Monday, April 13, 2009

True Wife Confession 288 papparazzi zombies

Confession #2871

My hairdresser complained today because her man has back hair. You have hair all over your body, and I absolutely love it. I know -- that's kind of unusual for a woman, but geez -- it really turns me on. So don't even think about shaving or waxing it, Babe. It turns me on to no end!

Confession #2872

My husband is crazy! He's just crazy in the head. How do you possibly have an argument out of the blue over something that is in the past. Get over it dude, it was stupid the first time we bickered about it, it's stupid this time too. And stop throwing the fact that i'm on antidepressents at me. I'm on them so i can deal with you, you dipshit. Now when you say something stupid it just rolls off my back, i dont freak out about it. You need to be thanking my doctor for those meds, they allow me to continue being married to your dumbass. And another thing, dont act all happy with me all night, the next the morning, all during our phone conversations and then email something shitty because you just remembered i pissed you off the early the night before. Do you just need things to bitch about so you search your memory and come up with some shit? Besides, when you email me those stupid, hateful emails, i forward them to my friends so they too, know how fucking unstable and crazy you are. Your the one who needs antidepressents. Although they wont cure being an asshole.

Confession #2873

I love you and would never want anyone else for my husband. But by God I wish you were more successful. You are a hard worker and I love that about you. But right now I am full of resentment at just how much we are struggling. Your decision to start your own business rocked our marriage years ago. I stayed by your side, supported you and worked with you. Now that is turning out to be a bust, not because of you but because of the economy. You keep talking about changing careers. And yet you're sitting right next to me playing your G*d D*mned video game instead of getting your resume together. In the meantime, you jumped down my throat the other day for wanting to get a cake mix. Something less than four dollars. I love you, but F*CK YOU for that.

Confession #2874

You took me out for lunch. You kissed me in the car - and we ended up having sex in the back seat - in the middle of the day! Our 40's are better than our teen age years.

Confession #2875

You are bipolar. You don't take your meds. You abuse our kids. You say you hear voices. Guess what. I don't care how miserable you are on the meds. It's better than you choking our son because he's disrespectful to you. And you wonder why I'm pissed that CPS is making yet another visit? (Maybe because I TOLD YOU this was going to be the consequence if you kept acting out your rage?!) You wonder why I'm drawing a line in the sand and telling you that this is it - if you don't comply with treatment, you are GONE? What don't you get?'s all my fault because I don't fuck you every day. Dude, even if that weren't just they hypersexuality caused by the untreated bipolar, I have no desire to sleep with someone who tells his kids to fuck off and can't be bothered with being a good parent. Grow up. Be an adult and take responsibility for your illness. And if you can't, then leave. The manipulation and enabling ends today.

Confession #2876

Here I am again, dying inside. Everyday I clean the house for guests we'll never have. I work out to obsession for eyes that will never see. I convince myself I do it for my husband. They are all distractions from the emptiness within. I hide my feelings from my loving husband. I put myself in another situation where heartbreak is inevitable. I wanted him to be my lover so badly and now he is pulling away. He'll be gone soon and I can go back to my lonely situation. Everything hurts. My hand flies to my chest trying to stop my heart from fleeing. He awoke feelings I had forgotten existed and now it is over before it began. I sang in the shower, danced around the house, and applied myself with zeal to my "chores". Now he is so far away... I want to want what I have! I never go without but I'm a selfish bitch. Always desiring more. Poor husband, he must know his wife is a terrible woman. Always on the lookout. Flaunting her tiny self to the world, finding pleasure and pain aside from her wifely duties. I haven't a job a car or a penny to my name. My husband is my identity. I feel so lost, alone, and dead. The man I love doesn't want me. My mother told me that "the one you love and the one who loves you are always different people". I thought it was silly until I married. I hate me. I am a husk of a woman.

Confession #2877

If you hadn't agreed to have a baby, I would have left you. I had started planning how and when to go when you changed your mind.

Confession #2878

We have been married almost 7yrs now and I want to run so fast and never look back. I honestly am not in love with you. I feel pity for you and I feel sorry for you but I am not in love with you. I stay in this marriage because I do not want to hurt my kids. I am lonely, depressed, bored, tired of your laziness and I want to run as fast as I can. You are a sweet man but you do not move me, you do not motivate me, you do not make me laugh and you do not communicate with me. You barely pay attention to your son and I have to Bitch and complain to get you to help me clean our house. I have to work two jobs, take care of kids, pay bills, clean house, remember to schedule doctors appointment and sign the kids up for sports and you just work and come home and occasionally cook and wash clothes but most of the time you’re watching T.V all dam day. Then when you see me getting annoyed and giving you the cold shoulder, you want to do something that is so dam boring. I ask you to invite all of our friends to go out to eat dinner with us for our anniversary and you tell me, you just want us. Well I am tired of being with just you….YOUR BORING and have nothing to say to me. Therefore, I guess we will go to dinner and just look at each other. UGHHHHHHHHH, I just want to run as fast as I can. When did you become so complacent and why?

