Thursday, November 29, 2007

True Wife Confessions 223 final chapter of Curious Incident of the Dog in Night-time

Confession #2221

I want to be a good mother...but what I really want more is to get wasted, so I can forget about how we used to love each other, forget about how I'm alone with a baby now, and possibly to continue flirting with your brothers. Oh, and drugs would be nice too. I will never neglect our child, but even if I do, you will never have occasion to find out. I bet you won't care because you will be too busy playing guitar anyway, you stupid teen father.

Confession #2222

I never thanked you for quitting smoking. I knew about your secret habit when we first started dating. I never said anything because I didn't have any evidence of it, and I didn't want to start an agrument. I had just finished a five year relationship where my boyfriend promised on a weekly basis that he would quit, or at least cut back, but he never even put up the effort and it always led to a huge fight.

Then, almost after a year of dating, you confessed about your habit. You also confessed that you had just recently quit...for me. You knew I didn't approve so you gave it up, and without me ever asking you to or fighting over it.

So now that we're married, whenever you annoy the crap out of me, I remember the things that make you such a wonderful person, like quitting something I greatly disapproved of without any persuasion on my part. So thank you.

Confession #2223

Dear Husband, YOU SUCK!

Confession #2224

I am in love with my cousin. I have no intention of doing anything
about it, but his presence makes me glow with joy. I hope it's not
painfully obvious. How embarrassing!

Confession #2225

Sometimes I think you are such a loser. You hardly shower anymore, you don't shave, you don't do anything for me. But you wonder why sometimes it seems like I'm not turned on by you?

Maybe that's because you've finally noticed me ... now that I'm noticing your friends. They're hot. And clean. And they smell good. And they might not be built up or anything, but at least they aren't soft. You gripe that you're too fat, and whine like a high-school girl when there's yet ANOTHER pair of jeans that you can't wear, but you do NOTHING about your gut that's getting bigger, or your ass that's getting fatter.

And why don't you want to go out and hang with me? Just because we live together doesn't mean we're 80 and we can't get out of the house. Maybe you're just too lazy ...

Or maybe you're afraid that someone else will notice me in a way that you haven't for a long time. And maybe you're afraid because because you know I'll notice them back.

The sad thing is, I'd rather you spend the effort making me notice you again instead of hiding me away so no one will steal me. Get off your lazy spreading butt and make sure I'm not stealable.

Confession #2226

DH: I love you with all my heart, you are a great man.
I have one really big problem that gets on my nerves time and time again but you wont listen to me.

Leave my sneakers alone!!!. They are my sneakers and even though i lace them right just to be able to slip them on.. they are still MY sneakers.
When ever you have to run outside or into the garage you wear my friggin sneakers.. yours are sitting right beside mine. Use them!
You went outside this weekend to play with DD. I thought i could join you. Enjoy the day.. but you had my shoes! And i am not going to wear yours. They are stiff and smelly.
Husband dear.. dont touch!

Confession #2227

I used to think that all your friends and family were just assholes and you were the victim of them badgering you. But after all these years, I am starting to realize that the reason they treat me like crap and don’t want us together is because you must talk shit about me behind my back. I’ve never given them a reason to hate me or think badly of me, but yet they all do. Your parents didn’t want you to marry me, your siblings spoke out against us being together, and two of your oldest friends tried to talk you out of proposing. You had me believing that it’s an us against them thing, when really its you being your own worst enemy. You talk shit about them so that I feel bad for you, but in turn I end up hating them, so I can only assume that you do the same to them. No wonder they all refuse to join us for parties!

I love you, really I do. I feel like we are a good match, but I am just starting to realize some things about you that either I never noticed before or I refused to see them until now. Snap out of it! Stop sabotaging your relationships! Don’t you want your family and your wife to get along? Don’t you want to be able to have a fun time with both you friends and your wife? I just hope that over time you learn to stop doing this and change. Marriage changes everything, right? All my friends tell me that once you get married, everything is different – I just hope that that includes changing bad to good.

