Monday, July 16, 2007

True Wife Confessions 197 ways to improve your curb appeal

Confession #1961

Look, we both know you're shifty when it comes to text messaging on
your precious cell phone. Could you at least save me the pretense of
getting defensive about it when I catch you in yet another lie? You
can try and make me feel as crazy as you want, but at the end of the
day, you're still not telling the truth and that's still the issue.

Confession #1962

I Live in Hell's Kitchen

I used to think it was wonderful that you made dinner every night, I am
a terrific sous chef, chopping, preparing everything and cleaning up
after you. This worked for a while until, you turned into that a** on
Hell's Kitchen. You INSIST that the kids do the dishes, but then you
freak out when you find something hasn't been cleaned properly or put
away "wrong". If you expect perfection you will not get it, plain and
simple. I have started to do the dishes every night because I cannot
take the constant b**chin' from you about it. Then last night you asked
me to get the salad ready so you could make the dressing - I even
squeezed the fresh lemons for you - and I poured the juice on the salad.
I thought you were going to have a heart attack. You proceed to scream
at me that I don't care about this family, that you are the only one who
does anything right and that you are the only one who cares. You see, I
didn't know that you have to add the olive oil FIRST...........major sin
on my part...soooooo sooorrrrryyyy!!!!

When you care more about the food you are preparing than the people your
are preparing it for, babe your priorities are all screwed up. Dinner
has become a time of day that I dread - I would rather go to McD's every
single day than put up with your tantrums and rages. You think dinner
time brings us together as a family, when you have everyone so upset
that everything we do is wrong - guess what NO ONE WANTS DINNER ANYMORE.
And then you get even angrier that no one is hungry.

Things had better change, and real soon. I think I WILL go to see my
parents for a week with just the kids, you can stay home alone - make
dinner for yourself and see how well you get on with the "chef" of the

Confession #1963

Okay – my first time with a new guy since the big divorce. We messed around, but didn’t have sex or anything close.

You are a big jerk. You e-mailed me saying that you had Chlamydia and could have only gotten it from me. Since supposedly you were faithful to your X wife that you were married to for 10 years.

Let’s see, I was married for 4 years. Dated my X for 2 years first. Once you told me about your problem, I ran to my GYN. She tested me for EVERYTHING. I didn’t come up positive for anything. Nothing..nada.

I don’t know what your deal was. But, you didn’t get a STD from me. Obviously, I wasn’t the first person you had been with or else that X of yours really did cheat like all the rumors.

Confession #1964

Dear Husband,

I cannot believe that I can finally think about divorcing you. You whom I love, but yet, cannot stand. From the very big to the very trivial: I cannot stand the way you criticize my daughter, I cannot stand the way you leave your dirt around the tub in a ring. I cannot stand the way you speak to me sometimes. Last week you threw a coffee cup in my direction,and after it splintered across the room, I grabbed some of the stuff lying on the table and threw it in your direction. It felt so good to fight back. And then? And then I refused to clean it up and you called me a lazy whore.

Keep talking like that babe, you are making it easier and easier.

Your Wife.

Confession #1965

Lets call this "Lies I Have Told My Husband"

I had an abortion in 1994 (three years before I met my husband). I
got pregnant by my boyfriend of a year and I knew he was not the guy
for me, so I decided to terminate the pregnancy. I am strongly
opposed to abortion (because I regret my decision everyday) and so is
my husband.

I do not come from money. My family is from humble beginnings.

I have spent and spent and spent. I am responsible for our debt- and
he doesn't know how much there is.

I do not enjoy our sex. He doesn't have any idea what he is doing.
I could sleep through it. I have faked every orgasm.

I am disgusted by his body.

He is not the only man I have given a blow job to.

He thinks he is the third man I have slept with, he is actually the

I want to keep all of this buried and never let him know.

Confession #1966

My darling husband.

I don't know what I'm doing. I dress in the morning for Him. I get all quivery in my tummy when he comes to see me. I lust after him hugely. I have fooled around with him, but have not had sex. But not for lack of wanting to. You are better looking. You are an awesome husband (which he most certainly is not). You are an awesome father. (at which he is passable at best). We have a decent sex life. I don't know what draws me to him. Or him to me. He is the total opposite of you. The anti-thesis really. What pulls me to him? I don't know. I have broken things off with him many times. But to no avail.

I'm sorry honey. It has impacted our lives. I just don't know how to stop it. I would have to leave my job. I don't think you would hate that. But I can't. I need him. And I need you. What a mess.

Confession #1967

There are moments when you are so sweet, so vulnerable - and I think that there is no possible way that I could ever see my life without you. This morning, when I woke, you were holding my hand in your sleep. It was beautiful.

