Tuesday, September 18, 2007

True Wife Confessions 209 songs on my mini ipod

Confession #2081

I strongly dislike your feet. The rest of you is nice, but your feet are disgusting.

Confession #2082

I'm very angry at you but I can't tell you yet. If I did, I'd tell you I want out of this marriage because you are a huge, demanding, whiny pain in the ass who can't see anything from any point of view but his own.

I want to get over feeling like that before I bring up what's wrong. I mean, besides your self-centered pain-in-the-assness.

Confession #2083

Seriously....you created a yahoo account with a benign name so you could respond to women for sex on craigslist (this, after getting nowhere with those sleazy on line dating sites--yes I know all about them). Then you left some parts of the new yahoo mail in history (you thought you were careful enough with deleting) so I could see the new email address. You also used the same password you use for EVERYTHING so I can sign in to your email. Oh, and you think you're being so smart by only sending a "body shot" (no face) of you to these women......you are so freaking stupid - your FIRST AND LAST NAME is on your email address!! Do you know that??? I don't know whether to keep letting you go on with this or do something about it - do you realize all of these craigslist women are hookers??? I always knew I was the smart one, but c'mon..... If you DO something and get CAUGHT with a HOOKER, you could ruin our family.

Why have I done nothing about this so far? I'm seeing just how far you will go. And, also, I'm in love with someone else. We are SO fucked up and nobody would ever guess it from our upper class suburban life :(.

Confession #2084

I am so much happier with your son out of the picture. I didn't always feel that way, but this year has been absolute hell thanks to his uncontrollable bitch of a mother and the way she has ruined him. I am terrified that he (or his mom, just as bad) will call because no good can come of it. First, he'll give you some garbage about what a terrible dad you are and then she'll get on the phone and spout some BS. You'll hate her, hate yourself, not talk to me and then get mad at ME. Even though I did nothing wrong, at all.

I've been around since he was 3 years old. We took him on almost every vacation we've ever been on, including our honeymoon. I never ever resented him until all this happened. I don't know how to fix any of it. I love your son and if he could treat you with respect (even a 13 year old is capable of it) I would love to have him back in our life. Until this year, he was an awesome boy who I was proud of. Smart, funny, caring, helpful. His mother squeezed all the good qualities out of him and now he only has manipulation and vitriol. Everyone says that he'll change and see what a fucked up mess his mother is, but I don't believe it. Manipulative adults were once manipulative children.

Confession #2085

As we have grown older, I have made a serious attempt to mature in how I behave when we argue. I try to stick to the topic at hand, avoid cussing (very difficult for me and my potty mouth), and use those "I" statements everyone has heard about. Meanwhile, you have regressed. You make personal attacks, you pick on my weaknesses, and you cuss. Every time you do it, it makes me hold just a little more back from you, it makes me build up a little more of a wall between you and my heart, and it makes me love you just a tiny bit less. Is that really what you want? Is it really worth it? You might want to think about that.

Confession #2086

If I find your cigarettes I throw them away and hope with all my heart you
won't buy another pack.

Confession #2087

This one goes out to my soon to be ex husband:

You're not a good father. You were okay when we were together, but
deciding to stay in Texas after the baby and I moved to California
(where you were supposed to meet us two weeks later) makes you a bad
one. To me, the first requirement of parenthood is being there. If you
aren't in your kid's life, at least in the same zip code, you're not
fulfilling that requirement. Calling me and saying that you're going
to be in a town 10 hours away in a week does not count as an attempt
to see your kid. Text messaging her (she's two, retard) to say I love
you means nothing. If she hears me read that message, she hears my
voice saying, "I love you". If you call her, she hears your voice.
A real parent finds a way, makes it happen. A good father would never
go months without seeing his baby.

Confession #2088

Dear M;

I died a little bit the day you signed your rights away to our daughter. I don't think that part of me will ever come back.

Confession #2089

I know that you make more money than I do, but I took a job that paid less so that I could be around for our child. Stop punishing me for it. I do not think it is out of line for me to expect your help with a few things around the house. When I ask, do not belittle me, do not threaten me, do not throw a temper tantrum. You are nearly 40; it is well past time for you to grow up. A little laundry or a few dishes are not going to kill you. There is just no way that I can do it all by myself and I am not going to try and kill myself anymore to do it. So either help out or shut the f*@#k up when the house isn’t perfect.

Confession #2090

I don't know what it is about you keeps me wanting you more. The sex is great! I enjoy every minute of it, but is that all to it? What about you? Is it that you truly love me or is it the sex? I know u care for me, this i am sure of but when it comes to love, hmm, I'm not too sure. There is a fine line between love and lust and I think we are caught somewhere in between


Anonymous said...

to 2085:

i'm in the same boat. i don't know why he must do that. it really adds to my dislike and disgust for him. and to do so in front of our daughter is vile.

so i hear you. keep taking the high road.

Anonymous said...

