Monday, August 20, 2007

True Wife Confessions 203(M)...boom

Confession #2021

I'm eating half of a cold, leftover patty melt. And coffee. It's 9AM. I normally don't eat breakfast, but when I'm down, food is comforting.

Last night was miserable. We went to bed frustrated & distant. I, under the covers & you above. In my restless sleep I jerked & kicked- apparently hitting you, because I remember you irritably pushing my leg away. You said you didn't sleep at all- barely dreaming at 6AM only to be woken by my alarm an hour later. I hate this. It isn't us.

They say the first year is the hardest. Who are "they"? The same people that determine how a healthy relationship "should" be?

It's comforting to know that regardless of the bickering & frustration, there's never a question of love. You constantly assure me of this. Even in the middle of arguments, when we're on separate ends of the couch & tears are streaming down my face- you assure me that there's never uncertainty of your love or commitment. I've too have never questioned these things. It shames me that I have made you feel this way- when you are always so understanding of my needs. You're selfless & I'm stubborn.

Right now I'm being selfish. I know what I have to do to fix things yet I don't. It's me, not you- and that frustrates me. I'm so sorry. Making a change means stepping outside of my everyday routine- my comfort zone- and I've always had a problem with that. But it's not "me" anymore- it's "we". You're my everything, and it's time I started showing you. Words aren't enough.

We're growing. We're learning each other's needs & how individually we have to make changes- compromises- to coexist as a couple. I need to make more of an effort- not because it's what I "should" do, but because it's what I need to do- for us

Confession #2022

I KNOW that I didn't cause that wart on your dick, but I secretly hope that you have an STD and I don't. Our relationship has been way too toxic and I just want out. You said that if you "have something", we're done. I've tried breaking up with you so many times, but you always come begging back and my stupid ass takes you back. If you have something, which turns out you might have HPV, then you'll leave me for good.

BTW, I lied - I went out with a male friend of mine last night. Nothing happened, nothing ever happens between us. We've been friends for 3 years, and have blatantly agreed that there is no attraction to each other. However, due to your insecurities, it's easier to lie about where I was rather than to have yet another fight with you. I do love you, but the love we have isn't worth all this crap. I want out! I can almost taste the freedom.


your (hopefully soon to be ex) girlfriend

Confession #2023

Here is a confession about something that i can't seem to shake. Six years ago, my daughter was born. I went into labor at 2 am when my water broke. You had been increasingly mean to me during my pregnancy; I had gestational diabetes and needed to exercise to keep my blood sugar low. I asked you to go for a walk with me, but since my hips had unhinged a little, it was hard for me to walk fast. So we walked around our housing development with me a few steps behind, then several steps, then there were several feet between us. I asked you to walk slower because I couldn't keep up, and you said "this is fine." I said that we weren't really walking together, and you said that we were. It made me feel crazy, and I never asked you to walk with me again.

So when my water broke, and I had contractions, I woke you up and asked you to take me to the hospital. You got mad at me waking you up, and wanted to go back to sleep. We had taken a childbirth class, and the teacher said that if your water broke you should go to the hospital, but that this didn't happen most of the time, and that if it hadn't, you should stay home "as long as possible." I reminded you about this, but you said that you didn't remember that, and we should "stay home as long as possible." So you went back to sleep. I walked around the house, wondering what I was going to do. I looked for the handout we got from the class so I could prove to you that we needed to go. I'm a professor, dumbshit, and I have pretty good reading comprehension. Since you never read a single book on pregnancy and babies but were sure you were right, I didn't have a lot of options. My contractions were getting harder, and I couldn't find the handout. So I reviewed an article that a colleague of mine wrote. i didn't know what else to do. It was too late to call anyone to pick me up, and i was afraid to drive.

So I waited until the contractions were pretty close together, and woke you up again and insisted that we go. So you finally drove me to the hospital. I had a thirty six hour labor, with almost no encouragement from you. When my daughter was born she looked right into my eyes, and she was so beautiful. I looked at her and knew that I was on my own, she and me. When I divorced you a year and a half later, it was because of her. I couldn't let her see you treat me with contempt and disrespect. When we moved and you made it clear that you never intended to look for a job or go back to work, I had no choice. Cheating on me with a stripper and contracting an STD didn't help either. I could have forgiven those if you hadn't constantly criticized me.

