your child with him? An abusive guy who spends time in jail? A man who hits you? You want THIS man to be a role model for your kid? You want your daughter to grow up thinking it is okay for a man to hit his wife/girlfriend, for her dad to beat her mother, run around, father kids with other women?
You have a child. Get your priorities straight.

Anonymous said...

2522: Why are men like that? Good for you to prompt him and listen to his mother.