Tuesday, April 17, 2007

True Wife Confessions 176 years of age ( or the age when Harriet, the last of Darwin's Galapogas Turtles died)

Confession #1751

Every time you call me a "fucking bitch," I love you a little less. Keep it up and I will show you
what a "fucking
bitch" I can be by taking our daughter and leaving.

Confession #1752

Dear Husband,

We're expecting our second child this summer, and the nesting instinct has hit me really hard the past couple of weeks. Just yesterday I was going through my file cabinet and cedar chest and boy, did I find a lot of old stuff.

I found the picture of my high school boyfriend who was really sweet and treated me like a queen. I found pictures of a couple of guys I had breathless crushes on in college. I found some pictures of my ex-husband. I found logfiles I'd printed out from some guy I had an internet fling with after I got divorced. I found pictures and letters from the guy I dated for five years before you and I got together. It made me start thinking about all those other people I've known.

I know we've had hard times, and I know we've been stressed out. I know that the dynamics have shifted between us as life has thrown new challenges our way. But, my love, finding all those old memories made me realize something. We're perfect for each other. We're soul mates, and I wanted you to know that I know that too. Thank you for this perfect family, and this wonderful life. I love you more than I've ever loved any other man in my whole life.

Confession #1753

You are throwing me away and you don't even know it. You continually push me away, and then wonder why I am distant. Because each time you do push me away, I go farther and it takes longer to get back, back to those feelings of closness.

my confession is that I always judged those individuals who chose to cheat rather than leave their spouse. I shouldn't have done that because I am now very close to becoming one of them. I went onto one of those well publicized sites where you can advertise for an affair - I did that because I wanted to see if anyone still wanted me. Sick, I know. But when you have been turned away and pushed away for years you begin to wonder if it is you.

I want and NEED to be desired and needed again. Is it possible to just have an affair? If you don't want me, someone else does - and I need that.

Will it be possible to still live with you and be with another man?

Confession #1754

Thank you for agreeing with me that we have the perfect sized family. You are an excellent, devoted father and I would never in a million years deny you a child. Not ever. Still, it's nice to know that family planning is no longer an issue for us. When you said "...we're on the same page" about that and about wanting to be emotionally available for each of our beautiful children, my heart swelled with joy. When you further elaborated on our common parenting beliefs, goals and hopes, in that moment, I fell in love with you all over again. I tend to do that often, you know, because you're just so great. Even when we are not "on the same page." You seem to always say just the right thing and you always mean it. What we have together is so real, lovely and warm. I feel very fortunate to have you in my life. What am I talking about? You and the children ARE my life.

Confession #1755

I'm sorry for the spats we've had in the past. I don't care about that table anymore, or the stupid laundry quarters. I hope you forgive me for throwing juice on you after that one really bad fight. I forgive you for stepping on my hand. I deserved it for sticking things in your face. I was just mad that you were sleeping so much and afraid you'd forget about me entirely. But I know you were stressed and I was blowing it way out of proportion. It's really easy to focus on the negative sometimes and forget how lucky we are. I'm just so glad that we can talk things out if we don't see eye-to-eye.

The thing is, it feels so damn good to be with you that if I lost you it'd be like I lost all of my limbs. That's why I pull away sometimes or act like a diva. That's why sometimes when you look into my eyes and I'm the happiest person on the planet, I don't let myself feel it. That's why sometimes when you tell me you love me, I go silent. It's because I'm afraid to experience something so magical that if I lost it I'd never be the same. I'm just a horrible chicken, and a pessimist. But you've helped me restore my faith in myself. You helped me realize that the only sin in life is not trying at all, and that happiness is a series of tiny realizations we put into action by valuing ourselves and being kind.

The truth is, you really are the best lover I've ever had. It's like your bedroom skills mirror your boyfriend skills. Sometimes I wonder if all soul mates have mind-blowing sex, or if we just got doubly-lucky. I know you don't believe me when I tell you that you're the best, and that's probably because you and I both know that your penis is small-ish and crooked. But I don't care! It's cute, and you can make me come any time you want. Nobody ever did that or even came close. And when you put your mouth all over me it is pure Heaven. I'm just grateful I can please you as well.

