Monday, March 30, 2009

True Wife Confessions 286 Intel

Confession #2851

I wish my husband would die in a car accident so I could get my paycheck already. There. I said it. Its the truth and I don't care how painful it is!

Confession #2852

I love you so much it hurts. I cherish every moment we spend together. As cliche as it sounds you are my best friend. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I may not always show it but you mean everything to me :) Thank you for being my husband

Confession #2853

You say that you want more children, that you love them and are really good with them.

Well, you’re not. And you and I will never have any more.

You can’t be bothered to help with homework. I usually attend school functions by myself because you are “busy” (aka playing computer games). I buy him Christmas and birthday presents because if I left it to you he would not get anything. I sit with him when he’s sick and comfort him when he’s sad. He talks to me about anything and everything because I actually listen. When it comes to our son I do everything.

You know nothing about him. You don’t know what he’s allergic to, who his friends are, who his teacher is or even what his favorite color is. Bellowing orders from your office is not effective parenting.

I just think it is a bit ironic that the woman who in the beginning never wanted children is a better parent than the man who wanted lots of children.

Confession #2854

my husband came home 4 hours late. i look at his phone. i see a picture of his penis and he had a hard on when he took it at work. i will like to know some info about it. I'm thinking that he is cheating. can you tell me something?

Confession #2855

Let me just say that you are wonderful. I am so grateful to have met you. You completely saved me from a-hole after a-hole. You're my best friend, a wonderful father, an excellent provider, a devoted husband, and a fantastic lover. I love you to the bottom and depth of my soul. It's been the greatest 18 years of my life and I would not trade you for George Clooney. I am now and forever yours as you are the best man I have ever known. We have a beautiful child and life is as good as it should ever be.

Confession #2856

I love that you took a Friday off so we could reconnect. Yes, we had fabulous sex, but more than that - we swept away the stress of the past month and lay in bed, laughing and kissing and simply being together. This is why you are MY man.

Confession #2857

Well so I did some nosing around and check some phone records and see a ton of strange numbers on there. There are all girls when I call to find out who they are. I don't ask him because of the fear that something is going on. I don't want to start another huge fight. I just want some dam honesty in our relationship. I don't know how to approach the issue anymore. We have talked about it before about the female friends that he has that he talks to and how I don't talk to male friends because it bothers him but he doesn't do the same for me. I just don't know what to do.

Confession #2858

Why can't you come look at the bathroom I just painted, but I can look at the trailer you built? It drives me crazy! I am doing some thing for us the house, you are doing something for yourself. All I want is an acknowledgment. Maybe I expect too much... yeah right...

Confession #2859

When you listen to me - and laugh at my jokes - I fall in love with you over and over again.

Confession #2860

I know you are married. And you love your husband. In fact, I love your husband - he is such a great guy, funny, smart, sometimes a little selfish but overall, really a good person. One of my closest friends. But I can't stop thinking about what happened between us or when it will happen again. I know he claims not to care because I'm a woman, but I still feel like we have to be discreet. And it makes me feel like my veins are on fire. My heart sort of leaps when you walk into a room. I know this is going to end badly and we might end up damaging our friendship and work relationship but I sort of don't care. Stop being so damn sexy and maybe I will be able to think about something else.


kim said...

2851, jesus, just divorce him and earn your own money.

Cool Destiny said...

2857, men never like when their women talk to other men. They are such babies! I'm happy for you in 2856 ... and saying "naughty girl" in 2860!!!

Anonymous said...

2854...yes, I can tell you something. Your husband IS cheating.

2857....don't want to start a fight? Is that your biggest worry? That HE will be mad at you b/c HE is calling women. You are in a controlling relationship and that is a form of abuse. You know in your heart that those women are not just his friends. Dump his ass and don't look back.

Anonymous said...

2851: It's not just you. I've had that thought many, many times over the past 18 years. Not always, but enough.

Anonymous said...

to 2853:
I hear you. I realized my senior year of college that most of my roomates had always just assumed that my parents were divorced because: my dad never called me, never wrote to me and never once came to visit me in four years of college, including when I had the lead in a play, gave a flute recital, or was injured in a car crash and required three back surgeries. My parents were not in fact divorced -- my father was just selfish and too self-involved to visit his children or participate in their lives. He is still the same way -- his gardening hobby is more important to him than his grandchildren whom he barely knows.

OTOH, you might want to think about the fact that your child might want some siblings to fill the void of having a father who doesn't give a crap about his life. Some day you will be old and feeble and he might appreciate having a brother (or two) to connect with when his father won't.