Confession #2228

You know that god awful silk flower arrangement on the mantle? The one
your mother made you to "match" the "decor" at your old bachelor pad?
Four feet tall, three feet wide, burgundy, baby blue and pink? With
the single, inexplicable bunch of grapes? Just so you know, it is
ABSOLUTELY getting lost in the next move

Confession #2229

Last week you told me in front of our friends that you might think about asking me to marry you if I would quit talking about it... I don't know why you don't listen to my marriage comments a little more closely asshole! I have never once talked about marrying you. I have said that someday I would like to get married and have children but I have never said I would like to marry YOU!

I was told by your brother-in-law in August that you and him had looked at "rings." I am happy that he "slipped up" and told me about it because it gave me an opportunity to "head off" whatever you had in mind. If you would listen a little more closely you would hear things like I am not ready for marriage right now and I would like to buy ME a house next year. How do get that I talk about marriage all the time from those comments??? First of all, I am 31 years old and I haven't waited this long to get married to someone I had to push in to it... I am not some little girl who doesn't know her worth or that life is to long to live with an asshole. I know what I am worth and what I expect out of a realtionship and frankly, this isn't it! Second of all, what makes you think it's all your choice??? Before you go buy a ring you might want to clean the peanut butter out of your ears.

Confession #2230

Sometimes, OK most times it really sucks that my male co-worker and I talk more than you and I do. My own husband. When I hear my co-worker say, "She doesn't drink coffee, she likes tea" or he sends me an article about something he knows I will agree with him on, do you even know what political party I associate myself with? I mean this man knows so many things about me, about us, about our kids and I know about him and his family. I can tell you what news channel he prefers, I can tell when its him walking up behind me because I recognize his steps. I don't have feelings for him, I love and adore you. I know you love me, I just wish you would take the time to "know and like" me. Just because we've been together for 7 years doesn't mean you know all you need to know. I hate feeling lonely, when I am not alone.


House of Jules said...

#2228: Thank you, your husband's bachelor decor (made by your mother-in-law) confession made me laugh my ass off!

House of Jules

Dana - W for Whatever said...

#2230 - When I read "I hate feeling lonely, when I am not alone." I got the shivers.

That is some deep truth right there.

Nikki said...

2228 - I also literally laughed out loud at your post! Good for you!!

Anonymous said...

2229-Way to go! I love how you're decisive about your life and know what you want; I hope you buy that house for yourself. What a refreshing thing to hear from a 31 year old. You will go far in life, my dear, and you give me hope for the future.

2225-I can sympathize with you-my BF either showers and doesn't brush his teeth, or brushes his teeth and doesn't shower. WTF is that about? And he wonders why I'm not often in the mood to get down.

Anonymous said...

2222 - You are lucky. There are so many men out there who would say "It's none of your business, I'll smoke if I want to." I know because I married one. I don't know what I hate more, that he smokes or that he lies to me about it.

jae said...

2226-How the heck does he wear your sneakers? Does he have little feet or do you have big feet? Just askin...

Why don't you buy him some cheep around-the-house shoes? Then he'll keep his feet off yours.

Anonymous said...

2228--The monstrosity is on the mantle did you say? On the next chilly night you could start a warm fire and then...Whoops, into the flames it accidentally went. It's silk, it will burn in seconds. He he.

Anonymous said...

I almost fell out of my chair at the floral arrangement quip!
I say you might take it down to "clean" it and ooops!, you drop it. Why wait until the next time you move? ;)

Anonymous said...

2221 - Please don't do the things you're thinking about. Your baby deserves at least ONE good parent.

2228 - LMAO! What a horror! It would be SUCH a shame to lose it - LOL!

2229 - DTMFA! You can do better!

oneman said...

2221 - I don't how old you are, but don't do anything that you will regret later. Your child deserves a good parent and getting wasted or doing drugs is not the answer and you run the risk of losing your child, is that what you want.

2225 - Have you told him how you feel about his hygiene habits.

2226 - I know that DH is pissing you off and I don't want to make light of your situation but I had to wonder, what size feet have you both got. No seriously, have you tried moving your shoes (for a small period of time) so they are not so convenient to slip on. I know this is a pain for you, but once he has broken the habit, you can put them back.