When you look at me with your sparkling, cerulean eyes and just smile at me, telling me how you feel, there is no greater satisfaction for me than knowing I brought that love into your life. I just wish I could open my heart to you at all times. I promise I'm trying to get there, and I will. I hope and pray that this fear continues to be something that I can manage. I know it hurts you when I pull away. I'm so sorry I made you cry. It kills me. I promise I'll make it up to you, or I'll die with more regret in my soul than anyone who ever lived.

P.S. Thank you 1,000,000 times over for all of your love, support, kindness, acceptance, nurturing, fun, laughter, and absolute joy. You restored my hope in the male gender. I'm so glad I finally gave up on my exes and decided to give you a chance.

Confession #1756

I hate you.
I cannot stand to be in your arms or for you to kiss me.
I know I said that I've been nauseous lately so that you won't french kiss me, but the truth is that I don't want your tounge anywhere near me.

The only reason I'm here is because you threatened me with a custody battle if I left with our daughter.
So I am going to stay here unhappily....until 8/12/07...then I am leaving with our daughter while you are at work and you aren't goingI to have a clue where we went.
And you won't come after us because you are finally going to be able to afford that new laptop you've always wanted.

You're getting fat and nasty and I don't want to have sex with you anymore.
Despite having breastfed a baby for about a year, I look EXCELLENT...and you've let yourself go.
Whenever I go out, I get hit on by some attractive men...and I might take up an offer for "coffee" if you don't straighten up.
You're only 20! Why so nasty?

When you ask me "What [I] want for [you] to do..." My answer is always "Nothing, forget about it!"
What I want for you to do is:
1) If you want for me to stay, give me a reason to stay.
2) Stop being mean and cold
3) Stop being indifferent towards everything...your indifference about everything forces me to push you until I get a response.

I hate you.
I loathe you.
You disgust me.

Confession #1757

I know we talked about this early on in our relationship and I haven't changed my mind. I don't want children, you don't want children. We mutually decided not to have children and we have both always felt this way. Great, right? We both want the same thing so everything should be fine, right?

But...I had no idea you hated kids. I want to be the best Auntie, Godmother, friend, role model, etc to all the babies that are now entering my life now that my sisters, cousins, and friends are becoming mothers. You despise children. That time you hissed "I hate that sound" when my best friend's niece was crying (and everyone heard you, I was so embarrassed) is branded into my memory. It makes me mad that everytime I want to talk about my Godchild or my neice who will be born any day, you have to make some comment about how much babies and children suck.

OK, I don't think you really hate kids. I think you are doing it just to make sure that I don't change my mind now that I am surrounded by pregnant women and babies. I think you are afraid that if you show the slightest bit of affection to a baby, I will suddenly become a biological-clock driven crazy lady hellbent on producing a child. Honey, it's not going to happen. You KNOW that!

I think part of the reason I have grown kind of distant over the past month is the fact that my best friend has a baby 10 days ago and you haven't even expressed the slightest interest in seeing him. I wish you knew how sexy it is to see a rough & rugged man be gentle and loving with a baby...even if it is not his...especially if it is not his! You are about to be an Uncle. A real honest-to-goodness Uncle. This little girl, my sister's daughter, is going to grow up with a wonderful Auntie but a cold and distant Uncle. That kills me. This little girl deserves all the love we can give her and I swear to God, if you continue with this intense dislike of babies, I will have to seriously reconsider our relationship. Grow up and stop behaving like such a baby yourself!

Confession #1758

Remember back in 1998 or 1999 when you bought that T-shirt with the picture of that bikini-clad woman on it? The one that you were so proud of? It said "Man Cannot Live on Beer Alone"? The one you put in the closet and then never could find again right after you bought it?

I took it to a dumpster across down, before you ever got a chance to wear it.

I just couldn't bear the idea of walking around in public with someone who was wearing that stupid shirt.

