Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday SexChat at TWC

Have I told you lately that I love you, TWC community?

That last comment section makes me all warm and fuzzy (and perhaps a little tingly too)..

It also got me to thinking. If you and your best friends Don't get specific about sex and questions and answers and suggestions...where do you go?

Unless you are talking with the lonely russian nice girls who are filling my spam folder, or the many people deeply concerned with my penis size (or lack thereof)-maybe there should be a place to chat...

So in the spirit of Amalah's Wednesday advice Smackdown, I present the first edition of the Saturday Sexchat at TWC. I am thinking every Saturday I will collect specific questions from readers and present them to you - the wise TWC audience. These will be different from confessions, which will run wild and free the other 6 days a week. Saturday will be all about the how-to of sex.

So - If you have a question, use the same email - but make sure I know it is a Saturday Sexchat question. All TWC rules still apply.

Who knows? Maybe we can collectively inspire some sparks to re-ignite...or burn hotter.

And so, I offer the first question, lifted from the comment section of 221:

"Well, I am recently divorced and what sex we did have was boring.... I keep telling my current partner to teach me some new tricks and I am willing to try most anything at least once. I love this type of discussion-- truly--- I need ideas and want to keep learning..."


Anonymous said...

Well there are alot of things to try. Her are a couple of ideas.

1. While doing it doggy style put a egg vibrator on your clit and sometimes on his balls.

2. if into anal have him do it and put a dildo in your other hole. I really like this as to most guys.

3. toys toys toys

4. while doing it and the woman is on top have her turn around facing the mans feet. whole new sensation spots lol

Amanda Nellie said...

A fun exercise you can do is this: Get a copy of the Joy of Sex or any other book with pictures of sexual positions. Get some post-its and mark the pages of things you'd like to try.

If you get embarrassed easily (like I do) do this on your own and leave it for him to look at and mark. Then he leaves it for you. Go back and forth until you have a few (or a bunch) that you'd both like to explore.

Then try one of them. Or many of them.

Anonymous said...

Doc Johnson Ivibe egg... It makes me see stars it makes him see stars and it's a less intimidating sex toy to start with. I also suggest sending each other fantasy emails... I love these they make my dat

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. What I have learned from having a Much better second partner?

Toys - Yes. We even went "toy" shopping together which inspires lots of giggling and collective idea having - but it was not easy to walk into the shop - even though once inside I felt fine - It was just the "walking in the adult toy store" moment.

We got a couple of toys on that first trip - one a "g spot massager" which is OK, but not my favorite. The other is a waterproof silicone vibrator that we lovingly call "German Friend" - We first took it into the shower with us and used it on each other. I would tickle his balls and cock with it - which he liked but not for too long ( it overstimulates for him) and definitely used it on me. In fact, he LOVES using it on me - in bed too.

Have him use the shower head on you, if you don't have a waterproof vibrator.

Instead of oral sex, have him "assume the position" and then masturbate for him - either with fingers or with vibrator. It makes my guy hot as hell to see me pleasuring myself.

And do not discount ass play. If you aren't into full anal ( and it is fine if you aren't) there are still lots of spots your man can tickle and give you an orgasm like you wouldn't believe. My personal one is just above my anus - a little rubbing, caressing when I am on top, some nipple licking - Talk about stars.

Anonymous said...

Ok, done anal and enjoy it. He swears that I could have an anal orgasm-- haven't, yet.

Done the double penetration- good too. Him and a toy-not two guys.

Working on learning how to give him his idea of a perfect BJ. Apparently there are different strokes for different men-- who knew? ;D

Mutual masturbation-
Reverse cowgirl and various other positions

Seriously contemplating buying the showerhead attachment--

We watch some porn together-

phone sex

Anonymous said...

Try treating him to an oil massage. Begin with his head and slowly work down to his chest and stomach. Next move to his legs and then feet skipping his groin area. By the time you are working his feet, he will probably be erect and begging you to massage his penis. Make sure to use plenty of oil, grasp his penis firmly and use slow strokes, alternating your hands. Be careful to watch his reaction, you don't want him ejaculating too soon. If he gets close, move to massaging another area until the urge lessens. The thing to remember is to treat it as a massage and not a jerk off session. when rubbing his dick, stop periodically and rub it against your face while looking at him (be sure to smile while you're doing this, it's a real turn on)...rub his penis on your nipples and you can even staddle him and rub him against your pussy. It's up to you but by breaking up the stroking with your hands, you prolong the duration of your sensual experience. I hope you do try this, it's a very simple way of having a very erotic interlude with that special someone in your life.

Anonymous said...

So what is the secret to giving a good bj?

sufficiently cold said...


my husband, who is bi gives great bj's, I will ask him for his advice tonight, maybe he can teach both of us!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know, too. No matter what I do my teeth get in the way! I think I have a small mouth.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest checking out a sex website. I'm not talking about porn, but something like There are lots of people with questions like yours and a lot of people with a lot of answers. Also, it's a very friendly site--no one is going to judge you for what you are or are not interested in. Things for my husband and me really ramped up after I checked the site out. Maybe I should visit it again, considering that we're in a considerable slump right now (thanks to our full-time jobs, 3 1/2 year-old daugher, 7 month-old son, and the holiday season).

Anonymous said...

All the sex websites and magazines say, dont use teeth, use lots of spit. But yeah I need to know how to make bjs better, I get so bored and it really is no fun for me because I dont know if he is even enoying it...

Dawn said...

The BJ question will be featured in two weeks as the main question - It is such a big question, it deserves its very own column.

I, too, am interested in hearing your responses!!

oneman said...

To the person asking about BJ, try the following web site which was recommended by a friend of mine.

Dawn, another BJ related question. What do you advise for somebody (male or female) whos partner will not perform oral even if requested.