Monday, March 02, 2009

True Wife Confessions 284 Poetic Licenses

Confession #2831

this weekend was everything I wanted and more. As I told you before I went to see you, my relationship with the husband is not all that great we are friendly but over friendly to each other, the whole time I was with you he called a total of 4 times.
I am so unhappy by his side, and with you, I am complete. I have decided to move back home, but I have to do it on my conditions, I will not take a dime from him.

THANK YOU AMOR for this weekend it was the best but I know that the rest of our lives will be even better

Confession #2832

I never expected that falling out of love would be so fucking painful. It isn't as if we didn't see it coming. Two decades we have been together and the indifference of that past 4 years has simply grown. I thought that the feeling of just not wanting to be with you, not wanting you to touch me WAS the painful part. No. It seems that for the past two weeks, the pain I am feeling must be part of the ending of our marriage. I feel like I am hacking off a limb to save the rest of me. There will be no dramatic fight to end it between us. Just me trying to find enough energy to do the humane thing.

Confession #2833

I've finally gotten an offer for a better job - a much, much better job, with a large raise, better working conditions, and a chance to advance - and I'm scared to death to take it. The main reason is because of you. We've worked the same hours since we've been together - five years - which allows us to spend lots of time together. Now we will have at least 2 or 3 fewer hours per day to be together, which I hate. I think you fee the same way I do - you want me to take the job, but you don't like the change in schedule. It also means our daughter will be at daycare an extra hour every day, which makes me feel extremely sad and guilty. I'm afraid that mine and your relationship will suffer, and that our daughter will suffer as well. So what do I do? Take the job and pray everything goes well and we all adjust? Or stay in this dead-end, low-paying job I have now?

Confession #2834

I made out with a guy I work with this weekend. I wanted to do alot more than that with him, but didn't. I secretly wanted to fuck you yesterday just so I could pretend it was him.

Confession #2835

Dearest co-irker,

I am done with you stealing my ideas, taking credit for my work and trying to make me look bad in front of our principal. As a result, I will now be spitting in your coffee mug and water bottle every available chance I get. While I realize this is neither mature nor professional, it makes me feel so much better. This may be the only time in my life that I hope I get a horrendous stomach bug so that I can pass it on to you.


Your T.A.

Confession #2836

At first, it was good but now it just sucks. I wait a month for you to come home from work and when you do, it is all about you! I hate it when your fat ass climbs on top of me! Your panting sickens me! You come home from work and when you do you stay gone and visit and help everyone else. You say you are outside “working” but for some reason nothing ever gets done! Why is it that I do everything to get your attention and I am always doing what YOU want to do just so I can spend time with you! I take a bath every night, shave my legs and get my hair done to look good for you. I worry if I turn you on like those sluts in your porn videos! When it comes to sex, you expect me to suck your dick and for me to get on top to do all the work! You do nothing for me! I just moan and fake it so I can just get it over. Have I ever had an orgasm with you??? You were drunk for all of our marriage and now that you have “quit” for 6 months, you expect me to fall deep in love with you again…. Ha, that is a load of bullshit! Everything that you put me through with your drunken ass is ridiculous. Well who cares that you finally quit. How about that time you knocked me around when you were drunk or all the times you had sex with me when you were so drunk you couldn’t even find where to put it or get it up! Yes, I know… you have changed and you are now sober and you are a great father! Our kids always come first but I am alone! ! We have two beautiful kids that need their father so I stay. I am sorry for my feeling. You still do not see me! You have pushed me aside for too long. If you have to pick up around the house, you bitch and whine that you work and make the money. I may not work for money but keeping house and two kids IS work asshole! You try cooking, cleaning, ironing, changing diapers, and driving our son to soccer practice everyday! Why can’t you just pay attention to me as much as you do everything and everyone else! I need to have an orgasm with a man that wants to have sex with me! I want to fuck someone else SOOOO bad and I have and I am sorry! He makes me feel beautiful. He looks at me like I am perfect and he wants me! He actually wants to pleasure me and touch me, and NOT only spit on his dick to get it wet so he can get off. As you have pointed out before I have no money so how would I take care of myself! You stupid bastard! I actually do love you deep down and I can’t leave you can I? Damn why can’t it just be different!

Confession #2837

Dear Husband,

So I come yesterday and things are weird around the house, shelve in closet total mess, my drawers are messed up, your drawer is falling out of track. Then when I ask you about all these things you say you have no idea. You are the only one home besides the animals. You were looking for something and won’t tell me what. It totally pissed me off to no end that you won’t just admit that you were. Not to mention we haven’t had sex in two weeks from today. I need it, I want it. What is wrong with you stupid? Don’t you understand that after like day four of now having I am become a bitch because I want it that much. SO….. all the little annoying things you do become that much more annoying to me and I want to kill you. Get a clue and figure out what your wife wants before you drive her totally crazy.

The ocd bitch

Confession #2838

Our son couldn't sit in your lap at the circus, because your belly was sitting there instead. He sat in my lap instead. He had his own seat... he just wanted to snuggle close for a minute and share his excitement and wonder with someone. He was practically thrumming with the overwhelming joy of a four-year-old at his first circus, and I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tight while I cried for you, very quietly, into his hair. You missed that, and you will never have another chance. I know the decades of overeating, overcompensating, and neglect of self have not given you the joy that that moment would have...but I don't know how to help you let it go. I feel so much sadness and despair for you, but I don't know how to help. I think you're the only one who can fix it. Until you can, it will sit in your lap instead of your little boy.

