Thursday, April 05, 2007

True Wife Confessions 173 years for the water in Lake Superior to change

Confession #1721

We have not had sex since October 2006.

I'm only 44. The number of times we've had sex, we could probably count
on our fingers between us since 2004.

That said, it was not very good with you anyway. i love you. I just
wasn't able to connect with you in bed. But I still *want* to want to
have sex with you. It's killing me inside that I've probably used up
most of my sex times. What is wrong with me? What is wrong with you.
Sometimes I want to die when I think about this.

Confession #1722

Though I'm not a wife..

To my first girlfriend, I'm so sorry for the selfish 19 year old I was. In a
subsequent relationship I longed for the opportunities you granted me, when
the girl that came years later left me without a word or explanation and was
gone. But I'm not sorry for the time I gave you. I'm not sorry that in many
ways I was wonderful. I'm not sorry for the vicious bitch you became after
you found out I had tried to move on. I deserved some of the disdain; I was
manipulative and young and stupid and you were exactly what I wanted, a
beautiful young woman with an ironclad will and a voice that won
scholarships, and how could i not be helplessly, romantically post
adolescent in my adoration to you?

While I liked to hear what a big dick I had, and of the stamina with which I
fucked you, I didn't enjoy hearing about how I scarred your back and ruined
your haircut the time I fucked you wall tow all across your bedroom carpet.
I certainly didn't deserve to hear that were offering to fuck anyone who
would kick the shit out of me after it ended, or get the call from the dean
of students when you accused me of sexual harassment after I came back to
school from a leave of absence and called you a few times to tell you I was
sorry in an attempt to attenuate any of the inevitable ill-will that comes
of these situations. I hate you for looking the same as you did when I loved
you. I hate that I saw you day after day in the same body, in the same
clothes and with the same friends. I hate that the poems I had written for
you ended up in my book, in my first book, the book that marked the
beginning of who I wanted to be. And I hate that Im writing this ten years
later, married to a beautiful woman who will never be as malicious and
unreasonable as you, and that i still rehearse in my dreams the ways and
hows that I might say I'm sorry.

But darling, when I was 19 and unwise: the yellow fabric of your favorite
blouse on your arms in the April sun, with the one button that never seemed
to fasten quite right, the world was unexplored, and unexplained. You were
my best friend, the emissary of a world in which things could go my way, and
now you are the one I think of when I realize that I am growing old.

Confession #1723

I am so sorry that I even came back here. I should of started over somewhere else.. I don't ...........well I am not IN LOVE with you!! I love you, but it just isn't there , I am so sorry..
I know that if I told you this it will hurt you bad.. You are awesome, you R a hard ass worker and you will do anything for me but I just am not in love.. I don't want sex anymore, and its cause of the meds I am on ...
You know this and you continue to beg.. And just like other men in the world if you don't get your way you stomp down the hallway and mumble shit under your breath .. You act like a mama's boy and I hate your bitch of a mother.. Sorry just the way I feel after the rumors she spread about me....
I want to leave you .. I am stupid cause you do love me completely.. But I LIKE BEING ALONE... I love my house and yea I get bored but I would much rather have my house then have to cook everyday, and clean everyday.....
I apologize for all this but I am gonna get the nerve up and I am gonna leave.. All them years down the drain.. Sorry.. I need happiness. And that is not another man , hell no ..!! Men are assholes.. Every last one of them....
Sorry if the truth hurts.................

Confession #1724

I'm number 1515.

You are my husband and I love you. We still fight like cats and dogs, But it's getting better.
Two months ago we sat through one session with a counselor. When you got up and left I figured it was over. Even the counselor told me to leave you. When you found out she said that, you reevaluated everything and realized that, yes, you have a big problem. I was so relieved in that moment, finally, you realized it was not all my fault. Since then, you have been so much better.


