Friday, November 28, 2008

True Wife Confessions 274 cranberries on a string

Confession #2731

I dream about winning the lottery. I don't want to quit my job or buy a bunch of stuff, I just want to kick you out of my life with enough money to land on your feet. You're about to lose your house, you have a crappy job you hate, no savings, no furniture, and you feed yourself from boxes and cans. I don't hate you and it would be cruel to kick you out now, but I'm tired of you. I'm tired of the endless stream of complaints, tired of paying for almost everything, tired of being interrupted when I talk, tired of all the half-finished projects around the house, tired of all the "someday" promises that I know are shit, tired of hearing about your ex-wife, sick and tired of your disfunctional family, and beyond tired of the baby talk. We have almost nothing in common. I'm moody and distant not because I'm mad at you, but because I wish you would just go away.

Confession #2732

Dear Husband,

It should have been a warning to me when we were dating that your mother balanced your check book. But I ignored it. Now when it comes to money I am the only one who has a clue what is going on. You think that going out to lunch every day is not that much. Well 8 dollars every day is $160 bucks a month give or take. Then when your over time gets cut with what you say is no warning we need every penny. We decide to take some money out of your 401K to pay our rent, you forget to sign the paper work. So when I pick up the envelope to take it to the bank, it is the paperwork you were SUPPOSED to sign. You claim the guy didn’t tell you that you needed to sign anything…. I used to have a hard time believing you are that dumb. Now I know you really are that stupid.

I want to go out and work, because I can make more money than you because I have a degree. But you tell me that it is better if I stay home with the kids. What you are really saying is you are too lazy to do what I do every day and your puny little ego couldn’t take it if I was the breadwinner. You keep saying you will get a second job. Well sh*t or get off the pot. I am so sick of hearing you talk about how badly you want your Jeep, or how you need a motorcycle. Well money doesn’t grow on trees. We can barely afford to keep our heads above water as it is. Yet you need your HD tv stations, your tivo, your xbox360.… The only reason I keep the internet is because I was able to get a part time job that you don’t know about. I tell you the money comes from my parents. I suggest we sell you toys so we can pay some bills and maybe when money is better we can buy them again. But you tell me that is stupid. Well boy genius where is the money going to come from? The only reason I think you want to keep your xbox360 is so you can keep talking to your internet whores.

Oh yeah I know about them. I have called you on it. You tell me you do it because you are no longer attracted to me because I have gained weight. Yes it is all entirely my fault. The three pregnancies in three years were accomplished entirely by me you had no help there. And the sad thing is, the only pregnancy I wanted was the daughter we lost. The other two were accidents, and they are our living children… I know exactly when they were conceived because those were the only times we had sex that month. I am loosing the weight, I have lost 15 pounds this month, not that you would notice. But as soon as I lose a little more, I am going to go out and find someone who thinks I am pretty and wants to have sex with me.

I wish I had one positive thing to say about you, but really I don’t. I can’t even say you are a good father. You don’t play with the kids, you yell at our daughter instead of talking to her. You are just as quick to “thump” her as you are to hug her. Trust me, she will grow up to hate you. A father is supposed to be a model for his son to grow up to be. I pray to God every night our son does not end up like you.

I guess maybe I should take my own advice, I complain about you, but I take no action. I think I have just given up. Congratulations, you have killed the formerly headstrong opinionated person I used to be.

Confession #2733

So, after almost 17 years I still have the same feekings i had for him the last time we saw each, I have talking to him for hours every day. I am seriously thinking of leaving and go back to him. I love and not one day has gone by that i haven't thought of him, and now that he is back in my life I don't want to lose him again because of you my dear husband

Confession #2734

Dear Heartbreaker,

One night, in September, while you were sleeping, 4334 sent a picture to your phone of the two of you together. I could tell that you guys were in her bedroom.

Since she knew we got back together and since I asked her to be a decent human being and not to send texts or call so late at night, I erased the message and picture. But not before I sent it to my e-mail. I look at it everyday. It kills me because I know when I asked you if something happened between you two while we were separated you told me no. I know (call it a women’s intuition) that you are lying. I question the decision of us getting back together. It has been three months since the baby was born, three months that you’ve been back at home, but in those three months we have had a lot more bad days than good days. Maybe that is why I look at the picture 4334 sent you. Maybe combining the picture and the resentment I hold against you for the way you treated me while I was pregnant will be enough for me to stop loving you. Why can’t I stop loving you? Why do the good days make me forget the bad days? And why when we(you) are having a bad day, I just think that a good day is soon to come…? In how many ways will I allow you to break my heart before I have had enough?

Till another time,

-Hurting Heart

Confession #2735

I always thought when I got married, it would be forever. Now, after only three years, I feel like running away. If it wasn't for our daughter, I know I would be gone. I don't know if you've changed or if I've changed or if what I want has changed, but I know that the marriage we have is not what I want for myself. I think you actually might be content with what we have, but I want more. I need more. I know you're a good person, but you're not the right person for me and I hate that we are all you have in your life - no friends, no family support. I know if we left it would kill you, but staying is killing me.