Confession #1759

I do not think I will ever forgive you for what you said last night. I am not trying to substitute anything for my infertility and I know perfectly well that a kitten isn't the same as a baby. And when I turned around, shoved you into a wall and screamed at you... you have no idea how close I was to hitting you. Or that while you walked off and went outside to keep working on one of your "projects" that I packed a bag and sat in my car for thirty minutes. I'm glad I chose not to leave but I will hear those cruel and thoughtless words in my mind every day for the rest of my life. And I will probably never look at you the same way again.

Confession #1760

To my loving husband:

I don't know what made me flirt with the guy at work and entertain the idea
of an affair. You are perfect and have never given me reason to want to
stray. Nothing has happened and nothing will. When he gave me a ride home
(aka me playing with fire!) he tried to kiss me. I didn't allow it. I now
know that I am not an affair having type. I love you so much, and I will not
put myself in that situation again.


Anonymous said...

to 1755: You need to show this confession to your husband. You will be glad you did.

Anonymous said...

There was one confession Dawn chose not to publish that might answer some questions I've seen - so here it is:

I have a confession. I'm becoming addicted to making phony confessions. I'm "Deathmask Wife", the woman who's sons death was no accident, and "Porn Man" (in comments only).

Until I come to grips with my addiction, I at least promise you I'll always come back to identify the hoaxes afterwards - after I've gotten my sick jollies from your responses. Hahahahahahahahaha.

Jane Doh

Anonymous said...

#1759: Get help. Please. Go talk to someone. NOW. This will not get better on its own, and you are about to start abusing your husband.

Anonymous said...

I love you, more than I should probably. I love the way that I can see passion, love, and desire in your eyes when you look at me. I love that even when we are angry with the situation or each other I can still see that passion, love, and desire, but...

I hate that you love us both, 'but it's a different kind of love with each of you,' as you have told me.

I hate that you look at her the same way you look at me.

I hate that she has you in life and I only have you in the shadows.

I hate that I love you, and can't stop what we are doing.

I hate that you will never see just how happy I could make you.

Mostly, I hate that I am so deeply in love with you that I can't feel any of this hate when I am with you.

Unknown said...

#1758 - that made me lmfao hahahahaha

I don't think anyone could blame you for that - you spared yourself AND the rest of us from having to see that particular monstrosity LOL!

Unknown said...

oh, and Dawn - perhaps checking out Jane Dohs ISP & blocking it may be in order? ;)

Anonymous said...

It's easy for me to change my IP. or I can alias it. She would have to block such a wide swath that probably 1/4 of US could no longer submit confessions without blockage. I'd prefer to work with Dawn to figure out a way to do phony confessions in an entertaining way that won't compromise her purpose. I'm not the nasty type of troll. But if I was, blocking my IP would be a dangerous solution.

Anonymous said...

11:32 to #1760 is that your confession to someone or what? I am the original of #1760. Get your own number.

Anonymous said...

Jane Duh -- you're hilarious! Posting phony confessions; what an absolutely outrageously funny thing to do! Your friends must think you're a real hoot. I do, too! I haven't laughed this hard *at* someone in a long time!

Not the "nasty type of troll"? Give me a break! You're messing with peoples' heads! Does a troll GET any nastier than that? I think not!

I had no clue that any one person could be so very messed up. Thanks for the chuckle!

Anonymous said...

Well, if Jane has that much time on her hands and no better way on earth to spend it, then more power to her. I should be so lucky!

And 1751 - is that really how you want your daughter growing up thinking men treat the women they love?

Unknown said...

a "dangerous solution"?!?!?!? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Oh man.......LOL

Anonymous said...

to 4:08

You're welcome!!!

Really got to ya huh?


Anonymous said...

#1759 - you admit to being physicaly abusive with your husband, but somehow it is HIS fault? You sound like every abusive man who ever tried to justify his actions. Get help.

Anonymous said...

1755: I hope you show this to your husband or at least write him a nice love note with the same things you said here. He sounds like a very nice man.

1758: Thank God that shirt disappeared! AHAHHAHAHA!

Jane Doh, you must be a very lonely and sad woman/man. Glad you are getting your jollies. Hope it helps make you feel better.

Anonymous said...

"Jane Doh, you must be a very lonely and sad woman/man. Glad you are getting your jollies. Hope it helps make you feel better. "

Yes, ...sob... it's true... sob.. and I have a really small penis too.