I still have not been able to get over those magazines. Everyone tells me that it has nothing to do with me, that those magazines can't talk back and that's why you have them. Everything goes along swimmingly, but whenever I realize that you still have them, a rage builds in me, and I frighten even myself with how upset I get. I'm trying to get over it. It's hard.

I'm trying. So are you. I know it's hard. Please keep trying.

Confession #1725

I've always wanted to tell you what a whore the women in your family are. You think the world of your conniving sisters, and drug addicted mother but they are all whores. Your youngest sister screwed her current boyfriend hours after she met him, and though they have only been dating 4 months she has already given him two STD's. Your mother is using drugs once again, and will continue to because, just like when you were growing up DRUGS COME FIRST IN HER LIFE!! Oh and lets not forget all the men she has been with while her sick husband stays home to rot in his own self pity. Your younger sister is about the ugliest thing walking this earth (regardless of her popular belief), that's probably why she'll screw anyone who smiles at her. Yet me being your faithful, drop dead gorgeous wife of 5 years is mistreated and constantly harassed by you to change my attitude. While you bow at your sisters, and mother's feet. If you only knew the men who gawk at me every single day. if you only knew, how many times I have considered cheating on you. If you only knew that my bad attitude is your fault! I smile and play nice with all your family, just as I always have but if you only knew the outright disgust I have for them. I'm disgusted because you allow these despicable pieces of crap to walk all over you.I'm disgusted because you have this naive thought process that your best interest is there concern. I'm disgusted because they are fake, dirty, crack addicted, whores with nothing to show for in life but the fact that you my dear will always allow them to use and abuse you. Don't feel so bad though, because you are surely not a victim. You put me down, and act as if I am a problem. We both know the truth don't we dear? You can't tell your family what pieces of shit they are so how else do you get rid of your frustrations? I think I'll divorce you soon... actually I'm sure I will.

Confession #1726

I love my husband and would never leave him, but I have been sleeping with
his best friend for about a month now and can't stop. I wasn't raised to be
this way and I can't stand myself for doing it, but physically he is
everything that my husband is not. What can I do?

Confession #1727

I just wish one week would go by when you wouldn't blow a bunch of
money on useless stuff. Sure, the stuff itself cluttering up my house
bothers me, but I'd also like to see you go into your 30s not still
being supported by your parents and lying about it to me.

Confession #1728

Remember when the pipe under the kitchen sink got a hole in it and Drano laced water ran out all over the floor?

Yeah, that was me. I was sick of trying to clear that pipe and I stuck a wire coat hanger down there. I didn't know a wire coat hanger would poke a hole through a copper pipe.

Confession #1729

Why can't you laugh with me the same as you laugh with her? I'm your wife, she's just your friend. Laugh with me and not at me. It would make me want to laugh again too.

Confession #1730

To the "almost" other woman:

He still claims that you are innocent, you were just a friend. Someone who listened and understood. I, however, know better.

The day that you guys started texting and talking you knew he was doing it behind my back. You knew he was lying to me and keeping it from me. You asked him after flirting with each other via text all day if he has ever thought of having an affair. Tell me there wasn't an ulterior motive there.

Since the day he started this job I have had a very bad feeling about you. Now I know that I am right in feeling that way. There have been too many instances where you have caused problems for the men that you have worked with, and no my husband is another victim.

Do I think he is innocent? No, because when you asked him he answered with an honest yes. He claims that you have no idea it was you that he was considering it with, but I am not so sure. You tried to convince him to leave me, you tried to make him believe I was a horrible bitch, all the while making your husband seem like a horrible dick.

But you lost, he chose me. He wanted me to find out, he wanted me to see the phone bill with the outrageous texting, he wanted me to save him from himself. And I did. And now we are stronger than ever. I might have thought you to be innocent except when I called to talk to you, you were such a raging bitch to me, that I just can't believe it. But it doesn't matter, he loves me, he will always love me, and you can't fucking have him!!!! You tried to text him yesterday, he never responded, and he won't. He wants nothing to do with you ever again. I think in the back of his head he knows that you are a tramp who probably was trying to break up our marriage. But you won't, you can't play on his weakness anymore. Let's face it, you never cared, you just wanted him because he is such a great guy and loves with so much of himself and your husband is about to leave your sorry ass.