I am now married to a man who is ten years younger than me and the exact opposite of you. He loves me and my daughter and treats her better than you ever did. I just wish that I had never met you, and that i could forget what happened the night I gave birth to our daughter. I remember asking you to support her neck when she was a week old. You lunged at me and called me a "piehole" for daring to ask you to hold her differently. I thought you might hit me; she was in bed with me, and I laughed right in your face. I knew that you were weak then, and I was strong, even though I was still bleeding from giving birth. You harassed me for sex immediately after I had her, even though I needed to have vaginal repair surgery. When I had it, it was very painful. Yet you kept on demanding I give you sex. My husband now would never do that. when I asked you to stop during sex, because it hurt, you said "in a minute, I'm almost done" and kept on going until you were. It was years until I realized that not all men are like that in bed.

I hope that posting this will help me get over it. It's been five years and I think about these things at least once a week, sometimes more. My life now is so good, but I can't stop thinking about how you treated me, and why.

Confession #2024

Sweetie Pie,

In the two years since we broke up I have never stopped thinking about you and wandering why you weren't satisfied with me. Sometimes I think of you and smile but the smiles usually pass pretty quickly as I remember some of the horrible things you said and did to me. It's funny how when we were together I could see nothing but great things about you and now that it's over I can't remember what I loved about you and sometimes I even struggle to remember what you looked like. I always thought we had the best relationship in the world but in reality it was great when I made everything revolve around you. I was so afraid to express my unhappiness when things went wrong for fear of losing you.

I thought all I needed was an apology to be able to forgive you but the apology didn't change anything… I still stand in church every Sunday morning and pray for God to take away the anger I have for you. After two years, I have come to the conclusion that the only way I am going to have closure is for you to be unhappy. I pray that someday you will know how it feels to be so wrapped up in love that you are willing to set your on happiness, beliefs and expectations aside for your partners.

You are in many ways a good person, good friend and a dedicated police officer but you will never be an affectionate, trustworthy, faithful husband. It took me many years to realize that I wasn't the problem. You are the way you are and you will always require more attention than one woman can give.

Sometimes I forget how blessed I have been because I let the anger I have for you take over my emotions. I always try to remind myself that I was blessed to have known true love but I was even more blessed to have it taken away. I no longer lie awake at night worrying where you are, who you are with and why I am not good enough to carry your last name.

When I broke up with you I broke up with your family too…. Don't you think it's time for you to do the same with mine? My family may have forgiven you for hurting me but they will never forget the pain I went through before and after we broke up.

P.S. You told me on several occasions that I would never leave you… Well, I guess we both know how that ended! I was much stronger than you gave me credit for!

Confession #2025

My ex got pissed at me because he had to spend a day
in jail over child support. He had a warrant out for
his arrest because he didn't show up for a hearing. He
blamed me for it. I was partly to blame since I didn't
forward all of his mail to him after he moved out and
the hearing notification may have been in the mail I
tossed. I don't know. I didn't check. He should've
forwarded his mail the day he moved out instead of
three months later. But he still is at fault because
the hearing was about his non-payment of child support
and even if he had gone to the hearing, he probably
still would've been arrested because he hadn't paid
any child support in over a year. He chose not to work
and accepts cash jobs so that he doesn't have to
report his income. He hasn't filed his taxes in 4
years because the state takes his refund and gives it
to his ex. And he blamed me for his day in jail. I'm
just glad I didn't have kids with him.

Confession #2026

You called me your filthy fucking whore last night. I have been waiting
for two years to hear you call me your filthy dirty little slut. It was
better then I ever imagined it coming out of your mouth. You bit me and
marked me for what I am, YOUR dirty bitch. I love you so much, you know
how much. I apologized for being poetic last night, how silly. It's
true I would throw her to the dogs and watch her hurt for you, even
though I know you would never ask me to do that. I know that you want
me to be able to be with her, but it hurts you. As of this morning she
has been thrown to the dogs. You are everything to me, everything, if
you are not breathing I don't see how i could continue. If you are hurt
I am hurt. Words cannot possibly do justice to the feelings of awe, and
wonderment I feel for you, I know you don't feel the same towards
yourself but I wish you would. Everyone around you sees what a fucking
terrific man you are, what a terrific dad, and what a terrific partner
you are to me, everyone but you. I wish I could make you see yourself
how I see you, just for a moments time I would make you feel the depth
of my love for you, it would knock you on your ass.

