Tuesday, September 29, 2009

True Wife Confession 301 Redirect

Confession #3001

To my mother:

Yes, yes I am marrying him, whether you like it or not. I don't CARE that you think my ex-husband was more likeable, if you like him so much, he's now available. Stop making my father miserable and marry him yourself, why don't you? Then you'll find out what it is to live with Mr. Perfect. He's perfectly lazy, and he's only affectionate when he wants laid. But because he kissed YOUR ass, I should have stayed married to him. Well, I'm marrying someone who kisses MY ass this time. I learned my lesson. And you and my grandmother can keep giving him the stink eye because you think he's mean for asking my kids to mind, and you can both whisper about the two of us and you can keep pitying my ex for all I care. Nothing in my life hurt me more than half of my family bailing on me because they didn't approve of my divorce, but I've come out the other side stronger and better for it. You'd better watch it--I realized I deserved better than my ex, and I got it, and I might just decide my kids and I deserve better than you all, too. I'm tired of your opinions clouding my joy and excitement at my impending wedding, so I've basically cut you off. I can finish the job and stop talking to you completely if you'd like. Or you can start being a MOTHER and wish me well and help me plan and be happy for me. It's probably too late to ask you to start doing that at this late date, though. You haven't wanted to be my mother for 28 years, why would you start now?


Confession #3002

I think I am falling in love with your best friend who has also become one of my best friends. For the moment, it is lust.

I have known him just as long as I have known you. I always swore I wouldn't ever develop feelings for him; I didn't think I could have feelings for him. I didn't know then, but I know now. I was lying to myself. I don't view him as a better provider, more understanding of me, or more sexy. In my mind, you two are equal. Both driven, hard workers; but he always seems more passionate. Maybe its because he's "forbidden fruit", but since our group went out recently, I cannot stop thinking of him. Maybe I have such strong desires towards him because he's open to trying new things, because he will try to learn a new skill for me and I'm not even his wife, let alone girlfriend. He knew how much the lessons would mean to me, and he's excited about them too.

There's the one one factor that differentiates the two of you...he's passionate. I've never cheated on you, ever. So how do I know he is this way? When we shared a dance, I felt a sexiness come over me. I'm sure it overcame him too, at least I hope it did. I wanted him to want me just like I wanted him. It was a feeling I haven't felt through your hands in months, years...I can't stop thinking of how hot dancing with him was...in the middle of everyone, a very crowded club, it felt as if we were the only ones who mattered. I know he felt the same way. Our first dance was mild and to your liking, but after a bit, I locked hands with him and began to guide his hands over my body. It felt incredible. Almost voyeuristic. Mostly, he danced with me from behind. We moved in tandem, bodies grinding together, my hands guiding his hands over my body. I held him tightly, wanting more, pulling him closer to me. That is why I became infuriated with you when you told me I had to leave with you right then. I even thought of him while I pleased myself last night. Its terrible I know, but I want to experience him. To feel his hands gliding over my bare body...I shiver just thinking of it.

I don't know when I developed feelings for him. I don't know why, either. You are a decent lover and an incredible man most of the time, but I feel neglected on some occasions. I'm finding its more often than not I don't "get mine", but you always get yours. This is pushing me towards him more. We started talking more often while you were away earlier this month. We talk every day. He came over each evening to keep me company while you were away. Nothing happened, you know what happens in our home. We've talked about our dancing, and we both agree it was some of the most erotic memories that neither of us will let go. I try to flirt with him and there are times I believe he tries to reciprocate the gesture without being too obvious. I want him to reciprocate. I want him to think about me when we're not together. I want him to want me just as passionately as I want him. My whole being is telling me this is wrong. I know my feelings just need to run their course. I will eventually get over him. I know it...I always do. But until I am done with this lust, I will continue to think of how incredibly sexy he made me feel. We will be dancing together next weekend. We will do it again every time you are away. Both of us will enjoy it to the fullest extent...I hope I can keep myself on my own two feet and not my back.