To my husband:

I am still hurt, still angry at times, and sometimes I want to throw up when I think of the past week. However, you and I are stronger than ever, and for the first time in I don't know how long I feel secure in our marriage, I don't feel depressed, and I feel loved again. I love you and I need you. I am glad we are working through this! I am glad you finally know just how much I love you and need you, and I am glad I finally know as well!! Here's to new beginnings, I love you!!


Anonymous said...


What can you do? You can stop sleeping with his friend; that's what you can do.

Work out with your husband, or go to counseling together--something other than just going elsewhere for sex. Don't do him and yourself a disservice by keeping up the deceit. It will tear apart your marriage.

Anonymous said...


Men are assholes.. Every last one of them....

I've been reading here for about a year and this is the kind of statement that makes me have zero sympathy for someone.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of reduced sympathy, 1725's "If you only knew that my bad attitude is your fault!" ranks right up there.

Now if only the rest of us could learn that our failings or mistakes can be imagined to be someone else's fault! You are no doubt in a bad place. It sounds like you'll be making improvements soon, and I feel for you, but please do not pretend that others control your actions (you drove me to cheat! etc.) Only you control or do not control your actions/attitude.

Unknown said...

anon 1:30 - THANK YOU. That always gets me, too. Not only because it's just so wrong, but also because it sounds like something 6 year olds say to each other in the playground.

#1729 - I can practically FEEL the pain from even such a short post as yours. I wish you lots of good thoughts :(

Anonymous said...

1729: your post is so sad *hug*

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:30, you must have misunderstood the post. I wasn't meaning my "attitude as a whole" I was meaning my attitude towards his family situation. My attitude is unconcerning and negative towards his family situation because he takes is frustrations with them out on me, therefore when the time comes and he is putting them on a pedstal I don't comment or show any concern because I don't agree. SO my disconcerned attitude is because of the way he treats them compared to how he treats me. Other than that things in my life are peachy and I am not a negative or bitchy person- unless this topic is concerned. And yes I do control my attitude and actions, I let him bring me to the point where I fucking hate those sluts, and I choose to have a bad attitude towards them and him when its concerning them. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

#1721 - You are only 44. That's way too young to give up on sex. I don't know how old your husband is but have you talked with him about this? What does he say? Are there health or emotional issues? Has his sex drive always been less than yours? I hope the two of you work it out. That's a tough place to come back from if you don't talk about it but if you are both willing it can be done. I wish you good luck.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and I am fascinated and yet confused. All these stories - are you one person - are these stories by many people - I am really confused. Would it be possible for you to give some kind of explanation for further reading. I am trying to go back and read more and it would help for better understanding.

Dawn said...

Bridget - While I am the "moderator" of the blog - and while I do post confessions of my own occasionally, most of these are sent in by people - anyone in fact who wants to send one.

If you look at the FAQ on the sidebar, it may be helpful to your understanding of the TWC concept.

Thanks, and welcome.


Anonymous said...

1721 - I had the same situation. I asked for sex all the time and he always had an excuse. A lot of the time he blamed me. I wasn't "romantic" in the way I approached him. I weighed too much. He didn't want to just have sex, he needed me to set a whole mood with candles, dinner, hot tub...and then I would still get turned down.

I finally left him. I found a man that told me I was beautiful and sexy and fun, someone who appreciated me coming on to him. It wasn't a long-term relationship, but at least it let me know that I am still loveable.

Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...


Don't feel guilty about poking a hole in the copper pipe. There's no way a coat hanger would poke a hole in a copper pipe unless it was already corroded and weakened.