You told me that after we had our son 9 weeks ago that I turn you on
more than I ever have in the past, thank you for saying that to me you
sexy beast. I want you home right now in our bed with your hands
yanking my hair back and the words,

"dirty nasty slut,"

sliding smoothly into my ear. I love you.

Confession #2027

You have lousy timing. You got me all hot and bothered and THEN told me that you didn't think we should have any more sex until we were married. I was so angry. I couldn't yell or even cry, I was so angry. It's been four months, but it feels much longer, and I am still going through withdrawal. But now, I am sort of glad that you made that decision for us. It means you're actually serious about being with me for a long time, and you don't want to mess it up. So...I wish I could tell you that at first I wanted to punch you in the face, but now I understand and I agree.

Confession #2028

you never touch me. we never have sex. i am lonely. i want to have an affair. i almost did today, but chickened out.i think i will see him friday.almost three years of marriage hasn't gotten him out of my head. we talk daily. we're both married now, but we still want each other. you don't fill that void. i married you because you are a good man, but there's no passion. i used to be confident and feel beautiful within myself, now i am self conscience and scared. i feel uncomfortable in my own skin. counseling hasn't worked, telling you how unhappy i am hasn't worked. maybe if you never find out about him you won't get hurt.

Confession #2029

Friend to Friend.

You and I have been friends/sisters for close to 20 years now.

You introduced me to my husband-(some days I could kill you for that) - you walked with me until my contractions were 4 minutes apart and begged me go to the doctor. You were RIGHT there when she came out- and laughed with me when my major concern was the smell of my lady parts – being spread open for the world to see. We have gone through so much together. You have raised two extremely successful young women on your own- and not a day goes by that they don’t hear in their heads, some quote, or some bit of advice that you have given them. Well, same goes for me. I know God was up to something when he crossed our paths that very day- and- since you and I have the best fun with this site, I wanted you and all the readers to know how very much I love and treasure our friendship. You were with me when I caught my first fish even. We both love life- from picking corn, to lily pad gazing, to ice cold beer in the can right down to karaoke nights 7 nights a week.

You know who you are- UU. I hope God blesses us with 20 more years of beer drinking, friend choppin, and knee slappin laughter.

Confession #2030

The other morning, as we were getting out of bed, you knelt down in front of me. You held my feet in your hands and kissed my toes. You looked up at me and told me how much you love me. Those are the moments when I know that you are the right man for me, despite all the complications of our lives.


Anonymous said...

2026: You actually enjoy your man calling you his whore? You need some serious counseling girl. Any man that calls you out of your name, doesn't deserve to be granted the gift you are giving this asshole...
Please get some self respect before it's too late...

Anonymous said...

To AP,
Believe it or not, a lot of women like that sort of thing in bed. It's not detrimental when the party is using it as a form of role playing in the bedroom, and both parties are a-ok with it. You may not agree with it, but last I checked the world isn't full of the same kinds of people, and that is ok too.

Anonymous said...

#2023: DAMN, how I yearn to punch your ex in the throat. It should be legal to brand guys like him on the forehead as a warning to other people. Congrats on your escape (and don't younger guys rock?), but if the past is still nagging you this often, short-term therapy might not be the worst idea.

#2026: Oh yeah, rough trade in the bedroom can be super-hot, but dinking around outside the primary relationship is a great way to destabilize yourself into a single-parent situation. Not judging here, just citing the overwhelming statistics.

#2029: I had a bud like that. I miss her every day. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 11:22 am. I would never let my husband call me a whore, slut, bitch, etc.

But in the bedroom, sometimes I love being called "his dirty girl" or "slut" while he spanks me. love it.

And believe me, I have plenty of self-respect.

Anonymous said...

my husband calls me his "little slut", or the like, when we're alone or with very close friends and no one gets offended least of all me! Everyone knows he adores me and that the feeling is mutual. He's very happy with his wife on all levels and we're both very secure in how much we love (and respect)each other.

Anonymous said...