Confession #2736

I'm so sorry that having sex with you is not on the top of my priority list right now. I am 8 weeks pregnant and it is exhausting. Between being tired and bloated, I feel like ass most of the day. Being nauseated and/or puking for the majority of your day does not make one feel particularly sexy. Please excuse me for not wanting to get horizontal the minute you walk in the door. And on the rare occasion that I don't feel like shit, you are forcing yourself on me and that makes me feel like all I am to you is a vehicle to get your rocks off. It is such a turn-off having to CONSTANTLY fight you off of me. I have told you to let me pursue you sometimes because, believe it or not, I am occasionally horny too. But all that flies out the window when you are always trying to pin me down and hump me. Yes, I realize my boobs are bigger and that turns you on but that does not mean that you can grab them any time you want. You try working full-time as a teaching assistant for special needs children AND being pregnant. Then come talk to me about your horniness. I would be willing to bet that it has dissipated greatly. I know you have Playboys under the sink in your bathroom and I have no problem with you using them. But instead, you are pouting in the living room because having sex with you once a week is not enough. Get over it because it is probably not going to change for at least another 3 weeks.

Confession #2737

I've made a terrible mistake!! Can someone help me?

I"m a 47 year old mother of one (and I"m married) who is currently a freshman in college. He has a friend (age 19, and HUNKY) who hangs-out and spends the night on a regular basis. Well, one night at around 1:00 AM I walked out to the living room and found him watching TV. I tempted fate and decided to sit with him and watch TV. One thing lead to another, and we kissed and indulged in some very inaapropriate touching. I feel so bad, my husband would be very hurt if he found out. What should I do? Should I tell him, or keep it to myself? Should I tell my son his friend can't come over any more? I really screwed up!!

Confession #2738

My fiance's soon-to-be-ex-wife has been a major pain in the ass for over two years, in every way imaginable. Last week, she assaulted him (again) and spent the night in jail. While she was in jail, we moved the rest of his things out of her house.

I peed on her toothbrush.

Confession #2739

OK So now you don't have ADD. The doc says to come off the meds right away and to have a nice day, he can't help you. when you thought there was a reason for the behavior and the asshole attitude, it changed. The second you found out you still don't know why, you turned into that guy again. The one who sleeps all the time, yells when he gets aggravated and has no patience. In case you forgot, I don't want to live with this guy. You have to figure out what is wrong and I can't hold your hand. Just fucking grow up and be the man you can be, not the shithead!! There you happy now, I am swearing........
Love Me

Confession #2740

You asked me if I've cried since our break up and I told you that of course I had. I haven't though and I do not know why. You would think that after 12 years this would hurt more but I think I am just relieved that I don't have to deal with your crap anymore.


Anonymous said...

To #2736 - Please realize that you are being raped - or so it sounds. Dump the arse and perhaps file charges.

Unknown said...

Dear #2737,
I hope you will seek some help because your situation is one that can end up hurting you, your husband, and most of all your son. There was a case when a mother had an affair with her sons friend and it completely ripped apart the family and in the end the mother lost the most.......her family. You can google mother cheats with sons friend and you will find a few things on it.

Anonymous said...

Dont say anything. Just learn from your mistake and dont do it again. The only thing you will gain by coming clean is breaking your husbands heart and destroying your childs trust in you. Just avoid being alone with the friend, and dont let yourself daydream about him either.

Anonymous said...

Just a few thoughts:
- All these confessions appear to be negative. If you choose to wallow in negativity your life will suck. Either change what is bugging you or change your attitude and your focus. Playing the victim can be a comfortable game (it gives you the moral high ground after all) but it will never make you, your partner or your relationship happier.
- Ultimately you choose whether you are happy or sad. No one can make you feel a certain way - that's your choice. Life happens and then you decide how you will feel about it.
- There's an old saying: 'Men marry women hoping they will never change, woman marry men assuming they will change.' Both parties are often unpleasantly surprised when things do not turn out this way.

Good luck - life is what YOU make of it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Life is what we make of it. Remember this sight is to say things you may not want to say to your beloved. I post here because it feels good to get stuff off my chest, but it doesnt' mean my life is horrible. When I let it go here, I feel much better and get on with my day. Keep the reason why the post is here and life should stay on task.
Me :)

Anonymous said...

The nature of most confessions in general is negative, because we usually freely share our positive thoughts with our significant others. It's only the negative thoughts that we sometimes need a different outlet for. Thanks to Dawn for maintaining this site and giving us a place to do that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 11:51. Don't say anything to your husband or your son and avoid the guy. Hopefully he won't say anything to your son. But if he does, I would recommend that you suggest to your husband that you would like to attend couple's therapy with him (your husband) in order to save the marriage.