2090: hummmmmm. Seems to me that we are in the same boat. When he calls me I melt. When I don't see him for a few days, the hours can't get here quick enough for me to wrap my arms around him and kiss him with more passion than I ever thought I had. I have no clue if it's love or lust, but it feels do good......I don't think a higher power would give us these feelings if they were not meant to be used.

Anonymous said...


Although, you have opened your eyes to your husband’s discretions, you have not fully opened them to the devastation it can cause you physically. If your husband brings home an STD, which he most likely will with prostitutes, he will pass it on to you. Some STDs are a lifetime sentence which can lead to HPV and thus cervical cancer. Please talk with your husband and get yourself tested immediately.


Anonymous said...

#2083 from 12:40

Sorry, I meant to say, "your husband's indiscretions."

Anonymous said...

my husband has icky feet to, he actually thought your post was mine, as gross as he thinks they are though i love them just as much as the rest of him!

Anonymous said...


I don't mean to be a total bitch but I think that you better open your eyes to the fact that problems in a marriage and family aren't easily hid by the big house in a nice suburban neighborhood. More time than not, everyone knows - they are just polite enough to not say something to your face about it.

If you do have kids, that's not a wise or respectful decision to make on their behalf, let alone yours.

It sounds like both of you are not happy and are only finding some sort of glee by going outside the marriage - why not get divorced? If you are both unhappy and both want to be happy without eachother, divorcing should be pretty easy if everyone respects eachother.

And please heed to what 12:40 said - STDs are seriously on a rise and I"m sure that's not something that you would want to live with.

Anonymous said...


13 is a nasty age. In fact 13 thru 16 is a nasty age. But please hang in there. You loved this boy once and I know he's a pain in the ass now but he will grow out of it. And he will see his mother for what she is. I promise. Don't give up on him. I feel for you, Sister. I've been there and now that she's 18 it is sooooo much better. Not perfect (she's still a child, after all) but infinitly better. You can do it, I'll be rooting for you.

Anonymous said...


As hard as it is, try not to give up. I WAS that kid, and the hell that was living with my mother the majority of the time spilled over onto my dad & step-mom. What they didn't know was that I knew what a mess she was, but I was also in this weird, protective mindset because she had me convinced that I was the only thing keeping her life together.

If you're both just there and consistent and loving but firm, he'll come back like gangbusters. I'm 35 now and see my "folks" (as I call my dad & step-mom) all the time, but if I see my mother once a month, that's enough to keep me avoiding her for another month.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you women do it- hold onto this info w/out going completely spastic on them. I WOULD KILL MY HUSBAND IF I FOUND OUT HE WAS DOING THIS. Then commence to fucking my hot neighbor some more - guilt free :)
How you like that one 'D'???

Anonymous said...

Oh PLEASE do not encourage "D" to respond. I was so happy that he hasn't commented on any of these new posts. That guy really creeps me out.

Anonymous said...

Everyone really needs to lay off D. It's an open forum and he can post just like the rest of us. What difference does it make if a man says something or if a woman does? If it's that big a deal, D, feel free to relay your comments through me. Then it won't be so "creepy", you know, since I have boobs and all.

Anonymous said...

I could have written this myself. I can't help but wonder whether my relationship is actually going to go anywhere, and whether or not it actually matters. But it's so hard to just enjoy the moment and not wonder if I'm wasting my time.

Anonymous said...

10:27, "some more?" are saying you are currently cheating on your husband?

I hope that question wasn't too creepy.

Anonymous said...

2083: If I were you, I'd start filing divorce papers. I mean, c'mon, he's messing online and you're in love with another man? Obviously, you two are no longer in love.

Do you have any hope that you can work out your problems and be in love again or are you only together because divorce can be messy and costly?

Anonymous said...

#2081, my husband's feet are so goddamn horrifically disgusting that I shudder a little when they touch me. I totally understand.

#2083, please get out of your horrible marriage. :(

Dana - W for Whatever said...

2081 - I could have written that. I have gotten him to agree to a pedicure twice in two and a half years. I looooooooved it (even though I'm sure the pedicurist didn't). And I know he liked it too but he won't go regularly or admit that he enjoyed it because he thinks his friends will think it's gay...

Cricky said...

2085 - I'm not trying to defend him at all...but do you really think its regression or could it possibly be that you are noticing it more than you did before? I found that when I try to rise above that same type of juvenile behavior, even though the other party isn't doing anything more or less that they would usually, I notice it more.

Anonymous said...

10:37 - I was also wondering about the 'some more' part of the comment. Sorry to intrude.

Anonymous said...

I think she was talking about it as if she were the confessor who was also screwing around. I don't think she was talking about herself screwing her neighbor "some more."

Anonymous said...

nah...the confessor didn't mention a neighbor. she was talkin about herself.

Anonymous said...

See here's the difference: 636 says things like "I think" or "I don't think" but All Knowing All Seeing (but not married...hmm)"d" KNOWS what 1027's is talking about. He is no more informed than the rest of us and yet he speaks in absolutes. Now I get why he isn't married, he doesn't need a partner, he has everything in himself. What a boor.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she does mention that she, "is in love with someone else."