Confession #3003

You are trying and I really don't want to. After a beautiful 2 1/2 year old daughter and a distance and unhappiness that is just as old. I opened the door because I wanted out, and now you want back in. I think I might be falling in love with someone else. With a kiss that I felt to my very core. Your intentions are honorable and heart felt. Mine are out of obligation to the daughter we wanted together. I don't hate you. I respect you and who you are and who you want us to be. I don't think I can be that with you anymore. It makes me sick to think of hurting you and breaking our family. But how can I be an asset to the family if I am just not happy for the simple fact that I am not in love with you anymore? You are a good dad. You are a good provider. You are loyal. We let this go on too long and I think that it is too late for me. That is my confession.

Confession #3004

I wish you would make me and our marriage a priority.

Stop planning your next poker party. All you do is talk about how big your dick is. And I think you fail to mention to the guys that it doesn't work.

Confession #3005

I know I shouldn't want you as much as I do. You're married, but I want you now more then ever. I want you to know that I'm okay with you wanting to be good and not wanting me now. What hurt the most is when you threw in the "It's not just you, I want to do things with other women to but I have to be good." Even now when I see you, my heart jumps wishing and hoping for something that will never be.

Confession #3006

Dear sweety,

I love you and you're my best friend and we'll be together for always. But you are by far the strangest man I've ever met.

It's been over 3 months since we had sex. With me getting sick, and then you, and then the kids, and then you again with menstrual cycles shoved into the mix I can understand.

But there we were- the kids were in bed and asleep. Your cold is gone. I'm not menstruating. And you pop up to play your game. Ok sure, if I wanted sex I should've pounced on you. But yesterday, and today you gave me all your signs that let me know- get ready, cause later it's you and me.

And then.... nothing. What man in his right mind doesn't have sex with his wife for 3 fucking months then doesn't pounce on her the second he can? Do you not like having sex with me? I've asked you that before and you assure me time and time again that's not the case and then you'll give me the excuses I listed above (sickness, etc). But come on! What man isn't counting the days until we can? What man doesn't want to have a quicky with his wife while the kids are up? I mean they're watching their cartoons! We've been having this same fight. And the day you have sex with me as many times as, or more than you masturbate- I wouldn't feel like shit.

I'd understand an affair- that would be an excuse. But you're not and I know you never will. So my only conclusion would be that you don't want to have sex with me. What the hell is wrong with you?

Confession #3007

We were getting ready to go for a few days away at the cottage. I was fed up with his "me-me" attitude, yes, he is an Aries and has been like that since I met him. Anyway, so we were cleaning up the house and we (meaning I) was also trying to get the kids, 2 years and 2 months to sleep.

When I was released from the hospital 2 months earlier, after having my second son, I was given a prescription for Oxycodone and since I am not a pill taker, he always begs me for mine every weekend until the bottle is gone. Anyway, this night I gave him one and he left it on the fridge.

I got so irritated and finally had it that I took the pill back (lied when he asked me if I took it), lol, "Why would I take it? You must've knocked it on the floor." So, he even moved the fridge to look behind it for the pill. Really? Really is the affects of the pill THAT important??? Come on.

Then I did something naughty (for my standards anyway), he sleeps sometimes in my son's bed when both boys co-sleep with me. Well on this night that's what the plan was. I wanted him to feel uncomfy since he was being such a total ASS that day, so I took a dixie cup full of water and dumped it under the comforter on the sheets of the twin bed.

Kids went to sleep in our bed. I went to sleep too. About 2 hours later, my hubby went to sleep by himself in our eldest son's bed. All I heard for a straight 5 minutes was, "...shit, hell, Jesus, what the hell, shit..." I woke up to that and man that was music to my ears.

I went through both pregnancies with him being such a whiny fucking ass, doing this stupid childish thing made payback feel so right. I fell asleep with a smile on my face. Ahhhhh.

Oh and next day he asked me about the bed being wet. "Jeez, dear, I have no idea. Might've been the cat."

Confession #3008

I love my husband. I do. He treats me well, I know he loves me. But I didn't get much of a chance to experience many other guys. So lately, when I'm having super hot sex with my husband, I'm imagining it's the coworker with whom I have become extremely flirtatious. I hate myself.