Call me a SLUT Honey, Call me a Whore Daddy, as long as I'm your only SLUT, WHORE! Can't do the BITCH though, just don't digest well. BUT with that said, "Whatever goes on in the Bedroom is totally your business, two consenting adults doing it right."

Who ever has a problem with that needs to get the wad out of their butt and stop only gong missionary, try some new things, HE and YOU will be a lot happier.

Anonymous said...

2025: I wouldn't think any less of you if you HAD done it on purpose. What a lowlife asshole! He deserves a year in jail.

ZomMommy said...

11:10, I'm one of those who LOVES it when my hubby calls me his dirty girl and his little's a major turn on. Of course, as with anything, both partners should discuss this kind of dirty talk prior to using it, and in our case, we're in total's hot! (I call him a dirty fucker, too, for good measure.)

#2029...I wish I had a girlfriend like that. I've got lots of GFs but none I live close enough to that we can always do things together. Bleh, you're so lucky!! :-)

Anonymous said...

2026: um, congratulations? I pity your complete lack of self worth. How sad that the culmination of your relationship is the point at which your husband finally degraded you in such a way.

If my husband talked to me that way, he'd be out the door before he could think to say "oops."

I feel sad for you.

Anonymous said...

I like a little dirty talk in the bedroom.

To each his own, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I like a little dirty talk too, and I enjoy some kink now and then, but I am still put off by 2026. I just think there's a fairly sizable difference between a little dirty talk, and being called a "filthy fucking whore."

Anonymous said...

maybe 2026 is the gal who liked banging her husband's freind on the den floor he built for her? you know- the 'genetic' one?

Anonymous said...

I am 2026 and i can say with complete confidence that my self esteem and self worth are completely intact, more so then ever before. Who helped me with that? Thats right my husband, my husband who whispers while making breakfast that he can't wait to call me his filthy slut while know.

Calling names in the bedroom is only degrading if you allow yourself to be degraded by it, the words slut, whore, bitch and the like are all words that I identify within myself, on my own without my husbands utterances. I am a bitch, at times, I am actually proud of that. I am his slut now, but before we met I was a slut, its one of the things that drew him to me. He was also a little slut, it drew me to him. Same goes for that "oh so bad" word whore. No one takes advantage of me, I take advantage when I need to.

I can and want to hear those words in the bedroom or elsewhere, why you ask....because its fucking hot and makes me horny in a second. I am secure enough with myself that I like to hear those words and am completely comfortable identifying them with parts of who I am, I dare to say that those of you who balk at a 4 or 5 letter word uttered in the throes of passion are the ones with low self esteem.

Anonymous said...

It's a tad snooty to pontificate about self-esteem regarding what people flap their pieholes about in the sack. Some people like the dirty talk, some don't, end of story.

Anonymous said...

Oy lord! Who cares that 2026 likes being called names in the sack!!! I'm sure she isn't being degraded in any way. She clearly likes it so who the hell cares.

Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING wrong with "name calling" in bed if it's consentual. And it has nothing to do with self esteem. If 2026 didn't consent to it and didn't enjoy it, then yes, it would be a problem. But since she DOES consent to it, and DOES enjoy it, there is no problem.

Personally, it's not my thing. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be HER thing.

I know people on this site are extremely judgemental, but if it's a consentual thing, then WTF?!?! Why the judgement? Yeesh.

Anonymous said...

To jenner -

LOL, why the judgement? Because it's obvious some women that read this site are holier than thou women who think they have the right to judge 2026. I'm with Pookie Sixx....if she likes it, why the hell should any of us care?

Some of you women need to get laid and relax a little. Until the day comes that 2026 is affecting your life, STFU.

Anonymous said...

2026- you go girl....well said....
you naughty lil slut you... *wink wink*

Anonymous said...

Pookie Six makes me ill- her comment about me having a favorite child still pisses me off- when she has no children of her own to speak of. FOr I think I have found her personal blog spot in cyber world.
I know- lame to re hash it- but since this is a confessional, whenever I see she has commented.. I want to puke....

