Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Life in the Days

Some of you may remember a post that was up about a year ago for a photo project.

The concept is deceptively simple. A group of women take a photo every day. It can be of whatever strikes them as important...or everyday about their lives. It can be houses. It can be family. Food, Pets, Gardens, Workplaces, Friends, streets of their towns, or the things they see on vacations.

This is harder than it sounds, taking a picture everyday. At first I had to remember to put my camera BACK in my bag every time I uploaded photos. Some nights I, like some other women in the group, would end up with one hastily taken photo at bedtime since my day had gotten away from me.

As the first year of the project winds down, I can not express how important this documentation of my year has become for me. Beyond that, the group of women whom know only through their photos has become an important part of my life. I look forward to their pictures - to knowing how they are and what they are feeling. I love seeing the entirety of what they see.

While there can be no doubt that this is art, there is nothing delicate about this project. I would argue that it is the Feminine in its highest, most pure form. This is Women. Parenting. Mothering. Being Lovers and Friends and Daughters and Sisters. There are terrifying photos in this collection. Photos in which souls are laid bare before the camera. Nothing glamorous or hidden. There are incredibly tender photos of children or pets or things and places we love. There are hysterically funny pictures and there are desperately sad photos.

If you have not looked at this project, I invite you to do so. You will see that the pictures are arranged in chronological order - and if you like, you can go down and find individuals names where their pictures are tagged as a group.

Sarah, the founder of the project, is recruiting for another year of Envisage 365.
You can get in touch with her to express interest in participating at this email by August 20th:


Andrea said...

Such a cool concept, thanks for posting this!

SororRavn said...

I am also involved with this project for year 2 and it is truly amazing. I am only on day 11 but it has been a glimpse into lives of people that normally I would not socialize with outside of this project. What an eye-opening experience!