Confession #3009

I always feel like I am cheating a little when I give you a blowjob..because I don't really swallow everything. I kind of let about half of it fall back out of my mouth and onto you. You never seem to notice and god knows you have never complained, but I feel like I am cheating you out of a "real" blowjob if I don't swallow everything.

Confession #3010

So soon now he'll be back in my arms! My heart is light and I always have a smile on my face. Just you wait my love, it'll be a time you never forget!


chocdrop said...

I had the same problem and I recently found out my spouse has been looking for MEN on the internet and trying to hook up with them. Its been 6 months with no sex here and only 3 times in the last year!!! (haven't been married 2 years) Be careful. It's all in my blog if you want to stop by or send me an email. This hurts and I understand. Get tested for your own good, I did!!!

Anonymous said...

#3007 - I'm married to an Aries too and my GOD aren't they so annoying with the selfish attitude? I'm ready to cock punch him.

Anonymous said...

Dear 3006

As a husband who loves his wife immensely but really doesn't have much interest in sex with her, the question may be what the hell is wrong with you?

I think that some women are under the misguided impression that their husbands are or should be, waiting for the next opportunity to have sex just for the sake of it - like it was a means to an end.

I've been married 20 years and frankly, sex does not address the emotional connection that I desire from my wife. I suspect she thinks that getting me off is a reward unto itself. I know that I'm a bit deeper than that.

Perhaps your husband really loves you and would rather spare your feelings than make you feel like you don't measure up. I know that's the route I've taken.

Anonymous said...

If there's something in your mouth to swallow, he's had his "real" blowjob. What you do with the aftermath should be up to you. You're not cheating him out of anything unless he gets off on seeing you swallow something you'd rather not.

theo said...

3002 - That's a dangerous game you're playing with yourself, there. Consequences can be a bitch. . .

3007 - Real grown-up stuff, there. . .

3009 - What's to feel guilty about? Honestly, if I get a BJ, once the cum leaves, I don't care all that much what happens to it. Swallowing is cool; so is letting it dribble onto me. Spitting it into a Kleenex, not so much. But really, once I've come, I'm not terribly fussy. . .

Anonymous said...

3002 - do not meet with that guy alone, you're just setting yourself up for big big trouble. grow up. your "incredible guy" does not deserve what you're about to do to him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous above said it well-- maybe it's something you're doing that is making him less likely to fuck you.

Could it be the constant nagging for sex? Could it be the constant pressure to perform? Could it be that you nag him in other areas similarly? Sounds like he's never good enough for you because you have this idealistic standard that isn't realistic.

Guess what? As a woman who struggles with these same things, I'd suggest you back off. Pleasure yourself, don't bug him about it, be sweet and nice about EVERYTHING, even chores, and he'll come to you for sex within a few days. Just act as nice and coy and undemanding as you did when you were dating.

Anonymous said...

Dear 3001

Sounds like you cheated on your ex and your family disapproves. Now you're marrying your affair partner. Those couplings have a 3% success rate. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

3001 here, and actually no. We've been friends since high school, and things moved quickly, but there was no affair. And since we're making assumptions, it sounds like you might be angry and bitter about a breakup in your own life, and I'm really sorry you had a bad experience.

Anonymous said...

3002- You already know what's going to happen if you go "dancing" with him. Stop. You're about to ruin a marriage and a friendship. Do not see him alone anymore, and concentrate instead of building the passion and romance up with your husband again.

Anonymous said...

3010- I feel what you feel. Your lightheartedness over not being able to wait is mirrored in my own feelings. Time can not keep true love at bay for long. For both of us, the amazing part is almost here.

don't get me down baby said...

3001 -- Good luck... you sound strong. Don't let them get you down.

3006 - It may not be you, it may not be him... just might need to work some mojo into the bedroom. Perhaps talking to him? Call me crazy but women can't assume things any more than men can and expect to figure out their spouses. How about a weekend together w/out kids? Sounds as if you could use it....

3009 - You are a trooper. Per the above.. once a man reaches his "shangra la" he isn't too fussy about where the spooge goes...