Confession #2839

My beloved child asked me...Mom just how much longer are you going to put up with this.....I told her I didn't know.

When I first met you, you were so healthy and robust,loving and caring, then things happened and you got sick, I moved my family to a new city and proceeded to care for you regardless how ugly it got, you lost your limb and I still stuck by you, I explained that love was unconditional,and I was going to love you regardless, We have been together for a few years now and you have turned 180 degrees, Your moods change, you started getting angry over little thing,you instigate arguments with me or the kids, You know these kids are awesome! they all make straight A's they are very generous with their time and their heart,they aren't hanging out in the streets,they aren't in any gangs, they even have their futures planned, but you look for their faults,you dig until you find something they forgot to do or left out, its just so sad.
Your family welcomed us with open arms and included us in all the family activities when we first arrived, I felt so blessed to have a new family, it was wonderful,then when we started arguing and fighting you started complaining to your family and now they treat us differently, no more family activities, we are pretty much ignored, I miss our get together's, I miss seeing them, I know you call them when you feel I have somehow mistreated you, But you know some women can only take so much and now I'm tired, I'm tired of our arguments, I'm tired of having to defend my kids with you, I'm tired of you calling me selfish and ugly, if things don't change and you start treating me and the kids differently its all going to end, I'm going to ask you to leave, and not come back .Maybe I am better off by myself with my kids, I'll keep going to work, I'll keep coming home and cooking dinner,I'll keep doing the laundry and keeping the house clean, but this time it will be for me and the kids and not for you. Maybe you won't care if you lose your "family" but the kids have grown to love you and they are going to care, they are going to miss you, and they are going to hurt, and it will be because of you.

Confession #2840

Hey.....we need to talk. Here we are,married 23 years,
two great kids away at college,this should be OUR time
to enjoy each other........but you don't even notice me.
Your too busy with Nascar and football, hockey, and
even GOLF for crying outloud !!! That and most of
a twelve pack everynite. When I told you I needed a
little company, you started bringing your idiot friends
home to drink beer and watch the game.

So I started going upstairs to read and play on the
computer. I found all of your porn.....Why won't
you do these things with your wife?? I come down-
stairs tuesday. and your helper is on the couch. He
lost his license, and you are too drunk to take him
home after monday night football. It was driving
me crazy,but you kept bringing him.
Well,I don't care if Carl spends Monday nights
on our couch anymore.Because when you stagger
up to bed and start snoring,I sneak down to the
family room and suck his cock. He don't mind at all........
I've done this 8 or 9 times !!! You don't have a
I bought you a fishing pole for your birthday.The
next day, you bring Carl home to see it. While I
was doing the dishes, you went to the basement
to play with your pole.I got on my knees in front
of the sink and played with Carl's......when you
called up the steps for him to bring you a beer,
he said, 'hold on, I'm coming....' And he was....
The next time you pass out on the recliner,
I am goin to let him fuck me.....right in front
you.....Maybe THEN you'll wake up and pay
attention to me.........


Kofi said...

is this stuff true, or just some poetic stuff?

De Mar said...

That is just soooo hot!

Anonymous said...

It's all true my friend, it's all true. Nothing poetic here.

Anonymous said...

#2831, I wish my lovers wife wrote that. I wish she would just walk away so he wouldn't have to live with the guilt of "walking away" from his son.

Anonymous said...

I sad to say it but post like this make me fear marriage. Post about cheating on your husbands like its no big deal make me wonder why I would ever invest time in a women that could do these things. The post about sucking Carl's d*** is just the most hurtful and cruel thing I have ever read. This is a sad world

Anonymous said...

2835: I hope you're kidding and just venting because if you do this you need to know that it's a crime. For very good reasons. It's better to just quit your job then to put someones health at risk. A girl in my town was sentenced to 10 in prison for doing what you're threatening to do. I kid you not. Please don't do this. Please rise above.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 12:10 a.m. - not all women are the same. I know plenty of great, faithful, honest women - some of them in happy marriages and some not. Personally, there are things about my marriage that I am unhappy about; however, I would never ever consider cheating, because I know how I would feel if the tables were turned. But don't let one woman's bad choices turn you off of committment altogether. Besides, sometimes I wonder if some of these women posting here are just posting fantasies rather than things they have actually done. But regardless, like I said, not all women are the same (just like men).

Anonymous said...

2833 take the job save all you can and then you can stay home and be with your daughter all you want!!!! 1 hour more at daycare isnt a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

To 2833-- are u he said take the job so why are u asking again.. why stay in a dead end job cause u wont be with him for 2 hours a day that ur use to.. man u need help god i want to vomit when i read posts like these...

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 11:29 - i beleive not all men and women are same but in today world 90% of them are cheating.Almost all of my friends have cheated at one point or another.I gave up on marriage its just not worth it and women like you in this world are very rare and very hard to find and your husband must be the luckiest man on earth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

to 2840 - think about how you're demeaning yourself by doing those things to this Carl guy. if you ever leave your present husband, you'll end up in the same kind of relationship if you don't see how you're allowing men to treat you as an un-respectable, de-valued sex object. however, this post doesn't ring of being real, either, maybe it's just one to get the comments flying - but really, a woman who doesn't think of herself as preciously valuable won't ever end up with the kind of man who has noble values and seeks a woman with the same.

Nice Anon said...

lol@ i'm coming only he was actually "cumming" in someone's mouth!

Anonymous said...


Demeaning and nasty, but if that's how you think of yourself keep doing what you do. I just hope that Carl isn't HIV+ or have HPV or something equally as disturbing.