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered how many posts here were phony. I guess it comes with the turf. I posted a confession once that was only half-true. My "confession" was more an attempt to justify my own ego and stubborness after a fight with my husband. That type of phonyness is worse than any prankster and I sense it is more common here than we'd like to think.

Anonymous said...

Eh, whatever turns your sad little crank, nutter.

Anonymous said...

Please, no more feeding the animals.

Anonymous said...

#1756, do him a favor and leave.

Anonymous said...

Jane Doh:

At least you admit that you have a problem. That's the first step.

However, I am angry, and I'm sure others are, too. Your posts incited a lot of feelings in me. I replied to Porn Man and the mother posts. The DM one...well, I've been around the world, seen it all and done it all, and that one freaked even ME out.

All three posts were completely disgusting, and I regret that I wasted such emotion and time on these. I'm sure that feeds your sickness, though.

You have denigrated the integrity of this site and I wish Dawn COULD block you. Please get help.

Anonymous said...

Jane Doh:

Small penis? Oh well that explains a lot then. You ARE inadequate.

Anonymous said...

To 1:07 Post:

Hey, that was a pretty heartfelt response. And I certainly didn't mean to hurt anybody that bad. There was a grain of truth in all my posts and I think they touched something because of that and the deeper truths that sometimes are found in fiction. Someplace, somewhere, my fictions are probably fact.

But your post has made me reconsider my "lark". I wish Dawn would create a way of posting confessions meant to be funny or fictional, but that avenue isn't open. I will think about stopping now. My apologies to you.

Anonymous said...

Going back and re-reading all of the comments on jane duh's aliases I realize one thing: this person needs a life and has the need for some sort of attention. This person likes to keep their topics going for some reason. Please jane duh, get some help. Spend time on something important like helping the needy. You seem like a real wacko and next thing we know we'll be seeing YOU in the news having caused some tragedy. If you need attention maybe you can pay some psychologist to pay attention to you. But I guess you are getting what you need here hence my addressing your sad, sick sitution, right?

Anonymous said...

And another thing, now we know that if a poster in the comments section keeps talking about their situation it is probably this sicko keeping it going. We are on to you, goober!

Unknown said...

Jane Doh - why on earth should Dawn have a section for funny/fake confessions? This is her blog, and she'll run it the way she wants. This format is her decision, not yours.

Having said that, why don't YOU start a blog for fake/funny confessions? I'm serious - why not? Then YOU can run the blog the way YOU want.

Anonymous said...

To 10:08 poster

Good points. It did sound like an arrogant demand. Remember it originated from someone who came here to play some pranks that apparently misfired. I'm not going to start a phony confession website - it could only work as part of a real one. It's a potential opportunity as well as guard for Dawn. Look at Youtube under prank calls and you'll see how nasty things can get. I'm just one guy about to go away. But sooner or later gangs of teenage boys or people far weirder and meaner than I will discover the site and Dawn will have to take precautions she'll hate having to take. Better to channel the idiots like me now so you don't have to later. It's only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Dawn could even have a section where the reader has to spot the phony confession from among real ones. Some of you might find that fun.

Anonymous said...

i'm awfully surprised that Dawn hasn't weighed in on this situation yet

Anonymous said...

Weighing in on the situation feeds the trolls. Even if they are responding politely and thoughtfully. It's a game: what is the trigger that makes you respond? So just stop. Please.

Anonymous said...

last poster:

maybe she's scared. or maybe we all should just ignore this and it'll go away. if she says anything it may inflame the situation

Anonymous said...

maybe his remarks hurt so because there is some truth in it.

Anonymous said...

11:08 - i'm more curious of her opinion of all this. i'm not terribly interested in "feeding the trolls" i'm not sure if you've noticed but the trolls seem to do just fine without any "food" i wasn't even really regarding these "trolls" i was more after Dawn's opinion but good thing we shifted the focus back to them. Well done

Anonymous said...

11:28 poster

That sounds pretty bitchy of you.

Anonymous said...

