Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lessons Learned

Recently, one of the readers left a comment that has lingered in my mind.

What happened? From the first confessions to the present day ones - What happened?
Would anyone care to update us? Me?

Share with us your lessons - good, bad or indifferent.

In the mean time, spread the word about TWC - Confessions have been slow as of late, so if you've been thinking about sending one in - now is the time.


rnkumar04 said...

What happen to TWC saturday chat ?
Any idea of starting again.

Shall i start with a topic again ?

Kelly said...

I have been reading since the early days.. I have no idea what happened. When you posted that story about meeting someone who loved your idea and then proceeded to copy it, I sort of figured that was what happened, although I never read the other site.
Maybe it was just one of those things. The idea of making an anon confession can only continue to be appealing if the audience is under a certain size? I never did end up making a confession, but some of the heated judgements that were passed in the heyday of the site's comments were enough to put me off.
I have found it one of the most interesting insights why some women stay in relationships they're not all that happy in, that I have ever come across. It is an amazing site, and a truly unique concept.. I hope you continue on with it Dawn. xx

Unknown said...

I love your site! I think I'm addicted to it because I check for new confessions everytime I get online. I even sent one in on Monday, but it is a good confession about how much i love my husband and I haven't seen it posted yet. Makes me wonder if you have more to post this week. If so, I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I have this blog in my reader and it's one of my favs. I may not comment on the posts often but I have sent in a confession before. Maybe I'll send in more too. :) I've also shared the blog w/ others but I'll be sure and pass it along again. Love this site!

Sara said...

I haven't been reading as often lately because of the preponderance of long, wordy 'confessions' in which the author doesn't actually confess anything. I love, love, loved the older confessions that were more along the lines of 'I use your face cloth to clean my lady parts when you make me mad.'

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn - I have seen the same thing happen on other sites I visit regularly, and people that are posting on those sites were also wondering about the decline in traffic. The general consensus (confirmed by many posters)was that the rise of Facebook/MySpace/Twitter as well as the economic slowdown has had the effect of cutting down on people's computer time and directing it to those sites. Most of the people who don't post as frequently admitted they are spending more time than they care to admit on these sites. I love your site and don't use the other ones, I like actually speaking to my friends and will use SKYPE if they are tethered to their computers. I would post on your site but I'm a guy and that's not what it's about. I don't even comment, I just come here to try to avoid the behaviors that might drive my wife crazy (and pick up some ideas for making her happier). Anyway, thanks for the site, it rocks and you do too.

Anonymous said...

What I like most about my confessions to the site is the opportunity to clarify exactly what's wrong and exactly what needs to happen to fix the problem. It's not just a whine fest with my girlfriends or non-specific "I'm not happy" complaint. I wrote a confession about a SO that complained about work so much that it was affecting our relationship. The minute I walked in the door I'm trying to shed my own office stress and he starts in on a long monologue about how shitty HIS day is? If I tried to tell him something that happened to me or change the subject, he'd interrupt and make the conversation about him again. One night in bed I climbed on top of him, naked. Of all the things he COULD have said, he chose to tell me about some shitty new policy at work. I made it clear that he had to get a new job or a new girl friend. He's now back in school and looking forward to having a career, not a job.

Anonymous said...

I love your site and I've only been reading it for maybe 6 months now.
It makes me feel better to know I'm not alone in knwoing guys who behave so badly - and being single, also makes me happy to think not all men are Prince Charming and I'm a loser for not being married.

Anonymous said...

dawn, are you perhaps asking past confessors to let us know what has happened in their lives since their confessions? i'd definitely be interested in that.

Anonymous said...

I confessed quite a long time ago, probably shortly after Dawn started the site, that I let my husband sleep with my cousin and got lambasted by the readers that I was crazy, sick, foolish, and that I would ruin my marriage.

Wrong! But I knew that already! Husband is wonderful, our marriage is solid and fun. Cousin is just the same as she's always been--my best friend. I love her to death and she loves me.

So there's your answer, Dan and readers-- the three of us are great!

Thanks!!! Love the site!!

Anonymous said...

I wrote about a boyfriend that was obsessed with porn. I know men are visual creatures, so I don't care about checking out a few racy videos or pictures so long as the chores get done. He was hooked, looking at porn non-stop all day while I was at work (I checked the time stamps in the history log) and logging a couple extra hours after I'd gone to bed for the night. I realized that this wasn't a hobby any more, and that he had no incentive to stop so long as I was willing to pay his bills. I told him he needed to go cold turkey or move out. He chose the porn. I was mad and hurt for a while, but I now have a boyfriend that is a lot more respectful of me and a lot more help around the house.

Anonymous said...

I have posted 4 confessions on here: 1214, 2119, 2692 and 2752.

Things really haven't changed much since the last confession. I am living my life, taking care of my kids, working. The guy that I confessed about in the last 3 confessions is still with the ex-wife. I hope that he will come to his senses eventually. I think slowly he is realizing how toxic their relationship is especially now that their oldest daughter treats him like crap because they are living together but not married.