Alice said...

Its completely obvious that your husband is cheating on you. DITCH HIM! And dont believe anything he says excuse wise. Be the smarter, stronger person.
The fact that you arent even willing to argue the fact that he's cheating shows how unbalanced your relationship is. I dont even let my fiance have girlfriends. Dont let yourself get run over by a guy who isnt even worth your time!

Anonymous said...

Alice, you sound like a real charmer. If your relationship with your fiancee is based on what you "let him" do or "don't let him" do, then I'm surprised he's still around, quite frankly. And I'd be very surprised if he signed on for a life of having you "let him" or "not let him" do things. YOu sound like he's your child or your pet, rather than a rational adult with whom you have come to an agreement of an understanding. Poor you. Poor him. Poor kids born in that marriage.

Anonymous said...

to 2851... i understand sweety dont worry u have every right to feel the way you do.. im sure he makes ur life miserable....

Anonymous said...

2854, he may not be cheating on you yet, but he's certainly thinking about it. You and he need to have a heart-to-heart, preferrably with a counselor or clergy person who can help you through it without the conversation devolving into a blame session.

Find out what's going on, then decide on a course of action. Good luck.

The Fly by Wife said...

2854 ... confront the issue NOW ... before you find out his little self portrait is on Craigslist and ends up on the wickedly entertaining "Desperately Seeking ... Something"!!

Alice said...

Dear anonymous who posted at 8 am. Our relationship is not based on what i let him do or he lets me do, its about respect. Most of the girls he knows dont respect relationships and would be willing to help him cheat (even though i know he wouldnt). The only girls-as-friends i'm comfortable with him keeping, are the ones i've met. His standards are the same for my guy friends. I was trying to explain to her that a mutual understanding between her partner and herself would be beneficial, in relation to the non-mutual matter that is going on now. I may not have done so correctly and for that i apologize. Hopefully i've made my point now. So before you go assuming what my relationship is about, you may want to back off. You dont know anything about me or my relationship with my fiance.

Anonymous said...

Dear confession 2854
I found some thing simular like this, But i'm a guy. My wife a the guts to hide, picture of this penis, How i found out, It was in her hiden file, in her internet files, at first i use to ignore it, But over time it got me to be more querious, so one day i checked it out, yes it happend in her work place too. I confronted her, And she says that it wasn't hers, She just told me that other use her user name, But i don't buy that up to today. She denied about it, You better keep an eye on any little sign. I've seen lots of signs, Speak up as soon as you find out, Don't wait till later like me, You'll have lots of resenment later. Take care, Know that god loves you.

theo said...

2852, 2855, 2856, 2859 -

Can I just say Thank You to all of you, for reminding me (and the rest of us) that it's not all garbage behind the scenes of our relationships?

And encourage you, if you haven't already, to let your guys know, explicitly, how you feel. . .

Anonymous said...

2851 - careful what you wished for. I wished the same and he died in an accident last year at the age of 40 - a week after I told him "I just wish you would go away and die!!"

I miss him more than he knows.

Stitchin said...

Anonymous at 9:20: NO, NO, NO. 2853’s son will have a family and friends. His mother shouldn’t be breeding him company!! So that TWO kids can have an awful father? Or MORE? NO, NO, NO!! You do understand that there is no guarantee in life that his siblings would even like him, right? And why are you so certain that her son would even HAVE brothers, and not sisters? Your suggestion is that of a child who is still hoping for a pony. Sweet, and hopeful - but not realistic.

#2851: You are a monster. Earn your own money.

Anonymous at 2:41: You are also a monster. Earn your own Godd@mn money.

Anonymous at 1:26: Blood money. If she’s miserable, she can LEAVE. Or become a bounty hunter, if she wants to earn money over someone’s dead body.

You women who are hoping your husbands DIE so you can get cash - you are VULTURES, waiting for your thirty pieces of silver. Oooh, you're unhappy? LEAVE, be adults and LEAVE. Oh, you don't have any money? And you're too good to work? No, you're not. Living with a man every day, hoping for his death. You're a canker in his house. Oh, he abuses you? LEAVE! If you're hoping for his death money, the problem ISN'T him.

Anonymous 11:29: Oh, honey, he knows. You said it in anger, but you didn't mean it. Those women DO. Your situation is different. There isn't a day goes by when it isn't bitter in your mouth. Believe me, he knows.