Confession #1968

I need someone. I need someone to care about me. I need someone to respect me. I need someone who worships the ground I walk on. I thought you were him. and you’re not. I have no real friends. I’m not a nice person according to you. What happened to the night when you licked my tears from my pain and held me in your strong and safe arms. What happened to the person that let me come and take a warm bath when my dad called me a whore. What happened to the person that used to love me. Why can’t I find myself. When am I going to be free. I sound pathetic. Poor me, poor me. Many people have it worse.

I love you. but I don’t love you. I don’t want to be with you but I don’t want to go through w/ a divorce. and I don’t want to be without you either. You’ve bettered my life and yet I feel like I’ve outgrown you. you lifted me up and now I’m above it; yet I’m not because I’m still insecure and I stay with you. I hold my tongue. If I only said half of what I thought you wouldn’t want to be with me either. You’ve gain too much weight. You drink too much. and your once lovable personality has become obnoxious. You’re not the same person. I’m not the same person. We both know we hang on for my daughter. Poor girl. The chances of her having a happy marriage one day is so slim. And even worse if we split. Divorce is horrid for kids. So I will hang on. For her sake. I’ve been already hanging on for a few years now. My life is wasted. What’s a few more years going to hurt.

Confession #1969

Dear dumbass,

Sneaking into your son’s room at 11 p.m. to play with him is NOT a good idea. If you wanted to spend time with him so badly today, you should have TURNED OFF THE FUCKING TV and played with him then. You are such an asshole sometimes. You wake him up, then he doesn’t sleep well through the night. And then he wakes up earlier than usual. And THEN he’s a crabby, irritable person all day. That makes my job more difficult. But that doesn’t matter to YOU. Because where are you? In bed Or bitching about how he’s making noise and you can’t sleep.

Sometimes I wish I could mess with your job and make YOURS more difficult. And see how you’d like that.

We’ve discussed this many a time. You continue to do these things. You know the ramifications. But they only affect me. Not you. So you don’t care.

THIS is why I called you a “selfish jerk” the other day in front of our son. And oh the fact that you acted like a hurt martyr over it was just fucking RICH. “Selfish Jerk” is NICE compared to the names I often think of when describing you.

Confession #1970

Dear someone I miss completely,

Even though I know you're 5 minutes away, I still miss you. I miss the person you used to be, the best friend I once had, the memories, and the way you honestly cared about me. Over the past 3 years, you've fallen in love with two other people. One of which, you continue to talk to, day after day. You text her saying "You're gorgeous, baby" while you sit next to me on my couch. While you eat the food I bought you, while you lie to me. You never call me, or pretend like you think about me--ever. Sometimes we go entire days without a single hello, much less an "I love you." I am constantly made fun of, from my car right down to how my nipples are "weird." Should I be hearing this from someone who "loves" me? Sometimes I try to convince myself that it's normal, and no one has a perfect... decent.. relationship.

You scream at me that I'm "selfish" and I never think of anyone but myself. You angrily storm out of my house, smashing me with your car door, and leaving me weeping in my drive way. I'm watching you drive away, and leaving me, again. You deem me a 6 on the "boring scale" .. while your best friend is a 3. I understand now why you so blantantly ignore my calls and voice mails. I wish I was as interesting. I wish I was as pretty, entertaining, or beautiful as you'd like me to be. I'm "smart" but not quite witty enough. I bare the brunt of all the rude, disrespectful, and terribly selfish/mean things you say, and I'm not allowed to say anything else in return.

I know you cheat on me. I know I'm the last thing you ever think about. One day, I hope you think of my name and wish you had done things differently. I've tried for so long.


Anonymous said...

1970: - Good Lord freind, you almost sound suicidal. Please- get help- and get out. He sounds like a jerk. Physically hurt you then drive off while you sit there crying? Cheats on you? C'mon girl- get that backbone back and move on! ((( )))

Dana - W for Whatever said...

1961 - I am not afraid to admit that I am also a serial text message checker and I don't feel bad about it either. I don't care if he checks mine - I have nothing to hide...

Anonymous said...

#1965 Time to tell him the truth, it won't get any better.

#1970 Run for the hills, leave this arse of a man, you need to get out before your are seriously hurt

Anonymous said...

1970 - It may hard to see now, but you don't "have" him now anyway. You mention that it's your house, then don't allow him into it. He has beaten you down som much emotionally that you really don't think that you could do any better or that anyone will ever love you. Well, that's wrong. The only people who end up alone, are the people that work hard for that. You will find someone one day that will brighten the world and adore you, and this guy is obviously not that person. If he doesn't respect you, then dig deep in yourself and find that self respect that seems to have hidden for so long and kick him to curb. He's not worth any amount pain that you go through.

Being the only one in the relationship that's trying doesn't work. He's trying to flip his bad behavior back on you so that he doesn't have any responsiblity in anything. He's the one that's selfish and mean.

