Wednesday, April 28, 2010

True Wife Confessions Sweet and Sour 29

Confession #281

When I ask you what time you are going to be home from where ever it is your going, tell me what time you are going to be home. Don't tell me 10pm because you think that is what I want to hear and then come strolling in at 2am blaming it on the guy driving not wanting to leave. If you aren't going to be home at 10 then CALL ME! You have a cell phone that you use ALL THE TIME...just once, use it to call me and tell me you will be late. Or better yet, quit being such an inconsiderate jerk and come home on time!

Confession #282

I can't begin to explain how frustrating it is to go somewhere with you and never leave together. Or the fact that every moment off of work is hanging with your buddies...playin' cards. You do have a family you know...remember me? our boys?Not to mention the fact that HELLO we are getting married in 3 (yes...3) weeks and you are blowing our money on poker! You know for once...just once...I would love to be the irresponsible one. I would love to party with our friends and not worry about the children, the dog we are sitting for while YOUR parents are out of town, making sure the house is clean the fridge is full of food, the laundry is done and whatever else it is that I do....just once would be nice!

Confession #283

I hope she is worth it, I hope you find out whatever it is that her first two husbands found wrong, and hope that you one day kick yourself for giving up our 10 year marriage and our 3 year old daughter for your piece of ass that was just so good. I hope your daughter never finds out or figures out that her daddy wanted a better piece of ass than to fix what was wrong with our family. I sincerely hope that the person that doesn't like kids, and doesn't ever think kids should be at a party does not become the person that helps you raise our daughter

Confession #284

I want to have an affair with a black man that has a huge penis. When i am having sex with you, i am dreaming about a big dick in me stretching me out and loving it.

Confession #285

The only reason that I say hateful things about Japanese women is
because I feel like I will never measure up to your ex-girlfriend who
was Japanese. You have told me countless times that I don't have to
compete, and somewhere, deep in my heart I believe it. I just need
to get it through to my head. I am not as racist as I sound - just a
bit envious.

Confession #286

I am so sick and tired of you always being sick, having pains in your chest, pains in your ass cheek, and just being all around sick. when I met you you seemed somewhat strong and healthy, now 17 years later I am the one caring the 50 lbs of dog food & salt for the water softener & removing the cap off your ketchup bottle. I really think that all the meds that your on is not helping you but is killing you slowly. but you won't listen to me when I tell you this and you say that your just following doctor's orders. BULL SHIT- GET A BACK BONE AND LEARN HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR HEALTH INSTEAD OF HAVING SOME QUACK PUSHING MEDS. ON YOU every time you go in for a check up.

Confession #287

I absolutely hate walking into the bathroom and stepping over your dirty clothes and towels just so I can use the toilet….Clean up after yourself you lazy scab…

Confession #288

Tonight was the last time that you speak to me like that in front of our children. When you speak to me like that you make yourself look like the immature, ignorant, and out of control asshole that you really are. The next time you choose to show your self like that I will take your flippant, "fuck off" advice to heart and leave you and your temper tantrums.

Confession #289

If you accuse me 1 more time of having a boyfriend then I WILL go cheat on you, there are 4 of them just waiting for the chance, then afterwards they'd love to come kick your sorry wife beating ass.

Oh and here's another for you, I'm filing for FULL CUSTODY with supervised visits and a DIVORCE tomorrow. I'm planning on leaving you high and dry fucker. This has been my plan for years, and my new found contact with old friends has pushed me into doing this.

Oh and I'm going out tomorrow night for my birthday and to celebrate me LEAVING you!!!

Confession #290

I hate that I'm the one who always buys you presents; you've never even written me a note before.

I hate that you always turn to me for money - never once have you bought me lunch, and you always ask me to pay you back for the things you help me buy. I must have spent hundreds and hundreds on you already, from the cumulative dollars here and there.

I hate that you tell me you felt jealous when I talked to this one guy a lot, but don't realise I felt the same way considering how 9/10 of your friends are females. I hate the way you have no inhibitions around them, never refraining from hugging them, getting all touchy-feely, then telling me that "they're just friends" when I object.

I hate the way you tell me I'm too sensitive, and that I have to learn to trust you. Trust is never given freely, and you haven't proven your worth.

I hate the way you compare me to your ex-girlfriends.

I hate the way you don't stand up for me, but stand up for other girls.

I hate the way you constantly tell me how pretty other girls are.

I hate the way you want to set up a band, a dance group, and all the other sort of shit with other girls, but never once want to include me in anything you do.

I hate the way you tell me that I don't communicate with you enough, and don't tell you the problems I have with you. And when I do, you somehow talk around it so it always ends up as my fault.

I hate the way you're always more than an hour late for our dates, leaving me to wait solitarily by the streets.

Most of all, I hate myself for not having the courage to tell you all this. I hate my heart for feeling so happy when I see you, that I'm never able to figure out whether I should leave you or not.


Blue House Studio World HQ said...

I've never commented here but now feel I must. #290, please get some help to know that you deserve to be treated better than that. This man does not care for you, but you care for yourself even less. I know this because I was there. Leave him and know that there are men out there who will treat you better once you decide you will not settle for less.

R. said...

#281 - I know exactly how you feel!!!!

#289 - Good for you! :)

6279 said...

282, 288, and 290

Leave these horrid selfish men, each of you, PLEASE, and take care of YOU and YOUR life...

Anonymous said...

# 282 -- Don't do it! If it's this bad now, it'll only get worse with marriage.

chocdrop said...

Get out now!!! This habit will only get worse because you accepted prior to marriage so it will be expected to continue.

KT01 said...

men are always focusing on themselves. realize that if you are mesireable now, then once you take that commitment you will be mesire until death or divorce do you part!!

Anonymous said...

In college I could be a real jerk to my gf's...but somehow this guys makes me feel less like an a**. This relationship isn't worth it. People can mature (I did) but looking back I wouldn't give advice to my exgf's to stay with me so I won't tell you to stay with him.

Anonymous said...

288, why not just leave him now? It's not good for your children to see that, even just one more time.