Melissa said...

you don't know pook. she is kind and intelligent and strong and is becoming a wonderful mother herself. I don't know you either, anon 2:05, and I bear you no ill will nor do I wish to argue. we are all just basing our opinions on cybertalk and I know how misleading that can be. I simply feel I must remark that your comment makes me sad for my friend. :(

2023 - I second the motion for some sort of counseling, or at least making a conscious effort to change the situation. holding on to memories like that, thinking of them so often, is not healthy. I am happy you have someone wonderful with you now, but I do hope you can find a way to let go of the past. cause being stuck in the past is a lonely and hard place to be. love and luck~

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:05:

Wow, how long ago was that? God, go take a zoloft or something. And congratulations for finding my personal spot. It's on my profile so it's not like I'm you. Kiss my ass.

Thank you Alosha. You know I love you.

Anonymous said...

Damn, 2:05, how much free time do you have? How juvenile and creepy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 2029:) I feel the same way about you.... even more so.
Don't know what I would do with out you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sigh. Women sure can mess up a thing. A perfectly lovely site where women come to confess some beautiful and painful things turns into a hair-pulling fest with a bunch of women trying to decide what's right or wrong for another.

Off ye moral high-horses, ladies. There are ways men could stand to me more like women, and this is one of those times women could stand to be more like men.

What I'm saying, basically, is for crying out loud, STFU.

Anonymous said...

9:45--- Welcome, not all of us are like that. Hope you come back.Look what 2029 wrote about me. It's all good.

Anonymous said...

Hey pookie sixx, I know I should probably stay out of this but...You obviously did/said something that hurt 2:05 a whole hell of a lot. She says she's sick about it, for chrissake. Why continue to cut her down?

Anonymous said...

I agree with 12:29, and I don't usually comment. I compare Pookie Sixx with those really nasty anon commenters. Don't be so hasty with your words Cookie. People in stone houses shouldn't throw glass.

Anonymous said...

2:05 is prolly a weak cry baby sissy pants. Leave pookie alone, she is just saying what she feels.
I just think that 2:05 should talk a Valium.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think 12:50 is genetically fucked up.

Anonymous said...

You can say what you want about me. Call me names, do whatever. It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t know any of you. All you are to me is a bunch of comments on a website. Is that cold? Probably. This place is full of opinions just like the real world. If you don’t want to hear someone’s opinion, then don’t read it. Otherwise, accept that it is an opinion and move on. For 2:05, I didn’t call her names or tell her she’s a bad mother. I made my opinion visible and that’s it. If you who send in confessions can’t take the responses you might get, then don’t send them in. Simple as that. Be conscious of the fact that people are not going to like what you say and there are some that will be supportive. If someone’s comment is so upsetting to you that you are still harboring anger about it so much that months later you claim to have a physiological response to merely seeing their name, then either what was said was true and you can’t admit it yet, or maybe you are spending a little too much time on the computer. It’s an OPINION. Nothing more. You should not let someone’s opinion bother you. You know how you are living your life. I don’t. I’ll say it again, if you don’t want someone to say something negative about your comments, then don’t write them out. Lash out at me all you want. I will still come here and say what I feel like saying, KNOWING that not all of you are going to agree and that you are going to call me names, tell me I’m a horrible person, etc…At the end of the day, I will lose no sleep over it because I know none of you and respect that everyone has an opinion whether I agree with it or not. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Go pookie!

Anonymous said...

Pookie can eat shit!

Dawn said...

Enough with the personal attacks.

No one deserves this.

Anonymous said...

Imagine what Nathyn must be thinking......Oh My Gawwwwwwwwww!

Anonymous said...

Um Pook? Love??? Eh hem, YOU have a public blog spot for all the world to read - YOU comment to these confessions almost every time - YOUR last comment was a page long- and 2:05 spends a lot of time on the computer?????? Oxy moran? Or are you a moran?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with 10:04 a.m. Get a life Pookie!

Anonymous said...

The one who deserves it is the one who is egging it on. I just went to Pookie's blog and she seems to think it is fun to "stir things up." Maybe you should be directly addressing her Dawn.

Nathyn said...

12:46 you're thinking about me. That's sweet. #2026 sounds she's got it all together and she and hubby are having a great time.

I just hope #2024 is doing alright. Now that she's got a better guy I just hope she can eventually shake the memory of that questionable ex-husband. I can easily go on a rant here but I think she makes it's obviously clear what kind of guy the ex was.

Anonymous said...

Pookie sounds charming. And very possibly drunk.

Anonymous said...