Somewhere underneath all his emotionally abusive actins is a woman that is smart, beautiful, confidant and worthy of love. Find her.

Anonymous said...

1969: Propose to him that you two switch places one day. While you take the day off and do some thigns for yourself, have him watch your son all day. The night before, wake your son up for a play date, and see how your husband appreciates it.

Hopefully he's not one of those men that think the stay at home mom and wife really doesn't do anything and that what she does do isn't hard. If he is, this would defintely open his eyes.

1968: Divorce is not the most horrible thing a child can go though. Seeing their parents hate eachother and unhappy and pretend that it doesn't exist is way more damaging then a divorce. My parents thought that my sister and I were too young to notice the fights, or the lack of affection, or the distant between them. I thought all family had unhappy parents until I noticed that my friends' parents were happy and content and actually liked eachother. Give your child more credit, they notice unhappiness sometimes before they can speak. If you two divorce now, and save her from having to watch years and years of two people being miserable, she may end up alot healthier then you would expect. You both could go on and find people that make each of you happy and then she could see that life isn't as shitty as it can seem.

Anonymous said...

1962: I remember my Dad screaming at me every morning to wake up and get out of bed, and when I went downstairs there would be "fresh-squeezed orange juice" waiting for me. (I put it in quotes because he said it so much it made me crazy. "Fresh" has no meaning to me anymore.) Talk about mixed signals. He'd ask me every day what I wanted for dinner or from the grocery store, but it didn't matter, since he never made it.

Melissa said...

#1966 - stop seeing him, quit your job... and I PROMISE you, you will forget about him. focus on what you have at home, which sounds damn wonderful. I'm telling you this from my own experience. I promise you.

Anonymous said...

To #1967

My husband does that, too. You're right, it IS beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Never tell him. Just your sexual past to yourself. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Edited from above: Oops, Keep your sexual past to yourself I meant.

Anonymous said...

Dear 1970

Honey...... put your big girl pants on and move on. No one is making you feel as bad as yourself.
Please don't let anyone pull you down like that, unless you like it.
Smack his ass right into the ground and spit on him.
Let him know what it feels like and then hold your head up high and walk away in a brand new pair of CFM Pumps.

Anonymous said...


I'll tell you what's so great. It's the forbidde, the thrill. He sounds like a boring ass guy who's just giving you attention that you were lacking, or thought you were. Have a few drinks, and take your husband somewhere semi-public to do something kinky. Trust me, the thrill is there with your husband too ~ you just need to put that effort into being around him that you are doing thinking about this guy. Flirt with your husband and leave him a sexy voicemail/text and watch him bloom. Trust me, it's worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Find your backbone. Use it to support your legs walking away. Find a real man and forget the jerk.

Anonymous said...

1970: I could be wrong in my assumption, but it sounds to me that this man disrespects you and hurts you because you put up with it. This obviously gets him off. If you get rid of him, not only would you be sending him a message that you will no longer put up with the way he treats you, but you will regain your SELF respect and esteem.

Anonymous said...

1970: for the love of all things holy and yourself, LEAVE this man. he only hurts you 'cause you let him. sade was right when she sang "love is stronger than pride," but what you think is love really is not. how do i know? been there. been that weeping, crumpled mess, wondering if i "have" someone's love. reading your confession made me cringe.

Anonymous said...

1962: I read this site often and none has affected me as much as your confession. I'm not even exactly sure why, it doesn't really hit any raw nerves for me from my own past experiences or anything like that. It is just plain unfair. I think this man has serious issues with needing control, that surely border on passive/aggressive personality disorder??
I feel there is no changing someone so fixed in their ways, you should get out while you can. If he is screaming at you about olive oil today, what will it be in a years time? It can (and will) only get worse.
Please leave this man before he does further emotional damage. There are brilliant men out there, I know because I have one.

Nathyn said...

#1965 lies and secrets destroy marriages. Remember we reap what we sew. No one believes that until it's reaped. And something you should know about sex, it doesn't get better if your partner doesn't know it's bad. I think you like keeping these secrets because it feels naughty, otherwise it can't be helping you as you don't sound happy.

Unknown said...

get your head out of your ass and move on. it took me 10 years to leave an abusive husband. i thought i wasn't pretty enough, i blamed everything from my boobs to my eyebrows. now that i'm divorced....i'm inundated with compliments about my body, and with dates. it isn't you, period. what i've discovered is that men cheat, period. on beautiful women every day. no more drama, just leave him, get a backbone, and move on.

Anonymous said...

#1970: Oh, please, get the hell out of this while you can, sweetie. I was in this relationship (probably not with your man, but one like him). I'm alone now, divorced, and sometimes the loneliness makes me ache, but it is never as bad as what life was like with him. I won't tell you you can do better because, frankly, if you believed that you'd be out there finding it. I will tell you that you don't deserve this.