2227 - I know this is difficult but if you suspect him of bad mouthing you then maybe try and speak to his family and friends to hear what he is saying about you.

2228 - Isn't that what eBay and craigslist are for. Once your husband sees the cold hard cash I am sure he won't mind, let him spend it on something he wants, you both win. You can always tell MIL that they got broken in an accident.

2229 - I had to read your confession a few times just to make sure that I did not misread it. What are doing wasting this guys time. You know what you want and you don't want it with him so what are you still doing with him. Keeping him hanging on till the right person comes along ? Do yourself and him a favour and go your separate ways.

Anonymous said...

Oneman has an answer for everything. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Oneman and D.

Anonymous said...

2230 - I know exactly how you feel. Male co-worker and all. Not attracted to him, but I talk to him way more than my husband. I also hate feeling lonely and not being alone. Except we've been together 17 years.

oneman said...

You are all welcome to skip over my comments. If you there is something you don't agree or find something inoffensive then I am sure Dawn will say you are welcome to post your opinion as long as you attack what I am writing, not me personally. And I am quite happy to do same for you, D and anybody else. I figured we are all grownups here and can support and discuss the confessions as adults.

I recognise that this is a female orientated board, if you don't want my comments here, just say so and I'll stop posting comment. Won't stop me reading the site.

Of course I could just choose to post anonymously like most people.

Jaelithe said...

2221- I hope things get better for you soon. I don't think you will actually drink or drug yourself into oblivion-- if I read you right, you are just saying that part of you wishes you could, to escape the situation you are stuck in, but you know that's not an option anymore, because you are a mother now, and the gravity of that responsibility is weighing heavily upon you.

I think any mother of any age ought to be able to understand that kind of feeling. There is not a one of us, single or partnered, who has not at least once gone out for a walk alone and thought, if only for a split second, "I could just keep walking, and never come back. Let someone else take care of all this," and if another fellow mother tells you otherwise, well, I imagine she is lying.

But you don't keep walking away, do you? You keep coming back, from your thoughts of helplessness and despair, to do what you can for your child. And so do I. And that is the sign of our strength as mothers, the strength our children inspire in us; it is the proof of our good intentions, and our love. It is what we do that matters, so much more than what we think.

You can do this, even without the father. I know you can. He doesn't deserve you. Your child does.

Anonymous said...

RE: eBaying/Craigslisting the floral arrangement. Sounds like a brilliant idea, but when it comes down to it, I think I'm going to have to pay someone to haul it off. I just ... cannot even fathom a person seeing this thing and thinking, "Egads! I must have that for my home! Oh, how the light bounces off of the blue-ish, brone-zish vase! How the grapes dangle delicately amongst the vines and hyacinth!" Perhaps I am too harsh. I wonder if there's somewhere on this site that I could submit a photo ...

Anonymous said...

I have a female 10.. and he has a male 8.5. so basically we have the same size.

Anonymous said...


I can't tell you how often I've held back tears because I'm lonely and not alone. It's so sad to become a piece of the furniture. Hope your situation changes..mine won't.

Anonymous said...

2229: I agree with Oneman. What are you still doing with this guy?

Anonymous said...

This is for 2230 and 2221...
I too often feel lonely even though I'm not alone, but I love my man and I just can't leave him. Sometimes I feel like walking away, or I think about what it would be like to be single and free again....but then I look at my baby girl, who I love more than anything in the whole world and would die for, and I know that I am really all she has in the world, the only person she can really count on. And that makes me feel a little more loved and a little less lonely.

Lisa said...
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Anonymous said...

To #2229 - You know your worth and know life is too short to be married to an asshole. GOOD FOR YOU. I am so happy for you and I envy you too.

Because you are RIGHT. And I was one of those stupid girls that didn't know my self worth. I knew he could be a selfish jerk who didn't care about my needs but I married him anyway. Like I said, I didn't know my self worth. And I thought he'd mature over the years. Now he's 40 and he gets lazier and more emotionally stingy with each passing year.

Anonymous said...

2230: Feeling lonely when you are not alone is the worst kind of lonely there is. I hope your husband makes more of an effort to know you.