Pookie needs to take her own advice and swallow some Zoloft.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to attempt to call someone a morOn, for dog's sake, spell it right, or that whole glass houses and stones comes right back to bite you in the butt.

And damn, but good on Pookie. Cyberstalking someone because you don't like something they stated on the web ages ago says waaaaay more about you.

Anonymous said...

Whaaaaaat? Are you confused 8:29, or drunk....that made very little sense. Hmmmmmmmm....and I think the stone house throw glass thing, was meant to be worded that way. If you are going to come here and sound like a moron maybe you shouldn't criticize. Who is cyberstalking anyways?

Sherlon Christie said...

I hope my ex never finds this site. lol

Anonymous said...

Hello? Did anyone read Dawn's comment? ENOUGH already.

ZomMommy said...

Wow. Just, wow.

Is there no place women can just come together and share a thought, or laugh, or opinion without it turning into high school?

I had higher hopes for this place.

Anonymous said...

10:45: You are so right. I have been bashed so hard for a TRUE CONFESSION..................
What part about TRUE is not being understood.

Anonymous said...

I love this site. I check it daily. Sometimes when I read a confession I think: what a loser, or that girl is a little off, or am annoyed by misspellings. But those are petty thoughts. We each come here for our own reasons. No one should be told they are wrong. It is after all, a place to let out thoughts and feelings that we are afraid to share with anyone else. I choose to keep my thoughts to myself b/c those who confess are looking to do just that. They are not looking for a jury to judge them. This was not a place created for us to attack each other. That goes for those who attack commenters too. Wouldn't it be more peaceful to ignore than to draw attention to those vicious comments?

Anonymous said...

3:02: I love this site too. I also come here dailey and laugh, feel sad and honestly I judge, but should not. I agree with your last statement and I think we should all STOP bashing each other. Maybe we can learn something from each other and most of all help each other. In this world we should all stick together..... cause in the end..........

Trouble said...


You're my hero. I wish I'd figured out, in a year and a half, that I didn't want my daughter watching my ex treat me like crap, but it took me 12 years to realize I deserved better.

I'm proud of you.

It's been 2 years since I divorced him. For a long time, I wondered why he was so mean to me during our marriage, why he treated me the way he did when I was a good wife and mom.

You know what? He did it because he was an asshole. That's the only answer. It had nothing to do with you.

My ex does the same stuff now to my daughter that he did to me. Or at least, he tries. But, I know who he is, and so when she asked me this year to opt out of visiting him, I supported her decision. He didn't have me to punch emotionally, so he turned to her as the next available punching bag.

Why did your ex do those things to you? Because he's an emotionally stunted immature jerk. If it hadn't been you, it would have been someone else.

Let it go. He doesn't deserve your time or energy, and neither does mine.

Anonymous said...

3:33. I agree. But there is one anon that should be bashed....the one that has a favorite child.... that is just not right.

Anonymous said...

this place has become so ridiculous that daily i question why i still read it at all. perhaps if the ability to leave comments went away it could be turned around. every 3 or 4 posts the lynch mob shows up and it becomes more about everyone defending their opinions while trying to stomp on others than about lending an ear (or eyes in this case) and trying to help people out. no wonder people say that too many women in one place ruins things. its sad really.......i feel bad for dawn having to watch everyone tear each other apart....i wouldn't blame her for quitting, this is just out of control and so not the point she was trying to make in the beginning. i'm ashamed and i've never even commented before, i can't even imagine how some of you should feel for what you've turned this place into

Anonymous said...

Okay Pookie (anon 8:24). Get over it already. It's not your life and not your kid. And 10:48 a.m., I think maybe you should listen to your own reasoning.

Anonymous said...

10:48- Go to hell. We all love this site. If you don't then stay off and stop looking. There are som really good people that come here and help each other. If you think other wise then leave. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Go Anon, it's yer birthday!

Anonymous said...

I still love TWC and would never leave. I'll take all of it: The Good The Bad and The Ugly.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The comments turn it into a place that shows all the worst traits in women. Judgment. Cattiness. Pick your stereotype.

Confessions are better if comments aren't allowed. Who the hell wants to be judged for dropping an honest and heartfelt thought?

Anonymous said...

Why is "favorite child" woman still upset? Why is she angry about something that happened "so long ago"? Because nothing has changed.