Dawn told me she's getting advice from someone who knows more than she on how to technically block trolls given the system she's on. She's been a little frantic about this as you can imagine given how some jerk is hurting her site.

Anonymous said...

1:34 - thank you very much for the info :) I hope Dawn doesn't have much more trouble with stuff like this. This site helps too many people for it to go down the tubes

12:05 - take it however you'd like to. I took 11:08 as bitchy and responded in kind. My original post was an inquiry on the situation not an attack or judgement toward anyone. If theres opposition to bitchiness all of a sudden then perhaps I'm not the only one the comment should be directed toward

Anonymous said...

Oh Jesus I can't believe this. The deathmask wife was fake.

I read that story and I thought there was finally someone who could understand. I married someone who kept the ashes of his first wife in a little urn and I swear to God my entire world view was gradually pushed about five inches to the left. I was living in a completely insane situation and now that i look back at it I can't figure out how I got there and how I lived so long that way.

When I read Deathmask Wife I felt like someone else knew what it was like. And NOW SHE'S FAKE oh sweet Jesus. Fuck you, Jane Doe, just fuck you. Good for you for writing so well. Now go do something with it besides tricking people who need to find someone who understands. Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

God damn it I can't believe this. I wasted so muchtime writing posts to her and erasing them. I never posted because I couldn't write without losing it. I wanted her to know that someone else sort of knew what it felt like and I felt so guilty for not letting her know but I couldn't write without feeling crazy again. I tired and tried and got crazy but it never did any good. Now I find out it wouldn't have done any good anyway and all that pain was because of a lie anyway. Jesus.

Anonymous said...

The only man I ever loved was in love with a dead woman. The only person who ever understood was a fake. I feel too pathetic to exist at this point. Isn't that great. All I can do is get mad at a monitor. It's even less useful than getting mad at a bag of ashes. At least the ashes were alive once. Okay, I have to stop this now or I will have no dignity left even in my own head.

Anonymous said...

Previous Posters to whom Deathmask wife was so damaging:

Again, I apologize. The damage has been done and I'm not doing anymore fake confessions. But I do want to also repeat that everything I wrote was based on fact. Deathmask wife was based on my uncle. The deathmask was a fake but he did try to decorate his second wife like the first (I don't want to reveal specifics). If you explore the web and literature, you'll find many cases analogous to this and yours. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jane ...

how's it feel to be trolled?

Anonymous said...


I assume you were the one so "damaged". It is a relief to know that's not true, though I had my suspicions. I was a webmaster for years and had to deal with trolls all the time. They were a pain. I din't come here orginally planning to be a troll. It just got outta hand. I suppose it was a bit of a release to be on the other side for a change - until I realized I actually hurt somebody. Then it wasn't so funny anymore. I was hoisted on my own petard. Your point is made.

Anonymous said...

Just don't know when to give up, do ya Jane?

Anonymous said...

With respect, #1757, I don't think you're in any position to be telling your husband to 'grow up'. There are people in the world who despise being around children, and you've offered no evidence that he isn't genuinely one of them - it sounds as if it's just that you fnd his distaste so incomprehensible you can't believe it's real.

If he's rude about it, then that's not on, and you're right to be annoyed - but if you persist in decrying his feelings as feigned, or if you try to force children's company on him, you may find you're not the only one reconsidering your relationship.

Anonymous said...

Dear #1757,
It's good that you and your husband have agreed not to have children, so you're on the same page about that. However, there's a lot of real estate between "I don't want to have kids because I find them to be annoying, boring, noisy energy drains" and "I don't want kids of my own but I want to spend lots and lots and lots of time with other people's kids".

Neither of you is "wrong", you're just coming at it from different points. However, your willingness to consider him wrong, and childish, just because he doesn't feel the same way about kids that you do is pretty telling about your own control issues.

You're basically asking him to be fascinated by a bunch of random children and getting pissy when he doesn't. How's he supposed to know that all of your sudden baby mania isn't going to translate into an "oops"? Let me tell you, there aren't a lot of men in the world who would express "the slightest interest in seeing" a newborn...not even men who have their own kids. How on earth did you come to this fixation that he should be interested?

Leave the poor guy alone, there's nothing wrong with him!!!