Confession #2879

You are a fantastic husband and father, but I wish you would brush your teeth before coming to bed.

Confession #2880

I can't take it anymore! I despise you when you're drinking. Which is every day, lately.

I decided long ago that I need to divorce you. I don't really believe in divorce, but it seems the only option. You cause me so much stress, worry, anger, frustration, sadness, depression, and misery. I really can't take any more.

I have been trying to work out the details as far as our apartment... moving... the effects on the children... and many financial issues. But as soon as I do... I am out of here.


Anonymous said...

2871 -- Oh, how I love a really hairy man. But I think you and I are in the minority. They're mostly insecure because few women are turned on by it like you and I are.

Unknown said...

#2879- lol

chocdrop said...

How do I send a confession?? This may be an extra outlet. I love reading these.

chocdrop said...

I have to say I am not a fan of a hairy man, but hairless is not fascinating either.

Anonymous said...

HI 2875 Bipolar isn't something to fool around with. I know first hand, growing up with a brother and having a son with it. I, too, think my hubby is showing symptoms. If he doesnt' accept help and take the meds, you should leave for your own safety. Both mentally and physically. It needs meds to control, as you know. Good luck sister

Anonymous said...

2875-Why are you still there? The moment he touched your child in violence is the very moment you should start packing his shit and shoving him out the door. Your child doesn't understand that daddy is sick in the head and unwilling to take his meds..he only feels the abuse. So what if you love your him from a distance if that's what it takes to get him to see some reality. Get your children out of that situation or CPS will have to do it for you. Please, get help or accept the help CPS offers. There really is no excuse for abusing any child for any reason. It's sad that your husband can't see it, but you do.


Miss Thystle said...

2871: I am SO with you. M m M!

Goddess of Madness said...

Chocodrop the option to email is on the left hand side under "Want to send a confession?"

2871? I am in the same boat as you. My guy is a freaking wookie and at one point I would of been EWWWW. Now? RAWR!

Anonymous said...

#2877--If you had planned to leave him why does his decision to have a baby make it right to stay? It seems to me you'll be in a worse situation down the road and you'll have a child to consider. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

2875 here. His new diagnosis is schizoaffective with bipolar mania. After a week at Camp Crazy, he is taking his meds and seeing a therapist weekly. So far, I am cautiously optimistic. One missed day, though, and the locks will be changed.

Anonymous said...

Amen, 2871: I love the way back hair makes me swoon. Men should be hairy, end of story.

theo said...

2871 - My wife says the same thing. And, just for the record, I'm just as big a fan of her hair 'down there'. Mmmmmmm!

2874 - Just wait 'til your 50s. . . ;)

Linda said...

2871 here. Wow -- other fans of hairy guys! Even one who is a freakin' wookie? Too much!!! I'm not alone after all!

Anonymous said...

GTFO if you think you can do better. Need an 'outlet'? Stop being lazy yourselves & try know, with words...A LOT. Start explaining sensibly over and over exactly what's under your craw, and why it's under your craw, and if he ain't listening and brushing you off, GTFO. Get a marriage counselor to referee your a$$es. If one of you don't want to swallow your pride & do that, GTFO. Quit whining on some blog.

Dawn said...

Methinks someone has some misplaced anger issues

Anonymous said...

#2875~ I don't have any good advice, but I Just wanted to say that I'm sorry you're going through this. I was the kid (albeit probably older than your kids), with the bipolar dad who refused to admit there was an issue. It was unbelieveable difficult, and most days I ended up being the parent because my mom couldn't handle it. I wish I had some good advice, but it doesn't get easier until they decide they need to take control of their disease. It may not be easy but it needs to be done. In our case, it took leaving him for him to wake up. But now he has been on the right dosage of various medications for a few years, and is doing well. For what it's worth, I didn't think I'd ever forgive him and we are closer now than ever. I hope things get better for you and your kids.

Anonymous said...

2880: I too am staying with my husband until I can save up enough money so that I can leave. I've been buying gift cards to grocery stores and other places. Much less hassle to worry about than cash laying about.

Anonymous said...

@2877: You give the entire female gender a bad name; your gender is worse because of you. Congratulations.

Stitchin said...

#2877: If the baby is the only reason you stayed, it isn’t fair to your husband. Why don’t you leave, so that someone who LOVES him can find him? Then you can have your baby either by yourself, or with any other sperm donor. User.

#2878: You managed to accomplish this degree of boredom and STILL have kids with him within 6 years (almost 7)? The problem may not be entirely his. However, you might as well LEAVE if you’re doing all the work – it isn’t exactly good for the kids to know that Mommy has nothing but contempt for Daddy. Leave this guy, and find someone who doesn’t bore you.

#2879: If you want him to brush his teeth before he comes to bed, TELL HIM.

Dawn: I actually think someone has some perfectly placed anger issues. “He treats me awful, but I stay!” “I wish he’d do X – but I’ll never tell him what it is!” SOME of these problems could be solved by communication; some could be solved by doing the Hard Thing – leaving the person who treats you badly.

Oh, and I ABSOLUTELY agree with 9:17 - #2877 is a monster.